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GMC Credit Services, or Glass Mountain Capital LLC is a collection agency located in Schaumburg, IL. If you have been contacted by GMC Credit Services, you may be wondering if it is a scam. GMC credit services is not a scam, they are a real collection agency calling you in order to collect an outstanding debt. It may however, feel like a scam if they have the wrong information or are harassing you. It is important that you know your rights under the FDCPA, when you are contacted by collection agencies like Glass Mountain Capital.

Is GMC Credit Services Harassing You?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was put in place to protect consumers like you from harassing, intimidating, and abusive collection practices. Though these laws are in place many collection agencies do not follow the law. Many will continue harassing practices and many get away with it because consumers do not know their rights.
If GMC Credit Services is doing any of the following you may be entitled to damages:

  • Threaten you with violence, use obscene language, call repeatedly to annoy you, or call before 8am or after 9pm
  • Make false or misleading statements, like threaten to garnish your wages or threaten to sue you, or say that you will be arrested for not paying the debt
  • Send you fake official documents, use false names, or report false credit information about you

This is just a few of the common unlawful practices that debt collectors use.

If your rights under the FDCPA have been violated by GMC Credit Services, you have the right to sue them for damages

Hire Francis & Mailman To End Collections Harassment

Even though the laws exist to protect you from collections harassment, many collection agencies do not follow them. Consumers are left feeling exhausted and helpless. That is why Francis & Mailman are consumer protection lawyers. They fight for consumers and hold these large collection agencies accountable for their actions. If you have been harassed by GMC Credit Services, fill out our quick form or call us now for a free case review.

GMC Credit Services Contact Information

Address 1 1930 Thoreau Drive, Ste 100
City Schaumburg
State Illinois
Zip Code 60173
Phone 1  877-214-0276
Fax 847-925-1585

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  1. Patricia Reyes says:

    I have been contacted numerous times at my place of employment by your company after I have advised them not to call. They call my job phone more than once a day and sometimes back to back. I have provided you with my cell number to contact 2678726823. I know my rights please do not call my job again. Thank You

  2. Joy Caldwell says:

    This company called me claiming I owed a 10,000 debt for a credit card which I knew nothing about. The address they had on file for “me” was in Louisiana. Iv’e never lived there and have never been able to obtain a credit card with a limit that high in my life! I am very worried about this and fear someone stole my identity or this company is fraudulent.

  3. Fred says:


  4. Anita says:

    I received a call from a rude unprofessional. I told him I have had this phone number for 10 years,,he said he did not ask me how long I have had the number. I do not know the person he was asking for,,,I do not owe ANY credit cards. This is a very unprofessional company.

  5. HARRASSED says:

    called back and says GMC Credit services…I owe no one anything…its a scam

  6. Tanya Allen says:

    I agreed to pay off my past debt at a lower cost with them. They then said they lost my payment info. I had some family problems and couldn’t get back to them. All of a sudden they took out 2 payments at the beginning of the month. I said 1 payment per month I could do. I called them and they said they would not charge me again til August. They just hit my account again, its 6/24/11. so they have hit me 3 times this month. Now it looks like I may have to take a loan from a friend to pay my bills until the end of the month. Wonder how many times they will hit me. 1 more payment and the debt will be paid.

  7. Randy says:

    This company called me and said I owed a debt as well. However, my credit is perfect. I told them they have the wrong person. These people need to get their acts together.

  8. Donna says:

    I received a call from GMC this morning, and right away they wanted to confirm my social security number and address. I told them no, that I would not do that over the phone or with people I did not know. They gave me a phone number, and I hung up and called them back, still refusing to give my social security. A woman, very rudely, accused me of trying to evade a debt to Wells Fargo. She was rude and began to threaten me when I hung up on her. I called Wells Fargo bank, (where I have no accounts) and told them. They said they would never give out that information and that these people were a scam. The manager told me that I should go to the police and report it as phishing with threats. This experience left me very upset and frightened, because these people have my phone number and address.

  9. Mr.J says:

    These clowns called me last year and even called me at work. They had a different company name, but same number. They asked me for my SS# for confirmation. I told them I don’t give out information over the phone. I told them to send me a statement in the mail and to what it was pertaining to. They said they didn’t have my current address. I told them if they had my SS#, then they had my address. He finally said he would remove my name from their list.

  10. DS says:

    I received 3 calls from this zombie debt collector over a few days. I called them back, the representative refused to identify herself per the FDCPA and was rude and hostile. It took several calls just to get my number on their internal do not call list. Actually I am expecting them to call again upon which I will gladly file complaints with the attorney general and FTC/FCC.

  11. Steve says:

    The CEO Anothony Nuzzo is someone you should not trust. He is dishonest man, who should not be in this business. Are company was in the process of doing business with them, until we found out that Anothony lies about his financials. I believe the company has problems with the IRS and also cash liquidity issues.

  12. Michelle says:

    I received several calls and returned asking for verification, employee name, a supervisor and a request for a Cease & Desist. The representative refused all four requests and just argued that I was wasting his time asking for those pieces of information.

  13. Andrew says:

    This company is a total scam.

    Called me claiming I owed a debt. They person was angry and indignant from the onset. When I asked who the debtor was they told me the Law offices of so and so.

    I check me credit frequenly and know I have no past due debts…

    Get a call blocker and be done with them

  14. Linda says:

    I got a msg on our voice mail regarding a debt that my mother incurred over 10 years ago. She is now in a
    Care Center Facility. I call them this morning. Told them that they were calling my number and where my mother was. They actually wanted the phone number of the Care Center. I ask the young man that I was talking with if he was really serious and that it he could not call a Care Center. He said why not. I told him that it was illegal to call a Care Center to try to collect a debt that was over 10 years old and besides she was on state aid, which I had told him previously. He finally said that I had a point. I don’t think that this company teaches their representatives the law. I told him that if they called my number again, I would gladly file a lawsuit. This company is a joke!!!

  15. Leo says:

    These people called and were very nasty saying they were going to sue me and hung up. I called back and spoke to an alleged supervisor, who wouldn’t listen. They tried verifying ss# and address and I wouldn’t do it. Told them this was nit my debt and it is not in my credit. They said it was 2000 and to call company that issue credit and I did and they do not have a file for my ss# or anything!!!!! Scammers

  16. Kat says:

    They call my cell phone several times a day and leave no message.

    I’ve checked my own credit report and I have no outstanding debt that I am aware of–whatever happened to just sending a letter so that people can research debt rather than blowing up a person’s cell phone?

  17. Jaylen says:

    Son of a gun, this is so heplufl!

  18. Tim says:

    21 December, 2011
    GMC (Glass Mountain Capital) called my business office at 7:45 this evening (!) and said they wanted to verify the last four digits of my credit card or my Social Security number. The caller said I had give her the above information to verify MY identity before she could disclose the reason for the call. I asked for a call-back number which she gave me: (877) 917-0125. I called and spoke to a woman who asked for the number at which they called me and then repeated the demand of the initial caller. I asked her to read out the last four digits she had for my SS# and I’d tell her if it was correct. She wasn’t even close. She then asked if I had ever lived at an address in another state (No) or had ever done business with a certain bank (No). She apologized and hung up. This is definitely a fishing scam, in my opinion. Do not be intimidated by their callers.

  19. Laura says:

    These people are calling about a debt I do owe, but its 11 years old! They threaten all kinds of stuff and I tell them if they can provide me with written documentation, I will speak with them reguarding payment, untill then I will not. They tell me they cant do that. Why not? If you want your money, why not provide written documentation? And all the info including name is wrong except my home and cell numbers. They keep asking for correct info and I keep telling them, if they can get my home and cell numbers they can get my other info, but I’m not giving it. Why now after 11 years?

  20. Darryl says:

    I just got a call from this company. 1st I talked to a woman who verified my info. She transferred me to male agent. I asked for documentation of the debt because it had to be fraud he said that does not matter and just hung-up on me after saying he would post the collection on my credit. I will definitely report them to the FTC.

  21. Ruth says:

    This company called me about a debt I owe. I agreed to make monthly payments and they took 2 payments this month. Got the “manager” who basically said owe I’ll reverse it. Of course that hasn’t happened and I am going to make another call. I guess I am going to change my account and mail them a money order so that this can not happen again.

  22. Mese says:

    I received a call from Mr. Peralta with this company who was THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL collector I have ever experienced. He called himself bossing me around and demanding payment. I advised him that I would be willing to set up payment arrangements but that I could not afford to pay in full at that time. He started yealling at me and telling that unless I gave him a check or credit card over the phone, it would not be considered an arrangement. I asked him for the address and advised I would just send the payments in and he refused to give it to me then DEMANDED that I was going to give him a check over the phone or my driver’s license would be suspended. I don’t know who these people are or what type of trining they have received but I have worked a s a collector and I would never give these people a dime…suspended driver’s license or not. I have called and left a message with a “manager” Bill and am waiting for the callback as I type.

  23. glen says:

    #19 Mesa, this is totally illegal. you can turn the tables on him for what he did. I know because i did it to another creditor. the gov’t protects you on this. look up debtors rights on line…the feds protect you from this. i got a call today from them too. the # was 1 town away from me and i called it back. i got a recording and just hung up. i don’t speak to creditors on the phone but wait for a letter then demand they come up with proof of the debt..they cant normally and it goes away and never hits your credit report.

  24. glen ct says:

    A woman called me at work. I told her to never call me there again. I never acknowledged who I was and just hung up on her. Since then, I get 2-4 calls a day from local phone numbers within 2 towns from where I live with no messages left. I know who they are from returning the calls and getting their recording asking me to hold for the next person. I hang up. If they can’t leave a message, I don’t talk to them.

  25. Amanda says:

    This company has called me twice in the last week. This morning I answered the phone, the number that comes up on my caller ID says it’s a local #. The woman proceeded to tell me where she was calling from and insisted she wasn’t going to give me anymore information unless I verified the last 4 digits of my social, of course I refused. So she tried to verify an address which was incorrect. I’ve been living at the same place for 11yrs and had never even heard of the address she mentioned. Scam? If for any reason this is an actual past debt then they are far past the statute of limitations.

  26. MICHELLE says:

    This company has also been calling me- They do use a local number, so my husband made the mistake of answering. Man was very pushy and told my hsband that I have an old $1000 debt with a credit card from 2007, and that when he checked our credit report (which I didnt know they could do), he noticed that we have a few credit cards with enough credit left so I could pay them! I called themback, and said I needed something in writing,a nd he just kept insisting I pay over the phone, that it was a “time sensitive” issue, and that he would let me pay 50cents on the dollar! I told him I wanted it in writing, and he just kept saying there is no time, that the offer would expire and they were only offering it to certain people! I am very leary about sending them a dime!

  27. Danielle says:

    GMC Credit services really helped me with my debt. I spoke to a gentlemen named Mike he was able to get a good settlement in the best polite professional way. Now im able to afford to pay off my car even faster than ever because of my savings. All these complaints on this page are probably people who dont pay their bills and are trying to make the company look bad.

    • Judah says:

      Actually Danielle, there are a lot of us who “just read” these types of comments regarding “these” companies and don’t make our own statements.

      Perhaps because “more of us” don’t make comments, comments such as these by these types of people appear fraudulent or dramatical.

      I have been contacted by GMC on several occasions, with them using a land line, then a cellular device and then of course, Skype VOIP.

      I would assume this is so they can claim they are different internal liaisons and play dumb in case of complaints about the legality of such practices? They also, due to miscommunication, have offered me several differing amounts to settle when I have given them differing financial data.

      I have multiple streams of income and according to how “MUCH REVENUE” I reveal to them is in direct proportion to their “one time offer” which has already been decided, they always claim, “by board review” previously.

      These are all lies and attempts to collect as much on the sour note they either bought or took upon themselves to try to recover.

      Any debt clearinghouse that’s sole source of income is from stale, written off, past statute debt is without a doubt, an infestation of the parasitic component to the still yet to be regulated credit industry. Someday very soon, these types of bootleg skimmers will be done away with and credit will be moderated in a more logical fashion.

      They can’t help you with your credit score or data, the only thing they can do is hope to make a few dollars off yours and the OC’s unfortunate past. Likely the person talking to you is under the same pressure you are, he’s trying to get his commission and any so called, supervisor or “BOSS” who gets on is hoping for his own commission and is just a line manager for a string of “telemarketer collectors”.

      The thing is, some of us are educated and not easily unsettled by such tactics. ALSO, on more than one occasion I have caught them in their schemes and lies and have had to force them to endure listening to themselves before they would concede, “well yes, you got me there”.

      Now they are cut off. It doesn’t mean I won’t pay my debt, even in full to the oc, it just means that these types of bottom feeders and schemers won’t be making money anything.

      ALSO, due to the nature of my employ I can verify that a host of these people involved in GMC debt collections, etc, are in the same “unpaid past financial” boat as most they prey upon.


      PS: Even if the above poster, “Danielle” is being honest and sincere her situation is far from the norm. YOURS ON THE OTHER HAND IS RELATIVE AND ALL JUST A SCAM ON YOU BY GMC AND ANY OF THEIR KIND…!!!

  28. P.O.'ed! says:

    These people are total buttholes! I know that this is a legitimate debt as it does appear on my credit report. However, this one jerk who will rename nameless was condescending, degrading, and incredibly rude! He told me that his client would not accept a payment any other way except with a check by phone. I told him I needed to see some correspondence in writing before I would commit. He became incredibly ignorant and belligerent. They had the wrong address for me originally which is why I never received anything…because of this I guess they put me in a refusal to pay status. After I told him that I know better than that (referring to his clients only accepting a check by phone at this moment) he told me he was going to leave my account as it and hung up on me. I ended up calling back a few more times to try to get things rectified and got the same young kid again…and it was still the same song and same drama! LONG story short I was able to speak to a very nice gentleman who helped me get set up on a payment plan…this is an old debt that I had forgotten about but it is my responsibility to pay it so I will. HOWEVER, MY OWED DEBTS DOES NOT GIVE ONE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ME LIKE I HAVE A TAIL! 🙁

  29. JUDY says:

    I found several missed calls from a local number over several days no message. I called them back heard recording waited for 5 minutes no actual person came on line. How can they operate this way?

  30. GT says:

    I got a call from these people at work and told them never call me there again. Now I get 2-5 calls a day on my cellphone with no messages and local numbers as well from my area. i returned a call just now (4/6/12) and got one person who hung up on me and the other, after calling them back, told me I don’t pay any of my bills. i asked for a letter in writing with the assumed debt and I was told it was sent in February and they were not responsible for the mail. I asked for a supervisor and he disconnected me. I don’t even owe them anything.

  31. calvin biggs says:

    This company has called me from 3 different numbers and all have been blocked. I am on the do not call registry. Does that stop them by law?

  32. Joe Villafane says:

    GMC called from a San Antonio Caller ID of 210-239-0404. Left no message. When I called them, a female answered, “Yes?”. No company name, no reference information. But they must have had my number flagged because the female on the other end of the line started referencing a loan in the name of ____ Salazar who “is using my telephone number as a reference”. I explained that that Salazar did not live here, has never lived here, and further, that GMC should cease and desist calling me. Further, I asked to speak with a supervisor. “Frank” came on the phone and assured me that my number would be removed from their database. Something I have tried to get them to do for the past 3 years. So let’s see if GMC stops calling me. And yes, GMC reps I have spoken with have been rude and obnoxious. Hopefully, they will stop calling so I don’t have to go to the inconvenience of changing my home number.

  33. Other says:

    GMC calls me just about everyday near 2x a day. I finally called back on an alternate line and a female answered. I asked what company was I speaking with and she then proceeded to tell me. I then asked, “What do you all do?” she then asked to put me on hold. When she came back to the line she said yes this is Mrs. Valadez? I said no, what type of company is this she then goes to say, we contacted you by accident. I said ok but WHAT type of business is this? She said it’s a personal business matter. Tbey seem like scammers!

  34. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this excellent blog!
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  35. Jay says:

    They are calling me on a debt that is 19 YEARS OLD !!! Are they serious?

  36. Lynn Z says:

    These people call early in the morning and numerous times daily and just hang up, then the one time they did leave a message, they wanted to know if I had any informaton about this person..they need to is beyond harassing. just got a call at 8am from these we go again!

  37. Kristen says:

    I’ve received numerous calls from this company, never a voicemail. The first few times I called back, the call was disconnected. When I finally did reach a live person, she asked me to provide three types of identification before she would even provide me with her name or the name of the company she was calling from. When I refused, she said then she could not proceed with the call. I asked to be removed from her list and she said she was not calling from a list but she could not confirm why she was calling until I verified my identity and my address.

    I do not give out personal information over the phone, especially when the person calling me is unwilling to identify even a company name. I will be blocking this number and reporting it to the Better Business Bureau.

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