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FirstSource Advantage is a large debt collection agency. They are hired by creditors to collect past due debts. Common complaints about FirstSource Advantage LLC are, trying to collect on a false debt, and violations of FDCPA by contacting family members and employers in order to collect a debt.

Is FirstSource Advantage Collections Agency a Scam?

Although First Source Advantage collections is a legitimate debt collection agency, they may make harassing and/or abusive calls and send out threatening letters, and in some cases they may have your information by mistake. The legal team at the Consumer Law Firm of Francis & Mailman can help assist ending this contact harassment and abuse from First Source Advantage, and resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.
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Stop Harassment from First Source Advantage Now

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as First Source Advantage CANNOT do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Calling at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

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Contact the Consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 to stop harassment from First Source or to see what action can be taken against First Source if they have violated any of your consumer rights. The power is in your hands to fight back and we are here to give you the tools to win.

FirstSource Advantage Contact Information

Address 205 Bryant Woods South
City Amherst
State  New York
Zip Code 14228-3609
Phone 1 716-564-4400
Phone 2 800-486-9164
Website www.firstsource.com

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  1. Enrica zUMMO says:

    I want to invoke my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This company is never to contact members of my family again. I have contacted an attorney regarding my rights and this company’s slimy business practices. I checked my terms and conditions of my credit card and no where does it say that this company can gouge me with fees until I pay the debt.

  2. Kay says:

    This company has contacted me regarding a debt that was settled 2 months ago. They were requesting a copy of the check used to make the final payment, which I find strange. I would not send account numbers to anyone. I was smart enough to get a letter from the original collection company, releasing me from the debt, so I will send them that. I am worried that they will continue to pursue me anyway…

  3. tess says:

    first source advantage.llc has sent a letter of debt settlement of my American express card and I have sent the check dated 7/19/10(with the reference number given has been written in the check)for settlement amounting $179.91 and check has been cashed by by first source and as of this date my account from American express has never been cleared and they are still harassing me.

  4. Jason says:

    I payed off a debt with this company and it was never cleared through the original account. They are scam artists and I intend to file a complaint with the SEC.

  5. Kim says:

    They called me saying they wanted to “collect information for my unpaid debt”. However, I don’t have any debt, and have never in my life had any debt. So.. they were trying to get all my info to scam me. They are scam artists trying to find anyone gullible enough to hand over their account information.

  6. C says:

    Ever since I have received a new phone number from At&T I have been getting calls from 866-517-7458 which left a voicemail asking for Donald Benning. I don’t know Donald Benning and informed the India outsourced call center of this. They asked if I had a reference number (which I didnt and not sure where i might have gotten one from). I explained I just received this phone number and kindly asked if I could be removed from their list. The man on the other end got very rude and said he had no information on my phone number and could not transfer me to a supervisor despite me asking several times. He also informed me he had nothing on his computer screen and that it was blank.
    I then received a phone call a few days later again from that number. This time an Indian woman asking for Don Benning and around and around we go. This time without me giving my number she said that she read off that my number and Donald Benning were the only things that appear on her screen. Odd right?
    She then transfered me to the New York office where I spoke with “Mike” and provided my number, explained the situation and said he could remove me from the list. He even read back my phone number and I verified , all correct.
    Next day bam another call from India First Source Advantage. I asked to be transferred back to the New York office. This time I spoke with a “Tim” who sounded bothered that I was asking for my number to be removed. He then says “We removed your number”, without me saying what the number was. He went off of Donald Benning when I said thats who is being hunted by the India office. He read back a number that was not mine, well the area code was way off but the rest of the digits were right.
    I went over and over again what the real number should be that needs to be taken off and he said yeah well it says its on a Do Not Call list.
    Asked to speak to a supervisor “Robin” and explained that I need my number removed. She then informed me that the number (wrong one btw) was removed. I then informed her of the proper number to be removed..she put me on hold then came back and said I was on an auto dialer and that I have now successfully been removed. I asked for this to be sent to me in writing where she said “I cannot hand write anything”. I then asked for her number or a direct line in the event I get another call. She said the only calls you will get are from other collections agencies. Way to imply that I have severely poor credit and that I get calls like that all the time which I don’t and their call to me was a mistake in the first place.
    This happens again, next stop my Lawyer then UCC and FCC.

  7. Kathleen says:

    First Source Advantage disclosed my SS#, account #, birthday, address and reference # to my mother at her place of business. They didn’t ask her to verify who I was they GAVE HER THAT INFORMATION and all she said was, “yes, that’s my daughter” That could have been anybody! They also have all of my bank account information and threatened to take out the money I owe without my authorization. This is a shady company and how they are still operating in this unethical manner is beyond me. I’ve filed a complaint with the BBB and with Capital One. I plan doing a lot more complaining.

  8. Kelsey says:

    I repeatedly received calls from First Source Advantage at my place of business. Whenever I would answer the calls and identify who I was and what department…whomever would hang up. Finally, after two weeks, I finally took down the phone number and called it back. This place would quickly rush over their name (First Source Advantage) and refused to tell me why they were calling. The gentleman (I use the word loosely) did ask if I was another person. When I confirmed that I didn’t know that person and that this was my direct business line, he said he would make sure the record was corrected. When I asked why he was calling, he got very indignant and said that he couldn’t explain their business practices. I asked if it was their business practice to repeated call phone numbers and disconnect when a live person answered the phone. I explained that this problem could have been solved two weeks ago if someone had simply done the professional thing and identify themselves when they got my number. This representative got very indignant but said my number would be removed from their database. WRONG!!!

    About 3 hours later…I got another call. When I called them back, the person I spoke with explained that it took 24 hours to remove someone from a database. Okay…I get that. But she gave me a completely different name of who they were looking for. When I asked for a supervisor, he proceeded to say it was my fault because I should have called then right back the first time they called. Seriously??? I’m working and I’m suppose to call back every wrong number I get. He said that sometimes people give the wrong number by mistake and wanted me to give him the operator so he could ask to be connected to the person in question. Again…seriously? At that point I wouldn’t have helped him even if this person was the sleaziest low life in the world. No…wait…the sleazy low lifes are those people working for this company.

  9. Lil says:

    rec’d phone call from “San” asking for my son. I explained this was not his home or number; that he was on long-term disability, etc. Was asked if I was his care giver. I said NO. Was asked if I had access to his financial affairs. Again NO. Was asked if I could send them a POA. I said NO. He insisted that I take his number and have son phone them back. Again–I said NO. He refused to disclose why he was calling or the nature of the company.

  10. Nancy says:

    Rec’d a message on recorder from someone named “Don” from First Source Advantage looking for my fiance. Didn’t say what it was for. My stepdad said he rec’d a call at my folk’s home from some woman looking for my fiance. She said that he gave that number as a contact. My stepdad gave the woman my number and told them to call me. Never got a call. We never give out my folk’s number to anyone. Not guaranteeing that it was First Source that called my parent’s number, but from what I’m seeing on this blog that they’re contacting family members, probably a sure bet. I’m sending a “DO NOT CONTACT anyone including me” letter to these sleazeballs immediately.

  11. Ed says:

    I received a call today. They hung up when my called id gave them a recorded greeting Now I know what to expect. Thanks.

  12. Justin says:

    They called me looking for a family member. First of all, this was an unsolicited call to my cell phone– which I have on the DO NOT CALL list. Then the guy goes on to threaten me and be very rude to me. How are people like this in business?? i think his name was Don also

  13. Anonoymous says:

    I had lost my job and my husband was in nursing school, we ended up having to go into a survival type mode in which we could not pay anything except for essentials. We even lost our house and had to move in with relatives, which really sucked. When we had a little bit of student loan money we tried to set up payments now through First Source Advantage. We had agreed to pay them $100.00 a month (which for us at the time is lot of money) we were paying them on time and the amount was taken out of our account automatically every month for 18 months. Yet the entire time we were being charged late fees and ridiculous interest and the bank is reporting late for the last 18 months I was working with this company. After 18 months that is a huge hit on the credit report. How can you charge late fees if it is coming out automatically and how can the bank report late? When I asked them about everything they said it was the bank and there was nothing they could do about it, but they would take it into account while settling. Little naive me, said ok? When they offered me a settlement a few months back (of possibly $1,000.00) I informed them that I could not do that at the time. My husband just got a job I told them, let’s set up the next payment arrangements and we can settle for that amount in three months. When they called after the three months the settlement was $1,400, (50 percent of the balance) which was not what they first offered me. I asked them what happened to the late fees that I have accrued and the hit on the credit report. I told them “you said you would take into account.” They had the nerve to say to me “you should have paid the bill on time.” Hello, that was the due date we established and the amount we established and it was auto pay. They also said my account was charged $102.00 a month in interest and fees and my $100.00 was all going towards fees and interest. How is that possible? They said the $500.00 past due (which was the original amount past due at the time) is now approximately $700.00 past due. All that money was in interest and fees. My original balance was only $2,500.00 and I paid $1,800.00 to them in the course of 18 months….which sadly that’s all we had. I stated I would not pay them anymore because this is ridiculous and I am throwing money away. I missed a month and they called again and offered me a different settlement for about 40% ($1,185.00). I could do it but I needed 3 payments. They said they needed it by the end of the month or they are sending it back to the bank for the original amount. (It is November 18, and this is the first I heard of this settlement)I missed one payment because they would not work with me. I asked them to send me an offer in writing and they said it’s not worth the .44 cent stamp. I shelled out $1,800, so I am thinking really? Is this company even legit? Does anyone have class action going yet? Hopefully the bank will settle!! Who do I even complain to?

  14. Texas Residence says:

    Don’t give them bank account access for debits; don’t talk on the phone with them; get an attorney the minute they contact you. They are known for playing hard ball with debtors. Settle with your bank directly, if you can.

  15. Anonoymous says:

    keep calling my mother-in-law asking for me, when I call back they will not give info.

  16. DoubtinDebt says:

    This company has been calling me too. I did owe the debtin 2007 , but lost my job during the 2008 fracas, I explained that to them, and they firmly, but not rudely, pointed out to me that I am still liable to pay I am in Philadelphia;it is going to be 4 years tomorrow, Does it mean it will not reflect on my Credit record, I do want to settle the debt, although I think they are a collections agency, and my debt was to a bank, but the bottom line is that I did borrow money and I want to return it, just wondering, if it will reflect on my credit record after 4 years in philadelphia

  17. Vincent Ferranti says:

    Bunch of sleeze balls…Called everyone in my family looking for some guy…When we said we didn’t know him they said he gave our names as secondary contacts…We didn’t do that for anyone…These people are a bunch of liars and are very rude…When I asked who they were the just talked over me very gruffly…I said I wouldn’ talk to them any more andplease remove me from your list…Let’s see what happens…

  18. Shelby says:

    I just spoke with my bank personally and they advised me that i could go directly to the bank i owed the money to and pay of the debt because like everyone else on here when i called this company to find out they kept givving me the run around and they were also charging me an extra 150 for a $26 dollor debt but the bank told me i could just come pay them and they would remove me from the collection agency

  19. Anonoymous says:

    We need to get a class action suit on this company because they called my neighbors and give them information about me.
    I have a paper proof that my neighbor wrote to me.

  20. A. says:

    Firstsource Advantage LLC obviously hires only people with a total lack of ability to speak to humans, and obviously they do they train their staff to elude one ounce of customer care and respect. First lesson taught -to be a professional collections representative you get everything with honey and nothing with lemon.

    It is unfortunate that they neither recognize that their collection personnel represent the most aggressive and the lowest of humans on this planet. Having said this, the fish always starts to rot at the head.

    They are by far the most aggressive and bad mannered humans I have encountered so far in their quest to collect what they claim is a 10.00 debt when my payment was actually effected to their client for the amount billed at 40.00 the day service was rendered.

    I duly intend to fight this 10.00 claim and to continue to follow-up to a final outcome with dignity and pride as well and the respect they obviously do not deserve.

    To the people who can barely make ends meet but has to deal with these types of harassment I can only tell you that whatever goes around always comes back twice fold, otherwise you can file a formal complaint with the ‘better business bureau’ in your state. This has more impact on their business in the future and it is your best way of getting your rights voiced and heard. A complaint cna be filed on line in most if not all states.

  21. Kari says:

    This company is one of many that are trying to capitalize on the unfortunate economic problems that have affected millions of Americans. They purchase this debt at a fraction of it\’s value (pennies on the dollar). They make their money by using bullying and scare tactics to convince people to pay. This is not illegal but it is amoral. Hopefully in the future this type of company won\’t be able to legally or ethically exist. You are under no obligation whatsoever to pay this company, you are liable for the debt you incurred if the bank sues you directly or through a proper leagl representative. Please use caution and common sense before giving anyone money, information, account numbers.

  22. cat says:

    Tried to make a settlement with this company with Amex acct. I even had a lawyer look at the settlement letter they sent. They are liars and will not honor your settlement. They cashed my money order (never send them your checking account info as they will take money out without authorizationn) and took out over 1000 dollars for themselves and the rest they applied as a payment to Amex. I would not pay them anything!!!!!

  23. Lisa says:

    These people were looking for my brother, & called my cell number (which is less than a year in circulation & registered under the “do not call registry.” They also called other members of my family(obviously FSA had some how obtained the phone numbers through whatever means but not through my brother.)It’s sickening & they are rude scum bags to further add to it. Their phone number is (716)564-4905. The name given to me was “Dave Peters.” My brother had contacted them previously but yet they continue to harass. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Associated Travel says:

    This business is invoke our rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. First Source is never to contact Associated Travel LLC requesting employees past or present. We have contacted our attorney.
    If further contact with us is initiated we will pursue this matter further legally. This serves as your first cease and desist notice.

  25. Shanda says:

    Recieved a call from them yesterday and today. They indicated they recieved a debt I owed from an off brand college. When I indicated I never attended this college they proceed to ask if I went to college. I asked what did that have to do with this call. I also indicated why would I give away money to a school in which their credits do not transfer to a 4 year school. Oh yea I asked them send me in writing a letter from the school that I owe this debt. WoW is all I can say. What has America come too????????????

  26. Laura says:

    I attended the University of Phoenix last year and had to pay out of pocket for a class I was taking. I agreed to pay a fixed amount until it was paid. I have had to take a leave from school for personal reason but have continued to make my payments as it is a debt i incurred. The University has since turned my account over to none other than First Source and they are now harassing me on a 2 or 3 times a month phone calls. How can I stop this?

  27. marie says:

    This company continues to call me for a debt that my ex-husband owes! I’d like to invoke my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have them never, ever contact me again.

  28. Katherine says:

    Received a call asking for my daughter-in-law because her home phone mail-box was full. I asked how they got my number and was told it was listed as an alternate number for her. They wanted her cell phone number which I did not give to them. I took a message from “Dave Peters” and hung up. Then I looked them up on line and found this site. Most annoying! Next I will call my lawyer for info on how to deal with them if they continue to call me. Annoying!!!!

  29. Jeanette says:

    First Source Advantage just contacted me today. They have been calling my cell phone. I did not recognize the number and they did not leave a message. I figured it isn’t that important if they didn’t leave a message. Well, today I picked up the phone when it rang. I was told they have been trying to get in touch with me about a personal business problem I am having. To make a long story short. They were calling to tell me I owed American Express $8,000.00. I do not have an American Express card. The account was closed years ago. “Victor” said I haven’t sent in a payment for 2 years and they wanted to know why and when was I going to pay the debt off. After I gave him an argument he said, “Look, I’m tired of being nice to you” and then starting yelling at me. I hung up.Who are these people? I had to leave work immediately and race home to check if I actually forgot I owed someone $8000.00. I will be calling American Express and telling them what a horrible nasty company they work with. And, ask them to check their records. I do not owe American Express $8000.00!!!!!!!

  30. Brenda says:

    First Source Advantage called my work (I work for the US Govt (U.S. Navy)) concerning my daughter and wanted me to contact her to have them call her. They would not give me any information concerning what they were calling about. A Ms. Lisa Akin said that if my daughter gives her something in writing that they will tell me what’s going on. I told her that I had her number if they wanted it but Ms. Akin already said she had her number…so why is she calling me??? I started researching the company and I am unable to pull up their official website to their company..BUT, I found this website and seen all these comments. I’m glad this website is here. I told my daughter not to call them. My daughter has a credit card and I told her to contact the Credit Card Company directly and to not work through this company.. It seemed very shady.

  31. Paul Smith says:

    I love dealing with these people, I simply ask them if they have a contract That I signed with their company that binds me to them. They will beat around the bush and try pawning me off to their supervisor. Where there is no contract, there is no obligation to pay these creeps. Remember chances are the original creditor taken out a insurance policy in the likely event that you ever defaulted in your payments so they sell the debt to a third party and get paid a second time and who knows how many times they actually get paid. A friend of mine was having trouble with a debt collector and she asked an attorney friend what to do and the attorney said, “Don’t pay them”. Third party debt collectors have no standing in the courts and they know that, they’re hoping you don’t.

  32. Overwhelmed says:

    I got a call at work from these people demanding my personal information (last four digits of social), etc. I told them I had sent a letter to American Express prohibiting them or anyone they assign correspondence by mail, calls, or email. So First Source is in violation of my rights. I will be notifying legal aid, FTC, FCC, and State’s attorney general office. Am so upset I am shaking. My boss got on the phone with them and heard them asking for personal information and told them I was not permitted to receive personal phone calls at work. Will this never end?

  33. Robin says:

    I Had a good experience with first source advantage , the debt collector was polite and professional , they gave me a payment plan for 6 months against a balance of $5126 , 400$ a month and I never received a call from them until the plan time was over, My finances improved over the time and I called them and paid off my debt, I had a good experience .

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