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IC System Inc is a large, privately owned debt collection agency in the Us. IC Systems provides debt collection services for the healthcare, financial, commercial, retail, utilities, government, and education industries.

Is IC System a Scam?

IC System is a real debt collection agency, that has been in debt collection for over 75 years. Though IC System is not a scam and has been around for a while, they may not always use fair practices when trying to collect debt. Make sure you know your rights and keep good records of all communications with IC System collection agency.

Stop IC System from Harassing You

IC Systems is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. They may make harassing and/or abusive calls and send out threatening letters, and in some cases they may have your information by mistake. The legal team at the Consumer Law Firm of Francis & Mailman can help assist ending this contact harassment and abuse from IC Systems, and resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.

Know Your Rights under the FDCPA

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as IC Systems Inc. cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Calling at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

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Contact the Consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 to stop harassment from IC System or to see what action can be taken against IC System if they have violated any of your consumer rights. We offer a free case review.

IC Systems Contact Information

Address 444 Highway 96 East
City St. Paul
State  Minnesota
Zip Code 55127-2557
Phone 1 888-735-0516
Website www.icsystem.com

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  1. yolanda says:

    I can”t seen to have this company remove my number and stop calling me! They are searching for 2 people who I do not know. It seems we have the same LAST NAME, not even the first. I have attempted every method I know how to get my number removed from there list and I continue to be called on a daily basis. Today I was again ASSURED my number would be removed from list. We shall see..

  2. gerri says:

    yolanda – i feel your pain.. I can’t seem to have this company remove my number and stop calling me! I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told if I wasn’t so-and-so that they have no business with me and hung up on me. I called back and asked for a supervisor, who wasn’t at his desk, and explained to that rep – she said she would note in computer that my number is wrong number and it would take 24hrs to update. A week later, still receiving phone calls.

    I have now contacted the FCC who have advised that it will take a few days to process my claim and they advised that since IC Systems is a collection agency that I also contact the FTC.

    These people at IC Systems are rude, ignorant and incompetent.


    IC Systems is harrassing me even after I verbally told them to stop calling me. They are trying to tell me that until they receive my letter that they will keep calling me. This is wrong and needs to be stopped.

  4. LD says:

    I can’t believe that this company is even allowed to do business! I’ve had them calling me 6 or 7 times a day and BEGGED them to remove my cell phone from their record! Is there any way to put these people out of business?? Rude, harassing, threating and what they’re doing has to be illegal when it comes to debt collection!

  5. coleen says:

    I just sent an email today 11/27/09 to the FTC about this company. I’m not denying a bill in collections but every payment plan I said I could do was not accepted, and was told a certain amount of money was needed by this Monday by 4pm. and said he didn’t care what I said, sooo, what did I say….. GOODBYE! I emailed the FTC as soon as I hung up.

  6. Stewart says:

    Here\’s how you handle IC system or other creditors to stop their harassment. Send this letter:

    I.C. System
    444 Highway 96 East
    PO Box 64378
    St. Paul, MN 55164
    By: US Mail

    Re: Your name, Your state, Your zip code

    Dear Debt Collector;

    This will serve as your legal notice under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act FDCPA to cease all telephone communications with regards to the above referenced debt or debts. Your personnel have repeatedly contacted and harassed (your company, if they are calling there) employees. These calls have been documented. (Your company) does not, by policy, permit personal non-business related calls to employees. (Your company) is my employer, and not in any way associated with the purported debt. You have also repeatedly called my home and harassed both myself and my wife. You are hereby instructed not to contact my home or place of work by telephone. All further correspondence must be by mail, to my home address. Amongst other torts, your actions have resulted in an interference with my employment relationships, harassment, and an invasion of my privacy.

    If you fail to heed this notice, I will file a formal complaint against you with the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement of the FDCPA, the States Attorney General

  7. brianjust says:

    they repeadtly call my house @ least twice a day if not more for the last month this account thru there customer is being taken care of

  8. Deborah S says:

    I have a new sprint number for the last week, this IC systems company have been blowing up my phone calling for the previous owner of this number. I lost my temper today, and told them to stop in no uncertain terms. And here I sit at 4pm est and they call again, The woman said this number was removed form the list, yet they called again, I pointed that out and she hung up on me.
    I contacted sprint about the problem. And will be filing with the better business bureau.

  9. Lina says:

    These people are very ignorant, they called and asked to speak to me.

  10. Mi says:

    Just recieved a another phone call from IC and this is the fifth time i have talked to them and told them the first time a week ago that I will make a payment on the 26th and it sure isnt the 26th they need to stop and check the law.

  11. BRYANT WALKERR says:


  12. Liz says:

    Now We the collectors do our job, but u dead beat people think u can blame ur problems on everyone else. Do u really think it matters why u fell behind, NO it doesn’t and nothing u say can excuse u from the debt u owe. We are calling to help set up arrangments on ur acct, not hear ur excuces. We shouldn’t even have to call you to collect ur debt, be responsible people. All of u know,for sure if u were the one collecting u would do the same thing. We wouldnt have had to call if u all just paid ur bills on time, it sounds like a personal problem to me, where’s the self responsibility, quit blaming others, blame urself u put yourself in the situation u r in. Get real people.PAY YOUR BILLS

    • Q says:

      Just like the federal shut down, we do pay our bills and take care of business. You on the other hand need to be more professional because as you see no one is exempt from a layoff so you could find yourself in the same boat. So watch what you do and say to people you deal with because that could be your job on the line attempting to explain why you can’t pay your bills. Karma!!!

    • retort reta says:

      Ya know you are apparently NOT reading the posts in here because almost all of them are saying that they are getting calls about someone else’s debt NOT theirs! IC Systems does not apply proper legal business standards, they buy a debt and call anything they can find, whether it is really the person or not and they REFUSE to listen and take appropriate action when they are told they have the wrong information. Even the few times they DO have the right person, their manner is anything but professional and empathetic. Someone REALLY needs to school them in manners and a VERY true cliche that says you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar!

  13. Liz says:

    Pay your bills u dead beats.
    Stop blaming other people for your problems. We wouldn’t have to call u if u paid ur bill on time. Why don’t u just pay your bills people, nothing u say to us will make ur debt go away. Believe me u will not get any sort of symphathy from us, so again pay ur bill be responsible. And one more thing u people get so mad at us for the wrong ph# however u cant even give us he ph# so we can remove it, apparently we r mind readers

    • Julie says:

      Liz, You didn’t read the comments. Most of us are being harassed for debt that DOES NOT BELONG TO US. In my case, they are calling about my dead father, who died more than three years ago. How heartless is that? Today is one more day that I will spend crying again and unable to function, missing someone gone too soon. It’s a VERY EASY check for them to read the newspaper’s obituary. But the company would rather cause me emotional distress over something I know little about.

    • retort reta says:

      Wait YOU call US and you don’t know what the number is to remove it? Sounds like an internal SNAFU that needs to be fixed! Aside from which, read again: the number IS given and it is STILL not being removed!

  14. Richard Harder says:

    I also am also getting harrassed on a daily basis by this sorry co. they are accusing me of being someone else (a former bus partner from 15 years ago that I have not seen since). when i tell them this Thet insinuate that I am lying and tell me that I am the other person. I put call waiting on my phone so now they use bogus names and charity orgs as calling to get around the call waiting. This has been going onamazingly for over 4 mo.s on adaily basis. Any success stories in dealing with this co. ?

  15. Jeff says:

    These people at IC Systems are rude, ignorant and incompetent. they where asking me when i get paid and use common senesce.

  16. Troy Hansen says:

    The ignorant and poorly written response by one of thier representatives says it all. Collections can be done without stooping to the level these cons do.

  17. LAURA says:


  18. Maryann says:

    This collection agency continues to call for someone who does not live at this residence. When I informed them that I just got this number and wanted the number to be removed, the representative started asking for personal information. I REFUSED to give them any information. The rep got very rude and started yelling at me on the phone, which at that time I was requesting to speak to a supervisor. He refused to put a supervisor on the phone. At that time I informed him that I was going to call the Better Business Bureau and I hung up because I was not going to have him yell at me in that matter, as if I DID something wrong. I called the BBB and they gave me the number to the main headquarters in St Paul. I spoke with the Consumer Affairs Department and spoke with a lady named Barb Miller. I explained the situation to her and she apologized for the previous rep and stated she was removing my number from the call list and would be following up on this call. She did state that the rep had no business asking me for personal information..(my last name, address, etc). I really hope that she does follow up on this call. There are no EXCUSES for behavior like this!!!! I guess I will know in a couple of days if my number was actually removed. If not than they will be hearing from me again.

  19. Stefani says:

    These people continue to call my home everyday at least 4-5 times a day very early in the am as well as very late. I do have a debt that needs to be taken care of, I am working on doing that when I am able, however I am not employed at the currant time and have no means to pay anything at this time. I have informed them of this and asked for them to please stop harassing me, I would be happy to get a number and call them when I can begin to make payments, or that they could even call me back 1 time a month or so to see how things are going. They still continue to call daily 4-5 times and are very rude and disrespectful to me or anyone who answers my phone. This company will never get people to pay their debts if they continue to act this way. Who do you people think you are to treat people this way? You have the right to try and collect money that may be owed, but you DONT have the right to harass, and disrespect people in the privacy of their homes. Anyone have any ideas on what can be done or Who to contact for these awful rude company’s calls? Thank You for any help!

  20. Jack W. Luther says:

    I found that IC systems had added an account to my credit report for the second time…I had already disputed it and proved that it did not belong to me and had it removed. This account belongs to my father. I am having trouble getting a home mortgage because of this account. When I called and talked to them they told me to patch up my relationship with my Dad by paying the bill, change my name so I wouldn’t be mistaken for a dead beat, and that if I did not pay the bill he guessed i just wouldn’t get my home mortgage because they were not going to remove it from my file. I talked to several people at IC throughout the day and they all refused to let me talk to a supervisor. They are rude and do not care who they hurt.

  21. Lalay says:

    I called and made a payment for a medical bill. When I talked to the rep I was assured that it would not go on my credit report, and he would give me the reporting department. Well, after he got my check info, he gave me a phone number to the credit department. They were closed! So, I called back and asked to talk to a manager, to insure this was not going to be on my report.
    That is when Mr. Hansen got on the line. He was full of belligerance and really only took the call with the purpose of arguing and thinking he was going to belittle me. I hung up on him and called back asking for his manager, or the collections manager.
    No one would let me talk to anyone but him. They all tried to tell me that Troy was the “only one that could talk to me”.

    So, I waited till 8:00 a.m. Monday and called back asking for the name of the collections manager. The rep told me that was Troy Hansen. I asked how he went from supervisor to collections manager over the weekend. Guy stammered and told me only could talk to Troy. I filed a complaint and put a stop pay on the check.

    Funny thing, they started beating down my phone, and all kinds or reps called BUT Troy. I gave them a serving of their own bullshit and told them, according to my file, “I could only talk to Troy”.

  22. Laura says:

    To you the debt collector that is on here, I find what you say rude and ignorant. You are right we do have debts that need to be repaid, but on the other hand, you make it to the point a person would rather suffer the stigma of a bankruptcy rather than to deal with you day in and day out, as more often than not.

  23. greenfeld says:

    ic system calling every day for no reason .

  24. Blue says:

    The guy from IC System who recently posted if he was their employee is very clueless. In that collecting a debt does not mean they can engage in unethical business practices, play games with the fair collection practice laws. Sure, one should pay his or her debts, but collection agency such as IC System should not charge fees for everything including not telling people that certain information is available through their website for free. Instead, they tell you nothing. They wait until you request and then they charge you a fee. I find that this practice is especially unethical, but is not illegal. They charge you a fee for over the phone payment when they have free system setup. People who let their bills go unpaid are dead beats, because they lost their jobs. Worst, I think that the lowest scums on the earth are those who robs and steal from the down trotted and lost their jobs.

  25. Annonymous just bc I don't want more fraud crap says:

    I just received a letter from IC systems regarding a delinqunt account in my name for a 600 dollar charge. I have always paid all my bills on time and do not have any debt. This is ridiculous that I have to go through the stress of writing them a letter to figure out why I am being charged this. Until they validate their claim I will not be sending this company anything.

  26. Tina says:

    My husband recently started receiving calls from this company. I called them back, but they wouldn’t talk to me AT ALL because I wasn’t him. Anyway, come to find out, they’re calling about an account we once had with Wells Fargo bank (checking/savings) that we closed in 2003. According to them, we owe Wells Fargo money. We have NEVER received a call or letter from Wells Fargo regarding this. So…I called Wells Fargo. According to Wells Fargo, we have NO delinquent accounts with them, no record of owing them anything- in my husband’s name or mine. My husband is calling them this evening and requesting written documentation.

  27. Kate says:

    The women who called me this morning was extremely loud and and abrasive. She asked me a great many questions about what she needed about my Father who had just passed away recently. She didn’t seem to know this. She had many questions to ask me. When I asked her any question, she couldn’t answer them because she was an “operator”. I asked her who she was representing, she said she represented many companies. I told her to give me ALL the names, and that I would like to have the information I am asking for, I mentioned to her that even though she kept telling me that she was a operator, she seemed to know all the questions to ask me, but she didn’t know or have information on the questions I asked her. She transferred me with out any notice to a women Representing IC Systems. FUNNY, since she couldn’t tell me who she was representing in this business matter.

  28. Keeley says:

    This company is a joke. They called me 2 nights ago and the collector wanted to sit there and tell me how wrong I was and how he was going to turn me over to an attorney unless I paid in full. This company knows nothing about collection ethics and continuously harasses and tries to intimidate people

  29. Camila says:

    So I had a account with at&t and I canceled within the 30 days, and I had no cancelation fees. After my service was canceled with them, I never received any bill from at&t. One year later IC system sends me a letter saying I own them $600.00, I called at&t they said I do not own that money, and then I call IC system the guy who answered the phone starts to scream at me, and he wouldn’t let me talk. I am sending them a copy of my contract and a copy of the receipt that I paid for my iphone, which he said I got it for free. Does he think money grow on trees, Hope they find a more honest way to make money, This is robbery!!! And of course get some manners to talk to the customers….

  30. Toot says:

    Don’t waste your time with the BBB. They gave IC Systems an A+ rating! That’s because IC Systems pays a fee to the BBB for services.

  31. B says:

    Lol @ Liz-the debt collector.

    You poorly educated little insignificant nothing of the world. The word ‘u’ is spelled ‘you’…

    Furthermore, NOT everyone being harassed by IC Systems, or other debt collection agencies are guilty of their claims. I would love to meet face to face with one of you wormy ignorant tough guys who keep calling my 14 year old daughters cell phone, 5-6 times per day, even after being notified it’s the wrong number…It would be a very bad day for you and that is a fact you could bet your life on.

  32. Nelson Harrison says:

    The letter posted above should be effective, but if it is not,
    never identify your self,
    and get into a habit of answering your phone with “Hello May I help you?” Instead of this is “Jon Doe” as that immediately identifies you. remain anonymous as they are. Why should you Identify your self when they are not willing to give you all their personal information. If they did give you their personal info you could sue them for their breach of the laws.
    for instance:
    Ic system: Hello
    Jon Doe: Hello How may I help you?
    Ic system: I’m calling for Jon Doe its a personal business matter are you Jon Doe.
    Jon Doe: What is this in regards to specifically? Is it another telemarketing or MLM sales call?
    Ic system: No its a personal business matter.
    Jon Doe: well if you can not tell me specifically Jon will assume that this is a sales call and disregard your message, he is a very busy person that is why I screen all his calls for him. The best way you can reach Jon doe is in written for via mail.
    Thank you for your time good bye

    notice that if you do not identify your self that they can not talk to you and harass you. One other note if they barely speak English or have any accent tell them you can not understand them. What ever you do never identify your self or any one that they may be looking for. YOu could even have a little fun when they say hello and ask for Jon Doe and ask them do you not know whos number you are calling? and follow that with they are not here, or you must have the wrong number.

    Another thing if you have an I phone or an android phone there is an app called “record my call”
    that records every call that you make or that comes in to your phone. you do not even have to push a button.

  33. Private says:

    been getting calls from these people. Since my disability 6 yrs ago – I have 2 bills that I worry about. I already deal with those 2 companies. Dont have any accounts with anyone else – actually delay medical if I dont have money to pay for whatever the service is. So..real soon, I will be financailly able to hire a company to go through my credit report and clean it up – IF ANYONE HAS ANY CHARGES ON ME THAT ARE NOT MINE….I dont want to call and hear the excuses as to why its there. I want my name an credit clear, AND damages to my financial character, and emotional health for all the harassing calls, not to mention the cost of each call since they call on my cell phone. Period. Since the NASTY collectors on here have that attitude, I can too.

    It would be great if it was related to my CURRENT ATT cell service I’ve had for 18 yrs – has never been off for non-payment in all those years. Cause I already have them by the b—–s and just haven’t had time or stamina to battle them in court about their illegal contract.

  34. Chad says:

    I switched my ATT cell phone plan to add my mother in law, and totally forgot about the past balance from the old account. Totally my fault, in July a person from IC called me about making a payment arrangement, to which i readily agreed. this was with the understanding that the arrangement would keep this from being reported on my credit. i made a payment on the 29th of July, on August 4th i get a credit notification that a collection had been added to my report from them. Even though the person swore that this “arrangement” would keep this from happening. the next person i called said that it had already been in process even with me making a payment in good faith. The debt is paid, but it hasn’t been removed from my credit. i called in the beginning of September and was told that they only make credit changes on weekends and it would be taken care of. i checked today and sure enough, its still on my credit! i hate being lied to, this company needs a wake up call with a class action lawsuit.

  35. Terri says:

    My daughter was in a wreck four years ago. We thought all medical bills had been paid. When attempting to refinance our mortgage, we were told there was an outstanding bill related to the wreck. I have called IC Systems TO PAY and I continue to be told I must contact a different department. When I call that number, I get an answering machine that tells me they will return my call. They have not. I am trying to pay a bill and they will not answer nor call me, yet the do not hesitate to damage my credit.

  36. james.w.cotton says:

    I have been thru my credit report and several items out of the very few listed were to be removed yrs ago…I went thru the proper procedures to have it done. I have nothing new to be on this list. When this company calls they refuse to say exactly what they are trying to collect for and continuing to call everyone but me personally.

  37. tina says:

    Continuous calls from IC systems on my home and cell. The idiots won’t tell me what its regarding. My identification was recently stolen which is another reason for my concern about these harrassing calls. I have asked them to remove my number and have added an alert to my credit file.

  38. Ed says:

    A medical bill for $13 (yes, THIRTEEN) from 4 years ago recently came up on my credit report, and is dropping my credit by close to 100 points. I called IC Systems to find out why I never received a notice or phone call in over 4 years. They said it wasn’t a large enough amount to warrant a follow-up phone call. They assured me that a letter was sent. I told them I never received the letter or a bill, and since they never called, I had no idea the debt existed. I said said I willing to pay the debt, but would like the collection to be removed from my credit score. “We don’t have the ability to do that.” I said, “Well then who does?” He told me to call the credit bureau. I said, “ok, well can I get something in writing saying that I was never contacted following the initial letter”. He says, “no sir, we don’t do that.” At this point I asked to speak to a manager, who fed me the same scripted responses. I once again asked him how I was supposed to know about a debt that I never received a bill or notification for? He proceeded to lecture me in a condescending tone about keeping better track of my bills. According to him, I should have run a credit check on myself a long time ago to find out about the debt. Well why would I run a credit check and hurt my credit if I had no evidence there was a collection out on me in the first place?! So thank you, IC Systems – your greed has f’ed up my credit OVER THIRTEEN DOLLARS. You obviously made no effort to contact me because it wasn’t worth your time to collect. But the credit bureau doesn’t differentiate between a $13 debt and a $1300 debt when it comes to collections. I think at this point, the best thing I can do is call them every day and take up their oh-so-valuable time. They’ll spend way more than $13 just processing my complaints. A-holes.

  39. Mrs.obama says:

    You debt collectors think your doing something great by harassing hard working tax paying american citizens for money because they fell behind. Your pathetic. you act like your trying to get your own money back. YouR work for multimillion dollar companies and make not even a fraction of what u collect back for them. we are in a recession people.

  40. Chuck U says:

    I used to work there, and I admit, some shady practices. Here is what I found in my 2 years of employment:
    1. The people employed at IC are just like everyone else, trying to pay their bills. In a few cases, some of these people even ended up in the collection files.
    2. The actions of agents and supervisors are because of the MANAGERS. They force these bad practices on their underlings, because they are DESPERATE to keep their jobs. They have lost a TON of business in the past year to year and a half. I would never wish the (majority) of the people employed at IC ill will, but I wish the worst on those suspect managers.
    3. Read up on your state’s collection laws, and practice recording calls. Now, you MUST ANNOUNCE to the agent that you are recording the call for your records. Protect yourself people, its just common sense.
    4. And this last one is just for humanities sake. If you are being treated with respect during your call, treat the agent with respect. I HATED this job, but my already poor mood would be shot to hell if someone tore me up. I tried, on every call, to treat the voice on the other end of the line like a person, NOT a debtor. Sometimes it made a difference, sometimes not.

    Best of luck to all of you

  41. Eric says:

    I found a debt on my credit report from 2007 from a bank I have not delt with in 10+ years on good terms there is not a account number only part they refused to tell any info other than pay us I asked how do you pay if you dont have account# the I asked ever hete fair debt collection acts thry got rude on a collection that is screwing my credit told me to talk to bank I did 10+ years ago someone stole checks talked to police settled now mystery debt 5times more than forged checks company buys old info after statute of limitations for collection is way expired on most claims and creates numbets ca.t give a.y proof of any real debt just get ruder I am lost turning them to fed gov and all dep. Posible until they remove false info or prove real

  42. Michelle says:

    These people are definitely ignorant not to mention worthless. I had an account i/a/o $ 240.00 in which they agreed to hold to allow payment arrangements… NOT. I informed them I was going to pay once I returned from my already planned vacation and it would take a day or so to get to my office and make the agreed upon payment arrangements. They reported to my credit while on vacation. I paid them immediately when I returned and now trying to dispute through credit bureau. I kept names, dates and even asked for a copy of the tape to prove my conversation- NOT… again!

  43. Linda says:

    IC Systems call me first thing in the morning , several times a day, and last thing at night! I told the lady to stop calling my number and she was very rude! Says that I owe .. wait for it… $24.37 and they MUST collect it! As I am like most of America and unemployed I do not have $24.37 and if I did I would not pay it because they constantly call me!

  44. nicole says:

    I had a medical procedure done about a year and half ago now. And my insurance company kept trying to say I had a pre exsititing condition well after back and forth and a lot of documentation later my insurance company has finally agreed to pay a portion of my procedure. we the doctor company had already sold by account to ic systems. I called them several times and asked if I could send them my explanation of benifits to show that I have actually overpaid IC systems and that they need to release the money that I have already paid back to them. Well they proceed to tell me that I have to pay my complete balance and then have the insurance reimburse me. I told them no why cant I send you the explanation of benefits and you see that I am only responsible for a portion of if so I dont have to dish out another 220 to get paid a reimbursement possibly in 60 days. for this same procedure I had another bill from a different doctor go to Quidata they were awesome and understanding not only did they let me fax in my explanation of benifits they told me they will send a letter to request the account be removed from my credit report. But the bozo at ic system are just stupid. And if you the idiot Cory or sits there and says nothing and refuses to let you speak to a manager hang up and try again. So done with this company they are so crooked.

  45. REM says:

    This may be older……but this is who you’re dealing with

    IC System, Inc.

    Saint Paul-based IC System, Inc. has been charged with: 1) failing to establish adequate screening procedures when hiring individual collector applicants; 2) failing to properly screen debt collector registrations before submitting license renewal requests to the Commissioner; 3) employing collectors with felony criminal backgrounds; 4) failing to notify the Commissioner of at least 10 employee terminations for using profanity, third party disclosure violations, and repeatedly calling debtors at their places of employment; and 5) allowing at least 23 debt collectors to work at locations that were not licensed.

    In response to these charges, IC System, Inc. has taken corrective action, including: 1) establishing new procedures to strengthen their screening process; 2) submitting that screening process to the Commissioner for review; 3) subjecting all current debt collectors to that screening process; 4) auditing employee records of terminated employees for the last five years; and 5) establishing auditing procedures and agency policies to ensure that criminal convictions of its debt collectors are promptly reviewed and acted upon.

    IC System, Inc. has also been ordered to pay a civil penalty of $65,000.

  46. Harrassed says:

    You’re an idiot. You said we don’t give you the number to remove? That you’re not mind readers? YOU CALL THE PEOPLE! You sound like a jerkoff who takes your job way too freakin seriously. And I’m a minor. If you don’t stop calling me my family will get in touch with their lawyer and make sure yall stop. This company blows and all their representatives should fall in a puddle of aids

  47. n. says:

    Horrible, horrible people. Rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. LOSERS, and they know it.

  48. Jack Alphonso says:

    These guys contacted me about my old phone bill. We moved and did’nt get our mail snet to us right away. The guy from IC systems kept calling me. I finally talked to him and we got things worked out. ( had to pay!) I think if I owe the money I should eventually have to pay it. All have different stories. Mine was not so bad.

  49. Gideon Grafton says:

    One of your collection agents just suggested I “sell my plasma” for extra income…..
    REALLY !!???

  50. pop says:

    My husband keeps getting calls from IC on a daily basis on an account that has already been settled with his old bank. They buy peoples accounts that have been settled, paid, or they just make crap up to collect for after illegally obtaining your personal information. This woman called my husband the other day and starting hounding him for personal information on where he lives, where he works, what bills he has, and so many horriffic personal questions that nobody has the right to ask. He is currently unemployed and we are living with his folks. They asked him how he pays his phone bill, (the number they are calling isn’t his phone, it is his parents’ landline) how he has gas in his car, how he eats etc. They asked for his wife, when I have nothing to do with this account that is settled, my name wasn’t on it, and he had it before we were even married. He told them it doesn’t concern me, and they claimed it does. So I had him put me on the phone and I let the bitch have it without her getting a word in and then I hung up. They keep calling, even harassing his parents. I had already done some research on this company as they were contacting me a year ago about a bill that I never had with a company I have never been with. I know that these people are not legit collectors, nobody should ever give them any personal info ever, and NEVER agree to pay them any amount they claim you owe them. If they can’t tell you what you owe or why or what company or refuse to provide proof of this debt, then it is a scam. I’m still trying to get the fake bill off my credit report and it hasn’t been done yet. I don’t deal with them anymore since changing my phone number several times. Now my husband is forced to deal with this stress that he doesn’t owe. My husband when dealing with people like this, is too nice. He knows the only way to get these a-holes off his back is to let them talk to his wife, who doesn’t play games. I know my rights, the laws, and ethics. I don’t allow people like this to mess with me or my family without me ripping them a new anus. Don’t even give these losers the time of day.

  51. Pam says:

    I read all the comments and am horrified by what is happening!! I have a new one for anyone following this…….. I’ve gotten 2 calls in the past 2 days on my home phone from IC Systems. They left a message on my answering machine both times. They are trying to get in touch with my neighbor!! They gave me her name and asked that I pass along the message and a reference number and ask her to call them back. They never said why they were calling but after a quick search on Google I found this page. So, I’ve concluded they have disclosed a collections situation my NEIGHBOR has! Isn’t that illegal?? AND is it illegal that they are calling her neighbors about a financial matter? I refuse to pass the message along. After reading these posts I wonder when they will stop calling me and what recourse I have if they keep calling? Any help is welcome…….

  52. Harry Kyle says:

    I got a call from IC, asking me to verify my name and phone no, she said she was just an operator, she sounded very dumb, so I said my name is JR Samples and my number is BR549, she said ok you owe a bill of 250. I laughed and asked her what short bus did she ride to work on, she said what is a short bus, I said its for mentally retarded people, JR Sample was a comedian on HEE HAW and has been dead for 20 years, and BR549 was the phone for his carlot, she said that is a real phone number, I told her that too bad the US outlawed eugenics, she would be a prime canidate…….VERY DUMB

  53. Nancy says:

    My husband died three years ago with no life insurance, it’s been heartbreaking and tough to pay bills. I have disabilities that prevent me from working at my age. So, I feel bad but most of the time tell them (she’s not here) so they ask to speak to my husband. I tell them he died three years ago. Okay they say and hang up. I’m not a dead beat, I pay those bills when I can, it’s all I can do.
    Merry Christmas everyone anyway.

  54. Ray says:

    I was harrassed by this company and they wanted there money total was 299.50 settled it for 175.00 total then I decided to have them work for the money I charge small amount on each off my credit cards to pay it all of they told me there was a 12.00 dollar processsing fee I told them that if they wanted the money they would have to waive the fee. I used 4 card. trust me they were not happy cause if you look at the credit processsing fee’s that the credit card charge them I ended paying $175.00 however they did not collect that mush after credit card fee’s and processing waivers.. Love messing with this companies that call 3 to 4 times a day..

  55. Lashawnda says:

    this company has messed up my credit for 31.00 freaking dollars and when I try to call and get a manager on the phone they send me to voicemail. TOday a guy name Matt hung up on me I am filing a complaint on these people. This is what FDCPA is used for. Now I have to wait to get my house becuase of 31.00 being negative on my report. Hope u losers are happy!!

  56. Sean says:

    How can they claim I have a debt without me ever recieving a letter or a bill from the supposed company?

  57. Bree says:

    Similar to Ed (Comment #38), IC had a supposed debt record of $20 for medical expenses. Since I’ve enrolled in a credit monitoring program I noticed it was there for about three year, which of course had my credit score looking horrible. So I wrote IC and the credit bureau. I described that I had no knowledge of this debit, no contact attempts were made from the company, and my consistent calls to get the matter resolved (which they continually couldn’t even locate my account in the first place) would end with no resolve. I called back a few weeks after sending the letter and magically they could find my account, told me it was paid in full, that the account with them has been closed due to the dispute, and THEY WOULD SEND ME A LETTER STATING THAT IT WOULD BE TAKEN OFF MY CREDIT! I WIN 🙂

  58. amanda says:

    Everyone knows that this economy is downhill and most americans right about now dont even have a job or just flat out dont make enough because of budget cuts and can barely feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.I happen to know that just like anyone else if you only had enough money to either feed your family and keep a roof over their heads or pay a bill in collections..unless you’re just worthless and have no heart,you’d most likely choose to feed your family and give them a home!People don’t ask to be in the situations they are in but unfortunately it just happens.This does not give these collectors the right to constanly belittle and harrass people.These people can be alot more proffessional and considerate if i do say so myself,and so can you!

  59. Bill says:

    I have tried everything to talk with these people. When I am home to answer the phone, I ask what is this about, they in turn reply with “let me have your credit card number and I will tell you” sounds like a bit of a scam thing going on. Unless they can give you exact information about you or a debt, then they are not real and running a very large scam operation

  60. Past Collector, Current Debtor says:

    I have worked Debt collection before. Given, numerous people tend to run up debt and then think they can wipe it away with bankruptcy as easily as one would wipe away after a night of indian food and liquor. However, one thing that is instilled upon the collector is knowledge of the FDCPA. This is set into place for a number of reasons. To prevent harassment, unlawful collection practices, and many more. Record your conversations. The debt collector does, and all it takes is an attorney who specializes in FDCPA violations and one recorded conversation where the collector clearly violates the FDCPA. You will have your debt written off and purged from your credit report not to mention a lofty settlement out of court to prevent a full blown lawsuit against that collector. I know. I was caught violating FDCPA and all I did was badger the debtor on the phone, telling them to pay their bill. $8,000 debt written off, $50,000 out of court settlement to the debtor, and the lead cause to me eventually losing that job. The floor managers at these agencies will push you to violate the law and then when that line is crossed, they will step back with their hands in the air as if they had no idea. Educate yourselves debtors, and if you want the calls to stop, send a C&D letter, certified with acquire a certificate of mailing from the post office as well. If that phone rings one time from that agency once it has been confirmed they have received this mailing. That is a FDCPA lawsuit as well.

  61. BriRen says:

    They called me under many numbers they don’t leave a message and they don’t say anything unless you speak so rude. They will go away in days I’m sure Calling on a Saturday morning is so out of line.

  62. lesleyratcliff says:

    I\’m sick. And tired of these peopleasking mewhen I\’m going to make a payment. Ill do it when I get the money until then back off you creeps .

  63. jeff says:

    Quit calling my number…Don’t have a credit card…Don’t know anybody you are calling about.
    I’ve been courteous so far, I’m sure there is an agency that I can file a report with. This is

  64. MarleneKay says:

    My husband and I both got a call from IC Systems claiming we owe a debt for a past account with AT&T. We have never had service with AT&T and the name they were looking for was similar to my husbands but not exact. They told us that the AT&T account was based out of Hollywood Florida…which we have never been to. We suspect that we are victims of identity theft and that someone from Fl has used my husbands name and SSN to open up a small AT&T accnt. and default on a payment to test the waters. IC System is now aware of the situation and will now be contacted by AT&T to stop the phone calls and to report it so my husband’s credit can be fixed. Although I think the matter is on its way to being solved I still think IC System is sketchy and they just hope that people will just go ahead and pay the debt without questioning it. I think some of you might be victims of identity theft as well, especially if you are being acused of a debt through a company you have never had services from. There are easy ways for criminals to get your name and social…thats all they need to ruin your credit.

  65. F. says:

    Hello, I have been harrassed by this company for an entire month. The representatives are very rude and impatient. They do not care about your issues all they care about is payment and the funny thing is they are hounding me down for only $75 freaking dollars. I wonder if they pay their bills in a timely matter if not may be those employees would be understanding. They are very nasty; when I get the money for this one bill then and only then will they get a payment.

  66. KC says:

    Send them a letter disputing the debt. You do not owe them anything,they are a third party dept collector. They are in violation of the fdcpa, tcpa,and the fcra. Sue them!

  67. kwiltygirl says:

    When I was in another state thee people called nearly every day looking for someone I did not know and the calls did not stop until our very aggressive Atty. Gen’l got involved. Now I’m in Indiana and they are looking for someone who used to have this phone number. I am going to the AG of IN and MN, to the FTC and FCC. No agency seems interested in breaking up these companies ability to harass people. When they call again press *57 on your phone. That will trace the last call you received. Then go to your local law enforcement agency (sheriff or police) and give the all the times and dates they called you. You will get a case number from them and submit that info to the report you filed with AG, FTC, FCC.

  68. kwilty girl says:

    I called I C Systems back – twice. Both times I asked the same question – what is your business address. They kept asking me for my phone number and I kept asking for their address. They seemed very panicky after that and hung up on me both times. A search of their number shows that it originated in Coeur de’ Aline, ID but I believe they are in St Paul, MN (which is probably close by)

  69. Cindy says:

    I sent these people a Cease and Desist letter last year and just in the past 60 days they posted their information on 1 of the credit bureaus. I have contacted the credit bureau & filed a complaint with the FTC but I think I am in for a fight. If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate help. I have excellent credit. My credit score is 790. I tried to get a credit card increase with Citibank & this is how I found out. My e-mail address is ccinles@yahoo if anyone has any ideas or experience. Thanks!

  70. Feli says:

    They keep calling my house phone after I told them I’m not the person they’re looking for. I’m usually at work when they call but when I finally get a day off and feel like sleeping in I’m woken up by these people all the time. I thought it was a prank until I checked my call ID, these people need to stop calling the wrong number.

  71. Gina says:

    To Liz, or whom it may concern. I have no outstanding debt. No unpaid bills. Yet IC Systems calls me constantly at all hours.

    They refuse to tell me why unless I provide them with my personal information. I will not give out my information over the phone. So I asked them to send a letter to the address they say they have for me. They told me they did, but it was returned and that it must have gone to my “old address” in this city. I have had no other address in this city.

    Thank you for this page and the comments on it. Now that I can see with whom I am dealing, I will proceed accordingly.

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