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Experian is commonly used by lenders to gather information on an applicants credit history. That is why it is extremely important that Experian follows the laws under the FCRA and ensures that all credit reports that they issue are free from errors. No matter what the error is or how common the credit report error, you reports must be error free.

Experian Disputes

Experian credit reports should be free from errors. It is important to know your credit reporting rights. Credit report errors can be extremely costly. Errors can affect your credit score, and your credit score affects interest rates, insurance premiums, and loan amounts.

If you have been denied a loan, housing, or a job due to an error on a credit report issued by Experian, you may be entitled to damages.

Disputing Experian credit report errors can be done through their website, or if you cannot locate their disputes department you may issue a dispute in writing. Be sure to keep your own copies of all letters and submissions you send to Experian about your dispute. If your disputes go unanswered or ignored, you need our team of consumer protection lawyers to fight for you.

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Experian Contact Information

Address 701 Experian Parkway
City Allen
State Texas
Zip Code 75013
Phone 1 866-349-5191
Website http://www.experian.com

Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. sharon says:

    This is the worst company in the world. They will lie and the are very unhelpful.
    Why is this company in business. The place items on my credit report. They will make up things just to hurt you. When will we be able to get this company out of America for good. Let them to another country and treat them wrong. We have had enough.

  2. None of your Business says:

    They are very bad, and they do lie to you. Dont ever give them your credit card or debit card info to buy any of there services like the 3 in 1 credit monitoring. If you cancel within the 7 day trial period, they will tell you, you are canceled and then charge your card you gave them after the trial period is over. They are horrible. They tell you they will send you a confirmation email about your cancelation and then they never send it to you and will tell you that you did not cancel in time when in fact you did. The authorities should be pulling Experian\’s phone conversations and records and shutting them down.

  3. Deborah Tyson says:

    I cancelled my membership ,and I had to fight for 3 months to get them to stop charging my card. ( my credit score also dropped 10 points when I did this )They refused to refund me my money they took as well. I had duplicate accts and that took me months to have removed, and false claims they refuse to remove and another claim which is over 10 years old I paid in 2003 they refuse to remove. They are rude and very unhelpful.They are destroying my life and I can do nothing to stop them.

  4. LeeAnn Fischer says:

    You have 3 wrong Address,s on our report where we have never lived. Please remove them:

    1. 343 Sheppard Ct. Tempe AZ 85282
    2. 4940 S Wendler Dr. Ste. 101 Tempe AZ 85282-6312
    3. 4655 Foothill Dr. Shingle Springs, CA 95682-8428

    Please remove and send me updated report.

    Thank You,
    LeeAnn Fischer

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