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HRRG also known as Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group is a debt collection agency, specializing in the collection of medical debt. If you have been contacted by Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, they believe that you have an outstanding debt, and are trying to collect it. Unfortunately, many time collection agencies may have the wrong information. It could be that you do not owe the debt or they have the wrong amount.

No matter the circumstances surrounding the debt, HRRG, must adhere to the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Is Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group Harassing You?

The FDCPA was put in place to protect us from harassing, abusive, and intimidating debt collection practices. If you are receiving harassing phone calls from HRRG that violate your rights under the FDCPA, you have the right to sue Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group for damages.

    Some of the laws HRRG must follow are:

  • No calls before 8am or after 9pm
  • They cannot talk to your family or employer about the debt they are trying to collect from you
  • They cannot contact you about the debt if the debt is in process of being disputed
  • They cannot threaten you, or use profane language
  • They cannot call you at work if you have told them you cannot receive phone calls there.

If Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC has violated any of your rights, it’s time to hire a consumer protection lawyer

Hiring A Consumer Protection Lawyer

The consumer protection lawyers at Francis and Mailman know how to fight back against harassing debt collectors. Hire Francis & Mailman now to end the debt collection harassment from Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group. Fill out our quick form, or call now for a free case review.

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) Contact Information

Address   P.O. Box 459080
City Sunrise
State Florida
Zip Code 33345-9080
Phone   800-984-9115

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  1. Bobbie Hubbard says:

    I received calls from this company threatening legal action if I didn’t commit to a payment plan and be on time. I was just about to make an online payment and had trouble getting into the website because of some legal issues. I’ve been making payments for seven years now

    • Pam Huggins says:

      We’ve also have gotten the threatening calls. They have a customer that did not file our insurance in a timely manner. The EOB plainly stated that according to their contract the patient is not to be billed. But yet, they have threatened us with a lawsuit.

  2. Kristy says:

    I been receiving threatening calls by this collector. They are trying to bully me into giving my account information like checking account information to them to pay for outstanding medical bills that I am already doing payments on.Talking bad about me to the other people I live with, who answer the phone. They accused me of credit fraud and health care fraud. I told them I am on disability. They told me to collect soda cans to pay my bill. When I raised my voice, they called me a rock star over the phone. I basically told them if they call again, I will not answer the call and trace them all to your office and file multiple complaints. They threatened to jail me over my debt. I told them they cannot jail me and who brainwashed you into thinking that is happening. The hospital is making arrangements with me and your not welcome to be involved. Now I am getting 5 calls a day, early in the am to late in the evening hours even at supper time. they will not stop.

    I am already paying the doc and the hospital without going thru them and they are saying I owe them the money. Not their client…

  3. Brian McNail says:

    Get nearly weekly calls from different phone numbers but always same person (aren’t autodiallers against FCC and FTC rules?) wanting me to give them my ssn dob and other information but won’t tell me why they are calling until I give them this information. They get mad when I tell them no because I don’t give out this information on non solicited phone calls. Most of the time they yell and scream and tell me I owe them money, but won’t send a bill because they are not required to send a bill.

  4. Billy Tim Denim says:

    Won’t stop calling. They are looking for an individual whom I have no knowledge of.
    Automated calls continue to roll in.

  5. Rich Roberts says:

    HRRG has sent numerous notices to my address. The notices have Robert Young as the addressee. There is NO Robert Young at my address. I have called HRRG numerous times to get this corrected. Why do the notices continue?
    Stop it or I will hire an attorney to file a harassment suit.

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