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Fighting Back Against Harassment from Collect Corp and Other Debt Collection Companies

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have rights that protect you from harassment, intimidation and abuse from debt collectors.

It is not a crime to have debt. We do not have debtors prison. Many debt collection agencies like Collectcorp will use misleading and threatening tactics in order to collect a debt. Debt collection companies may say that you will be arrested, or that they will garnish your wages. Sometimes they call over and over just to annoy you. They also may call you early in the morning before 8am or late at night after 9pm. None of this behavior is legal.

If this has happened to you, you have the right to sue Collectcorp for harassment.

Hire a Consumer Protection Attorney to Sue Collectcorp

If you feel like you are being harassed and your rights under the FDCPA have been violated by Collect Corporation, you need to hire the consumer protection law firm of Francis and Mailman today. Get your free case review now.

Cases Against Collect Corp Inc.

Ramsire v. Collectcorp, Inc., 2005 WL 3095948 (N.D. Cal.Nov. 17, 2005).
Debt collector initially stated that they would continue to collect the debt until it was paid in full. They later accepted a settlement offer for less than the full amount, but the court did not find this to be in violation of the FDCPA.

Collectcorp Contact Information

Address 415 Yonge Street, Ste 700 / Ste 2000
City Toronto
Province Ontario
Zip Code M5B 2E7
Country  Canada
Phone  866-821-7325
Fax  877-766-7693
80 Bloor Street West, Ste 800
City Toronto
Province Ontario
Zip Code M5S 2V1
Country  Canada
Phone 877-706-1898

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  1. Teri says:

    My 17 yr old stepson received a cell phone in Jan/08 and every since has been hassled by Collect Corp. MBNA Collections department because the number he was given is the number for some guy that is so far in debt that they call ALL the time and make treats etc. We have tried to deal with these people and even that has not worked they tell us that we are just saying this and that we are hiding behind this kid.

  2. Gail says:

    This company is the most unscupulous (sp) mean and nasty. If only I could harass them the way they do others… I do owe money and I have told them repeatedly that I could make payments but did not have the money in one lump sum. They will lie to you threaten you and they even tried to convince me it is ok to steal from a relative to make my debt go away. If they call you just hang up dont even try to work anything out with them.

  3. Tara says:

    I haven’t had service will bell canada since july and it is now january and i got a letter from collect corp saying that if i dont pay an outstanding balance of 900.00 then they will take further action. Further action as in court?

  4. Danny says:

    This organization are the most disorganized that I have ever seen.
    I\’d contacted them on January, 01, 2009 to ask them for their fax number, this person would not give me the information. Rather she was asking me about my last 3 digit of my sin number. I said no way I am giving you that info… hen she asked, for the first 3 digit. I said no way I will give you anything. Then she aske if I was living at 835 Yorkmills or yorkville. Will that is not my address, I knew that they have been calling a wrong person. She then said if I didn\’t provide her with my information, then she would not be able to remove my phone number from their list. I said I couldn\’t care less. I never answer my phone to begin with. Then she had realised that she could not con me, she said have a nice day sir… And that was end of it. Here is a little bit of tip from me. Wheyou are dealing with a collection agency, don\’t let them take charge over you. You be firm and keep asking question of them. And if they did not provide with an answer and in the other hand they want you to answer ther question, you say well. I\’d asked you first! Even though they are from collection agency and they think they are tough, trust me on this.

  5. John Cudahy says:


  6. Troy Lathan says:

    I have had a n awful encounter with this agency. I understand that they have a job to do but they have no tact. I was contacted by them in regard to a student loan. They expected me to share bank acccount numbers and other vitals without me having any documentation from them. I began negotiations with them but they refused to send me anything in writing and the rep hung up the phone on me after being as rude as humanly possible. They really lack training in the art of dealing with people. They really insult your intelligence as well by saying they’re transfering your call to a supervisor and put another bottom feeder on the phone. With the country in the state it’s in these vultures need to empathize more.

  7. oz fox says:

    I been dealing with these people in the last month or so. They call everyday. What gets me is that I made payment arrangemnts with my Finacial Institution, and that was ok.3 days later I get a letter from Collectcorp, saying my file has been transferred to them.. I contacted them, made arramgements… Payed as our agreement, get another call, different person now handling file… payment not good enough.. Now threating to submit file to a more escalted collection.. To me.. It is Harrassement, and I am thinking about going to court over this… It’s just stupid.. NO one knows what is going on.. Given multiple reference #’s as well.. Anyone in the same boat ?

  8. Brian C says:

    Worked out a resolution for payments. Payment four they cleaned out my bank account then kept calling saying that they didn’t get the $5 service fee. No kidding, I bounced my mortgage and car payments because of these scum.


  9. SHS says:

    I get too many calls from people trying to sell me something so if I don’t see a number I recognize on my caller ID I don’t answer it. Low and behold I start getting several calls a day, as many as 4-6, just about every day from Collectcorp. Now to be honest I do owe a few debts and am past due but I never received a notice to collect a debt from them so I had no idea who they were nor who they were trying to collect for. I let them continue to make their calls for over 2 weeks and realized they weren’t going to stop. It was a different person calling every day and at best they’d leave maybe 2 messages. It’s certainly harassment when they make 4-6 calls within a 2 hour period. If I’m at work all I’m going to find is several calls on my caller ID and a few messages but not like I’d be likely to come home in that period. There were also calls where they said the call was for me, they’d give 3 seconds and if the call continued that certified the listener was me. Like my answering machine could tell the difference or if my mom or some of the old girlfriends I’d had had been over they’d have hung up. Then they continue to go on and say who they are and this call is to collect a debt. Now wouldn’t this have been embarrassing or caused me problems? My mom wouldn’t have stopped nagging and the relationships with those girls might have ended even earlier. Clear harassment.

    I decided I was not going to deal with them directly but let each of our answering machines do the talking. This also allowed me to record the messages I left them since in my state one can’t record a conversation with another person without their permission. This wasn’t a conversation, simply leaving a message they couldn’t possibly respond to at the time so it’s permissible to record. I called twice, leaving messages after business hours requesting information about the debt, the first time giving them permission to leave a message on my machine. No reply. Then I asked that they overnight it to me and that they shouldn’t call me until they did, giving them a deadline. I also stated some of the cause I had against them. That passed with no reply and the calls still continued but were reduced to twice a day and no messages left. Then I called to tell them I would be calling attorneys the following afternoon to find out their approaches and which I wanted to go with, detailing all I had including quoting statutes they were in violation of and stating I wouldn’t talk to them directly unless given irrevolcable permission in advance to record the conversations. I also stated that some of the people I’d been getting advice on suggested that if this went to court subpeona and depose ever single person who had called me from Collectcorp, their managers, if they use an autodialer their IT person or programmer, etc and let them know about this and how much it would cost them along with my attorneys fees as well.

    I haven’t heard from them since. I am proceeding with this and speaking with attornies deciding which I want to go with. It’s been recommended I make one more attempt to find out what the debt is. A few of them suggested I do it in writing and ask them to validate the debt as well. You can find form letters of such validation letters online and tailor them to your needs.

    It is fortunate I have a telephone provider where online I have access to all my incoming and outgoing call activity, times, dates, durations and telephone numbers and can also access and save all my voicemail. It is Vonage. I’m sure others offer this service. If you’re being harassed by anyone I suggest you get a service such as this. It’s great documentation should you have to go to court to prove this kind of harassment.

    Never talk to debt collectors directly until you know what they’re about. Communicating by voicemail irritates and frustrates them no end. It also allows you to collect evidence. When you do speak with them, record it. If your state doesn’t allow it, refuse to talk to them until they give you permission to record or demand they communicate via mail to the questions you ask. Record the messages you leave and save copies of all mail you send them. Familiarize yourself with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair debt Collection Practices Act so you can recognize the various forms of harassment they try.

    The maximum one can collect under these acts is $1,000 but if they see their costs are going to well exceed this it gives you a much stronger position. Because Creditcorp had different people calling every day it is possible to drive their costs way up, perhaps into the tens of thousands of dollars, easily several times what I could possibly owe them for any debt I could possibly have. The attorneys think we will be able to get them to pay off the entire debt to avoid court and these costs.

    It seems things could get interesting, in my favor. If any of you decide to try this with them, let me know how it works for you. Good luck to all of you.

  10. Atif Madyun says:

    I am disabled and have not worked in over 5 years. I was sent a discharge form from the Department of Education. Collect Corp holds the account and regardless of my mental and physical limitation, Collect Corp people are the most grotesque, crass, disrepectfull, crudest, rudest people I have ever encountered in all of my 4o years. Despite my disability, and repeatedly telling them that my discharge form has been submitted they still continuously harass and belittle me. I am appalled that the Department of Educations is connected with these people.

  11. john says:

    Few things for the people posting,

    1. look up the collection agency and debt collector licencing and laws in your provinces or states.

    2. the debt collector must by law be licenced to call you in the province or state you reside in.

    3. you have the right to ask for the collectors licence number on the onset of the call.

    4. if you feel harrassed, complain to the ministry that licences these people.

    5. record the call. it is not illegal to record the call, they do on thier end. mind you, they will never give a call record to a governing ministry, they go based on the notation of the file, if the collector notes that you were difficult to deal with and abusive, they will back the agency, not you.

    6. demand documantation, copies of your signature. and full documentation on the creation of the debt.

    7. demand communication in written form only, this will slow down the calls, and dialer calls.

    8. once you have proof that the debt is not yours, contact a lawyer, a fod letter (f off and die) from your lawyer is basically a fast way to silence the agency. Keep this letter handy as debts tend to be relisted by the credior, they have the full statute of limitations to attempt to collect the debt.

    9. no matter how abusive they are, be polite.

    10. if you get nowhere with the collector ask for the supervisor, get thier name and licence number, if you get no where, ask for the manager thier full name licence number and the agency licence number.

    write it all down.

  12. Wilfred Freeman says:

    Case Number 01-092452228
    Amount owing 189.10
    Reliance comfort has cashed a cheque for $ 100.00 Sept. 2/09
    They also have another cheque for $ 100.00 to be cashed the end of this month which will bring the account to date.

  13. Rick says:

    Whenever you get a call from a collection agency get the one whose calling name and address and inform them that there is a fee for each call(you decide how much your time is worth) and send them a Bill for it. If they want your time charge for it.

  14. andree says:

    paid an account in full to collectcorp a year ago but now another agency is saying i owe them that the account wasn’t paid in full. cannot have collectcorp send me a letter of release to prove it was pd in full. what can i do.

  15. alexandra perez says:

    I want to know if they have any record under my name. because i’m having problem with a colletion company with this same name from 2005.

  16. Susan says:

    My brother tried to do a debt settlement with this company late Feb 2010. They said they would settle so he asked for a fax stating the terms of the agreement. They dated the letter Feb 25, but in the letter they said if the debt wasn’t paid by Feb 16, the deal was null and void. Had I not looked at the letter and caught that, they would have taken his money and still owed all the debt. They have tried several times to take money out of his account (yes he stupidly gave them his account number)even before Feb 25. Luckily I had told him to empty the account as soon as I found out he was dealing with them. DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS TO A COLLECTION AGENCY. TELL THEM YOU WILL PAY WITH A MONEY ORDER OR GO THROUGH PAYPAL. My brother now has to close all his bank accounts.

  17. John M says:

    i work for collectcorp and I am simply there trying to make my salary, and in my time there all but one person i have been polite with i can even recall this one person’s name which i haven’t spoken to in over a year. i do question how some of my colleagues treat debtors and harassing them over and over, most people don’t go to collections by choice something has happened in their life where it is difficult to pay, and i understand that and try to work out arrangements that meet their needs. understand though that sometimes our clients (student loans, colleges, bell, etc) give us certain criteria of payments we can only accept. especially with credit cards, some people can only pay $50/month, thats fine but your interest is higher than that so it really isn’t helping you to do that right?

  18. MJW says:

    On LinkedIn there is a link that shows how many people have looked at your profile and often who. I see last week “Someone from Collectcorp” looked at it. For one thing I do not owe any past due debt. Since I have made my profile private so they cannot see names of collegues and workplaces to harrass. I am in the USA, does Collectcorp do business here oerhaps to avoid US laws?

  19. jrmb says:

    CollectCorp assumed my outstanding balance from Bank of America and they started calling me at work. There were 2 instances when I wasn’t at my desk, so they hung up, and called back and asked to speak with my supervisor. I asked our receptionist and she said that the caller specifically asked for my supervisor. The CollectCorp employee left 2 voicemails with my supervisor that he forwarded to me, “This is a collections attempt ..”. HOW EMBARRASING!!! On a 3rd occasion, the CollectCorp caller had their call transferred to the Vice President of my employer! I happened to be in his office for a meeting at that moment. The VP read the phone number off of the caller ID, which I recognized as CollectCorp. When he answered, there was only clicking & beeping sounds. Luckily, the VP hung up before anyone at CollectCorp starting talking. So, I had my bankruptcy attorney contact CollectCorp and speak with the collections agent. He denied ever leaving messages with anyone other than me. When my attorney stated I had voicemails from my supervisor saying the calls were for me, followed by the CollectCorp employee’s messages. That shut CollectCorp employee up very quickly and luckily, CollectCorp stopped calling my employer.

  20. Karen says:

    I am writing on behalf of my daughter, there is a collection agency calling her house 5-6 times a day for some one else, she has told them they do not live there but keep calling, after numerous people have said stop calling here, who can you call to report these people..

  21. Tom says:

    I find this company almost impossible to get ahold of. I was making payments on a Visa all was going fine until my balance got pretty much cleared. All of a sudden they arent recieving my faed recipts of payment and i cant get ahold of anyone to help!

  22. vinchenzo verelli says:

    We are contacting you as the person you are seeking is here by deceased and burried in Pickering cematary,He passed away june 10 2011,and has no funds to speak of,Ourb client wants to know why your company keeps attempting to contact his cousin,the guy is dead Please stop sending letters yo this address!

  23. Lillian says:

    Why is that whenever I ask for a letter of reference, the HR personnel in Toronto office(416 yonge street) say that it is the company’s policy not to give out letters of reference. Isn’t not a persons right to be given a letter of reference from its previous employer as proof of ones work experience.

  24. Lillian says:

    Why is that whenever I ask for a letter of reference, the HR personnel in Toronto office(416 yonge street) say that it is the company’s policy not to give out letters of reference. Isn’t not a persons right to be given a letter of reference from its previous employer as proof of ones work experience.

  25. LexB says:

    I have gotten calls from their machine for several weeks. Them a human called one evening trying to make treats that If I dont pay what will happen. Don’t talk to them, I simply cursed them off and I haven’t heard from them since. My file will most likely go to another collection angency cause they failed at their attempt to get money from me for cc debt. Even if it goes to court “which it will” the cc company is so stupid to send more money than I owe them to try and get money from me. Sorry no job, assets, $$ in this country…for reasons like this. Take my advise save your money outside of Canada. You’ll be better off in the future.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I was contacted late last year by this company. They of course wanted payment in full, and I kindly told them if I could pay it in full then you wouldn’t be handling this case! So I asked about making payments. The he told me I could send him a first payment of $250 and then 3 more POST dated checks of $500.00! When I explained to him I don’t have a checking account he told me to go ask my parents. Then when I asked him if I could send $100 a month plus what else I could afford via money orders he said we don’t except money orders only personal checks, over the phone or western union! What, who excepts a personal check over a money order! Now when I do have the money to take care of it I can’t get a hold of any reps!

  27. smart says:

    Ignore them completely. Don’t answer the phone don’t reply to their letters nothing. After a few months they will stop. If you owe money pay the main company not these sharks. They can’t do anything to your credit if your paying. I pay by my own terms. I can care less if they don’t like it. They can’t do a thing to me. As long as I am paying.

  28. mrs a says:

    this company is a joke they don’t there fax’s before they call people aand harass the people they don’t want. And as of March 1 2012 they changed there name to Gates stone which means to me that they went bankurpt and started new,so they just need too go away as i will take them to court.

  29. Anita says:

    I unfortumately have been dealing with them for over two years. Given that I live at home, you know what they always ask? They’ve tried to coax me into asking my parents to pay my debt or they will ask to speak to my parents. (I am 24 I don’t need my parents in on this).

    At a time in 2013 when I was actively looking for a job, the collections manager (Mr. Lopes) called me to demand why I missed a few payments. I tried to explain to this guy numerous times that I was looking for a job and that I had to leave my previous employer because of unpaid wages. I explained this to him several times and he clearly didn’t care, he didn’t listen and he had no form of understanding with regards to my situation. He then proceeded to question why I can’t find a job and he then said, “How can you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and not be able to find a job?” That comment was the last thing I wanted to hear from him because I was already stressed out about job hunting and about how I’d pay all my outstanding bills. After just that conversation with him, it made me wonder if he talks to all the people that owe money this way. If it is, it’s not very professional to be questioning the competence and ability of people that owe money and the reasons why they can’t pay up right away. I had also just finished a post-secondary program in the arts and he also spoke very unkindly of how I can’t get a job from taking an arts program. He called around 5-6 months later asking the same thing once again he tried to demand payments but then he threatened to go to to my employers to garnish my paychecks. With the only helpfulness of another one of their representatives, a stop was put to that right away.

    Back at the beginning of 2013 (before I had to deal with the incompetence and pure rudeness of Mr. Lopes) another one of their representatives called me saying that the bank wanted a payment and I didn’t have the cash right away so she basically threatened to take me to court, I said I’d rather take up the matter with bank and with that she hung up, but they’ve never gone as far as taking me to court or garnishment.

    Even with filing a service complaint to BBB, Gatestone sided with Mr. Lopes and reviewed his calls to me and found that he did not make any of the comments I mentioned, which I think is a big lie because he made those comments and I’m sure they are only covering for him and the other representative who threatened to take me to court. They did apologize for the inconvenience and misunderstanding they caused and have not contacted me by phone since December 2013 so hopefully that knocked some sense into them, especially Mr. Lopes. I still unfortunately make my payments but I pay on my own terms.

  30. Shahrokh Afrasiabi says:

    FIDO filed my unpaid account with two agencies, 1. COLLECTCORP INC. in 10-2012 2. Collectcents INC. in 10-2013.
    I paid my account in full to the later. Now after calling Collectcorp for so many times and despite their acknowledgement of my payment, they don’t inform credit agencies and their record of non-payment continues to appear on my credit report. Please someone help!!

    • krista says:

      Hello, We are Francis & Mailman, P.C. Consumer Law firm and provide consumers with a free case review. You may want to call us at 877-735-8600 to receive a free case review. We would be happy to speak with you.

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