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First Advantage offers many solutions for companies: background screening for tenants and employment, criminal records, credit history and so much more. In fact, First Advantage has delivered over 18 million background screenings to companies looking to assess risk when employing an individual.

In most cases, there is no harm in a background check. However, when there is false information on a background check from First Advantage, it can become very harmful to you due to a loss of employment, housing, and more.

How does First Advantage verify employment? How can you fix errors on a First Advantage background check?

First Advantage gets its information from FCRA-certified resources. Depending on the information that is needed, it pulls from over 350+ million data sources.

As a consumer in the United States, it is crucial to know that you and your purchasing behavior are monitored.  Your credit history, employment history, and criminal history are all gathered in order for future companies or employers to determine how or whether they should work with you.

A criminal record on your First Advantage employment report can determine whether or not an employer will hire you. Because the affect of negative items on these reports and screenings is so paramount, it is imperative that you check them often for mistakes.

If you have mistakes on a background check provided by First Advantage, you have the right to dispute those errors. Do not let false employment reports ruin your credibility and prevent you from getting a job or home. If mistakes on your background check are preventing you from being employed and causing you serious stress, you may be entitled to damages.

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First Advantage Contact Information

Address 140 Fountain Parkway  Suite 410
City St. Petersburg
State Florida
Zip Code 33716
Phone 1 800-321-4473
Fax 727-214-3410

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  1. Hannah says:

    Beware of this company asking you for more and more personal infornmation for verification of who or where you live. They are fishing for more information than you have to give them. If they don’t send you your credit report on first request, report them to the FTC for FRCA violation.

  2. This company is just like Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Their sole purpose is to generate revenue selling information on people. They do so with utter disregard for the truth. They could care less about the accuracy of the information they’re sellig, only how many people/companies they can sell it to!

    Case in point: A background check was done on my wife in late 2012 by a large international ministry. She was volunteering to keep children during a ladies bible study. We had absolutely no problem with the background check being done because parents need to have the assurance that their children are being cared for by people with no ulterior motives. The background check was completely clean…EXCEPT for the reporting that my wife had received a traffic citation for…an expired automobile safety inspection (which was actually my fault for not getting it renewed on a timely basis). But it was a true statement…it was out of date by 2 days as I recall when she received the citation. Nevertheless, that infraction was corrected the next day and the citation was dismissed. Period. No fine. Nothing, Just dismissed.

    We reported that conclusion to First Advantage, which had actually happened BEFORE they issued their report and even uploaded a screen shot for them to see (off the county’s on-line system) as evidence and confirmation of the truth. Naturally, we asked and expected them to correct/update their report to the ministry requesting it. Instead, we receive a letter from Kim Ocasio (name generated by computer but letter not actually signed), a Consumer Relations Associate at First Advantage telling us that they have completed their reinvestigation and have, “…confirmed the information that we have in our files to be accurate…”. A telephone call to First Advantage (asked for Ms. Ocasio but she was “unavailable”) asking how they could retain their original position in light of irreputable evidence to the contrary was like talking to a brick wall. We dropped it at that point because it was obvious that it was going to take a lawsuit to get their attention and because my wife had already been approved and begun her volunteer child care work for the ministry.

    It’s just really too bad there isn’t an easily accessible entity with authority to quickly intervene in and correct situations like this. Fact is, unless that happens, litigation is about the only choice available and that’s why outfits like First Advantage get away with selling incorrect information.

  3. Not Who They Say I Am says:

    When applying to help with a little league for my son, the report comes back with Child sex offender from 1801 and for another state. I looked up the offender, and the date of 1801 is very wrong too. Not the same social security number, not the same birthday, not the same photo, nothing about this person other then the name is the same. (The first and last name only might I add, middle initial different. ).Never lived in that state, the offender is 20 years younger then me, yet they reported it as me because apparently it is a common name, so too bad for me. Really? How irresponsible is this? Now people think I am this guy who by the way is half way across the country and currently compliant with his sex offender registry according to that states website. Seriously, get your facts strait or do not report them. Information like this can harm my work too.

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