LVNV Funding Collection Agency

What is LVNV Funding LLC?

LVNV Funding LLC, also plainly known as LVNV Funding, is a debt collection agency that is hired by many different creditors and large retail companies to gain back money owed. You may receive a call from LVNV Funding because you failed to pay off debt to a business after many attempts by them. If you do not owe money and LVNV Funding LLC is still calling you, you may be listed mistakenly or you may be a victim of identity theft.

Stop Debt Collection Harassment from LVNV Funding LLC

LVNV Funding is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. Although this company is legit and works hard to make sure all their practices are legal and ethical, they may make harassing and/or abusive calls and send out threatening letters, and in some cases they may have your information by mistake. There are hundreds of debt collection companies similar to LVNV Funding LLC across the United States. Each of these companies are working hard to gain back as much money owed as possible.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as LVNV Funding LLC cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

If you feel like you are being harassed, scammed, or threatened by LVNV Funding LLC or any other debt collection company, it is time for you to get legal help now. The legal team at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. can help you end this harassment and abuse from LVNV Funding, as well as resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.

How to File an LVNV Funding Lawsuit

Contact the consumer protection law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. today at 1-877-735-8600 to stop harassment from LVNV Funding or to see what action can be taken against LVNV if they have violated any of your consumer rights. We also offer a free case review; get yours today.

Lawsuits Against LVNV Funding LLC

Glomson v. LVNV Funding, Inc.
2006 WL 1307708 (E.D. Mich. May 11, 2006). The Michigan collection law claims were dismissed from the FDCPA action as the court did not exercise jurisdiction to avoid jury confusion.

Contact Information for LVNV Funding LLC – Mailing Address, Phone Number, Website

Address 200 Meeting Street, Ste #206
City Charleston
State South Carolina
Zip Code 29401-3187
Address 15 South Main Street, #600
City Greenville
State South Carolina
Zip Code 29601
Phone 1 888-665-0374
Phone 2 864-678-8421
Phone 3 877-264-5884
Fax 1 888-546-7697
Fax 2 864-370-4998
Website 1

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