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Who is Equifax?

Equifax, Inc is the oldest and one of the largest on the list of credit reporting agencies. They compile and report credit information for hundreds of millions of consumers. Though Equifax is large it still must follow the same laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that all credit reporting agencies must follow.

Equifax Credit Report Disputes

If the information that Equifax has on your credit report is inaccurate, it is important to dispute it right away. Inaccurate information and errors on your Equifax credit report can have serious affects on your credit score and your ability to get credit. This also means it could be difficult for you to get a home, a car, or even a promotion at work. Don’t let credit report errors cost you and your family.

If you have been trying to dispute errors on your Equifax report and have been ignored, you have the right to fight back.
Under the FCRA you have the right to sue credit reporting agencies for damages. If credit report errors reported by Equifax have cost you credit, housing, or a job, you may be entitled to damages.

Under the FCRA you have the right to sue credit reporting agencies for damages. If credit report errors reported by Equifax have cost you credit, housing, or a job, you may be entitled to damages.

Have you been affected by the Equifax data breach?

Don’t let their mistakes destroy your credit, reputation, and identity. Francis & Mailman has already started helping consumers affected by the Equifax data breach. Call us now to get a free no obligation case evaluation 1-877-735-8600.

Francis & Mailman Will Take On Equifax

If you have tried to dispute Equifax credit report errors and have gotten nowhere, it is time to take legal action. Is Equifax still reporting mistakes on your reports or have they listed you as deceased?
You have the consumer protection law firm of Francis & Mailman on your side. Fill out the form to the right or call now for a free case review! 1-877-735-8600

Equifax Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 740241
City Atlanta
State Georgia
Zip Code 30374
Phone 1 800-685-1111
Website http://www.equifax.com

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  1. larry gene horst says:

    Experian, Equifax, & Trans Union

    From: Larry Gene Horst
    2442 chestnut grove
    Sharpaburg, Maryland 21782
    Phone: 240/329/0294

    Subject: getting Citibank & Midland Finance to honor the District Court Of Washington County, Md ruling of 2014 at the courthouse Hagerstown, Md and read into the court records

    To clarify the dispute with Citibank the original creditor. The dates they claim to have opened the account 556237 was 11/2013 but that is not right as I had accounts with Citibank long before that and I believe it was some where around 2010 and I paid these accounts as were my agreement with them to around 6/2013. I found I was in trouble as I had medical problems and owed a large amount over $25,000. I wrote letters to Citibank while paying monthly trying to work out an agreement. Wrote a letter to Citibank 7/2013 and paid that month, again 8/2013 paid and letter, Paid and another letter 9/2013 again letter and paid as agreed, 10/2013 paid and letter. I had these letters, the original copies when the Citibank lawyer dragged me into district court over in Hagerstown, MD. The representative from Citibank, their lawyer was there and after the court clerk and Citibank’s lawyer had a consult before the judge, the charges were dropped. I asked the judge if all the suing and charges were still pending and in the light that Citibank would not discuss my problems and filed charges instead and dragged me into court. The judge then ruled against Citibank and said that I could never be brought to court again over this. Now it seems that after this settlement with Citibank in court by a Judge; that Midland Funding is trying to collect on a passed settled unsecured debt. I have never, since the judge’s ruling, tried to secure any unsecured debt. I have made my house payment on time over 15 years and now replaced my worn out car with another car with a secured loan. The judge advised me never to have any unsecured loans and I have followed his advice on this. Now trying to replace my 30 year old truck with one that is dependable, as I am a veteran on dialysis and need dependable 4×4 vehicle in the winter when it snows for transportation three times a week to get back and forth from the dialysis center located in Kerneysville, West Virginia. Now I am trying to get a secure loan to do this and Midland Financing is going against the Judges ruling crashing my credit trying to bring up the past that was settled in 2014. I would like this added to my credit report, as there are court records in the Washington county courthouse backing up my allocations. Midland should give up and follow what was settled in 2014 with Citibank. Submitted with the best of my knowledge Larry G. Horst. July 24,2015.

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