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Address P.O. Box 933
City Dayton
State Ohio
Zip Code 45401-0933
Phone 1 937-865-6800
Website hhttp://www.lexisnexis.com/contact/

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Lexis Nexis offers many solutions for industries trying to manage risk.  Lexis allows companies to check identities, run investigations on companies and individuals, determine fraud, and even handle collections.  A new tool they offer law enforcement is social media investigations.

Many companies utilize Lexis Nexis Group to gather information about individuals to determine risk on many factors- employment, purchase, renting, loans, credit and much more.

How to Dispute My Lexis Nexis Report

Many consumers are saying that contacting Lexis Nexis has resulted in actionable results.  That addressing any issues and supplying proof that the information is incorrect caused Lexis Nexis to remove errors.  But we have also found that some consumers got zero results.  That after multiple attempts, the error on their credit report still remains.

What Can You Do?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to view your credit report and credit score at least once annually (in fact some states allow you to view this more than once).  Monitoring your credit information is helpful in discovering mistakes that can affect many important aspects of your life- big purchases, loans, credit and much more.

Get the Help You Deserve

Sometimes getting the inconsistencies, mistakes and errors off of your credit report can be close to impossible.  You can try calling, emailing and sending letters, but in the end, the credit reporting agency never cleans up your report.  This can obviously be extremely frustrating and stressful.

Contact Francis and Mailman is the best path in getting your issue resolved.  We know who to contact and we know the best methods.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


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