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Getting help from an attorney at the time of need is a smart decision.  You may not know the all the laws and rules.  This is where the attorneys on your team come in and help you to understand how the laws can protect you.  As an ordinary citizen, you can’t possible understand everything.

Debt Collection Harassment

The debt collection agencies can illegally abuse and harass you in many ways, unfortunately this happens way more often then it should.  Here are some of the actions that debt collection agencies and their reps have taken when trying to get money out of you:

  • Calling before eight in the morning and after nine at night.
  • Calling over and over, to annoy and harass you into action.
  • Using abusive and obscene language.  Calling you names.
  • Threatening to take your home, take from your wages, get you arrested.

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Francis and Mailman is one of the top consumer right attorneys in the nation.  We can help you fight back against debt collection harassment, errors or mistakes listed on your credit reports or background checks, or more. Call Francis and Mailman today to start the process.

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