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Educational Credit Management Corporation, OR (ECMC)

Address 1500 Valley River Drive, Ste 190
City Eugene
State Oregon
Zip Code 97401
Phone  800-780-7997
Website www.ecmc.org

If you have been harassed by Educational Credit Management Corporation, OR (ECMC), getting help from Francis and Mailman is a smart decision. Many Americans do not know all legal laws and rules. The law firm of Francis and Mailman will help you to comprehend how the legal law can protect you from abusive debt collector.


Debt Collection Harassment

The debt collection company can easily abuse and harass you on the phone demanding you to pay the false debts. If you are tired of being called, if you are tired of being harassed and abused, if you are confused by Educational Credit Management Corporation, OR (ECMC) aggressive practices, it is time to fight back and get the right attorney for help.

Francis and Mailman is Here to Help

Francis and Mailman is one of the top consumer right attorneys in the nation. We will fix any credit report errors listed on your credit reports.

We will check your background to make sure you are not a victim of someone stealing a person’s identity and creating loans or accounts. Call us at 877-735-8600 for a free case review or fill out a free case review form today.

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