Mendenhall & Associates, Inc.

Address 5726 Old Cheney Hwy
City Orlando
State  Florida
Zip Code 32807
Phone 1 605-277-9065
Phone 2 603-290-5571
Phone 3 443-219-0513
Phone 4 800-697-7618


Do You Feel Harassed by Mendenhall & Associates, Inc?

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  1. John says:

    This company called and left a message I had a warrant for my arrest if I did not call them back… LOL, for what? They are going to have a warrant if they keep this crap up!

  2. Chanda Torske says:

    This company said I would be served court papers the following day if I did not agree to one of 2 options for paying off a debt. I can’t afford either option! But they scared me and now my checking account will be debited for an amount I cannot afford. The amount of the debt is also twice as much as it should be. Any advice???? This all happens on the 30th of January, 2012.

  3. Jared Ellis says:

    These people are scum. They are obviously small town trash and are trying to sound like big time Lawyers. They are trowing weight around like it matters. Ignore these idiots. It is fun to know each time they call, I get one step closer to building a case against them.

  4. Dawna says:

    These people called my Aunt and left a message for me. They reached her through her new number I don’t even have. I don’t even know what this is about, but their actions are illegal. DO NOT give them any information, or any money. Keep a log of their harassment, such as dates and times of their calls, what was said, etc. These scum need to be stopped.

  5. Maria Littleton says:

    This company stole money out of my account. Now none of the phone numbers are working.

  6. tk says:

    This company lie about almost everything. Their advise is just to scare you but it really does not work. If they call you to collect debt, your best way is contact your back first, then file report on and then report to police if you have no idea about where is that debt come from. I’m going to fight this crap til the end of it and I’m going to win

  7. BFoster says:

    These people contacted a friend of mine, not me, claiming that I was going to get served in a couple of days if I didnt call them back. I called them back and they wanted my personal information before they would even talk to me, I refused and she said that she was not to argue with me, that it was the only way to know who I was. I told her she called me she should know who I was.

  8. RMcgill says:

    They are now : Vanderbilt & Associates. PS- I can’t believe any of you were actually bullied into sending money. come on!

  9. says:

    someone called my dad and scared the living daylights out of him.He’s 88 and called me shaking because these scumballs told him they were looking for him for 10 days and the next day they would come to his home to serve him with papers.Thank god he has me, or he would have had a stoke. There are 12 people with his name in this county, and they were bounty hunters. I called the number and a very nice lady cleared up everything, even apologized, and his name was removed.This company should be more careful who they sub-contract for these calls: the callers are ruthless, lazy and stupid.They don’t bother to check anything other than names.Usually people on the run DON’T PUBLISH THEIR NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS, IDIOTS!!!!

  10. ts says:

    Company called my father, my sister and told them to have me call them back. they had my debit card information. this is a bill i had with HSBC bank for a Master card i had…but anyway they had my debit information and knowing that information, i cancelled the prepaid debit card so good luck trying to get anything…Did further looking into the credentials of this company and found out they are a credit service for financial planning and they buy the lists from companies who have past due accounts…they harrass people just to take then for a ride…Well not me….hahah ===

  11. mel says:

    They couldn’t get me so they called my neighbor! Basically BS.

  12. Already Paid says:

    They called my EX-husband (I don’t have his number). My sister told them, well this girl named Jacqueline, that if they bother me again, she’s going to sue them!!! Harassing me for a bill I paid two years ago, I don’t think so!!!

  13. VERY UPSETTING says:

    I got a phone call telling me I was listed as an emergency number for my daughter. I was told that it was a legal matter and I would be served papers on Friday. Would not explain what the emergency was! Bad policy and tactics.

  14. Cranks says:

    This company called and left a message with a case # and I needed to return their call. It was a cranked call. Don\’t listen to them. BTW: If you think your phone number is blocked by your local phone company: Think again.

  15. jay says:

    this place is in the middle of nowhere do not listen to them they can not serve any papers. and when you call they immediatly ask for your social this is total b.s harrasing. they’ve called multiple times even though i’ve said i don’t know the person they are looking for.

  16. AJ says:

    DO NOT give them the last 4, any part of your information, your actual phone number, anything. If there are papers going to be served to you, let them be served. I have an unlisted number, and they called MY number looking for a family member. They are phishing for info, and more than likely any debt they claim you have that is with them, you can still call the company that they are trying to collect from to work with them instead of a scammers. Don’t be scared or bullied by scam artists. Do some leg work to make sure you aren’t ripped off!

  17. mp says:

    Called me at work – I had only been there a couple of days and left the message with the operator on the matter – totally illegal. And of course they won’t talk to me without me giving info on my social. Will not do and they can not tell me what my address or my social is for legal matters. I always tell them if they have the info then serve away……still waiting.

  18. Tracy says:

    I wish I had read this site, before. I did provide them with my last 4 and almost paid until I came across this site. SO after I end hear I am sending them a letter to stop contacting me. My debt is over 7 years old and the Statue of Limitation in Michiganis 6 years no matter what.
    They are rude and condescending but thats okay. After my letter keep it up and I’ll sue for 1k. That is the law

  19. Lori says:

    Do not try to locate these people…out of business with no license in state of FL. Called Attorney General Office and was given a number in GA — which of course *doesn’t receive* incoming calls. Got my money in 2011 trying to get letter that case of settlement. I never was served papers (live CA) got a call from relative in NY, in 2011 — saying if not in court in NY in 20mins I’d have a warrant. Some of the comments I have read about this company, have some of the same-thoughts-and truly unethical in a business standard, even if a collection agency.Continuing on my search to locate…SCAMMER — name change? Moved? All I have to say is — like REALLY!

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