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Kroll Factual Data provides many services which includes: credit and identity investigations and employment and mortgage screenings for multiple companies. Businesses use credit history as a way to determine if the consumer is a risk.

Kroll Factual Data credit reports and background checks can be used across many different areas- banks loaning money, mortgage companies, businesses hiring employees, volunteer agencies seeking volunteers, car dealerships selling vehicles, housing companies looking into potential renters, and much more.

Kroll Factual Data – False Reports

Your credit reports and background checks tell a lot about you to those investigating. This is why you must be 100% sure that the information listed is accurate.

If Kroll Factual Data reports errors on your credit report or background checks, saying you committed some crime you did not or says that you are in default of a loan when that loan was paid off in full, this can affect on you and your reputation. You could lose jobs, and be denied financing that you need.

Dispute Mistakes on Kroll Factual Data Employment Reports

If information on your credit report or background check has been used in a negative way against you, such as employment or loan denial, make sure that you are given a copy of this information. You are entitled to a copy of any report that an agency uses against you. Make sure that you dispute any errors right away.

If you find any errors on your background check or credit reports, you may be able to sue for damages.

If you have tried to dispute these errors and need help, the consumer protection lawyers at Francis & Mailman, are here for you.

Hire Francis & Mailman

If you are having a hard time getting errors fixed or are unable to get credit or employment due to errors on any of your reports, contact Francis & Mailman right away. They know how to handle these large credit and background reporting agencies and can get you any damages you may be due. For a free case review fill out the form, or call at 1-877-735-8600

Contact Kroll Factual Data

Address 5200 Hahns Peak Drive
City Loveland
State Colorado
Zip Code 80538
Phone 1 800-929-3400
Fax 800-929-3297

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  1. frank veglia says:

    kroll says I have a tax lien on my property,the town says I owe $0.00 dollars,the record of deeds says they don’t see a lien,I’m trying to refiance my home everything is ready to go but they want the tax lien removed,my credit score is very good and the other agencies never found any liens.

  2. mathew says:

    I got a letter from Kroll Factual Data Incorp, stating I need to give this lettter to my lender Bank. The letter I stated I owe more than $30k to other company from 2000 till 2009. I have no idea who this company is and how they get my info; however, I called all three credit bureaus and find out that there no balance on my Account from any of the vendor listed on Kroll Factual Data Incorp report. I have no idea which companies are they talking about that I have outstanding balance I have never even heard of such companies. This is why most people don t get their loan from lenders because of such companies.

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you for your efforts to hold Kroll, credit bureaus and irresponsible private collection firms to the actual law – and working to strength far too weak consumer protection laws. It appears that an overbilling – from a terrible telecommunications that wrongly charged us for services never provided and documented in numerous letters – lingered on to cause problems. Eventually, we just paid the bill that never should have existed just to get it off the books. In a better society, however, Time Warner Company would have been forced to give us a refund since their own records establish they didn’t provide services to the entire neighborhood for days that they charged customers for. It’s pathetic – but Time Warner writes big campaign checks and we are small individuals. In our increasingly Kafka-like world, the little people often get run over by corrupt corporations. Perhaps the new Federal Consumer Protection Bureau will take some long overdue actions to hold irresponsible credit bureau companies more accountable. Perhaps.

  4. My credit score was 644 in August and I got approved for a mortgage loan. In November, they checked my score and it was dropped 40 points. Now I’m not qualified and can’t get the house. How can your score drop 40 points in 2 months? My house was already to close. Help me fix this so I can get my house.

  5. Judy Carrier says:

    My husband and I applied for a loan to refinance our home. The was approved when Kroll came back with a report saying that we had two judgements on my husband’s credit. In checking we found that the judgements were not ours and they were removed from all three credit reporting agencies. We went back into the process of finishing the loan and Kroll turns in a report that our credit score had dropped to 557. After checking with all three credit reporting agencies we both have a score 653 – 671. We were told by our lender that our score had to be at least 620. The lending institution won’t budge because of Kroll’s report. How do I get Kroll to report the correct score and information? How do I go about filing a complaint against Kroll?

  6. David M Smith says:

    Having a common name Kroll didn’t bother to go an extra step to verify anything before giving a huge and FALSE criminal history of a man with the same name, same YEAR of birth, living his life of crime in a town 200 miles from where I’ve lived since 1984. I’d had State and County law enforcement security clearances for almost 20 years. After being turned away for purchase of a home in an adult community, called Kroll a couple of times to get it straight,faxed over proof of my identification to Kroll. They never called the community to straighten it out. Never heard a word until my attorney contacted their attorney, my attorney set a meeting with them in Tampa, on the very day they filed for bankruptcy.

  7. harmony says:

    file a complaint with Consumer Finance Protection Bureau CFPB

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