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Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Harassment

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau is a collections agency. They are hired by creditors in order to collect debts from consumers. If you have been contacted by Mercantile Adjustment Bureau about a debt, make sure you keep records of all calls and documentation that goes between you and them. There are laws that all collection agencies must follow under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA.

Many collection agencies violate these laws and many consumers just put up with it. It is important to know the law under the FDCPA. It was put in place to help protect consumers like you from harassment, intimidation, and misleading collections practices. You do not have to sit back and put up with abusive and threatening phone calls, calls to your employers, calls to friends and family, or calls before 8am or after 9pm.

If Mercantile Adjustment Bureau has violated any of your rights, you have the right under the FDCPA to sue them for damages.

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Cases Against Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Washington v. Mercantile Adjustment Bureau
1994 WL 263452 (W.D.N.Y. May 25, 1994). Whether collector’s statements of a balance being due and payable immediately overshadowed the validation statement included in a separate part of the letter or constituted a deceptive statement was a question for the jury and the consumer’s motion for judgment was denied.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Contact Information

Address 165 Lawrence Bell Dr
City Williamsville
State  New York
Zip Code 14221
Phone  716-929-8200

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  1. Tim says:

    I have been making payments to Mercantile Adjustment Bureau and they claim to be working on behalf of M & T Bank. Recently they told me that M & T is willing to settle for a less amount. They have never given me a statement that included a balance, every figure given has been verbal nothing in writing. I called the bank and they told me the account was charged off. Should I be paying this company?

  2. misty says:

    I recently started to receive numerous phone calls from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. They were antagonistic in nature referring to a credit card debt from February 2007. One, I don’t recall having a credit card and two, I have never receive any written documentation from them regarding said debt. When I told the lady that she said she would be glad to accept only half of the debt but I must do it by Monday. I informed her that what she wanted was an entire 2 wk paycheck for me, that I am a single mom on very very fixed income and i would be willing to make payments. She said she couldn’t accept that, that it must be paid in full. Is this a legitimate practice and shouldn’t they be required to send me written proof of the said debt?

  3. kerrie king says:

    I had contacted Mercantile Adjustment Bureau to settle a debt. I authorized a payment for 10/10/09 and gave my debit card number which I never should have done. Instead of withdrawing the funds on 10/10 ad agreed, mercantile put a hold on my account for the payment liquidating most of my paycheck for that week. October 10th, was two weeks away. My bank would not drop the hold until they received a written fax from Mercantile. When I attempted to contact them, I got a recording requesting me to leave my phone number and reference number and message. They are supposed to call back. I am still waiting.

  4. nicole says:

    In the past couple days I have recieved phone calls from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. We have caller ID but no voicemail. Since they have called so much my husband answered. It was a recorded message saying I have “Ran out of time to make a payment” yadda yadda yadda. To call back to settle this important matter. Since this recorded message did not give a call back # I decided to call the # that came up on the caller ID. After about 7 rings (almost hung up) a female answered the phone (sounded like she was chewing food) just said hello, I say “I have recieved phone calls from this # and I want to know what its about, what is this company and why are you calling” She asked for my name I said I would not give it to her, I just wanted to know what this company was,… she said snobishly(continuting to chew her food in the phone) Um, No, I said “Why are you calling me?” She says “I’m not” well, thats funny because all I did was press the redial button straight off my caller ID so OBVIOUSLY she, or someone else called from that #. After reading some of the other experiences other people have had with this company…I honestly can’t imagine what debt they would want to settle with me other that past due At&t bill that has recently gone to collections,… but I wouldnt believe that for a second because I actually have documentation from a different company that is dealing with me, AND when I returned that phone call they told me what it was for without pestering me for information,… that I believe this company really doesnt have on me…. I have recieved NOTHING in the mail from this company, no documentation what so ever stating I owe anyone #… because I DONT!!! This company in my opinion is a load of CRAP just trying to prey on people who may or may not have debt to get money that they are NOT owed in the first place! DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING!!!

  5. Tim says:

    #1 Tim, Just because it is charged off, does not mean you dont have to pay. If you owe it, pay it. — Nicole #4 you have to give people something to look up an account. if they called you, then they already have your phone # let them use that to look up the info.

  6. Ralph Johns says:

    I have been recieving calls form this company for about 2 months. we didn’t know the number or who it was so we answered it several times. it was a prerecorded message that there was a pending matter in their office for someone named Gerald Phillips (NOT MY NAME OR ANY PART OF IT). we were not in collections for anything so we didn’t call back. one morning while still asleep I answered by misake. They said they would take the number off their records. the calls stopped for about a week then started up again with a new voice. I called them back and the lady got real nasty with me. said she had the number removed. (AGAIN!) I called them back and got another voice (male) and he proceeded to get nasty as well. there was nothing ever sent to me in the mail from them and I am not in collections for anything. What does it take to get these people to stop.

    • Bonnie says:

      Years of pre-recorded messages and phone calls for someone else. Numerous phone calls to tell them they have the wrong number and please remove it from that account. They have often just gotten nasty, insinuated I’m a liar and hang up on me . Will say, they” noted the account ” but calls will resume ..

  7. James says:

    Student Loan default now has been referred to Federal Student Aid (FSA) who now holds the account having granted a conditional permanent and total discharge loan over the next three years. Have documentation to that effect but home loan agencies are not convenced and are reluctant to approve home equity loan. What can I do?

  8. Joy says:

    We’ve been getting calls from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau LLC, #877-254-0943, looking for a James-somebody, and to call back during the hrs. they mention. I’ve tried calling back to correct these calls, but no one ever picks up. Hopefully these calls will stop because i did contact them thru their website about the whole thing. There is no one by James-whoever at my #.

  9. Charlene Benoit says:


    Someone may have previously had my daughter’s cell phone number because she is receiving calls from this compnay. this is a cell phone for which they are costing money by calling and they are calling more than twice in 30 days. The calls must stop immediately or a complaint will be filed as allowed by the fair debt collections act. Thanks.

  10. spyderweb333 says:

    My husband and I have been receiving calls from this company as a case of mistaken identity. They keep asking for the person who had our mobile phone number before we did. Obviously, we do not even know this person they are looking for. I have called this company and requested they fix this mistake numerous times, and it keeps occurring. Very often, they are quite rude. The gentleman today was nice, but I doubt he has any more power to help me than the last 20 bozos I talked to. One woman started yelling at me and told me I had no legal standing when I reported her to the FTC. I have read the Do Not Call laws, and they ARE in violation. She even tried to tell me my number was not in her system, which I find hard to believe. If it wasn’t in their system, how can they keep calling it? If you are receiving incorrect or harassing phone calls from this company, PLEASE report them to the Federal Trade Commission. Yes, it takes a little time, but filing complaints on these lowlifes are the only way to get them to stop, and protect ourselves and others from their unfair practices.

  11. stephen says:

    I received a message on my phone telling me that I was part of a complaint from US bank credit card, and owed thosands of dollars to them. My wife called them back and and the lady basically told her I had credit cards that she did not know about. After numerous phone calls we got the paper work to prove we had already had closed this account in November of 2009. Beware of this company…they will scam you in a heartbeat.

  12. Tessa says:

    I was making payments to this company for months. The girl asked if we could make a larger payment every month. I agreed to 100.00. I would call them and let them know when to take the money out of my account. I missed one month and now they wont accept my payments.They said my account went back to the original creditor. AND GUES WHAT!!!! When asked the number of my creditor,they did not have it. Very nasty on the phone. The original girl I always spoke to was ALWAYS out of the office. She always took my payments over phone. Finally got a hold of her by calling from a different phone number.When I asked her how much I still owed it was the same amount from the beginning.SO WHERE IN THE HELL DID MY MONEY GO TO!!!! AND NEVER SENT ANY PAPERS TO TELL YOU THE BALANCE. IT WAS ALWAYS VERBAL.

  13. Stephen James says:

    Yet another call from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC, That asked for my husbands number….and I asked what this was about, and the party hung up…ODD….

  14. crystal says:

    My mother (who i do not live w/) recevied a phone call from this company saying that they they needed to speak to me and it was extremly urgent matter..etc, then they called my brothers house stating the same thing….i just looked them up and found these reports not sure if i should even call back now but i dont want them to continue calling my family member’s!

  15. Linda Hirbour says:

    kept getting calls from these people finally I called and I was told I owed a bill since 2007 ya right! Don’t fall for this it is a scam

  16. jwilliams says:

    I had received a call from this so called third party collection agency just today, he refused to listen to what I would be able to do, and also advised him that once I received something in writing then I would pursue the matter further, he then started spurting off about me not being able to either do a lump sum settlement or even resolving the matter with making $400 payments for 20 months, I then told him that if that was the case then I would have taken care of the issue a long time ago, he then became very rude and loud on the phone and then when I started talking he hung up… I then decided to call back after reading some complaints about this company on a different website, this lady answered and was very unprofessional, she did not state her name or anything, when I requested to speak with a supervisor she then advised that the person that I had been speaking with was a supervisor, how ironic is that, she then started asking if there was any way that I could obtain a loan from my job or my bank to resolve the matter I then told her that I was not going to do that as it did not make since, she too was very rude, I just hung up, but before I hung up I advised that something needed to be sent to me in writing.

  17. EM says:

    These people call all the time, claiming it is an attempt to collect debt from Mr. Warner. They don’t identify themselves as Merchantile Adjustment in the voicemails they leave. They are also looking for the wrong person. I will not give them my information.

  18. CAROLE BELL says:


  19. GL says:

    I too have reported this company to the FTC and my state’s Attorney General’s office. For 2 years I continue to get calls for someone else entirely (and I have never even heard of this person they keep calling for). I have called dozens of times only to get a song and dance from them. Enough is enough and I am filing suit for harrasment and Do Not Call violations.

  20. Patricia Binninger says:

    They keep calling my number looking for Jeremy Todd. Have spoken with them once and told them there has not been a Jeremy Todd at this number for at least 15 years. They stop calling for a while and then start again.

  21. Javier says:

    I keep getting these calls from Mercantile Adjustments, I dont have nay debts that I hav not been taking care of, what should i do? I dont have school loans because the Veterans Administration pays for my schooling. So im at a loss here…

  22. Brian Belenski says:

    this firm has been calling my fathers number in Pennsylvania.. not my number.. have NOT returned my calls for a Resolution… i have filed Complaints with the BBB of NY and the FTC… if not resolved their than Lawsuit…

  23. Chelly says:

    I have been receiving calls from this company Mercantile Bureau for about six months. They are claiming I owe a debt for a credit card that I have been paying on for the past 4 years. Another company bought the debt. This is not the first time a company has tried to collect on this debt. All of these companies are out to get money and are preying on people. I have documentation showing the company I have being paying for this account. I will not pay them anything and I am going to report them to the better business bureau. Most collection agencies send something in the mail.

  24. Dio says:

    Reading all these comments, I’m kinda weary of what they really want from me, I know I owe some creditors, but I like how a man from this company calls and says “I have an arrow on my desk what needs immediate attention” What does that really mean, that I should panic and call?! haha I wonder what that arrow could mean, really?

  25. Jaime says:

    This business somehow got ahold of our landlord’s phone number. They have been harrassing them incessantly with phone calls. When my husband called the company to ask who they were representing so he could clear up (and pay) the situation, the woman refused to give him any information and demanded our name and phone number. When my husband asked for a supervisor, the woman hung up on him. He called back three different times, and was hung up on each time. If this “company” is legitimately attempting to collect debts and work with consumers, they are doing a horrible job. Please look into this company before giving them anything!! Also, it’s quite convenient that their website is “under construction”…I wonder how the CEO, Mr. Roth would feel if we all called his friends, family and home constantly without offering any information on why we were calling!

  26. carol says:

    I bought a tracfone in Dec. and the number they gave me must have belonged to someone else before me. Since I got the phone Mercantile Adjustment Bureau has been leaving voicemails constantly. I owe no money to anyone, so they have no business calling me. As far as I can tell they don’t even give the persons name they are trying to call. They are just calling to harass the one who has that phone number.

  27. charlene says:

    I have been recieving calls from this place for several months. Every time I try calling back no one ever answers. Finally today someone did. What a crazy place and very rude and disrespectful employees. They are trying to say I owe a bill from 6/07. I then asked from who and wanted a detailed bill for services rendered. The woman told me that is not her job to supply that info. I told her I am not paying anything until I know what it is for. She then asked if there was anything wrong with my hearing. I was so mad by that comment and went on to tell her so, and then she hung up on me. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS COMPANY WITHOUT CHECKING WHAT IT IS FOR!

  28. Joanne says:

    I have been receiving harassing calls from someone by the name of Lawrence Bartosic at this company. He is just a shrewd salesperson. He told me if I wanted to settle an $1100 debt (couldn’t tell me who it was from), that I could pay $850, when he wasn’t getting anywhere with me, he said if you agree now, I’ll lower it to $725 and told me money talks. If I wanted to settle, he would offer me someone else’s discount. When I realized this was a big scam, he started calling me and harrassing me, telling me I am going to be served. Then he had his supervisor, Lisa, contact me and he even had the nerve to call my neighbor. BBB and AG’s office are being called this morning!!!

  29. WJC says:

    Good Grief. Just had a call from the rudest most unprofessional man from Mercantile. He got very offended when I asked for the full name of the company, their address and phone number. He would not provide a physical address, only a PO box in Williamsville, NY. I asked him where he was calling from and he said it wasn’t my business but finally said he was in Florida. Due to my former employer being behind almost 5 months of pay to me, I admit being in arrears on some accounts. This man told me what I owed and then he “offered a lower settlement” and asked if I could pay today and did I intend to pay on this. I told him I have always had intentions to pay but was not capable of making a payment today. He then jumped all over me saying, “Well then I am reporting that you are refusing to pay your debt and you don’t intend to”. Our lawyers will contact you. He then slammed down the phone. I was trying to suggest I could make a payment next week but he wasn’t going to hear it. He also said he didn’t have to send me any paperwork or statement on their stationary. Let ’em come get me now. I refuse to have anything to do with them.

  30. Tom T says:

    I too have received many, many calls from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. Its always a recorded voice that says to contact their office. Only once did I get a human. She was ok but since I am the father of 5 boys under the age of 6 (3 are triplets) I have no extra money to pay off this credit card. And like many people, I AM NOT asking my employer or family members for a loan. They keep saying they will take me to court or garnish my wages..let them try. Am very glad I havent send anything to them now.

  31. Rob says:

    Under Federal Law, this firm is required to provide you with written confirmation of the debt. Said notice must include the name of the original creditor. Never make any payments over the phone! You also have the legal right to send a cease and decist letter demanding they no longer call you. This company has MANY complaints against it. They are very small and perhaps undertrained in collection practices. If you have any doubt or have been treated unfairly, contact your local better business bureau, state attorney generals office or the Federal Trade Commision. Another thing, they are based out of NY which has VERY LAX laws.

  32. leah says:

    I did not know about a late fee assessed to a parking ticket until it was on my credit report. I contacted them when I found out and they told me if I pay a late fee assessed to a parking ticket, then they would take it off my record. They have not taken it off my record.

  33. Teri says:

    Looks like I am not the only one who has been stressed out with this company…they have been calling me on and off for last couple of months. I work a full time job, have a daughter who has been very sick and my husband lost his job. Last week I started receiving 3-5 calls from them a day stating “they had a dead line” Had been working with a man named David who said if I paid today they could probably get balance to $3,000. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money laying around and my husband has not had a job for months and I am trying to pay all the bills for my family. He suggested I go and get a loan. I am thinking “how can I do that? and why would why would I want to do that?

  34. sonya says:

    I just received a called from mercantile adjustment bureau regarding a credit card that I had. They sent me a settlement letter. I paid the settlement. Now they want me to pay the remainder of the balance on the credit card. they claim they have nothing in their records showing a settlement was offered and wants me to provide a copy of the letter. Of course I cant find the darn letter. then she tried to tell me that the credit card company doesnt normally settle their collection accounts and I told her she was lying because my mom had the same card and they settled with her. I am ready for a fight with this one because i am not paying any additional money when I paid the settlement amount. looks like I am going to have to make some complaints.

  35. Mike L says:

    This company is a scam. They called my home asking for SS# etc. They were not only rude but actually confrontational. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!!!! Report them to your local police dept. and telephone company.

  36. Paul Dorsey says:

    I had a non-American probably from overseas who I couldn’t understand call me Sat and when I called back no one answered. I called back Monday and got the run around and then I got a letter from Mercantile on Mon. I called again and was told to call another number but got a voicemail. I called back today and once again, got the run around and left two voice messages. I have paid all my debts and have been working directly with a credit repair specialist for the last 3 months. I want to buy a house this year and am not happy that the people I alledgely owe money to never called or wrote me. I don’t know them and I feel frustrated! Mercantile is not professional!!!

  37. Jeremy says:

    I recently completed payments for a medical debt. I was told after making my last payment that I would receive a receipt stating that my debt was paid in full. After two weeks I called them to ask if they had sent the receipt. They informed me that they had indeed sent me the receipt and that I should have received it. I have still not received the document. I have now requested my receipt three times and still have not received it. I never even received a bill in the mail from the hospital I was treated at nor did Mercentile send me anything to bring it to my attention. They are rude on the telephone. I fear they may have extorted this money from me but I felt that I just wanted to get it taken care of.

  38. Monica says:

    PLEASE DON’T SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY! They’re calling me about a debt from 01, which was paid off. They’re asking me to send proof that I paid it, lol, no u show me proof that I owe! I’ve worked as a credit consultant and I know the ends and outs of how credit works. The lady got really upset when I mentioned I was going to send a cease and desist letter, they know exactly what that means! BEWARE, this company is just fishing around for money hoping someone will bite!

  39. Sam says:

    Mercantile has been calling me for several months. After googling them I decided not to return their calls. I knew for a fact that I was debt free. They recently sent me a letter saying I owed Con Ed money, and they were attempting to collect for Con Ed. This is a debt I paid 6 months ago. I called Con Edison who claim to have NEVER turned my debt over to Mercantile and advised I call them and let them know this immediately. I have no idea how they got my information or how they were able to do a hard inquiry on my credit but they are scam artists. ALWAYS call the company they claim to be collecting for first. DO NOT give them your personal or financial information.

  40. Ronnie says:

    I can see that others here have had the same experience. My husband had a credit card account close to a decade ago with a now defunct bank and last week we got a call from this same rude man who told us he owes over $6,000 going back to 2002 (which he actually paid a long time ago by the way and has records of its payment). But even if we had forgotten about it we’d definitely have heard something before this. Obviously this so called collection agency is using outdated records purposely to scam people out of their money. It sounds legit because they mention an account you had or have, but the truth is you don’t owe the money and it’s just yet another creative SCAM. What gets me is they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Just goes to show you how slippery they are.

  41. Toxic says:

    They’ve been calling me for months and I recognize the number so I just ignore the calls. They even called my wife 2 weeks ago, no idea how they got her number. I’m told I owe $26,000 to “Chase Bank”. That is not even the legal name of Chase’s company. Interestingly, I recently got approved for a mortgage from Chase with no mention of any outstanding debt. It’s just a call center dialing phones like crazy to scare people. These morons can’t get real sales jobs so they work on straight commission in hopes of collecting a paycheck. Ignore them and they will eventually go away. If we were truly in judgement, we would have been contacted by a legitimate company or law firm. SCAM

  42. Bernard says:

    Just send a cease and desist letter certified mail asking for Validation of the debt they say you owe. I bet you you will not hear from them again because they are CROOKS. Never pay a debt collection agency without validation if you do your giving away money to people who dont have the right too collect in the first place !
    Do your research its the truth !

  43. Judy says:

    We have have received calls from this company saying we owe an out standing bill from 2006 to National Grid. Everyone knows, you owe an electric company a bill that old, your power would be shut off way before the bill could get that old…We have asked that a statement be sent to us but have never received one. Last time they called, I told them I would contact the Better Business Bureau if they called again. It will be interesting to see what happens and if they call again. I feel bad for older folks who might fall for the scam they are pulling.

  44. Pete McDowell says:

    These companies are 3rd party companies and they can collect debts that where discharged by some one else. If you get a letter and you call them ,then they will have your number and bug the crap out of you . I put mine in the circular file.

  45. Alison says:

    I have been getting harassed as well. But when I spoke to a rude woman it was a debt that was not mine, she said she would note the account. The calls have not stopped, funniest part is when ever I open a credit account of any sort I do not give my cell number, so how are they calling it. My advise, do not give them any access to any banking info, ask for everything to be sent to you via e-mail or postal correspondence.

  46. Lisa says:

    Ok guys listen…this is what you call a debt picker company. They purchased the debt from a company pennies on the dollar. When they call get the original creditors name. State to them this is not my debt. Once you have the name of the original creditor hang up. Look at your annual free credit report and get the account number with the original creditor. Then just Google, Validation letter to creditors…I typed in this companies name and was able to pull up there address…they are violating your rights under the FCRA ( fair credit reporting act ) , and the FDCPA ( fair debt collection practice act ). They have to show upon your written request Validation of this said debt to include an executed contract with your signatures..Also a cease and detest letter, zombie debt letter, and that this debt’s statue of limitation on collections has not expired. Each violation of these codes in both FCRA and FDCPA are subject to a 1,000 fine payable to you in a small claims court( which you are not required to have an attorney). I have done a lot of research on the federal laws and we consumers have our rights. Also if you are being harassed you can find a consumer litigation attorney on a contingency base to file a class action law suit or personal. All this information is under these federal laws. I am by no means an attorney. This is my opinion and have found it has worked for me with any debt collector. Just do research on this and you will see.. Do not pay these people by any means, if you do you may be verifying its your debt.. Let’s say you borrow from company A.. you fell behind on payments and Company A sells your debt to company B.. Company A charged off this debt but got some $ from company B.. well say company B calls you and you have no idea who these people are, or if what they say is even true.. How do you know your $ will be actually applied to this debt? Did you get notice in mail, which is required by federal law? Did you borrow this money from Company B? No! Therefore it is not your debt or obligation to pay anyone until validation (make sure its specific in what you want provided) is recieved. just do research on this if you want to fight back…know your rights and the laws. Companies like these have to follow these regulations. But a lot of people are in educated on these matters so when they do violate the laws no one catches them so they get away with it..its how they make there money…

  47. smartypants says:

    Just got a call from them saying I had a judgment filed on me by said creditor and did i want to take care of it, gave me my court case number + all. well, if they really looked at my case they wouldve seen the case was dismissed with no judgment. i owe nothing and will not pay anyone buying a ‘bad, dismissed debt’ off someone else. glad i know debt laws!

  48. Mark Shuts says:

    THIS IS NOT A SCAM. My name is Mark P. Shuts, and I am the president, CEO, and founder of the Mercantile Debt Adjustment Settlement Bureau. We are only trying to help the community settle debts, and ANY inconveniences experienced should be brought to the attention of the staff at the MAB. If anyone has questions or comments about this post please call me at (856) 776-0762.

  49. John says:

    Received a letter from Mercantile trying to collect a 10 yr old debt that was discharged in bankruptcy, not to mention beyond the statute of limitations period. Sending them a letter telling them their attempt to collect will not work and that litigation is possible: I have a brother who is an attorney!!!

  50. John says:

    Ignore Mr. Shuts. This company is a scam. A debt picker as the previous poster indicated. They called me about a 10 year old debt that has been paid more than 5 years ago, with proof.

  51. Bill says:

    Mercantile called me about a debt that was charged off. I checked my credit report, and the account had already been removed. Paying them won’t change anything at all, and they can’t update anything to your credit report if there’s nothing there. Don’t even pick up the phone… they are idiots, and unprofessional.

  52. C says:

    A Steven Cole from this company doesn’t know the laws.
    Long story short. I live in Hawaii and he called regarding a old credit card bill for my wife. First off he couldn’t pronounce her name for shit on the voicemail he left.
    I returned his call and he openly released all the info regarding this bill to me and I’m not even on the contract…strike one. I then informed him of my profession here in Hawaii and told him about him breaking the law. He then sai he wasn’t and that he was looking at the laws for the state of Hawaii. Wrong, if your’re not on the contract you cannot release info about any debt without the debtors permission. Plus he didn’t read me the mini-miranda. So I just told him to cease and desist and hung up.
    Right after that I called my wife and during that period someone from their number called and hung up for that to was on my voicemail.
    So now I also got them for harassment.

  53. Getting robbed says:

    This company is fradulent. They post a phone number on a monthly bill that is never answered. They will not divulge the interest rate at which I am being charged. My bill, even though I pay monthly goes up by $100 + every month. They will give me no information about my account and laugh and tell me they are allowing me to owe them money as if it is a gift. No I am in a position to settle and they will not even answer the phone. it has been ringing for 30 minutes and they say their hours are till 9:00 pm est. Don’t bother how would they like a class action suite? How about everyone try calling at 7 or 8 est and let me know if you get to talk to one of the pathetic souls that work for them.

  54. Getting Tone Deaf says:

    This company has been calling me every 6 months or at least a decade. They are asking for someone who has a similar name to mine. I tell them I am not who they want,nor do I know the person that they are asking about. They take my phone number and promise that I will not be called again. The calls begin again in about 6 months,and this has been going on for at least 10 years! This company does not know when to stop calling.

  55. polly says:

    i have been called twice now from merchantile adjustment regarding a payday loan that I never recieved and they are threatening me folks. and my caller id says that the number is 8777–839-7277 not the number listed above???????? if you can provide the info i can disprove this company and prove that they are fraudulant

  56. Guinevere says:

    They have been calling me for months looking for some random woman. I called once to have them remove me from their list and they stopped calling for a while, but they have started again. Usually, I just silence my phone and ignore it, but they have woken me up calling at 8 a.m. How do I get them to stop!?

    Also, I called Mark Shuts number for kicks, and got his voicemail. He’s about fourteen years old. Not exactly CEO material, unless he’s the Doogie Howswer of business.

  57. Esmeralda says:

    This company called me stating that I owed a balance from a car that was repo’d about 7 years ago! They said the car was sold at an auction and I am responsible for the balance because it was sold cheap! They said they are representing Citizens Bank. I never received anything from the bank or them. First of all, I have worked with real collectors before and they send you about 100 letters and they are legit when u call u actually get a name and company etc. Also, this guy kept saying well lemme see what the bank says then he said I owed 8900, but he was willing to help me out if I paid 4500 asap! He wanted a credit card over the phone! Then he started with the scare tactics about the state garnishing my wages bla bla bla! They are relentless! DO NOT PAY THEM THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

  58. adam says:

    This company does exist, I found out due to an old unpaid student loan that just resurfaced after just over 2 years. I did my share of research, and not willing to risk a gamble on my credit, it seems they are legit, how ever, Mark Shuts is NOT the ceo, according to the contract signed by the ACTUAL ceo JEFFREY MILLER, tax id#752985974 when he signed a contract with the college I owed a back semester payment to. The college I owed sent a letter to me months and months ago saying NOT to pay to their former collector, that a new agency would contact me in the near future (enter M.A.B.). They claimed to have been trying to contact me, although they had a non updated address on file (however, this was a previous address of mine). I was aware of the debt I owed, so this wasn’t a suprise to me, however if there had been any length of time since this account had gone “stale” like some of you are describing, I would too be very wary. The woman I spoke to (one Helen Washington) seemed polite (I’m guessing ONLY because I was willing to make a payment right then and there), and updated my mailing address and claimed to have sent out a new letter of debt owed so I have hard copies of all my dealings with M.A.B. I will repost if I do not hear back or recieve anything in the mail, although I suspect I will being I didn’t pay more then 20% of the balance I owe. I hope this helps some of you who may have the same questions I did.
    Also, the post from Mark P Shuts is dated on 9/24/11, and the signee on the contract between my former college and Jeffrey Miller was 9/13/11, so unless they changed CEO’s in a span of those 11 days, someone at M.A.B. must be using Reputation Defender, or a similar program to mask the real man in charge and all they are doing is making themselves look worse by posting that “trust us we do exist” non-sense on an online posting.

  59. Frank says:

    Over a period of 6 years this same voice calls for the same someone on-none to me. Calls are aggrevating. Seems that they have a data base that just sparadically selects a phone number and calls.

  60. Kyle says:

    This company continues to call me even after being advised the person they are looking for does not live here. I have sent numerous complaint letters ref. other companies as well. They just keep changing companies and calling.

  61. K says:

    I have been getting phone calls about a student loan that is owed. I know I owe it, and at the moment I cant pay. The lady right off the bat was so rude, yelling at me,Im not sure thats how your going to get money out of me?! I just couldnt believe it. After reading all these comments I will not be giving them any money! The bank will have to find another company or just never get there money.

  62. Victoria Lombardo says:

    I have been receiving phone calls from a Mr Brewer for my 21 year old. He is rude every time he calls my home. Today I asked him for his number because my son was sleeping. He told me to wake him up, I responded and said give my your number? He told me if I could take his number then I could wake him up. I called spoke to suoervisor and noted this is for $162.00 and will not be spoken to like that. Your company needs to discipline Mr Brewer and he should not talk to people in that manner. Just because people owe money does not give anyone the right to talk down to them.

  63. tommy says:

    Been getting several calls from this company on my new phone #.Explained this to the person on the phone and they said they would remove the #, never did. Spoke to some loser named LINDA and when asked for info on her COmpany she hung up on me.

  64. Fran says:

    I received a recorded/robotic
    message from this so-called collection agency..seeking a debt from the year 2007 !!
    I never was aware of! This Company called my number seeking other names I never heard of! Very suspicious..

  65. PIssed says:

    This company has been calling a lot. They are trying to collect on a debt from 1996. It went against my credit already. I told the bank in 96 that I was not going to pay for their mistake and I told this company the first time they called I was not going to pay for the banks screw up. If I did not pay it then i’m not now. I told them not to call me again. Sure enough I got another phone call today from them. I wrote them a letter stating I want them to cease all telephone calls to me. Now they are in violation of federal law for the fair debt collection act.. I will be sending a letter to the States Att. Office and the Federal Trade Commission office.

  66. Tommy says:

    M&T Bank gave me this company,name.Mercantile adjustment bureau.#1-877-230-8414 and #1-800-836-0514.I call this and they gave me #1-855-226-1876 . all of this,so i gave them my card # and SS#. The M&T Bank manager gave me this company. This company got my SS# to.

  67. weston says:

    The reason they leave a message is because they are not allowed to call/harass you on the phone. Do not give these people money…a write off stays on your account for seven years and then its resolved. Do not pay these people.

  68. robert c. says:

    The had called my home everyother day . And as telling my wife they have a lawsuit againest my name and this and that had my wife scared . Come to find out just a scam about some sort of payday loan I supposedly took out and never paid back . I told them a few words and started laughing at them and they said this is no laughing matter I said yes it is and hung up . They still call and I still laugh and hang up .

  69. Jackie O says:

    this company is on my credit report as being in collections with them. I clicked on the “dispute” button and they replied with asking me to contact them. I decided to google the company because I don’t know of anything that was in collection and I don’t want this on my credit report. After seeing all the bad posts, not sure what steps to take next. Thoughts?

  70. David Stuart says:

    Is this a legit company.

  71. Fred B. says:

    MAB contacted me on 3/2/12 about an old debt I had which has since been removed from my credit report. The MAB rep threatened me with a Judgement and Wage garnishment if I refuse to pay them. MAB is breaking the law and there is a Class Action Lawsuit against them to which I am now part of. FIle a complaint with the BBB and the NY State Attorneys Office if they keep harassing you…

  72. Ann says:

    This company calls me all of the time about an account that is being paid off!! I also receive threatening letters saying that they are reporting it to the Credit Bureau saying that I owe them money that is being paid off as we speak. Yes, I may have owed it at one time, but I do my best to pay things off. To top it off I haven’t had any heat in 2 years because of this!! I am disabled and on disability!!

  73. me says:

    So I get a missed call and vmail from this 0000000000 number saying I owe a debt and to call them back asap.yea righti look this company up and I see nothing but negative remarks and law advise DEMAND THE DO NOT CALL LIST.we have RIGHTS…remember

  74. Rosa says:

    Am so glad that o can navagate and investigates things before I proceed to make any payment I had a car loan in 2006 which I surrounded to the citizen bank and the account was charge-off now I have the same mean guy calling for the past two weeks looking to settle the account which I know I don’t have to pay . Thank God and to all the comments I have heard. DO NOT PAY THEM, They are fake.

  75. University of Buffalo says:

    UB is exposing their students to this horrible, disgusting company to collect their debt. They are too lazy or too cheap to notify the student regarding the debt. Instead they let this company buy up debt so they can close their books. Nice going!!! UB has stooped at its lowest level. The President of the University is not getting enough money. They have to do this.

  76. laura says:

    I have been getting calls from Mercantile for several months. I called them back and asked them to mail me a letter so i can verify the debt they say i owe PSE&G. They were supposed to mail the letter in March 2012 and i never got it. Then again i called and asked for a letter on 4/12, and i never received one. So I called in an asked them to fax me a letter instead. I got the letter and called PSE&G and verified this company is legit. Its the debt collector for PSE&G, guess i have to pay up now lol.

  77. lee says:

    They call me and first ask for a different person, then tell me they are attorneys..I laugh and the guy says “Ok, you refuse” and he hangs up… this legal?

  78. Erin says:

    I get 2 calls per day from these people. They call me once at work and once on my cell. I asked them not to call me at work, but they continue calling me. I have never been rude to this gentleman, i just have not had an opportunity to talk to him since he calls during business hours. I do know that the debt he is calling about is over 7 years old and has already been charged off. I am not allowed to receive calls at work and that is why I have asked him not to call. How dare he insult me when he is the one violating my rights by continuing to call? I understand these people getting rude if I had gotten rude with them, but I am a very soft-spoken, Christian woman who is attempting to take care or all of my business. Even if I do owe the money, why would I want to help out these people who have been so rude to me?

  79. former collector says:

    @ “What a joke” no collector is allowed to threaten legal action unless they are actually going to take you to court. If they do threaten legal action and don’t actually do it, they are in violation of FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act), which is federal law, and you should document the call and what was said and then contact a local attorney.

    Also, no collection agency is allowed to call you at work once you ask them not to. Again, if they do, they violate FDCPA and you should contact an attorney immediately.

    Legit collection agencies will not be rude (though they are not push-overs either … you ran up a debt and, for whatever reason, did not pay)and will adhere to the FDCPA rules because they are legit businesses and take pride in being that.

  80. aaron says:

    I received a call from these people, they stated that they were a collection agency and they had me on file for a balance of $1439.06 from 15 Edgehill Ave in Connecticut. I explained that I never lived there and they verified my full name. I confirmed that was my name but again that I never lived in Connecticut. Then they managed to state the last 4 digits of my social. Then looking online I found tons of claims that these people are a scam. I then called the number back telling them I got a call from them and then I gave them my phone number. They came back with a completely different name and when I told them it was the wrong name, they asked me what my real name was and then I told them that I am not giving it to them and they should have it on file with my number since they called asking for me at my number to begin with, then they immediately hung up on me. I called them back 3 times with the same results every time. They try to say they can’t pronounce your name to get you to say your name. The number that called me was 1-888-784-2470 BEWARE

  81. Raechel says:

    I have received many calls from this company stating I owe money for a credit card from 2005. It is not a legitimate claim and the representatives are incredibly rude. They hung up on me every single time I called. I kept asking them to send me somethig in writing and they would not do it. They stated that my only option was to give my credit card information over the phone for $3000. I refused to do it so they told me that I had a judgement against me in the state of New York. I contacted the district court and they had no record of this judgement. It was also not on my credit report. This company also stated that they were looking at my credit report while I was on the phone and that it was indeed on there (it wasn\’t, I checked). They also stated that they had my banking information and that it showed that I had enough money available to pay this debt. They will practically say anything to get a payment! This company also started calling my office and tried to get ahold of my boss. I finally sent a Cease and Desist letter to them quoting the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in the hopes they will stop. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!!!!!!!

  82. Lizzie says:

    I found this company, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau #1 on my credit report. They checked my credit on 5-18-12. I have no idea who they are or how they got access to my report. I do not have any delinquent/collection accounts related to these people at all. Everything on the internet says they are a scam. Now they’ve seen my entire credit report?!? What are they doing and what am I supposed to do?

  83. Irina says:

    Adjustment Bureau has been calling my house for months looking for someone who we do not know. Their message says that if you are not the person you need to hang up and by continuing to listen to the message you admit that you are the one. I have been disconnecting these calls to let them know I am not the person they are looking for but in vain: they keep calling over and over again. Finally, very tired of these calls, I contacted them and told them that the person who they were looking for was not in my house and asked them to remove our number form their system. I was told they would. That didn’t happen. They keep calling us and they call every day. Today I have contacted them again asking why they called again and what they didn’t understand when I had told them that their information was wrong. The operator (his name was Steve) was very rude!! He would not listen, interrupted, raised his voice…as if he was trying to convince me it was me who was wrong and he hung up. Nice! I called them again and they would not take my call! I tried again… and talked to another operator he was no better, – he claimed I had never contacted them before and it was the first time I was calling them, which is a lie, of course. And I called them the third time (if they call my house from debt collecting bureau (every day!) stating we owe money (and we do not!!) And look for someone who is obviously not here – why can’t I call them at least a few times to make them feel like I do? So, I did. The same man named Steve took my call and was (and I can understand why) very irritated and not happy to hear me on the phone again. He asked me what I wanted I told him I wanted them to stop calling my house. Again he said I never had contacted them before with this request – liar! Also, he tried to convince me that the reason he hung up on me was because I was rude. I could only smile at that. I was surely irritated of having been getting their calls for months! – and I surely wanted to let them know that I was tired of it. – Was this rude from me to let them know it? I called them only one time last week and three times today – and they didn’t like it and kept hanging up on me. So, they do not like to be bothered with such calls but this is what they do every day – harass people. Anyway, very irritable he asked me in a rude manner what I wanted and if I wanted to talk to the manager – what is the point to talk to the manager? – It is obvious that they are all like that there and such companies who harass people like that should not exist. Anyway, I asked him to tell me the name of the company he represented but he wouldn\’t. Instead, he kept telling me how rude I was… – Simply amazing! He kept asking me what I wanted I told me once again that I wanted him to tell me the name of the company – again he wouldn’t give it to me. I insisted. I had to ask him THREE times and finally he gave me that information. I do not believe that people like that will keep their word and stop calling us. So my husband said we were going to report them. Enough is enough.
    I believe in paying bills and debts but if you do owe money to somebody I would not pay it off through this bureau. I would not give them a penny.

  84. Terri says:

    This compnay has been calling my cell phone and a debt for my husband. I told them they did not have to give any message to my husband and that if this is a real debt then they need to put it in writting. We got a letter on a debt that was discharged alomst 3 years ago though Chapter 7 which is public information and I’m sure they can see that.

  85. PAULINE says:


  86. Samantha says:

    Mercantile Adjustment Bureau has been calling me for awhile. When they would leave me messages that I couldn’t understand and when I finally answered they told me I owe money from the college I went to. I was confused because I am already paying on a school loan and they say I owe 3,000 on something else. I asked for documentation to see what I am exactly paying for and I received nothing. I have been paying 150 every month like I said I would and they still keep calling me. I figured out how to check my balance online and it only went down 200. After all these reviews I don’t know if I should keep paying them….I don’t want my money to go to waste and then I could pay more on my school loan.

  87. Faux says:

    I’ve just received a letter from them saying I owe $419 in debt. I have never owned a credit card, taken out loans, etc, so I don’t get how I could possibly be in debt. I’m 20 and I am TERRIFIED of credit cards so I have no idea where this is coming from. The information regarding what I owe or why is very vague (there’s nothing saying what I owe, if I was billed, etc) and they have my bank information which, frankly, makes me feel very unsafe. My bank account has apparently been closed due to inactivity because of a pay card my job issued, so I don’t see how this account is associated with debt at all. Something fishy is going on and I’m going to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

  88. Amios says:

    This I copied from another web site called Rip Off reports, Good luck. And yes MERC ADJ has been harassing me.

    NEVER speak to ANY debt collector on the phone. Period. no exceptions. It will never do anything positive for you, and will always make things worse. ALWAYS get EVERYTHING in writing.

    NEVER make a payment to any third party debt collector. paying an old debt will hurt your credit more than just letting it go, AND that payment or even the agreement to pay, resets the statute of limitations and makes the debt legally collectable where it may not have been before.

    Paying a third party debt collector / debt buyer is the worst thing you can do, as you are then flagged as an easy mark. Always ignore everything but the summons. Make them prove everything. give them nothing. In most cases they will not spend the time and money to sue.

    You cannot be arrested for any bad debt, and no third party debt collector can take your house or car unless these items are collateral on the debt. These threats are a direct violation of the FDCPA and are illegal. Go to and make a separate complaint for each violation, as enforcement is brought on the number of violations. Individual enforcement can only be done by you through the court.

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