LexisNexis Consumer Access Program

Address P.O. Box 933
City Dayton
State Ohio
Zip Code 45401
Phone 1 800-831-2578
Website lexisnexis

Lexis Nexis Consumer Access Program is a way for consumer to pull all information that can be obtained by the Lexis Nexis database.

Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to see what exactly potential employers, renters, lenders and more will see when they are assessing their risk by dealing with you.

Information included within the Lexis Nexis reports is both public and non-public. This can be real estate title records, motor vehicle registrations, death records, liens, addresses, social security number, aliases, birth dates and much more.

You can obtain a copy of this information by contacting Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions FL Inc. You will need to provide specific information about yourself as well as proof of identification. You will receive a copy of your report within 30-60 days.

Making Sure Reports Are Accurate

The cost of having inaccurate information on personal reports, credit reports, screenings and background checks can be devastating.

Errors can cost you a job, a loan, a housing unit and much more. It is important that you monitor your records as often as possible and have any issues resolved as soon as possible.

Get Legal Help If Unable to Remove Errors

Getting errors removed from reports takes a lot of work. You need to reach out to every offending credit reporting agency and credit bureau. You need to write a letter to each outlining the exact error and showing proof of why that is in fact a mistake. This process can be overwhelming, but must be done.

On top of all this work, many times no action is ever taken to clean up your reports- despite multiple attempts on your end. If this happened to you, please contact Francis and Mailman for a free consultation.

We will take a look at your case and not only get your issues resolved, but also determine if there is legal action that can be taken against the credit reporting agencies.

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