M. Leonard & Associates

Address 14520 Erwin Street
City Van Nuys
State  California
Zip Code 91411
Phone 1 818-908-8500
Phone 2 800-346-6200
Website www.mleonardandassociates.com

Have You Been Harassed by M. Leonard & Associates?

M. Leonard & Associates can be difficult to manage. Unluckily, they use awful tactics to collect the debts that you possibly owe.

You should know that even you do have some debts, M. Leonard & Associates still must treat you with respect. But they seldom do.


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If Francis & Mailman represents you, abusive M. Leonard & Associates will no longer call you in odd times.

If you are sure that you do not owe debts, Francis & Mailman will check and fix your credit report errors. Often, you can have false debts because of wrong information on your credit record.

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  1. mystic girl7 says:

    I actually filed a complaint against them with the department of consumer affairs. I was incorrectly sent to collections (without a notice of past due) and the Doctor’s office told me to only communicate with this collection agency. And the collections person Christina was rude. She wouldn’t listen and to top it off she wouldn’t talk to me either to resolve the issue. I will most likely have to take both the doctor and this company to small claims court. How this place operates as a business is beyond me.
    Apparently these guys are known for being unprofessional and break several debt collecting laws. They were charging me ridiculous interest, yet had no paperwork to back up that they previously tried to collect. This company appears to have unethical business practices….I’ve been trying to resolve an unsubstantiated claim from a previous doctor for months now.

    This “Manager” kept making harassing phone calls to me.
    They had no proof of sending me any notices and sent the invoice and claims direct to credit bureaus. I went to their office and confronted them regarding this issue. They had a typed letter from the doctor, which they fabricated. I wrote it to all credit bureaus to stop working with this office as long as they fabricate documents and abuse customers. This practice should be closed.

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