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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates or sometimes referred to simply as Frederick Hanna Associates, is a law firm that works for creditors in order to recover debts.

Is Frederick J. Hanna & Associates a Scam?

Like many other debt collection agencies, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is legitimate, however, some of their practices may not be. When collecting debt, these agencies must abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This Act protects you from being harassed while Frederick J. Hanna & Associates tries to collect a debt. Are you being sued for a debt you do not owe? Do the calls keep coming even though you have disputed the debt? Do you get continuous calls morning and night for more money when you have already settled on a payment plan?

Don’t let Frederick J. Hanna intimidate you. You have rights and the consumer protection law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to fight for you.

Is Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Harassing You?

If Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has incorrect information and is trying to collect a debt from you that you do not owe and will not leave you alone, you can stop them. Be sure to keep track of all names of people you speak with, and dates and times of phone calls, then call Francis & Mailman to see if you have a case.

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Tired of unwanted calls? Hanna, Frederick J. & Assoc harassing you every day? Do you feel miserable and stressed? If you cannot cope with the debt collection harassment alone and if you are sure that you are a victim of false debt, contact Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 or fill out our quick form for a free case review.

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Contact Information.

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
Address 1 2253 Northwest Parkway
City Marietta
State Georgia
Zip Code 30067
Address 2 7901 SW 6th Ct, Suite 310
City Plantation
State Florida
Zip Code 33324
Address 3 514 Earth City Expressway
Suite 310
City Earth City
State Missouri
Zip Code 63045
Phone 1  770-988-9055
Phone 2 800-291-5144
Fax 770-980-0528
Dennis E. Henry, Attorney at Law

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  1. miss f. says:

    This is the most unprofessional company I have ever had to deal with they debited over 1000 dollars out of my checking account without my permission they are not helpful what so ever they will harass you until you reach your breaking point I don’t know what kind of training the employess there are recieving but this company is a complete joke!

  2. Laverne Price says:

    My wages was just garnished by frederick J hanna and asso. All I can remember about this is someone calling my house late at night demanding that i pay 800.00 on an old capital one credit card. my husband was not working so i agreed to make monthly payments. He stated he needed all of the money and would not except monthly payments. Another time a young later came by my house with a child in the car and left a judgement with no date for me to appear in court. i thought it may have been a scam. I feel they garnished my check in error not giving me enought information

  3. Nancy says:

    They took money out of my checking account without my permission. I had bills I just paid with that money and I don’t have the money to pay my bills now. They say that I owe them $4,800. when the orginal card was only good up to $2,000.00. and its been over 8 years ago and they just decided to garnishment my bank account and so on. I don’t know what to do if anyone can help me please do. I can’t afford this and I don’t want to go Bankrupht because of them but I might have to because I don’t have $4,800.00 I tried talking with these people and they are JERKS.
    No information of a Court Case or that they where going to do this.

  4. Susan says:

    Fred Hanna and Associates are completely unprofessional. They harassed me at work and at my home to pay off my Bank of America Accounts. I reached a settlement offer with them for both accounts and have been making payments monthly. Each time I call their offices to get a letter to confirm the settlement offers and payments, they are rude, lie and say they’ve sent me the letters in which they have not and have also hung up on me. I’ve paid them over $3,000 and have no proof this is going to settle my account.

  5. judy johnson says:

    i have already pay my debt and now i have leans put on my property thank to this group of atts. so people beware

  6. K Smalls says:

    I just talked with someone from this collection firm and I agree that I have never dealt with such an unprofessional firm in my life and I work for a firm as a paralegal myself! They are not willing to work with you, she said its not her problem its mine that I’m in debt…wow! I couldn’t even finish the call I was so upset. If you talk beyond a whisper they will threaten to hang up on you. Its a shame this firm is legally allowed to be so unscrupulous.

  7. TJ says:

    These people are a bunch of commisioned less than used car salesman who use intimidation tactics, stress, duress, and coersion methods.
    I reached a settlement with them in writing but when I got the contract it was for an additional 53 dollars from where we started. I called them back and they basically told me to drop dead. Im going to file a suit against them for not honoring this signed contract. Probly lose but what the heck…..

  8. jon says:

    does anyone know the outcome of the march 30th hearing against frederick j. hanna?
    my parents have been garnished $430,000 by this agency, and we believe fraud is involved. please help…
    they used intimidation to get documents signed, which may not even be legal!

  9. MeToo says:

    Fredrick J Hanna stated they were suing me last year. A month later called me and asked me to send them a payment. The following month demanded too much of a payment (half of the debt that was their interest), then stated they were suing me. Isn’t it illegal to state that they are suing me and didn’t? Then request for me to send them payments? Then state they are suing me. Then ask me to work with them? I think it is illegal, obviously Hanna is in good with someone in the judicial system in GA

  10. Donna says:

    In late 2008, I was informed on my job that I was being garnished by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates for a Lowes bill that I know I paid year ago. The first thought was my wages is being cut for the second time, so I found out the number of the Law firm and made agreement with them and payment arrangement all the while I was telling the person I do not owe Lowes. I continual making payments. One day I ask the Law frim for a copy of my file showing where I own and anything in my file, the young lady told me that if I want any information I should get from the Dekalb County Court House, so I went to the Court House to inquire about judgement agress me by Frederick J. Hanna, I received where they file jugement against me, butI never received the papers. I ask about the copy that shows my signature or any signature and they said that the courts do not have that copy, so I called Frederick J. Hanna & Associates to request a the copy to show a signature. They flat out said no.
    I feel that they did not send the papers to me in order for the time could expired so they could garnished my wages. Some should be done about this Law Firm. I need someone help

  11. tia devezin says:

    For the record, there are some very rude collectors in any collection agency! Please understand collections is not customer service that is what you get when you pay your bills on time! (not being rude just keeping it real) Hell it sucks to be talk to rudely or to be berated! Bad things truly happen to good people! I always treat people the way i want to be treated. However there are two side to every thing! Debtors are some of the rudest fowl mouth people i have ever talked to! Really, i am a nice collector, i do what ever i can to assist a person in trying to resolve a debt. Its a job, a honest living although many collectors are the most unpleasant people to work with. I take personal responsibility for myself. I do the best i can do. So people do the best you can do, talk to the collectors, come up with reasonable arrangements if you can/ If you are not going to pay, say that, dont lie, duck and dodge take personal responsibility! If YOU FILE BANKRUPT DO THAT! Dont waste your time cursing, yelling ducking and dodging and then be surprised when you have a judgement against you, remember, you are asked to pay voluntarily. Just as the debt was ran up voluntarily!

  12. jaknik says:

    Whatever a person does, make sure to go to court. And don’t fall for the mediation line. Tell them you’re there to be sued. Challenge everything. Demand every scrap of history and don’t settle for less. Learn what “hearsay” is. Most of Hanna, and those like him, will rely upon the ignorance of the consumer. Don’t be ignorant. It is a game they play, but you can learn to beat them at their own game. Step by step by step, you can win the game, making sure to cost the likes of Hanna a goodly sum in their court costs. Learn, learn, learn. Knowledge is a powerful weapon.

  13. Ben Matheny says:

    I think some of the actions of the Hanna firm may be criminal in nature. I know they attempted ex-parte communication with a Judge in one case and placed false information in an affidavit exhibit in another. I hope they get investigated by the Justice Dept. or someone higher up. I don’t hold out much hope for any of the authorities in Georgia doing anything. They are probably in bed with the Firm.

  14. Ben Matheny says:

    Got a Fred Hanna secret. They don’t want a court fight. They look for the suckers who give up and they get a default judgment. Learn how and fight and if you are not smart enough get a lawyer.

  15. SKT says:

    I am in the midst of a battle with Frederick Hanna — I have been able to settle or make arrangements with every company other than them. They are very unreasonable – and – I believe their only goal is to get a judgement. They have refused to disclose exactly how they have come up with $6400 + legal fees and continued interest on a 4500 credit limit. ( which is the consent judgement they wanted me to sign. I am currently filing legal anwsers which cost – but, I have found a reasonable attorney. They are filing to try to get a default or summary judgement. This is over the top. This company would rather drain what I have, or see me file bankruptcy then work out a standard solution as all other collections companies have done. I will continue to research, and link with like minds to over rule this destructive behavior this organization has who on top of that refuses to answers question about it’s practices to the Governor’s Office Consumer Protection and rates an “F” with BBB

  16. Ellison says:

    I am in writting this in reference about Frederick Hanna, they went into my account and took $550 twice, For Bank of America Account.They only supposed to take $125. I am contacting the State Bar of Georgia. They are not taking my money and get away with it that easy. Frederick J. Hannan is a crooked company. I was overdrawn, and insufficent account,I had to cancelled my account, because of this company. Bank of America know this company history.

  17. mustafaa nuriddin says:

    Hanna and company are awful. I am being garnished by them for a debt that I already paid. They have not provided me proof that they have a new debt, they have not returned my calls, when I reached their rep. via telephone she was un-professional, rude,angry (or guilty). I don’t know how they have been allowed to continue their questionable manner of doing business.

  18. Kay says:

    After the debt has been charged off by your institution, let it ride for 7 years and it will disappear from your credit report. If you attempt to remove it beforehand, the counting period starts all over again for a new 7 years.

  19. SANDY says:

    I also received a letter from them. After contacting them they wanted me to pay a settlement. I told them that credit card had a limit of $4,000.00 I have paid Bank of America $6,000.00 in payment and interest and I am broke, lost one job. Four children to take care of and one child having asthma. They still want me to pay no matter what. Who can help. I am Illinois.

  20. SPDKTS says:

    I was recently “sued” by this clip joint. After doing my homework I was able to walk into court and walk out with a dismissal. Their attorney Spencer Freeman is a worthless human being. He had five cases that day and I am glad to say that he didn’t make a dime with this scam. During role call he even stated he didn’t have any witnesses. Then he attempted to intimidate me and the others he sued that day. Evidently some people succumb to his fear tactics and pay. If this company sues you feel free that you are only out your time it takes to go to court and tell this idiot that he has no proof of anything and we will speak to the judge. He will get snarky and threaten to take the case in front of the judge… that will never happen as he has no witnesses or evidence of anything. Good luck and don’t let that little idiot scare you.

  21. Victory is mine! says:

    Went up against Spencer Freeman myself recently, and got my case dismissed. DO NOT agree to any payments at all. Make them sue you. THEY WILL NOT HAVE YOUR SIGNED CONTRACT IN COURT. These guys are the worst of the worst. Bottom feeding consumer terrorists.

  22. AJB says:

    I was originally told I had to appear for Mediation with Mr. Hannah for a 2005 Capital credit card debit. I have denied this claim three times via certified mail. Today I was told I do not need to appear in court because they have filed a summory judgment. They have not provided any signed documents from Capital One with my signature. What can I do to defeat this case?

  23. REC says:

    We owed a debt to Chase, $10K which they turned over to FJHanna, Collections. He must search worldwide for the nastiest, most unethical people to come to work for him. They don\’t care how they talk to you and have absolutely no compassion for someone trying to clear up a debt. We\’ve been paying these SHARKS for two years now and found out today that they filed a Collection with the Credit Bureau last month. Why have they waited 2 years to do this? And we have no idea how much we still owe on this debt. Their letters never give a balance remaining nor the original amount that was owed. I guess they are above reproach and will always live better than everyone else because they step on the little people.

  24. Jobless says:

    I was employeed by Mr.Hanna much to my regrets. I am not a disgruntel employee as everyone is accused of, if they say anything negative. I left for more money and better benefits and peace of mind.I am amazed at how unappreciative this firm is.I’am for everyone making money, but when greed takes over and you lose the respect of your employees so that you and your partners can get 35,000.00 a month bonus’s and your employees are just getting by. This is very sad! I know that employees have written the Bar and have heard no response.The EEOC have heard complaints as well, but guess what? Mr. Hanna’s Attorney is on the Board. “Good Old Boy Politics.Someone with some power needs to get involved and Audit this FIRM!!!! By the way Dennis Henry is no longer with this firm due to fraudlant documents that he was accused of sneding out and the Firm new about this, but Dennis Henry was the scapegoat!!

  25. Someone who cares to report this says:

    I caught Fredric J Hanna with their pants down so to speak! They are idiots and I want them to try to sue because I have physical evidence of their illegal practices! I have already filed a report with the Federal Trades Commission on this subject as well! They called my mother in law and they left an automated message on her answering machine detailing that it was an attempt to collect a debt! My debt is a private matter and doesn’t involve my family members this is a violation of my rights I am seeking a lawyer who will take my case right now! My wife had prior family with some lawyers here locally so I shouldn’t have to go far to find someone that her family may know! Also I have a mother who is in the Legal business and has connections to Business Attorneys! I got them by the rocks and they better hope I don’t decide to take this to the next level and inform the local and national news! They have also ignored my plea to have them send me the information! As well as they will not disclose a Debtors license number that is illegal business practice not to!

  26. Tex says:

    One of the times it’s handy to live in Texas. Your wages cannot be garnished for consumer debt.

    For the most part, the lady I’m working with has been very nice, even if somewhat patronizing. She doesn’t like it much when I call them a collection agency. LOL. They seem to have done their homework and have not–yet–violated any of Texas’ consumer protection laws. Next time she calls, though, I’m bringing up the Texas AG’s webpage, just to make sure.

  27. Niecey says:

    Similar to a story I’ve read about this company on other sites, I was stupid and settled with this company to pay 1/2 of a debt from a credit card my X-husband had been court ordered to pay in our divorce. I wanted the debt off my credit report. The attorney gave me a total to pay over 4 months, which I did. I paid every bit he told me to. NOW they’ve filed a garnmishment of my wages and their excuse is that I was $36 short in my payment to them, so now they are garnishing my wages for the other 1/2 of the original amount! ENOUGH! I’ve contacted several attorneys and I am going to fight back this time. They are CROOKS. The woman who called me said she would speak to her “boss” about possibly dropping the garnishment. When I asked for her boss’s name, she said that was not my concern! When I asked for her first name, she said that we were NOT friends and I didn’t need to know her first name!

  28. TIRED says:

    Hanna office garnished my check. And also enacted a bank levy with my accounts. How can they take 25% of my salary and empty my bank account in one month? They left $30 in my accounts. I have three children that go to daycare and my job is over 50 miles from my home. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If anyone knows about Georgia law concerning garnishments and bank accounts, please give me some advice.

  29. Charlie says:

    Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is just a bunch of slow witted thugs. They tried to get me to agree to a settlement over the phone without letting me see an offer in writing. Not gonna happen.They wanted my bank account number or debt card number, get real no way. Then they made threats to get my wages, Not in Texas. Then a couple of days after the fun phone call, I get notification in the mail that they are attempting to collect a debt and the account numbers arn’t even mine. Called them back and asked for proof of the debt and was told by Marcus Clark that they had already sent it to me in June. WOW they did not even contact me till October. Ok so now they will have to jump through every hoop and hurdle that is allowed me by the law. Let them sue, this is gonna be fun

  30. Tavetia says:

    I’ve only been paying off my debt for two months now. Why is it so hard to get someone on the phone to make a payment? Why is it not setup to where you can pay it online and not have to deal with these people as well as visually see the payment go down. I’m not understanding..

  31. Tonya Johnson says:

    i am so angry i made a payment agreement with the law office of Frederick J. Hanna on a credit card that i had about 15 years ago its not even om credit report, however i received a letter stated my payroll check was going to garnishee i couldnt afford for this to happen i dont make alot of money so i borrowed money from my family to pay half of my garnishment, and make payments for 6 months until its pay, dont you know my check is still being garnishee, i called the law office to speake with Michelle Fane about this she never answers her phone and she doesnt return my phone calls at all, i feel so lost my payroll dept says theres nothing that they can do until they receive a hard copy or original copy from court stating that they release my garnisment. i dont think they sent anything to the courts its a 2 weeks now. Can someone tell me do i have any rights????

  32. says:

    I am having the same problem above. I had nsigned an agreement to make monthlya payments on a credit card. Recently I was in an auto accident and because I had to pay for a rental care I was unable to make the payment. I have called almost every day for the last three weeks and always have to leave a message. No one will call me back and I do not want them to garinsh my wages but I can’t get in touch with anyome. Does anyone know how lonf it takes them from the due date to when the garnsh my wages? Afraid I will lose my job and then no one will get anything.

  33. Nancy says:

    lets all get together and take mr hanna to court he did the sane thing to my daughter he should be in jail

  34. alneda says:

    so does any of these questions get answered? If so where can I find the answers

  35. a broke sucker says:

    a bunch of liars and crooks

  36. unknown says:

    can they still garnish wages if im not receiving wages? can they garnish my tax return?

  37. John Darling says:

    Anyone who has a grievance against Fred Hanna & Associates, file a complaint with both the GA Bar Association and the FCC. When they receive enough complaints, they will investigate and shut them down. Also, the FBI’s office in Atlanta handles complaints of corruption and wrongdoing. It’s the power of the 99%!

  38. Alexandra says:

    This law firm is the worst ever.Its pathetic trying to reach someone and when you do get the chance they are sooo rude. I understand its a collection agency but theirs no need for them making you feel uncomfortable. I finally got a hold of someone to make a payment on MY ACCOUNT and they said it wasn’t good enough.They wanted something higher and i said i cannot do that and they responded “well with what you want to pay isnt going to make a difference,call us when your able to make the amount we request..?my thought was are you serious??im trying to atleast pay here..Then the guy says well it shows here you have an account with this bank —- and theres an amount of $— then he said why dont you just use that to pay us. My thought was wooooow!
    Anyhow this firm is definitely not professional at all. I hope nobody has to deal with them.

  39. Rosalyn Singletary says:

    This company represents MIDLAND FUNDING LLC, I had no knoWledge of any credit card in question they had seized my son’s car but I was able to talk them down from $1484.00 to $750.00, they hired another attorney to come after me all I have ask for was imformation regarding or pretaining to me and this credit card so far no luck,,,so if MIDLAND FUNDING LLC have a suit filed against you,,,,by all means get you an attorney

  40. beware says:

    Just had a VERY rude conversation with someone from this office. They are trying to get info from me after I assured them they are after the wrong person. They want me to verify my address, last #’s of my S.S. #., etc. I told them to tell me what #’s they’re looking for and he seemed PUT OUT, can you imagine? I have excellent credit ratings and have never been in any sort of financial distress (Thank you, Lord). I DARE them to try and deduct money from my banking account. I’m retired so therefore they can’t TRY to garnish my wages. I even told him that I’d tried to explain to Capital One nicely a year ago that they were looking for someone that wasn’t me. The last name is the same, but her first name is an elongated version of mine, that I wasn’t given at birth. You’ll hear more from me if this goes any further. They called back a 2nd time but hung up before I could answer. I won’t be intimidated by these people and hope you won’t be, either. My next call will be made to the GA Bar Ass’n and the FCC.

  41. Ben Matheny says:

    Hanna does not represent Capital One they only buy the debt.

  42. ben says:

    To be quite honest about it, I have had unpaid debt in my past that I couldn’t pay. Lost my job or other things took precedence (such as eating, paying the rent, things like that). I have never had a “nice” or “polite” debt collector calling me. They always got nasty and I always got nasty right back at them.

    Even if I WERE inclined to pay back a debt, someone calling me on MY phone in MY home talking to me like THAT is going to get an earful RIGHT BACK AT THEM.

    I have paid back most of my outstanding debt – got out of the hole and decided to take responsibility for that junk, not because some a-hole called me and demanded I pay it, but because I thought it was the right thing to do.

    The only thing I can tell you is when they call you and start threatening you, play their game. I don’t mean play the game as answering yes, I’ll do this because you are threatening me, I mean treat them the exact same way they are treating you. Some woman starts getting mean with you, deal it right back to them. I have had them threaten me with jail; loss of home (even though my home had nothing to do with the debt), this that and the other thing. When they start that junk, I just start toying with them. I won’t go into what I say to them when they used to start that junk with me, since it probably isn’t allowed that kind of speech here, needless to say I have made it personal right back at them. I don’t get those calls anymore, I only have one, last outstanding debt and am going to pay that one off soon and that will be the end of it. In fact, contrary to what they tell you always – that you’re credit is ruined forever – my credit score is now hovering around 700. Not the best on the planet but not NEARLY the worst. I even got my first American Express card a month ago! I thought that somewhat prestigious. Just to give a hint to anyone that has problems with credit and how to handle money – force yourself to get out of the credit and even the banking system for a couple of years. Pay everything with cash, get a pre-paid debit card if you must and don’t go into any kind of debt.

    It is VERY rough at first. I did it for over two years, I didn’t even have a bank checking account, I cashed my checks at a 1% check cashing place. I learned how to handle my money and how to steer away from temptation to buy things that I cannot afford.

  43. Really Tired says:

    F. J. Hanna took 500.00 out of my checking without warning meaning the Nov. rent bounced and the landlord was very angry. They harass and harass and harass.

  44. Ben Matheny says:

    Rights? Not in Georgia, Hanna has friends in low places like the Georgia Supreme Court of Kangaroo Clowns. Nothing short of a Federal Investigation is going to stop Hanna’s abuse of the peasants, er, I mean citizens of Georgia.

  45. beenthere says:

    Most of the time the bank is the client and Hanna is the attorneys. Any plaintiff that files a suit in another state must make themselves available for questions. This includes the individuals that file the affidavits. Thousands of cases in cherokeecountycourt GA. Should be overturned for failing to follow proper procedures.

  46. LT says:

    Never settle with Hanna or his team of lawyers. They will NOT have documentation on whether or not they are legally representing a client (e.g., Capital One) for your account. They will sign a fraudulent affidavit saying they have first hand knowledge of the debt – they don’t. If they did, they would have been able to provide signed user agreement and statements with itemized charges, interest, and fees. Do not give a sob story to the judge if you go to court – it will only prove that you have a debt with them (when they may not even legally represent a company!). As soon as Hanna contacts you, send them a Letter of Validation that has been certified with return receipt. They won’t comply with your debt validation letter, so document that. Some secretary will sign the debt validation letter with none of the requested documention that would actually validate the debt (e.g., a document signed by Capital One for example)! I’m looking forward to helping my brother take them to court with at least 5 counts of violating the FDCPA.

  47. beenthere says:

    Remember anything the attorney tells the judge is hearsay. You have the right to have the Plaintiff there be it Chase, Discover, Capital one, etc.. The same with any affidavit. If you disagree with any affidavit you have the right to question the person that wrote that affidavit. The attorney and the judge is Cherokee superior court will do there best to say there are no disagreements between you and them so there is no reason for the bank or the person that wrote the affidavit to show up for court. Also check the law on the state that issues the affidavit. Some affidavits are not any good in other states unless certain procedures are taken. What ever you do answer the complaint. If you fail to answer you just gave them your money via garnishment.

  48. Erwin Ross says:

    Was NEVER served a summons for a court date. Just got a notice from my work that my wages were being garnished for 750.00. In fact was never contacted by this company EVER. Am contacting GA state Bar and Atty Gen’s Office.

  49. CatZ says:

    They tried to trick me into giving my husbands ss# by saying they already talked to him and he gave them all his info and spoke to them. They said he also acknowledged that they sent us a written notice. They never sent us anything and my husband never spoke to them. He never heard of FH and is way to smart to give info to anyone. I’m sure they faked some paperwork to try and show they sent us something. I want them to send me the recording of the supposed conversaion they say they had with my husband. What chance does anyone have dealing with sneaky liars like them. Doesn’t this constitute a breach in the FDC regs?

  50. Denise R says:

    Frederick Hanna & Associates is trying to sue our daughter who is in college for a Chase account which had credit protection due to a parent’s loss wages. My daughter is trying to finish college. She does not have time to be caught up in an illegal practice suit with Frederick Hanna who claims their representing Midland, another firm who received a class action law suit previously in Ohio! Also, Frederick Hanna has already previously garnished my husband’s wages for an old Capital One account at end of 2011, $1,200 for a $300 card right before Christmas, in Gwinett County Courts – Instead of filing it with Fulton County which they originally filed claim, they falsely filed a wage garnishment claim in Gwinett county. We could not get anyone on the phone when we attempted to call to clear up an agreement made in Fulton county, which we did not receive follow-up notice on and attempted to reach Frederick Hann numerous times with the number they gave and no one returned the calls, we could not clarify our questions and they did not leave messages either, if they claim they returned a call. They practice illegal tactics and play the legal system while taking advantage of people who are experiencing severe financial difficulty and trying to get back on their feet financially when one spouse is not working-w/3 children -and 1 in college. This firm is heartless, mean, and practice illegal debt collecting tatics and have been getting over for years in Georgia! The South needs to step it up and stop letting these illegal practices go on when they know people are experiencing severe financial difficulties and trying to find work the best they know how. I am also filing with the FCC & FBI of Atlanta. We need to file a class action law suit against Frederick, Hanna, & Associates for their malpractice, illegal acts!

  51. Susan Smith says:

    Would just like to say that this company is soooooooo unprofessional. An agreement was established and payments were made monthly until a sickness occurred and payments had to be reduced. They garnished checking account with no formal notification and refuse to recind the garnished. Their “garnishment specialist” is definitely” unprofessional and needs classes in how to deal with the public!

  52. Miss. F. F says:

    Pay Your Bill.. bottom line

  53. hs29fan says:

    Hanna had garnished my wages and paid off one of their junk debts (wish I knew then what I know now, I would have went to court) now they send a letter still wanting money for something that was paid off two years ago. Well I have the paperwork to prove it. They had better get their records straight or I will find a lawyer myself for these crooks

  54. Kitty says:

    FJH bought the debt from the credit card my husband owed. He signed a contract with FJH, he has been making payments every month on time as agreed upon and when he called and asked for the balance, he was told the the credit card company rebought the debt and he was supposed to be paying them! WHAT?? He never got a letter from anyone, FJH has been cashing the money orders. Who’s getting the money? Does it makes sense that FJH would buy the loan for pennies on the dollar and then the credit card pay them to take it back when the CC company would pay FJH even less money than they paid? C’mon. Oh, and when he called, the receptionist that was put in the line of fire didn’t even know what state we live in even though it should be right there on the computer screen! What is UP with this bunch! Time to seek our own attorney.

  55. Bill D says:

    I ignored a credit card bill for $10,000 which by the time it was sent to Hanna has escalted to $18,000 – then hit with garnishment for $20,000. Over the course of last year, I was on a recorded call with the company and a collector agreed to a $10,000 settlement. Could not reach same person again – let this go and over time paid $20,000 balance via paycheck garnishment. At house closing I paid balance of $7K owed.

  56. Annoyed says:

    Don’t get in debt and you won’t find yourself dealing with FJH. As for the legality of this firm’s practices… completely legal. This firm is the top collections firm in the nation and works very hard to make sure their actions are within the law. Just because someone is upset that they actually have to take responsibility for the debt they created doesn’t mean that they can go on ranting about how terrible this law firm is. Of course, sometimes mistakes happen. Would you make mistakes if you were dealing with millions of accounts that clients hired you to file suits on… YES! We are all human and FJH has processes that deal with these mistakes. All you have to do is POLITELY ask and provide proof.

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