Lawal and Associates

Address  8700 Commerce Park Drive, Ste 202
City Houston
State Texas
Zip Code 77036
Phone 713-773-0600

Lawal and Associates can be annoying and aggravating, calling you before 8am and after 9pm, screaming, demanding you to pay the debts that you are unaware of.

If you are overwhelmed, lost and confused, call Francis & Mailman for help. It is time to stop collection and harassment with legal action.


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  1. Miranda Marano says:

    RCS has been receiving payments from me for about 6 months now and continues to call my work and leave harrassing messages with my co-workers for me.

  2. Joyce Bickham says:

    Smith Rouchon and Accociation keeps calling my house asking to speak to some one and its really getting on my their any way i can stop this Harassment or can i sue them?

  3. val johnson says:

    this company has broken several laws as well threatening me with prosecution and would not allow me to make a payment arrangement I can afford, often told me what I needed to pay. It was like pulling teeth to obtain a contact address. kept calling and harassing me. Advised me I needed to give up a checking account # or credit card #. Since the company they represent charged my account the wrong amount and caused my checking acct to close, I refused and used a prepaid debit card instead. much to my dismay, although I received confirmation of my payment, they refused to give me anything in writing until the debt was satisfied in full.

  4. J.S. says:

    David Dufek has to be one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever encountered. I was considering BK but decided to contact him about a possible settlement instead. Over the course of several phone calls, he presented what sounded like his client’s final offer. I asked him to shoot me an email stating that he presented my final offer to them and then to write what their counter offer was. He got VERY upset that I wanted this in writing and hung up on me! It seemed so shady to me that I contacted the client directly. They were of no help and, despite my request not to contact Mr. Dufek, they did. He got pissy that I contacted them and rescinded their previous offer. The amount I was willing to pay was quite significant given my financial situation but he thought I was bluffing about filing for BK and he’ll soon learn I wasn’t. He blew the opportunity to collect a sizable payment, instead preferring to send me smarmy emails instead. He actually makes me feel better about filing for BK just for the fact that he’ll realize how much he screwed up by being a baby.

  5. Rich says:

    These people are deceptive scammers. Do not waste your time talking with them.

  6. Ashley P says:

    I am writing to express the experience I have had with First Revenue Assurance. I first dealt with them a few years ago(2006 I believe) to resolve an outstanding cell phone bill. They were very uncooperative, and told me that the only way I could resolve it was to provide my banking info so they could draft it out of my account, and it would be removed from my report after 90 days. I refused to do this since banking info is so sensitive, I told them I would pay using a money order. They refused to accept it on the grounds that too much time had passed on the debt. I would like to resolve this but I don’t think they are too helpful. What should I do at this point?

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