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Midland Credit Management, Inc. also referred to as Midland Credit, is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. They take over the debts from many different creditors.

Midland Credit is supposed to help consumers settle debt obligations through payment plans and the like. But a quick search on Midland shows that there are a lot of complaints surrounding Midland’s practices.

Midland Credit Management, Inc. and Harassment

If Midland Credit Management is calling you and violating any collection agency rules, you may be able to sue them for damages. Sometimes they may even be accidentally calling the wrong person because they have your information by mistake.

The legal team at the Law Firm of Francis and Mailman can help assist ending this contact harassment and abuse from Midland Credit Management, and resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.

How the FDCPA Protects Consumers

Under the FDCPA, debt collection companies such as Midland Credit cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Calling at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

Specific Issues surrounding Midland Collection Practices

Some issues surrounding Midland Credit Management and the tactics they have taken to settle debts:

  • Letters concerning the debt was sent to the wrong person and the wrong address.
  • Filing unnecessary judgement on old, already paid off debt.
  • Making continuous and harassing phone calls to debtors.
  • Sending harassing letters and rude, inappropriate phone behavior.

Hire Francis & Mailman

Contact the Consumer Law Firm of Francis and Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 to stop harassment from Midland or to see what action can be taken against Midland Credit Management if they have violated any of your consumer rights.

Below are several example of cases that were filed against Midland Credit Management and experiences/comments from other consumers that have had issues with this debt collection company.

Lawsuits and Cases Against Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Hernandez v. Midland Credit Mgmt., Inc.
2006 WL 695451 (N.D. Ill. Mar. 14, 2006). The defendants claim of a bona fide error could not be granted on a motion to dismiss.
Johnson v. Midland Credit Mgmt., Inc.
2006 WL 2473004, 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 60133 (N.D. Ohio Aug. 24, 2006). The collector could not invoke a bona fide error defense when it failed to send a validation notice to the consumer after receiving back from the post office as undeliverable.
Johnson v. Midland Credit Mgmt. Inc.
2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 60133 (N.D. Ohio Aug. 23, 2006). Granted consumers time to amend their FDCPA complaint to narrow the class to consumers who did not receive a notice because it was returned by the post office.

Midland Credit Management, Inc. Contact Information

a.k.a. Midland Funding, a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, Inc
a.k.a. MRC Receivables
Address 8875 Aero Drive, Ste 200
City San Diego
State  California
Zip Code 92123-2255
Phone 1 585-309-6970
Phone 2 800-825-8131
Phone 3 858-560-2600
Fax 1 858-309-6977
Fax 2 800-306-4443
Address 8875 Aero Drive, Ste 200
City San Diego
State California
Zip Code 92123-2255
Phone 1 585-309-6970
Phone 2 800-825-8131
Phone 3 858-560-2600
Fax 1 858-309-6977
Fax 2 800-306-4443
Address 4302 E. Broadway Road
City Phoenix
State Arizona
Zip Code 85040-8808
Phone 1 602-707-0211
Phone 2 800-265-8825
Address 16 McLeland Road
City St. Cloud
State Minnesota
Zip Code 86303
Phone 1 800-265-8825
Website www.midlandcreditonline.com

Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. T says:

    I get this bill stating I have a phone bill for 224 dollars. I have NEVER had a land line phone.. these people are crazy and just try to scam you out of money!! stop harrassing this is insane

  2. MCM are Criminals says:

    These people are trying to collect a fake charge that was cleared with verizon while my son was in Iraq. They had erroneously charged him a disconnect fee, against their own policies and the contract. After fighting them for well over a year and them turning it over to several criminal bill collectors, verizon finally admitted they should have not made the disconnect charge by removing it. Then I had to fight them again to force them to remove their “interst” on the fake charge which after engaging the help of my Congressman and getting statements from 12 (twelve) other members of his unit that deployed who Verizon did the exact same thing to they deleted that. Now this MCM is trying to claim he owes over $300 and asking for $200.
    Unfortunately my Son is not available and his name was the same as mine. I think these clowns parent group is getting bailout money as well. Tree of Liberty Time

  3. Anna says:

    This company sent me a threatening letter saying that they were filing a lien against me. I did what I found online and never heard another word from them.
    I went online and found that they said that the account was for a medical bill (not) and the amount due is steadily rising. I disputed this account with Equifax to their favor. I am moving back home to New York where they are not allowed per the attorney general.
    I am going to have to send a certified letter to their head office and then file a complaint. This is ridiculous and the credit reporting companies are no help at all.

  4. dita says:

    Verizon did the same thing to my husband, if you could please get in touch with me so I can include your outcome when we dispute this with verizon it would be so helpful!

  5. keisha trice says:

    They are collecting on a Verizon bill that I don\’t have and never had. The credit bureaus have removed them several times but they go in under different names and then they change the account name. They have called my cousins house looking for me ..Whats so funny is that I cut on services their and I am like wow..They have guts….I live in SC and they are looking for me in TN….I have sent several dispute letters directly to them but they will play dumb..so keep your certified copies showing proof they received them from the USPS .

  6. Fight Back says:

    Midland Credit Management and their affiliates employ a variety of hard ball tactics which are ethically questionable and in some cases illegal. Do not allow them to bully you. Learn your rights and obtain legal representation if necessary. Do not simply accept their claims as facts. Frequently they are not.

  7. Zoraida says:

    On 9-11-09 I received a collection letter from MCM in representation the creditor named \”CONSECO\” for the amt. of $6,000.00 but they offer to me a settlement of 40% of the debt $3,614.00, can you beleived that? And now when I\’m search the co. online I saw all this comentaries and their drive me crazy. Could somebody can help me with this?, to orientated what I\’m suppose to do. Thanks

  8. Mario S. Alvaez says:

    Not sure about this company. According to the person I spoke to, if you have a large debt account, they will make terms w/you for payments…those terms are good for 3mos, after those 3 months, they approach you to payoff your debt by discounting a certain percentage of the balance, then you have 3mos to pay that new balance off at THEIR monthly payment rate. And yes, they are members of the BBB, Better Business Bureau. Their website is, if anyone is interested http://www.mcmcg.com

  9. derrick says:

    i wanted to know if i can get an extending on my settlement opportunity.

  10. No name says:

    My mother received a settlement opportunity just like Zoraida on 9/11/09 and it’s not even my mother’s address that’s on their account. They gave her until today 1/16/10 to pay that settlement of 40% also. Are these people out of their mind. How could this company be on the BBB Bureau. BBB should screen companies that are doing illegal collection and turn them in to the government. Could somebody help with this?

  11. RTS says:

    Midland continues collection efforts after receiving, but no responding to, my request of validation of the debts.

  12. Doug says:

    Midland is claiming I owe them $1000 for an old visa card back in 2005, I ask them to send me a letter of validation, but they won’t, also they have filed a judgement against me here in Brooklyn, which I had no idea about until I checked my credit report. Also I have contacted the credit card company and they claim to have no record of me. I really don’t know what to do, it is destroying my credit!!!

  13. jay says:

    I too recived a phone call from these people and they are stated the same stuff about a creidt card.I ask them to send letters so I could confrom that they are who they are still NO LETTERS they are a scam!!!!!!

  14. Joy says:

    My deceased mother received a “settlement” offer in which the letter claimed their office had received information she had recently applied for credit and they would like to help her pay off her current account. This is an out and out lie. 1.) She’s dead. 2.) she did not apply for any credit at least a year (probably more) prior to her death. The amount stated on the letter is also much higher than what she had in her documentation directly from the creditor. Total scam. I’ll send them a death certificate, but that’s all they’ll be getting.

  15. donald cochran says:

    i received a letter upon my owing the first bank of delaware. with this matter there stands question as to where the information comes from.i have at no point heard of this bank and fail to see how i could owe them anything.i have no accounts with this bank nor have i dealt with them at any point.i think this bank is trying to play some type of game and i’m not falling for it.

  16. Stokey says:

    These busters trying to collect on a bill in 2003. When i called them and asked who the original creditor was they played
    stupid. I told them if they call me or send any more MAIL i will sue.

  17. TWheel says:

    I contacted this company myself because I was told by Verizon that my acct had been bought by them (MCM). I was very respectful when asking about my account. The representative who helped me was very rude and disrepectful. She was very ignorant. When I asked her why did she have an attitude, she started laughing and said that she didnt have an attitude. She didnt want to give me any information about my account. I asked to speak with the supervisor, she said that the supervisor was looking at the same screen and that she was busy. I was adament about speaking to her. I was transferred to a voicemail that was full and could I couldn’t even leave a message. I am in the process of reporting them to the BBB and trying to get my account purchased by another creditor because these people will never get a dime of my money!!!

  18. Oddjob says:

    I was served papers this past week claiming my credit card debt from Washington Mutual is now owned by them and they’re suing me. I do have outstanding credit card debt from an old WM card that I have been dealing with through the current owners, Chase Bank. I have never received any type of letter or phone call from MCM before being served!

  19. Timothy Hartman says:

    these people some how got my future mother in law’s home number and left a message with her to have me call, i would like to know how they would the find out information for someone that is not even related to me? i guarantee you that when i talk to this copany the will definitely get a piece of my mind and wont EVER get any of my money. i left a voice mail for Mr. Woodridge whom called and needless to say he got a good cussing out…

  20. niki g says:


  21. Danny Drah says:

    You guys think you have it bad? MCM keeps calling me asking for someone I’ve never heard of 3 and 4 times a day! I’ve explained in detail that I’m NOT this person. Each of these outsourced dummies then says he will remove my number from the call list. BTW, all the 800 numbers go to an outsourced headquarters somewhere. I have now picked one to return every call I get from them…to one guy. Maybe he will get tired of my calls, I can’t really tell…he’s been hanging up on me!

  22. robert says:

    I paid off a bill in 2000 and began recieving calls from MCM in 2006. I asked for paperwork on the actual loan and got the run around. Then I asked for accreditation of the company and got the run around. I believe that this company is a scam and a I am reporting them to the FTC. The BBB is not a gov’t agency and has no power. Report your problems to the FTC.!!!!!

  23. PO says:

    MCM just called me telling me that I had a FingerHut account from 1999 that I stopped paying. I don\’t even know what a \”fingerhut\” is…
    He then asked me for the last four digits of my social. I\\\’ve never not made a payment on something I’ve owed in my entire life. Needless to say, he got an earful. I\\\’m reporting them to the BBB as well.

  24. Brant says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research. Here are the highlights to help you all out. #1 Send them a debt validation letter. They have 30 days to respond. #2 If your debt is old, like 6-7 years, the statute of limitations has expired and you are not legally obligated to pay. This is called zombie debt. #3 Send everything by mail, certified. Give no information over the phone, communicate by mail only. #4 If they don’t respond after thirty days, send letters out to the three credit bureaus with all letters and documentation you sent and request them to delete the account. The process is long but if you are vigilant and prudent, you will never here from them again.

  25. Brian says:

    I filed fraud charges on an ebay account that was hacked in January 2008. I filed it with GMAC credit and never heard anything until 4 months ago from MCM. They said they bought out the debt and were trying to collect. I explained my situation and how I filed fraud and that was it. They wanted proof. That was over 2 years ago! I get over 10 calls a day from them..including 3 on Christmas Eve! received over 50 calls starting at 8am till 10pm in one week alone! This has to be illegal! I believe it to be a SCAM!

  26. deena says:

    I received a letter saying I owe a debt. When I called they could not explain exactly what it was for and they got very rude with me and they hung up. I tried to call back and they would not answer.

  27. Stacy says:


    They have been sending me letters saying that I owe from a Verizon Bill from a very long time ago. When I asked them for information, they got very rude and hung up on me. I offered to pay $200.00 just to get it off of my credit report and they declined. They say that I owe them $600.00.

  28. mimawright says:

    I received a letter from mcm claiming I owed about $2k from an old debt by \”fcnb-spiegel\”. I’ve never held a credit account by that name, so I called and same thing–they asked for last 4 digits of my social (I refused–no legal company needs your social to check a credit acct). Same as the other folks above, the rep. became very aggressive on the phone and refused to hand the call to a supervisor. He actually went into a rant and wouldn’t stop, so I hung up. Just checked my credit reports and I have no outstanding claims. Best advice: demand written documentation of the debt (they MUST be able to prove you owe them regardless of what they might claim). This site has been very helpful!

  29. ScottG says:

    I NEVER got a letter or a phone call from this company. I only got informed by my Triple Alert account that I opened a new line of credit with MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT for $2200.00 on 12-1-2010, and then they listed I charged the full amount of $2200 just 24 days later. Now I have a new account that they opened on my Credit and now listed it as over due on 1-28-2011 and started to inflate the debt with fees!!! I keep calling, and they keep saying they don’t do that to people, and hang up on me! Now I’m writing all the credit companies TransUnion, Equifax, etc., and having to fight to have this removed from my “New Accounts” section of my credit reports.

  30. felicia says:

    I never received a call or letter from them, had never even heard of them. I started getting letter from lawyers wanting to represent me in court, but I ignored them because I thought they had the wrong person. Turns out, Midland had sued me and I was never summoned to court! A default judgment was granted and now my credit is screwed, and I have no idea who the alleged original debtor was or what to do….

  31. Linette Harding says:

    I have received several calls from at one of my jobs from a Shawn Davis and I had asked him or any of you to call me at work. I am working many jobs to try to get my bills caught up and harassing calls at one of my jobs are not helping. If this keeps up, I could lose my job and I will call the Better Business Bureu

  32. David says:

    I just received a settlement offer today from Midland. Seems they want to settle a $5,200.98 bill for $3120.59. Interesting since the originalo creditor was BENEFICIAL. Never had an account with them in my life. I only have two credit cards, both totally current (zero balance) and no other debt with anybody. Who are these fraud artists and just how do they get away with this.

  33. John Freddy Ospina says:

    This company is a fraud. I advise every one that reads this information to please request why is it that they block their phone number when contacting you. You should also request their tax-id and then proceed to go to http://www.sunbiz.org and see that this corporation is very illegitimate.

  34. Doug says:

    Over a period of a few weeks, these guys kept calling from an “Unknown” number. In such cases, I just let it go to voice mail so whomever is calling can identify themselves. After ignoring them around 50 times without VM, I finally answered and they were looking for someone else. But I did get their company name in the process – Midland Credit Management. Given all the above complaints, I’m not surprised at their actions, although a simple message left early on would have gotten them sraightened out early.

    At the same time, I’ll say that the guy on the phone was more forthcoming with the company name than I had expected

  35. Sherry says:

    I just called Midland Credit and got the worst customer service and the bad thing is I was only called to get a receipt for the bill I had paid to them but when I gave the rep my social he called me by another name and I have no ideal who this person is. How is the world you have two different name in your computer with the same social so by now I’m pissed off and the rep transfer me to an department that he knew was not open. So I called back and this time I got even worst customer service and this rep actually hung up on me. So you suppose to be polite when you give someone your social and they call you by another name and stated that they couldn’t do nothing about it. Do anyone know of something I can do to get this problem fixed?

  36. Sal says:

    This company claims I owe for a land line of $735. I told them this is incorrect and to show me proof and they refuse.

  37. Suzie says:

    I keep receiving letters stating that I owe them 770.90 and 731.50 for 2 credit cards that I have never had. On my credit report it states both of these were in 2008. I have only had 2 credit cards and it is my bank and Capital One. When I asked them for copies of orgininal papers she laughed and said I must be crazy and kept demanding my social security number…then she hung up on me.. HOW do I get them to stop and get this off of my credit? I do not owe these people a dime..

  38. sl miller says:

    After receiving SEVERAL calls asking for random names…”sheryle” (as the man spelled it) is the most common. I asked what this was regarding and what-not, when it was obvious it was going nowhere I asked for a manager and his ID #. He was hesitant, but rattled off some numbers and continued to attempt to prove that i may possibly be “sheryle” which i asked if this call is being “recorded for quality assuance purposes”…he confirmed that it was! (without my being notified upon beginning of call!) I then asked again for his manager, a toll-free number, and his ID # again…the ID # was different, I told him that it was different than the one he provided earlier (at this point my wife was typing on the computer running names and numbers he gave) he likely overheard the typing, and combined with my questions…the call was suddenly terminated.

  39. Michelle says:

    They have been trying to collect on an account that I made arrangements with the company due to distressed medical needs over 9 years ago on. Texas law says accounts over four years can not be collected on. MCM said it was dated 2006, this is 2011. I also know from the history on the account that MCM back in 2006 placed a .01 cent payment in 2006 and tried to make it look like there was activity on the account to renew the history on the account. These people are nothing but scams and no one speaks proper English on top of that.

  40. cwburkett says:

    I’ve been receiving calls from these people, supposedly for an account I had with Southwestern Bell in 2002. They always call and ask for me by my former last name. I made the comment that this “account” is over 8 years old, and there are statutes of limitations in Texas. The caller then made me a 50% settlement offer. I’ve asked for details on the account, but I haven’t gotten anywhere with that yet.

  41. Heather says:

    MCM has called me several times to pay on a credit card from three years ago. The company on the letter they sent does match the company I owe. They want me to pay $50 a month for eight months but wont tell what they need after that. I owe $1,830. There is a HUGE difference. And he claims to be “Peggy Lam.” Just like the fraud commercials. When I spoke to him I would have to repeat myself numerous times, and I had a hard time understanding him. Also he wanted me to get a pre-paid card and he couldnt process a payment, he redirected me to someone who also didn’t know what to do. It seems like a scam, anyone have a clue?

  42. Sanz says:

    Received a collection letter from Midland Credit Management settle 40% deal on a account which has been paid settled and closed since 2003 and has already been cleared off my credit report. It’s been a 8 years, I don’t know where the paperwork is to prove it has already been paid. What should I do about this letter? I can verbally tell them its paid. I can show the letter that the original deal was made in 2003 but I can’t find the original check copy record I had for that time period.

    • MamaZ says:

      You can go to your bank and tell them you need a copy of a cancelled check made payable to this company. If you have an idea of what month to tell the bank that will be helpful; but you can tell them you don’t know the month, just the year. They may charge you a small fee for searching for and producing the copy of the check; but they do have to provide that for you and it’s usually a very small fee and well worth it. Some banks don’t charge any fee at all.

  43. Chris says:

    It seems a lot of people have wrote in about MCM contacting them about Verizon. Im confused why so many verizon issue? I too got a collection letter for a account that i closed without issue when I moved with a 0 balance and its not on my credit report. Any advice?

  44. Mike says:

    I had a credit card that went bad in 2002 because I screwed up and went to prison for 8 years. The account does not show on my credit anymore because of the statute of limitations. This company calls me twice per month to try to get me to pay $500 to $1000 per month. My original debt was $2500 and they say I owe over $7000! I know that I am not legally obligated to pay because it was written off in 2002. These people are driving me insane. It was some guy from India that was calling me for Midland Credit.

  45. sue says:

    I just had a closing delayed due to these people. I tried to call and pay in full as the $250 was just not worth my time or argument or the delay of my closing. Hung up on me, refuse to get me a receipt and each person you speak to, India included tells you something different… and ahh yes the transfer to a full voicemail…

  46. Pete says:

    MCM has called me four times in the last three days asking for someone who doesn’t exist. On the first call, I asked who was calling and they hung up! They did the same thing on the second call. Finally, on the fourth call, the caller gave me the company name and phone number after I repeatedly asked him. This is in clear violation of Oregon’s Fair Debt Collection laws that require a debt collector to identify themselves and also not to call more than once a week. Especially when they have a wrong number!

  47. Will says:

    Same song, same dance. They call and call and call and call. So under pressure just to get this done with I agree to make 3 payments over a month period….agreement right….done right…nope…indian man ‘makes a mistake’ and charges the full amount. Now I have to wait 7-10 days to get my credit…how come I have to be patient to get my money back but yet they pressured me. I asked for backup, nothing……now I am contacting my bank and filing a dispute. I tried dealing with MCM now forget it. IF there even was a debt, its well over 10 years and based on what I read, already written off! Thanks!

  48. jerrywarriner says:

    After Midland called me half a dozen times, I found a strategy to stop the calls. Whenever they phoned me I began discussing, in precise anatomical terms (no foul language) my genitals and excretory organs and processes. After three more calls they stopped bothering me.

    The key is to be polite and obnoxious without being rude.

  49. Retired in Green Valley says:

    Midland/Kaplan buy old debt for pennies on the dollar and send bogus court documents trying to collect. They call daily and will get into your bank account if they can. I thought these tactics were against the law but Midland forces people into Bankruptcy. How could the BBB stand behind such people. If in fact Midland is paid how do they get away with not sending a receipt? Why would Midland go after a deceased woman? What is going on and how to get these folks under some sort of control. We are on SS and still they are after us. We barely make enough money to buy food. We lost everything and now have Midland harrassing us and we guess it will continue until the end of our days.
    By the way, Verizon does belong to BBB and you can get any dispute settled through that route. Our Midland problem is MBNA bank.

  50. Justin D Chesser says:

    this company sends me a bill from verizon for $171.63. They havent tried to reach me by phone or mail. they do not give a phone number at all and do not even tell me what it is for. They are a scam. Should i just let it go? or do i need to take legal action?

  51. fedup says:

    I have received letters from MCM and when I wrote them back asking for verification they sent me a letter asking for information to dispute. I wrote them back stating that I do not owe this debt do not know who this creditor is and that they need to prove and provide me information. Instead they continued to send me settlement letters. I have reported them to my attorney general, through FTC and the BBB. I will continue to write them asking for verification of debt and will inform them that I have filed a complaint on them.

  52. It'sBeen10Years! says:

    I had a lot of debt many years ago and stopped paying on it all in fall 2001 after my house being foreclosed. The goal was to file bankruptcy but I never did. Now it has been 10 years and almost everything is off of my credit report. But my phone is ringing off the hook again because of Midland Credit. I’ve informed them that I won’t pay, that it’s too old to even be on my credit report. At first, it was one old bill. Today, a call from them regarding another old bill. They’re trying to say my last payment was June 02 and I know that’s bs because I stopped payments on everything in fall of 01. At first, I wasn’t worried but after reading online and getting numerous phone calls, I’m starting to worry a lot. Should I really have to file bankruptcy when most of those debts have long since disappeared? I would rather pay more to file than what I actually owe than give these foreign clowns a dime.

  53. Robert Johnson says:

    This company is crazy. They keep placing the same bill on my credit report everytime I get a Good score they go and report the same thing on my creit report knocking my credit right back down, this has been going on for over 7 years. Can anybody tell me what I need to do? They keep on saying I owe them money.

  54. Denise says:

    An operator from Midland called me numerous times at work. Called me a bitch and even threatened me with my social security number (when I answered he read out my social) and said he would mail me something. All this because I hung up on him; I never even confirmed who I was.

  55. unknown says:

    I got a call a few weeks ago and like I do with any collection agency, I hung up on them. They called me again tonight and I got an Foreign man on the phone. He told me he was trying to settle a debt I had with T-mobile for about $450. I know I have this debt so I decided to hear him out. He said If I could pay now he would settle for an upfront payment of $85 dollars and next month $200. I thought this was a good settlement so I agreed. Then he told me he needed me to send him a moneygram because I money order would take too long to reach him. After hearing this I decided to google the company and it brought me to this page. I don’t think I’ll be paying him but I certainly don’t want them to sue me either. What should I do??

  56. Ryan says:

    These jackholes have been sending me notices stating I owe from a previous account at 1st USA bank. I’ve had 1 credit card in my whole life and it’s never been with 1st USA bank. Checked my credit report… no mention of this on my credit report. Always fight these idiots…. go to FreeCreditReport.com… BY FEDERAL LAW you are allowed one free glance at your credit report each year throughout the top credit reporting companies and if what this company states you owe isn’t on there… YOU DON’T OWE ANYTHING! Don’t give these guys ANY money without checking your credit report.

  57. Keith says:

    I had this company call me many times , leaving no message and blocking their phone number (unknown number) They were trying to collect on a Verizon bill from 2007 in the amount of 289.00 . I called Verizon to ask about this, I have had Verizon service for about 14 yrs now. Verizon said i had no outstanding balances with them. This company is telling me now that they bought this acct from verizon and that if i dont owe it Verizon will have to buy it back from them, Verizon told me this is not their practice, Does anyone know how to keep this company from harrasing me, And get me out of their system?

  58. Manny says:

    I agree ith #39 Michelle. Same thing happened to me. Also they are collecting MCM is collecting on a debt I paid aother collection company years ago. Yea an their English sucks

  59. jan says:

    I got a lot of calls from MCM and and asking me me to pay my T-mobile bill. and i talk to them nicely. and they offer me a settlement that i need to pay by the end of the month. so i agree with it and send them the half of it.and i sent them a US postal money order to them. a week after i sent the money order i received another mail from them about the agrrement of the settlement so i called them back to tell them that i need a proof from them that i already paid the half of my debt and what they told me that they didnt receive my mail with the money order and maybe it is lost. im ready to make a complain at US post office so i would know if they already cash it or maybe i could get my money back. what else can i do?

  60. SMH says:

    Just got a call from MCM, and you know what? I dont answer. Later on, they will see that its not working, so they will stop calling. Remember, these credit scam company work off commision, so they have to try hard, to get you to pay up. Thats how they get paid. Don’t pay any mind, we live in a rough economy and many people cant pay there bills. Look at the US 14 trillion dollars in debt, so dont worry, let them call and call and call, dont pick up or change your number, simple. Everyone have a great day!

  61. Roger says:

    MCM has been trying to collect money from me for an account which was settled years ago. I think they may be targeting seniors, like myself, thinking that we will not question their requests. Their crudeness is unsurpassed.

  62. KK says:

    They keep calling my cell, but from an “unknown” number. I never answer, but I decided to this one time. They wanted me to verify the last 4 of my social – NOT! I don’t know who they are and they are calling from an unknown number. She did tell me the name of the company and I told her to put anything they had to discuss with me in the mail and not to call me again.
    For the record, if you are sued, you can request proof of the original debt. They must have an actual signed agreement and/or receipts from transactions. Even if it is legit, the odds of them having this 5-10 yrs later is slim. And you have every right to be able to determine if it is a legitimate debt with everything that goes on these days. You will have a “fraud” alert put on your credit, but they must remove it. I went to court with a lawyers office handling a credit card debt and not even they could provide the proof. Dropped. Just stand up for yourself and follow the process. And if you know it’s your debt, pay it. However, I have a hard time paying these types of companies. I’d rather pay the original creditor. Who knows if anything actually gets recorded when you send these scammers money. Make sure to send anything by a trackable money order (post office), by certified mail with a return receipt requested and keep a copy of everything and all receipts in case it comes up later.

  63. kk says:

    Don’t think that if you don’t answer the phone they will stop calling. They’ve been calling me forever. I don’t answer and have my cell formatted to autoreject. So they start calling from an “unknown” number. Now I autoreject that too.

  64. LS says:

    MCM began calling only three days ago at my parents house in NY (where I haven\\\’t lived in 8 years), trying to collect on an American Eagle account that was closed over 5 years ago! Do NOT tell them your social, name, or give them money. Contact your attorney general so we can get this \\\’company\\\’ to disappear!! They are liars and frauds. I have never experienced such rudeness or harassment from a \\\’creditor\\\’. Do NOT fall for their scam.

  65. Edmund Secatore says:

    This company continues to call me even thou the person they are looking for no longer has this number… they state that my number will be taken off the list yet they continue to call me. If you people had a phone book you would see I am not the person you are looking for.

  66. DL says:

    I have received repeated phone calls from Midland Credit Management for a person whose first name starts with the same letter as mine and whose last name is the same as mine. I have no relative by this name, which I have told them repeatedly, and that there has never been anyone by that name associated with me or with my phone number. Now I have received a letter from them offering payoff options for an $8900+ balance. I called and asked to speak to either a manager or a supervisor. I received voicemail. I am sending a letter instructing them to remove my address and phone number from their system, and advising them that further contact from them will result in legal action.

  67. Janet Price says:

    This company is calling me every day, sometimes multiple times daily. They claim I owe $4,000 on a Chase Credit Card from 2004-2006, and they will accept $400 to pay off. I have never had a Chase Credit Card. I haven’t had a credit card in 15 years! They are harassing me. Their number comes up “Unknown Name–Unknown Number. HELP!

  68. Maidenname says:

    I just received a letter from MCM claiming I owe them $808 for a phone account from T-Mobile and the account was in my maiden name. I’ve got married 10 years ago and they said this phone account is from 2009. Also, it was opened in a city I have not lived in for over 8 years. I believe this is a scam by MCM because none of this is showing up on my credit report. Not a credit check from T-Mobile from when the account was supposedly activated, not from when T-Mobile turned it over to collections, and from when this company took over the debt. So i guess it’s good for me that it’s not showing up on my credit, but I’m curious to know if anyone knows how difficult it is dealing with MCM on this matter and to get them to leave me alone.

  69. M.A. says:

    One morning out of the blue I received a phone call from a
    (collection co.) stating that

  70. CNF says:

    I got a call from this crazy collection company trying to tell me that I owed $300.00 for a verizon bill. I never had verizon. They were telling me it was for an address in Taunton,MA then said it was for an address in Hyns, MA which i never lived in either of those. These are indian speaking people who you can barely understand. He was soo rude and when I asked him why he was giving me attitude he tried to act like I was the one giving him attitude. I asked what info do you have besides my name and phone number. He couldn’t confirm anything else. I looked this company up on here and found everyone else’s awful experiences. I called them back and told them to be prepared to be sued. DONT LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND!

  71. ken erickson says:

    I verified with the original account holder (Verison Wireless) that I was not the person that had owed them money. I believe MCM trolls for debts (this one was written off years ago) and then sends collection letters to everyone with a similar name trying to scare people into sending money. Verison had NOT contracted MCM to collect this debt. MCM politely told me that I should return the letter with a statement saying it was the wrong person & address. Suggestion: 1. Make sure it is not you that owes the debt. 2. Check credit report for any negative postings. 3. Call them to tell them they are wrong. 4. I’m going a step farther. Letter to newspaper to warn others, Facebook post, & complaint to my State Attorney General office. Might even send one to California A.G.

  72. Katie B says:

    My boyfriend received a payment settlement from these people. He admits that he owed on a Verizon account so we took the 40% discount that they offered and now they are trying to collect on the remainder of the balance. Now they are saying that he owes on another account that he doesnt believe he owes on and they have yet to send us paperwork on. I am VERY angry to say the least but I just dont know what can be done about the whole situation. I’m considering actually taking legal action because my parents have a lawyer and this is ridiculous. And if it comes down to the fact that he does owe this money, I will be ok with it all (even though I wont pay the remainder of the account because it should be paid in full now). I am just wondering if anyone has any advice other than threatening a lawsuit.

  73. Y says:

    MCM started calling yesterday (Sunday), which is not allowed per federal law, stating that I have a delinquent account with T-Mobile. I have never had a T-Mobile account, device, etc… I have no idea what they are talking about and cannot call back due to a “private” number listed.

  74. ilea says:

    i have also gotten calls from “blocked” numbers and today i decided to answer they asked for me but i told them i was the sister and asked who was calling..the guy,who sounded foriegn..said mcm and i asked who and all he said was midland and hung up..i know all my debt is 7 yrs and older..after the call i decide to look them up and here i am..my dad went through the same thing only different co. Credsmart had contacted me looking for my dad saying he gave my number in case of emergancy so i thought he was in the hospital or jail.. but the lady gave me all his information and said to call before 4pm or he will go to court..wtf?? my dad researched the number and found it was a debt collector who has several cases against them..so the next time they had called me i gave em a piece of my mind..that lady didnt know what to do..lol Debt colloectors suck if you plan on paying your debt pay to the original company

  75. Joe says:

    looks like I am not the only one with problems in dealing with MCM. I had a bankruptcy discharge in 2009 in 2011 (17 monthgs kater) I had another collection agency try to get money from me and I sent them a certified letter regarding my bankruptcy and they stopped, now 11 months later MCM is trying to collect. I will be sending them a certified letter requesting a validation letter. In the letter I have requested the following 6 things 1. AN agreement with the creditors to collect (2) signed letter showing my signature that someone else will assume debt, (3) Documents showing they have authority to collect in my state (4) valid copy showing amount of debt and interest charges (5) documents from bankruptcy and (6) documents showing payment history on this account prior to bankruptcy. Failure to send to me all of the above will void any payment they try to collect. In addition, they are not to call me, nor have they sent one piece of written correspondence (mail, UPS or FedEx). Hope this will get them off my back.

  76. Nikki says:

    So after being repeatedly called by “Unknown” while we were at work, we finally answered, discovering these MCM people were looking for someone who has never lived in this house. That happened once more after that. We thought they finally got the message only to find weeks later, in the mail today, something addressed to the strange man they keep looking for here. We built the home and are the only ones who have ever lived in it. Wrote on the darn bill or letter or whatever it is that they might want to invest in a phone book and return to sender. If these people somehow are legit debt collectors, they are obviously hacks.

  77. Alice says:

    I was just awakened at 11:48pm by this company. I told the man that I would not talk to him because it was almost midnight, at which point he raised his voice. I do not like to be yelled at, so I hung up.

  78. Peggy says:

    My husband & I have been receiving calls from an anonymous number – him on his cell and never answered it. My atty says they can’t be calling cell numbers and not allow their number to come up. The first call asked my to hold for the next available agent – I hung up. The next time there was a guy who doesn’t live in the US on the line. I told him I couldn’t do anything for anybody at this time and his threats of a lawsuit were meaningless because I owe over 1/2 million on a commercial building with an environmental dump on it. After we talked I found all this information and more on this CO. I called him back twice and left messages. I gave him a piece of my mind and the name of my attorney who delights in suing fraudulent debt collectors. He called me back and I continued to give him a piece of my mind. I gave him again the atty’s name and number and told him to talk to her. He said paper work was on its way. When it gets here I’ll fax it to my atty and she’ll demand verification and that’s when I expect them to crawl back underneath the rock they came from! These people are frauds looking for suckers. DON’T be a sucker. GET AN ATTY. one that specializes in debt fairness law violations like mine. Paying one of these attys a few hundred dollars is well worth it to protect yourself from these and other scammers like them. This isn’t the first fraudulent debt collection case she is handling for us. Like so many we lost jobs and homes in this 21st Century DEPRESSION and I have no sympathy for the banks that tanked the economy and now still want us to pay. They sell the debt to these money-hungry scammers and I won’t put up with it. Just who the hell did they think was going to pay the bills after they tanked the economy??!! I have no intention of paying these scammers one red cent and if they mess with my credit report – my attorney will handle them

  79. jerry says:

    Midland Credit management, Inc. sent me a letter stating a dept of $674.64 previously with Citibank USA, N.A. I never have done business with Citibank, in fact I don’t like that company at all.
    Once the letter was read, I gave them a call. They asked for the account number and the last four of my social security number. Then told me to throw away the letter because this was not my dept but another persons. They also informed me the company would would delete my address from the account.

  80. Lauri says:

    I received letters from attorneys regarding representing me in a lawsuit against Midland. I had no idea who they were since I had not received a call or any mail from them and knew I never opened an account with Midland and in fact had disputed the account on my credit report. I contacted our court house to discover they had filed papers and a court date was imminent. I hired an attorney to represent me in court after reading about how lie in court. We requested they provide proof of serving me – they could not and not only that but provided a description of my husband that was laughable.
    They said they served my husband who was 145 lbs 5 7 and blond hair blue eyes 35 years old. My husband is 6’2” 230 Gray hair and 52 years old! Courts threw it out and made them re-file. Second court date we requested they validate debt – they could not and court was re scheduled. Third court date they still could not validate the debt so the court dismissed it. Don’t be afraid of them! File a complaint on the Federal Trade Commissions website and with your attorney generals office. If you lack money don’t worry you don’t need to hire an attorney to fight them – do some research, be prepared and you will prevail!

  81. Christina says:

    I received a phone call last night from a collection agency by the name of FRS. My husband answered because I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize. (caller ID said “Toll Free Number”)They told my husband it was a personal matter and they needed to speak with me. Reluctantly I got on the phone, and this woman proceeded to tell me that this call was an attempt to settle a debt on behalf of GAP. When I told her I had no idea what she was talking about she became rude and kept asking me if I was going to settle. I kept telling her NO, Its not my account/card. This woman had me so upset, I gave the phone to my Husband. Here, someone opened a credit card to The GAP in my name, with my personal information, I have been on the phone with all credit reporting bureau’s, filed a police report, etc. since 8:15pm last night. This is truly a nightmare!!! Just an FYI, it is showing on 2 out of 3 credit reports by guess who….MCM !!! Completely ridiculous!!!!

  82. bellachelle says:

    I had my court date today with this jerk off company & they had no orig. contract or an witnesses so they dismissed my case. Midland tired to sure me for 2000 for a credit card i had in 1996! Make sure you have them show orig. documents & show up to defend yourself!!!!

  83. loren M says:

    Midland buys old debt even if it was resolved to see if someone will pay something, Obviously paying reopens a statute so never pay..My advise, if resolved, throw out the letter, they never send another one. My issue was resolved by another debt collector in 2005; in 2012, they are trying to reopen the case.

  84. One happy camper says:

    Right on time for tax return again this year. “You owe money for a past due phone bill”. Funny thing about this “past due bill” is the fact that I pay my phone bill a year at a time. Makes you wonder how I could have a past due bill…It is a scam.

  85. C E A says:

    I was a sucker. I paid $1100 dollars for about one year 100/mo. After I could not pay anything for 5 months they then added 27% interest like a paid them nothing.

  86. april cooper says:

    they say that i owe over $600 for a phone that i never owned. i had a phone with suncom not t-mobile. now they have put me on hold and have been here for over 30 min for the fraud dept of this company. do they ever answer the phone. i am glad that i have protect my id. i would say that all people everywhere need this service. now they don’t know what i am talking about. go figure. go to protectmyid.com they will help with this company.

  87. harvey hamilton says:

    I have been incarated for 13 years just paroled 01/18/2012 and checked my credit report and Midland credit mgmt. say I owe them money for two debts occured on 09/01/2010, and 09/01/2010. How can that be? Someone esle has used my credit.

  88. Aand M says:

    My husband received a letter from them and I almost died laughing…this is the fakest funniest looking letter I ever saw in my life!!! Fake letter, fake company, fake Debt… Even the address wasn’t correct!!!! Oh and the letter starts with: Congratulations! You have been pre- approved for a discount program designed to save you money……. LOL You know what my saving is? NOT PAYING FOR SOMTHING WE DON’T OWE!!!!

  89. a sanchez says:

    In 2010 they reported a large, fraudulent cellphone debt with a company I’ve never done business with, on my credit report, with just my first initial, last name, and a completely wrong address. Sanchez is one of the most common Spanish surnames, and “A” can be any number of first names, so it was ridiculous that this could be ascribed to me on such a flimsy basis, and with a wrong address, no less.

    I called them and they asked for my correct information, to “prove” it wasn’t me, and I foolishly told them. But instead of removing me, they have now put my correct information on the fraudulent debt and are sending collection notices to my home.

    I work two jobs, pay all of my bills on time, and am trying to buy my first house; it is shameful that they can ruin an innocent person’s credit and try to extort money this way.

    I will be reporting them asap, and if I can’t buy a house this year because of them, I will use my downpayment money to sue them into crippling and irreparable bankruptcy.

  90. ? says:

    I was just alerted by my credit mointoring service that a new account posted to my credit report. The account was opened December 21, 2011 and reported to March 11,2012. I haven’t opened any new accounts and after reading all of the comments I am afraid to call. This is scary due I am in the process of purchasing a new home and this could cause me to lose my loan. Not sure about the company since I havent opened any new accounts in over two years. Trying to find some answers not sure what this could be and why I never received a phone call or letter in a mail the account just appeared on my credit profile.

  91. FedUpTxn says:

    I’ve been getting collection letters from MCM for a couple of years. I called to find out what it was about and was told it was a balance from a credit card I closed years ago with a zero balance. MCM claims I owe over $8,000! I asked in writing for proof that I signed or purchased anything and that request was ignored. Texas has a limit of four years to collect and this account has been closed with no payments for at least six years. I dare them to take me to court! Their notices go straight into the shreader!

  92. csanonymous says:

    I have been abroad for 9 yrs; left after a divorce and my ex filed bankruptcy. Returned 6 mo ago, and now they are calling. Statute of limitations in AZ is 6 years. But I’m worried after reading this that they are going to do something illegal like file a 1 cent payment on my credit report or reopen a closed acct.

  93. George says:

    Received call today from this company concerning a bill with a company with which we have never done any business.
    Asked them to remove us from their account. They were difficult

  94. mcsmith says:

    I settled my account with GE Money bank/ JC Penneys and now Midland wants to collect the same saying they are collect on behalf of GE money bank. I called Ge money bank and they conferenced me with Midland and told them that i had already paid off my acct. and here we go again. Trying to collect from an acct that has already been settle by the originator and they want money too. What scum.

  95. p says:

    just found they filed a fraudulent lien on my home years ago. They file a lawsuit & record a lien on the same date BEFORE THERE IS EVEN A COURT DATE – UH I WOULD SAY THIS IS ILLEGAL – especially also since I showed up and won my case in court and it was dismissed!!!!! I’m checking for what i can do about it – in missouri they can be made to pay $5000 for this violation! hope it’s the same in my state!

  96. Shono says:

    THEY CALLED ME 5:30AM and 7:20AM. THIS IS 100% ILLIGAL.

    I sent a letter.

    If I will get a called again, I will sue them.

  97. me says:

    I keep getting unavailable phone calls from these people at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night. A little late don’t u think?? And to top it off speak English not Hindu I can’t understand these people they are a scam and full of BS. They say I owe them for a credit card but infact I have never had a credit card so they need to stop I am looking up my sol this has got to stop. And sometimes when I do answer they hang up quit calling and harassing people already

  98. dori says:

    I just got a call from this company on my cell phone for my fiancee! because I wasn’t his wife he wouldn’t tell me what it was about but we have been living together for 2 years and I know for a fact since we pulled his credit report for our lease that he paid off his credit and hasn’t had a credit card in 4 years and he is completely dept free! I hope they don’t start harrassing us. We are getting married in 2 months and then we are hoping to work on a downpayment and get our credit scores up to a good rating. I’m now worried they will sabatoge his score.

  99. Frank says:

    MCM keeps calling my cell phone.They say my first name and say they are MCM and they want me to give them my SS# over the phone.I don’t give them that and I don’t know who they are really wanting.They never identify themselves or state what the call is about.The guys english is horrible.I don’t know if he is just dumb or if it could be a scam.

  100. sophie says:

    T mobil what is it ? but this company claim we owe them $300. Do not know who is MCM nor T mobil ,we never dealed with them and never will. Talk about Fraud are there persons that really sent them money.Wish this company stop sending me notices and save a tree, cause these letters wind up in the trash. Not to Worry

  101. John says:

    To the person mentioning The BBB. They are nothing but a company that gets paid by other companies to put them on their website as being a good company. If you want to know about a company do your own research.

  102. Shono says:

    This company call me 5AM 4times already.

    This time prepare for sue them.

  103. Marty says:

    This company calls, ask for someone I don’t know, I advise them they have the wrong number, they say they are going to remove my number as a wrong number – then they call again, and again, and again.

    They are harassing someone who never had any business with them or business with anyone they are affiliated with. Someone who owes them no money, just someone they called out of the blue.

    What is sad is elected officials (State Legislators, and Congress) are so in the pocket, accept so much money in campaign financing and bribes, from Financial Institutions there are no laws to protect a citizen from constant fraudulent phone harassment. . . . This is annoying and stressful.

  104. Joe says:

    Last month I received my income tax return. I thought i would pay 300% more to help pay off this bill sooner. well they did not send a invoice today they inform me I that it is 34 days since they have been paid and demanded more money at a higher rate of pay. they will get it when they send a bill. Also the have trouble subtracting what has been paid and, they do not report to the credit people that you are working to remove your debt.

  105. No nonsense in IL says:

    Years ago I had fradulent charges on a credit card with Spiegel. It was finally taken care of and removed from my credit report. For a while I wasnt even aware of it because they obtained the numbers and I didnt use the card and moved. This company shows up in 2005 to collect from me and threatens litigation. They would not accept that it was fradulents yet never validated the debt. They served an elderly neighbor papers I received days later so I wouldnt show up in court. There are crazy and I cant belive some of the tactics they get away with to get money. I have sent them information for the last time and if they dont stop the madness, I’d rather pay a lawyer than pay them for something I don’t owe. I am surprised they are still in business and the FTC has not shut them down. I even wrote the President, Mr. J. Brandon Black. We will see what happens if anything, Otherwise, class action may be my next step!

  106. JOANNA COX says:

    This company today violated Fair Debt Collection Acts which prohibit Sunday phone calls. Dan Cook 1 800 265 8825 ext 53434 specifically….. Federal Collection Laws do not allow this. Unreal.

  107. Tina says:

    I went to court today to answer a summons for MCM….of course they didn’t show and I think they hoped I didn’t either. I was hoping they did come to court so I can railroad those crooks. They were trying to get a judgment against me for fraudent charges in my name on some FCNB Spegiel account that I had fought to get removed from my name at least 8-10 years ago! I am happy I won an automatic dismissal due to the no-show. But I felt bad for the defendents who did not appear. MCM had at least 6-10 cases besides mine this morning and only 2 of us showed. The other people will now have their credit tarnished and bank account or paychecks garnnished by these crooks! My advise is to fight them, they need to prove you signed a contract and that the limits of statutations have not passed on the original deliquency.

  108. Megan says:

    I have been getting at LEAST 3 calls from these people, 7 days a week, starting at 8am and going as late as 7-8pm at night. I have answered several times, repeating the SAME thing over and over.

    It’s for an T-Mobile old bill, that per my records was less than 500 when they sent me my “final notice” (I’d lost my job) and that they were sending me to collections. MCM is telling me I owe over 1000 dollars now.

    If the calls and the bill weren’t enough, I have told them over and over, that I am a student, I am living off of the good graces of family after losing my job, I do not have unemployment or any income that I can use to pay. Their response? “Ok ma’am, I see that you have said before that you are unable to pay due to no work and no money, and you have told me today you are unable to pay due to no work and no pay. I am going to put this down as a refusal to pay.”

    Really? Refusal to pay? I’m seriously ready to block this number.

  109. Melissa says:

    I received a letter from MCM indicating that I owe a bill to GE/Care credit from 2007. I called MCM on several occasions to request validation of the bill and every time they repeatedly send me there (MCM) bill. This went on for months. I was then served on 1/6/2014 by MCM attorney Finkelstein, Kerns, Steinberg & Cunningham to be in court on 2/4/2014. I then called FKSC the following day (1/7/2014) and explained that I repeatedly asked for some documents of this bill from GE/Care credit as I have no knowledge of this bill or if I even owe this bill. FKSC assured me that they will be forwarding immediately. In the mean time, I sent a certified letter to MCM for validation of the bill which they received on 1/17/2014 and I went through my archives and found a old bill from GE Care credit. On 1/20/2014 I received documents from FKSC which was suppose to be a bill from GE Care/credit. OMG this document was so fraudulent It was a copy and paste of someones bill. On a white piece of standard paper wrong account number, incorrect APR, information blacked out and I could go on. Nevertheless it was not mine. I went to court on 2/4/2014 and met with their attorney and advised that I will not pay as this bill was not mine. FKSC (she) was not happy and advised that this information was fraudulent and she advise that they do not participate in any fraudulent practices. She advised that they will be forwarding additional information on the account. To this day I have not received a thing from FKSC nor from MCM. However they continue to report on my credit report. Need help.

  110. Laura says:

    They started again today with the burn phone contact; a very simple area code/phone number lookup put the number in the correct area of California. I may well set up my computer to record and put my phone on speaker next time. It’s a lot harder to deny you’re harassing people using illegal methods when said people have proof.

  111. Edward Crespo says:

    Midland Credit Management is actually one of several “puppet-on-a-string” subsidiary companies of Encore Capital Group, the biggest “player” in the Junk-Debt industry. MCM operates a HUGE junk debt collection boiler room in India where their “army” of third-world country boiler room phone solicitors routinely commit both civil and criminal violations of every debt collection and telephone recording law in the book with impunity. Being over 8,000 miles away, each Indian phone solicitor knows that he or she is well beyond the reach of American prosecution and justice which is why they have NO regard for American law during their collection attempts. Once again, I have them in federal court, this time for tax reporting fraud. Junk debt, in and of itself, is a predatory rogue industry and Midland/Encore are the biggest and worst offenders of them all.

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