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HireRight is an employment screening service that provides background checks, drug and health, and workforce screenings. At HireRight Solutions, it is imperative and their legal responsibility to ensure that any background check or other reports they issue are completely accurate and up to date.

Mistakes On Your HireRight Background Check?

Unfortunately, mistakes on background checks and credit reports are common. Wether it is due to old information, human error, or crossed files, you have the right to dispute reporting errors made by HireRight. They must investigate and prove their information true, or remove the mistakes.

Don’t let your disputes with HireRight go ignored and prevent you from getting a job. Hire a consumer protection lawyer.

Hire Consumer Protection Law Firm of Francis & Mailman

Many employers rely heavily on the information provided to them on your HireRight background check. Any misinformation can repeatedly keep you from getting a job. If this is a constant problem for you, because of mistakes on your background check, fill out our form now, or call 1-877-735-8600 to see if you have a case – free case review.

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Address: 14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 1200
City: Tulsa
Zip Code 74134
Phone: 800-381-0645
Website: HireRight.com

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