Jefferson Capital Systems

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC sometimes referred to simply as Jefferson Capital Collections is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. They may make harassing and/or abusive calls and send out threatening letters, and in some cases they may have your information by mistake.

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Is Jefferson Capital Systems a Scam?

They are not a scam but it can feel like it when they will not work with you and continue to harass your for debt that you do not owe. They are a legitimate collections agency, but they must follow fair practices, and they do not have the right to harass you.

Stop Harassment from Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC.

The legal team at the Consumer Law Firm of Francis & Mailman can help assist ending harassment and abuse from Jefferson Capital Systems collections, and resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as Jefferson Capital cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Calling at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

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Contact the Consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 to stop harassment from Jefferson or to see what action can be taken against Jefferson Capital Systems if they have violated any of your consumer rights.

Jefferson Capital Systems Contact Information

a.k.a. Embrace Visa
a.k.a. Aspire
a.k.a. Majestic Visa
Address 16 McLeland Drive
City St. Cloud
State  Minnesota
Zip Code 56303
Address P.O. Box 23051
City Columbus
State Georgia
Zip Code 31902-3051
Phone 1 320-229-8517
Phone 2 866-608-5896
Phone 3 866-417-2591
Fax 320-229-8582
Head Debt Collectors:
David M. Burton, Manager

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  1. gina smith says:

    I received a message from equifax that a new account had been opened in my name. I checked my credit report and it listed a debt for $1642.00 which i am unaware of. I have no clue who these people are. When I called their number it was answered by Midline Management another debt collector. What’s up with this?

  2. Pamela Dubis says:

    This is as bad as highway robbery. The debts are old or unreal. The time is past for when anyone would have documentation so they are left at the hands of some other company to deal with. No one calls you priior to reporting it to the credit reporting agency. AND they don’t care.

  3. Chad Keeler says:

    I think this outfit is a scam. Not only are they sending me letters to repay off a debt. They are reporting to a credit places. I have a lawsuit pending against this company

  4. Morgan says:

    I have a weird debt on my credit I have no clue what this is or who this Jefferson company is. They are trying to say i have $370.00 in “mail order houses…” a magazine? I DONT THINK

  5. Rick H says:

    My credit report also shows a charge “mail order houses” for $237. Never had such an account. I called Jefferson, complained… and told them I was reporting them to the BBB.

  6. JOHN DOUGHTY says:


  7. Sjordan says:

    I also received a letter from this company claiming that I owed them 218.00. I have no idea who these people are and I have never heard of them before.

  8. Dale Martin says:

    I also had two things on my credit report from Jefferson Capital. I disputed it and asked for validation. I sent the letter registered/return reciept. Never heard anything so I sent a follow up and ordered a new credit report to find them no where listed. If you have a problem try sending them a validation letter return receipt. Keep really good records and stay on the 30 day time frame with the first and the 15 day follow up. These people will try to scam you with an Emblem card notice…don’t do it.

  9. xavier zavala says:

    In August of 2009 I was made an offer by Ist National collection and recently before I made my 2nd to the last payment to close this account they took it back and as of now I dont know the status of this account do I have one more payment or what acct#4388641805910226 phn#512-567-5831 please contact me in regards to the payment status of this acct. thanks

  10. kreg lee says:

    showing on my credit report account number 269274722 other numbers dont show. had a balance of $966. original creditor imagine mastercard.

  11. bonnie paschke says:

    i just received a letter from a collections for jefferson capital and it says i owe $454.07. I have never heard of jefferson capital and i dont own a credit card. This is the first letter i ever recieve saying i owe them. They better find someone else to scam because its not going to be me

  12. Cris Mackey says:

    Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC sent me a letter saying I owe $215 for a phone service that I NEVER HAD! I’ve never had a phone service in my name ether!!! Do not trust this company.

  13. Spence says:

    Jefferson Captiol on my credit reports, after waiting on hold 20 minutes, was told they don’t have the account and to call 1st National. Called 1st National and they say its with NCO Portfolio.. on hold with them now, but the way did I mention I NEVER HAD AN IMAGINE MasterCard!!! Frustrating!

  14. Paid In full ???? says:

    Paid my bill in full in January Jefferson Capital admits that someone made an error on their end and the payment was never registered. They never contacted me to remedy to situation, continued to report negative on my credit. Just got off the phone with them now total BS no help at all . Screw this company run for the hills keep your records they are going to ruin you.

  15. charles e clarke says:

    some one stole my identy and then got credit card was in the military and was made aware of my stuff being stolen but not the credit card the amount is 5496.53

  16. Tikeesha says:

    I settled with this company in April 2009 for $175.00 and they are still on my credit report as owing them. I spoke with Lind on 3 occasions and she said that she would send me a letter out and update my credit report. When I called them recently I was advised they sold my account to another collection company.

  17. Randi says:

    I paid a debt off through a settlement last year and just got a call from some other company for the balance

  18. JENNIFER says:

    just ran my credit & this company is saying i borrowed $11,763 when i borrowed around $400!!!

  19. CHERYL says:


  20. gregory curler says:

    For the past year I have been trying to find out why you have a claim against me on my credit report with Sprint. When I contacted Sprint, they said I DON’T OWE them a dime. There is no record of me with them in 2008. So lets get this fixed.Please contact me. Thank you.

  21. Nikki says:

    OMG, Me Too Cheryl #19. I just got a letter on 3/11/2011 from First National Collection Bureau from Creditor: Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC saying I owe $112.96 for Sprint Services. I haven’t had a Sprint phone in 6 years. This is the first I’ve been contacted. Come to find out it’s also on my credit report. How do i get this taken care of??

  22. jefuller says:

    I just got a letter from 1st national collection bureau, inc. on march 7,2011. with creditor as jefferson capital systems,llc for an at&t bill for $100.75. When i called 1st national, she could not give me any info on the bill, as I am a current customer with at&t, and pay my bills, I was confused. I was also confused if they have all this info, then how come they cant tell me what it is for. I called at&t and they said I had no outstanding bills and that they did not send me to collections. I called 1st national back and the lady was very rude, when I would speak she would hold down a button so she could not hear me, her name is linda ext #3187. She told me that at&t did not directly send me to collections, that they would have no record of sending me to collections, and that they sold my bill to jefferson capital. She said it is probably from 11 yrs ago and it could have only been a couple of dollars, but over the years interest and fees brought it up to $100.75. I asked for info on jefferson capital and she could not give me any, I wanted to know what was the original bill and she could not tell. I tried calling back and they would not let me speak with here. SCAM SCAM SCAM! Scary that they have all my information.

  23. Lynne says:

    I received a bill from First national Collection Bureau out of Sparks, Nevada, concerning a bill for $111.75 from AT&T. I do NO business with AT&T. I called and they wanted my ss#. I am sending this letter to Lisa Madigan our Attorney General to file a complaint.

  24. Dottie says:

    We just found out that this company Jefferson Capital was taking money out of our acct for the last 3 months and I don’t even know who or what they are and why they were allowed to take my money!

  25. Cindy says:

    I just received a letter from “First National Collection Bureau, Inc.” and they said I owe “Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC” $194.67 because they bought the bill from AT&T. This bill was back from 2005. I am so confused. I paid all of my bills and they spoke to me like I was retarded. I called AT&T and they said I did not owe anything.



  27. Donna says:

    they sent me a bill telling me I owe someone money, I found out that after a company says you are a “right off”. They sell information to places like Jefferson credit and they come after and hound you, threaten you and. your name and info remains in the duragatory column of your credit report they are scamming you

  28. Jamin Howard says:

    Jefferson Capital is a fraud. I can’t even get in contact with these people. Wouldn’t you think if somebody owed you that much money they will have every contact number in the world for them to be reached? They say its for some credit card I never heard of. They are making my credit look bad. The bad part about it: it just got on my credit as of May 5, 2011.

  29. Deron Kosloski says:

    Just got a letter today, from a Attorney’s office (Morgan & Pottinger, P.S.C., out of Kentucky, stating that Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, is suing me for $945.30 and Court Costs of $149.00, no Attorney’s fees and no Intrest. Looked very fishy, the payment web address is a broken link, the Cause # listed is not valid. The phone number does not match the Attorney’s website, no one signed the paper, and I never heard of these people until this letter came, hum, scam! Has anyone filed a class Action suit against these people?

  30. karen jones says:

    i recieved notice from them that if i payed on the my debt at discount i would get my debt cleared and recieve another credit card. i sent them first installment and now can’t find their website or anything. is there anything i can do to get out of this, i didn’t understand that it could start my debt over thats the last thing i need. please help

  31. Kathryn Hutchison says:

    We need to know what item and what address this account was sent to. We don’t think it is our account. We have found several things in our credit report that is not ours.
    We called you but you wanted our address to send up a bill.
    We need this straight out to
    clear our credit report

  32. louism says:

    just got off phone with these people. transferred me twice after waitin 35 minutes. result, call back tommorrow.

  33. Edris Cooper says:

    Just got off the phone with Jefferson Capital. They are scammers. Tried to collect debt two different ways by transferring the debt to another. The debt was for a credit card for which I paid annual fee and other fees only to have them cancel the card after a month and bill me for the fees and a few purchases I had med before they killed the card and supposedly went out of business! Made a settlement with other company, Visions Financial) for half of the debt (which represented the purchases minus the fees!) and 6 months later it is back on my credit report. I called them and faxed them the settlement and they still refuse to remove it from the report which was part of the deal I made with Visions. Now they are saying Visions was unauthorized to make that deal but they were authorized to TAKE THE MONEY!!! SHARKS!!!!!! Better to not do a deal with these guys!!! And watch for their many “representative companies’.

  34. Cody says:

    I just checked my credit report and I had an account that was “recently opened” from Jefferson Capitol LLC, saying I owed them $704.00. It literally dropped my score by 58 points. Does anyone know what I can do???

  35. Will says:

    I just received an alert from my credit monitoring company reporting an account that was “recently opened” from Jefferson Capitol LLC, saying I owed them $404.00… It literally dropped my score by 85 points.

    Warning to all, they are a Zombie debt collector… They specialize in old outdated account information in which the account had been written off and/or discharged by the original creditor.

  36. Carl says:

    I am so glad I researched this Jefferson Capital Systems..I actually was looking to make an online payment for something they said I owed, something that was paid in May of 2011, they told me the checked was returned and I still owed it…and like the rest of you, they have reported it to the credit agencies and it appears negative on my report…why and how does this happen, and how do they get away with it ?

  37. Brandon Harman says:

    Will not stop calling being harressed by them and told them I was reporting them and the stupid idiots keep calling. No debt was used. Maybe ex-wife did it in my name.

  38. leo ortiz says:

    So I have this mobile credit app and this company pops up with a bill of 665 and it has already dropped my score and from what you guys are saying how do I get this off my credit asap

  39. Cathy Glodzik says:

    I have had bad credit already because of a bankruptcy and now I get a look at my Equifax report – never heard of Jefferson Capital, LLC! Much less I am listed as owing them almost $1000! How can they do this? I take full responsibility for my not-so-great credit. But for this company to make my situation even worse is another nightmare. What in the world can I do?

  40. Glady C. Valenzuela says:

    I my credit report dropped to 76 points and I don’t know what is this collection i got from Jefferson Capital System and I am trying to contact them but no one answered. I need to talk to someone and dispute this cause i dont know what the Heck it is.

  41. David says:

    I had a credit card with Capital One that got charged off and Jefferson Capital bought the account from them.Jefferson Capital sent me a offer that said if i paid 12 payments they would knock so much off the total and transfer the rest to a credit card called Emblem.I have had this credit card from Emblem for a year now and Jefferson Capital did everything they said they would.Havent had any problems other than they didnt update my credit report,but the Credit Bureau has removed the listing after i disputed it.

  42. Jen says:

    You can dispute the account on your credit report to the credit reporting agency. I think if you go online, you can get info or just call Equifax and the others to find out what to do. I had to do this with another company and I WON!!! It was removed from my credit and my previous rating was restored. If the reporting agencies can’t verify the debt with Jefferson Capital, they have no choice but to take it off your credit report.

  43. terry says:

    I just received a negative score from these people over $83. I don’t owe anybody $83!!!!

  44. Greg S. says:

    Really… I don’t condone debt collectors tactics, but apparently you all on here owed money on a prior debt whether it was 1,3,5,7,10 or what ever years ago and you all forgot about it and it’s just now catching up with you because it was lingering on file with some other debt collector. So they pulled your file and called another debt collecting company and asked if they wanted to buy it. These smaller companies (Jefferson Capital) will take it cause they need the business! So they buy it from the previous DC for super cheap and then report it back to the Credit Bureau. If it’s fraud and someone stole your identity the best thing for you to do is dispute it with the credit bureau’s, if they are in your favor and remove it they will send you a letter of it’s removal. Once you have that letter go ahead and write a letter to Jefferson Capital stating that your debt was disputed with the credit agency’s due to fraud .. supply them with the copy from the credit bureau’s and I’m sure that will clear thing’s up.

  45. Justin says:

    Called and Told them I wanted it deleted from my credit since in the 5 years I owed them for a banks fault I never received a bill or a single phone call I paid it though.I asked them to delete it they said we don’t do that I asked why they said cause we just don’t I said I would understand If I knew about the account or received a notice about it but I did not and he the supervisor told me you cant prove that you received no notice what a douche are government needs to shut this place down.

  46. Byron P. says:

    I received a call from a company that said they are representing Barclays Bank and I owe $1,198.64 and they will do a 30 day settlement of $599.32. Why did they wait about 4 years to tell me this and they would not release no itemization now I get a letter from Jefferson Capitol saying I owe this amount. What is this?

  47. william s. says:

    Jefferson Capital says i owe sprint $355, i contacted sprint, and they pulled info with my SS#, and full name, they said i owe them nothing. i also currently have service with sprint, and they said if i owed them money, i couldnt have service with them.

  48. Joseph says:

    I don’t know how long my Imagine Mastercard has been with this company, but I haven’t received any letter, calls, Etc…

  49. Tammy K. says:

    Be aware they are reporting 120 day lates which they cannot do. They will also pull dofd out of thin air and change it. They have done both of these to me which is a clear violation of the FCRA. I am suing.

  50. Tammy says:

    They sent me a bill for something that I paid off over 10 years ago. The government def needs to look into this company for scams!!

  51. AJ. says:

    This agency is re-dating old debt and intentionally causing damage to my credit score. I have spoken to an attorney and if they do not remove it I will sue them.

  52. irene says:

    Has anyone tried to report them to the better business bureau? I just found out they reported on my credit report. I don’t even have their number.

  53. S. Pope says:

    This company keeps calling me about alleged debts I owe. I owe no one any debts. When push came to shove, the last time I had dealings with them, I proved to them I was not the person they wanted. They promised not to call me again, but they still keep calling and harrassing me. Reading similar complaints by others,why has nothing been done to stop these people? Identity theft is one thing, but preying on people who owe debts is just reprehensible.

  54. james w davis says:

    Gemini Capitol bought an credit card account from Citi Bank and they added about 100 dollars to the ammount and it was charged off and they sued me in Magistrate Court and I think their tatics and misrepresetation has been unfair as well as the ammount that i hve disputed this was my wife card but i awas on the account

  55. linda ld avis says:

    I am being sue by Gemini Capitol which bought an account from Citi Corp and the interest was preditory and they added a thousand to the balance pluscourt cost this credit account was charged off and Gemini Credit has engaged in som e unfair tatics and they use a lawyers ofice as thir cover letter and they intimidate the customers with phone calls letters and they have not handle this properly and I dispute the charges

  56. Douglas says:

    I just found out they reported on my credit report from a dept that taken care of years ago..This agency is re-dating old debt and intentionally causing damage to my credit score

  57. Douglas says:

    JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEMS LLC has been harassing me about this for years. In 2008 this was supposed to be removed from my credit reports.. If I need to hire a lawyer to have this taken care of please let me know and who I could hire.

  58. ms thomas says:

    This Jefferson Capital System appeared on my credit report in 2008 and I sent letters to the company to tell the I never opened anything with them & I don’t understand why this is on my report. I even talked with resprentatives on the phone and they said it would be taken care of. And to this day its on my credit report I owe them 1,000 dollars. I never had any account with them. Plain craziness.

  59. william huffman says:

    they got me to set up payments on an old credit caed debt that they had purchased and now they have the money they refuse to report the debt as paid.When you call and they ask for a acct # or your ssn and then a recording comes back and says your account has been forwaeded to another collection agency..stay away from jefferson

  60. You perhaps have just now seen your credit score and reflected on how you could upturn it. Understanding what is used in the appraisal of your credit score is the early step. While the exact blueprint used in the estimation of the score is remedy, there are some known aspects.

  61. Mack says:

    I was served papers for a debt of almost $7,000 plus almost $2,000 in legal fees today from Jefferson Capital Systems. They have been calling from NYC for over a year and pretending to be people I know. They mail something out almost every day and call three or four times a day. I can’t answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number. They use disposable phones with various area codes, including my own local one here in the South. I can tell they are in a boiler room when I answer the phone. At one point, a woman indicated that we were old friends, and she was thrilled to finally find me after all these years, then launched into her collections process. They call after 9 pm whenever they take a notion. No idea where to go from here. It’s getting really scary. There is no chain of assignment or account number on the papers. How am I supposed to respond to that? Wow.

  62. Sue says:

    I just received an “offer” in the mail from Jefferson Capital Systems LLC, offering their “Fresh Start Program”, which would allow me to pay of an old, charged-off account at a discounted rate. They are attempting to get me to pay on an account that was discharged in a bankruptcy over 3 years ago. On top of that, they are not only trying to collect on an uncollectible debt, their letter claims they will offer me a new unsecured credit card if I pay the old debt off. What the heck?!?! These people are bottom-feeders that are trying to collect on an uncollectible debt and then try to hook you into a new, high-interest credit card with THEIR copany on top of it. What a shady tactic. I will be reporting their illegal collection activity.

  63. Diane says:

    I already paid these people off a few years ago and now they are telling me I have to pay it again.

  64. Judgment-Proof says:

    Was served papers on a debt to Jefferson Capital I defaulted on several years ago after I lost my job during the recession. Bring it on. I have no attachable income or assets they can seize, so they are wasting their time. Good luck to them.

  65. FWeigand says:

    I hereby announce my Intent to Sue in Federal Court this fraudulent imposter company, which launches fake and bogus debts on innocent persons and companies, thereby damaging credit ratings of their victims, and causing legal fees for resolution. One relief is class action lawsuit against Jefferson Capital Systems, and all of their officers and individual employees who are violating federal privacy laws by causing fake and fraudulent debt reports on the three credit bureaus. The style of the federal class action lawsuit is U.S. citizens vs. Jefferson Capital Systems, 16 McLeland Rd., St. Cloud, MN 56303, tel 888 718 0048, for illegal use of confidencial US database data, including but not limited to U.S. Social Security Numbers of their fraudulent collections victims. Next is a complaint to the U.S. Attorney General.

  66. Helpful information. Fortunate for me, I discovered your website accidentally, and I am stunned why this accident did not came about earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  67. Shocked SC says:

    WOW!… Trying to get confirmation on a debt that they reported. Sent them info and it has been more that 30 days without a reply. After speaking with the first rep, they always drop me on the transfer. They may be legitimate, but they are scammers and bottom feeders. FTC should shut down this operation.

  68. Jennifer hepburn says:

    Paid off debt but credit bureaus have not updated information. Need these removed from credit reports

  69. robert peele says:

    i keep getting a statement from these clowns for over 1400.00 for verizon wireless but i have never had and account with verizon so how do i owe them.they want to settle for a little over 400.00 but im not paying for something i dont owe.

  70. Mary Schuyler says:

    This company is taking me to court for an old bill that’s 7 years oil..!!!

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