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NCO is an extremely large debt collection agency. Their job is to collect money owed to their clients (usually companies that service and sell to consumers just like you). Also known as NCO Credit or NCO Financial Systems, this company uses representatives to reach out to debtors by phone, email, and mail.

Is NCO Financial a Scam?

NCO Financial is a real debt collection agency. But just like all other debt collection companies, it is possible that unethical practices may be used to collect debt owed. Know your rights!

Stop Harassment From NCO Financial

NCO Financial is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. They may make harassing and/or abusive calls and send out threatening letters, and in some cases they may have your information by mistake.

The legal team at Francis & Mailman can help end this contact harassment and abuse from NCO, and resolve discrepancies. If a debt collection agency like NCO Financial is harassing you, or violates any of your rights under the FDCPA, you have the right to sue them for damages.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (read more about the FDCPA here), debt collection companies such as NCO Financial cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt (family, neighbors, etc.)
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Call at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

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Call 1-877-735-8600 or fill out our free case review form to stop harassment from NCO Financial or to see what action can be taken against NCO if they have violated any of your consumer rights.

Below are several examples of cases that were filed against NCO Financial Systems, Inc. and experiences/comments from other consumers that have had issues with this debt collection company.

Big Lawsuits Against NCO Financial Systems Practices

Thomas v. NCO Financial Sys., Inc.

2003 WL 22416169(E.D. Pa. Oct. 21, 2003). Debt collector provided the credit reporting agencies with information on debts past the statute of limitations.

Prince v. NCO Financial Servs., Inc.

346 F. Supp. 2d 744 (E.D. Pa. 2004). Debt collector attempted to collect debt before it was in default.

Davis v. NCO Portfolio Management, Inc.

2006 WL 290491 (S.D. Ohio Feb. 7, 2006). Consumer stated that debt collector did not have enough documentation to file a complaint and pursue a law suit. Court found that the defendant had a sufficient amount of evidence to move forward.

Foti v. NCO Fin. Sys., Inc.

F. Supp. 2d , 2006 WL779774 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 25, 2006). Debt collector repeatedly attempted to collect on the debt within the 30 day validation period. Debt collector made various threats pressuring the consumer to make immediate payment disregarding their right to dispute and request proof.

Allen v. NCO Fin. Servs., Inc.

2002 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 10513 (N.D. Ill. June 10, 2002). Defendant sent a second collection notice only a few days after the initial debt collection letter was sent out. This violated the terms of the 30 day period that the consumer has the right to dispute and request validation. Defendant was unable to provide a legitimate excuse for why this error occurred.

NCO Financial Systems Contact Information

Address  507 Prudential Road
City Horsham
State Pennsylvania
ZIP 19044-2308
Phone 1  215-441-3000
Phone 2 800-220-2274
Consumer Hotline Phone 800-550-9619
Consumer Hotline Fax 866-269-8669

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  1. Quieona says:

    They called and confirmed that it was me. He gave an address which was wrong and when I told him to resend it because the address that he gave me was wrong. He told me he already did. On top of that when he gave another address it was still wrong. He then offer a deal that I can make two payments to get it paid off and asked for my account number so that he can take the money out of my account. I verified that I don’t have one but I can give a money order that wasn’t good enough. Then he started yelling over the phone when I asked to speak to a supervisor. He wouldn’t transfer me and had me on hold for a while. I then called back and spoke to someone else to give me a supervisor. The supervisor said that he would check the tape tomorrow while i has been noted in my account that I have been abusing the caller. Come to find out the people that called were from India so I guess on the weekends the main office is closed.

  2. Anna Stone says:

    This company has harassed me for months by phone calling me 5 times a day and leaving recordings on my phone on a 10 year old alleged debit that which the statue of limitations has expired and I will sue you if you keep calling me and sending letters!

  3. Leone Garmon says:

    This company has been harassing me and my family for months about a debt owed by another person. The person they are looking for does not live here. Please help me discontinue calling my home to collect this debt!

  4. Kim says:

    We had an account that was paid off by another company when we purchased our new vehicle. The other company sent our account to NCO in error for our last payment and now they are harassing us for this payment even though we have sent them letters from the originator who sent them the account in the first place. They continue to call and have place the bad debt on my husbands credit bureau!. They are very rude and do not want to listen to reason. All they want is the “All Mighty Dollar”. I tried to explain the situation to them in a calm manner and they did not want to listen – I believe the “collector” even told me and I quote, “I do not have time to listen to a long winded story, I need to know if you are going to pay this bill or not because I have bigger and better fish to fry”. I felt this was very rude and unprofessional. This happened on 10/15/08. So be careful when you talk with this company. They have no compassion what so ever and they will not listen to reason. They will damage your good name and harass you no matter what until they get blood from the ole turnip I guess you could say.

  5. Debra Vessels says:

    This number has called me 2 times a day for so long! When I answer an unknown unknown it is several minutes of silence. I usually hang up, but today I had had enough. It is NCO financial calling on an account that was written off on my daughter from 1998. I finally made him give me his number and company name, and told him if he called me again I would sue him. If people are going to harass you the least they can do is call from a traceable number. I am shocked that these people would harass you for a ten year old account for less than a hundred dollars. When they call and the ID says unknown-unknown you cannot even tell them they have the wrong number!

  6. Marisa says:

    I was treated extremely rude by this company with someone through ext 238 and 244 a gentlemen claiming to be the supervisor hung up on me because he told me as far as he was concerned our conversation was over, so when I called him back after he hung up on me he still would not help me with questions that I had with there company, very very unprofessional! How can they treat people like this?

  7. Jamie Beckemeier says:

    My 85 year old parents are being harassed by phone calls every 15 minutes (even into the night) by NCO. They are getting a recording saying there is a collect call for them. I am reporting this to the FCC and the telephone company. My dad has a heart condition and stayed up all night last night “worrying himself sick” that he did not get a bill that he owes someone something. This is WRONG.

  8. jack says:

    When they call always tell them that you’re recording the call. Since they don’t want to be caught beaking the rules, they always then hang up.

  9. bryan says:

    These people should all be taken out and left on a deserted island. The first thing out of their mouth is the call is recorded. They are rude and make accusations that I purposely broken the law and should be referred to the local police. I couldn’t get a word in at all with the lady screaming at me. Finally she said I was uncooperative and she would inform her client and let the law handle it? I still don’t know why they are calling me. I have not received any mail or statement of this debt they are trying to collect.

  10. Army Corps of Engineers says:

    Individuals from your company have been continually calling after I told them this was a federal place of business and to stop calling. Your people will not stop calling I suggest they get better information on the looking individual they wish to contact, not here at our place of business. All personal business belongs at home not at our office.

  11. Julie says:

    NCO has been calling me twice a day; I have blocked all anonymous calls, and their numbers one at a time, but they keep calling. The debt they seem to be calling about is way over ten years old. I am afraid to answer the phone if I can’t see a number, their calls are giving me nightmares about phone calls.

  12. Jesse Tyler says:

    Called me at work and I informed them of my intent to file bankruptcy. Then they called me at 10:06 pm EST and when I informed the lady she was in violation of the FDCPA she hung up. I called got a supervisor and he was of no help since the collector didn’t note the account.

  13. Donnie says:

    I filed 4 years ago. Been paying on my trailer scence 2002. I finished paying thru my trustee Jan 08. I recieved the title and original paper work post marked and stamped paid. Why are these people harrassing me now for payment when I have the title in my possession?

  14. Amber Asaro says:

    This company has called several times a day, they have called my family who live in another state. Additionally, they have made claims that I have set up a payment arrangement that extended PAST the origanal 3 month block I had agreed to. When I called to inquire as to the arrangement (if I had not, they would have taken a payment from my checking account UNAUTHORIZED) they claimed that they just make a another 3 month payment schedule sans your authorization. When I asked to hear my authorization ON TAPE – the call was never returned. This company is completely unprofessional.

  15. Taryn says:

    This company has called me 8 times, and I never picked up because I didnt recognize the number, but when they started calling everyday, I called back and they asked me for my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!! I had my dad talk to them because hes good arguing enough that people don’t want to call back. wrong. THey hung up on my dad when he asked for a supervisor, the next day when they called he asked for them to take my name off the list, they put him on hold and never answered him. They kept calling, and again my dad told them he wants my name off the list. They said no problem goodbye. They called the next day and I told them to take my name and number off and stop calling me! I wake up this morning and they have called YET AGAIN. Once I figure out how, I will be reporting them to the FCC

  16. cookie says:

    This company calls me everyday like at lease 10 times a day..i keep on telling them i got minutes and told them what time to call me, the lady curses me out, saying buy a new phone or pay my bills and they will stop so serious ima sue them if they keep on calling me i will do my best to see them out of business, that will be the mission of my life

  17. B Mason says:

    I have experienced all the same problems the writers above have.

    The ONLY way to make this company stop harrassing people is to KEEP THEM ON THE LINE
    When the operators decrease the number of calls they make, the company will loose money. MONEY TALKS.

    Keep their lines tied up, the less lines available, the less times the autodial can access phone lines to make outgoing calls. If they have to add more lines, it costs them more money.
    If you have keep your line open, then get their 800 number, and later, when you have some free time, call them, wait until an operatore comes on the phone and don’t answer them. When they hang up-call right back and keep their lines tied up this way. It will cost them more money and they’ll have to have more operators to answer calls.
    If everyone started doing this, they would go out of business and perhaps the insensitive idiots who decide to work for them will get tired of all the harrassing phone calls made to them!

  18. Mary Leers says:

    NCO collections calls me several times a day. I work for the person there trying to contact. I found out information about him that should not have been told to me. Sometimes my employers 4 year old Grandson answers the phone and gets a loud machine noise in his ear. This has happened to me. I was not allowed to talk to a manager or supervisor and I believe it is because they are breaking the law. Mary Leers

  19. Anonymous says:

    they were looking for my partner so I then asked if they were a credit collector. The NCO rep lied and said they were not a collections co. While on the phone i googled them to verify that they were a collections co.and the NCO still lied and denied being one. I told them my partner had passed away and she did not even say that she was sorry for my loss. horrible people.

  20. Aaron says:

    I am so sick of this company. Some how they are on my credit report so i called them. first of all when I called i hear people in the background talking very loudly and making plans for that night. The person i spoke with was a complete idiot. I asked him to send me the info they have on these accounts i owe them on. he insisted on making a payment arrangment, and i said if i dont have the info i am not making a arrangment. So he said he will mail me the info. A month passed and I i finally got mail from them. But of course it wasn’t the info i asked for, it was a agreement. I called up to speak to someone and yet again I hear loud talking and the person didn’t even aknowledge me for a minute and i heard a whole conversation she was having. I told her my issue with the first person and how I didn’t receive my info. Then I said to her, “It sounds like you guys are having fun over there” she replied we always do, and i said I heard everything, she immediately hung up on me. I am sorry i am not going to give my oney t a company that can’t even be professional, and how can I trust them? I even called the companies i owed which were car insurance companies, and they don’t know how I went to collections when i cancelled the policies, its weird, yet again these people act like they are out in a club or a bar with what they talk about and how they act. NCO needs to gorw they hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fight Back says:

    Write – Call – EMail your SENATOR! Both Fed and State! They are a subcontractor and their contracts with the Fed and State government will be pulled if enough people complain.

    NCO is related to DCS, another company with lawsuits against them. Complain also in writing to the State & Fed Atty General.

    Finally calling them back and calling back DOES work. Do keep their lines tied up. Don’t talk to them ever, don’t try to work things out with them. However, you have the right to go back to the original creditor and just send them $5 or $10 a month. So long as you send them a tiny bit a month (this is assuming that you are strapped like me)the original creditor will probably ignor you. Also, if you NEVER EVER send money to NCO, or if you stop any payment to NCO, their contract with who they are collecting for reverts back to the original creditor. Website: is also a good place to check out your rights.

  22. Amy says:

    the people who work at this company are mindless idiots, it has been several months and they keep calling. i act surprised and even told them i was so glad they called,that i was getting worried about them because i haven’t heard from them in a couple hours! in the beginning we tried to explain that we have already lost everything due to unemployment and payments were being made according to how much could be afforded, while i was trying to explain the situation to them they repeatedly interrupted me and said that ” your problems aren’t my problems”, never mind that they shouldn’t even be talking to me since the account isn’t in my name. they continued to interrupt me so i hung up, they called back. this has been going on for about 8 months, and although it was fun in the beginning, when they start in on my sex life and what i do to make it from day to day financially, and otherwise, it ceased to be fun. payments are being made to the original creditor and they are accepting the payments, so nco go away, nobody likes you, don’t you have any self respect, this must be the only sense of life you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be harrassing and TRYING to intimidate people, who through no fault of their own have fallen into a financial crisis, try accepting what can be and stop threatening for what you can’t have!

  23. Anonymous says:

    These people don’t stop and it has become just a repeated ring that I ignore but am incredibly irritated with. They somehow have come up with a 15+ year old debt out of nowhere and started harassing me with it – a debt that was disputed and resolved – credited back to me – with AT&T who is now current and paid. Where do these people come up with something like that? I thought it was settled 15 years ago and it starts now? They were told this and to leave me alone but the automated calls never stop.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to mention that in addition to trying to collect a nonexistent 15-year-old debt, these people call and call and call and NEVER leave voicemail information to call back and NEVER send a letter to respond to.

  25. Jason says:

    They cold called me looking for my wifes father. They then refused to even state what their company does or services provided and wanted to know where he was. They said they would remove my number from their list but I feel affronted and feel that since they are trying collect from him maybe they should pay me for my wasted time for their bad research.

  26. John says:

    NCO keeps calling my number looking for someone else. I have told them repeatedly that the person they are looking for does NOT live at this #… I have had this phone # for more that 3 years and am tired of NCO calling for this person on MY phone. Must I file a Harassment Lawsuit against NCO to get them to quit calling me?

  27. Adele says:

    NCO is trying to collect on a debt that is being paid for on time since 10/2007 by CCCS. They are nasty on the phone, refuse to give the corporate number out and they are threatening.

  28. Michele T says:

    This company has called me EVERY day, at least twice a day for too many months to count. Would be bad enough if it were my debt but they are asking for someone I do not know. It’s not so bad when they leave the messages on my answering machine but this morning was the last straw. It is my day off and they began ringing the phone at 8:15. I let it go to vmail. The 2nd time was at 10 AM. I told the gentleman that they had the wrong number and that they need to stop calling. Then about 45 minutes later, they called again and interrupted the tape recording to hold on. I told the woman who got on the line that she had the wrong person at this number. She told me that she would annotate it in the system but the dialing would continue for 24 hours. The 4th time they called this morning, I held and spoke to a man who was not only rude, and ignorant but tried to intimidate me as well. I lost it completely when he asked about MY professionalism. I told him if he didn’t like how I spoke to him then don’t call my damn house. He was condescending and tried to explain why they were calling yada yada yada and I told him that I didn’t care who, what, when, where or why and that they are to stop harassing me over someone else’s debt. Do they honestly think they can harass this guy into paying his debt. The fact that he gave the wrong phone number to the NCO client is indicative of his intent to never pay. Either way it is not my fault and not my problem and most importantly not my debt. I asked for his name and then his supervisor. She got on in her condescending tone and told me the first thing I needed to do was to stop yelling. I told her that the first thing she needed to do is take my number out of her system. These people try to intimidate and harass people and it is not right. I will not screen my calls. This is my house and my phone number and they will not make me afraid to answer it especially when they are in the wrong! Something needs to be done about them.

  29. former victim says:

    For everyone who is being harrassed regarding a debt that you know nothing about – below is a letter which you can use – always send it certified mail, return receipt and KEEP a file of it in a safe place. I used this in 2006 when Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, was harrassing me for something from NCO. This is NOT legal advise and you should consult an attorney. However, I have not heard from anyone since, nor did I receive the information I requested:
    Your name/address-letterhead

    Person/Company name DATE
    Address Via Certified Mail Return Receipt
    City, state, zip
    Re: [reference their reference]
    Dear [Company/person name]:
    I am writing in response to your letter dated __________________, (copy enclosed for your reference) because I do not believe I owe this debt.
    This is the first I’ve heard from you, or any other company on this matter therefore, in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Section 809(b): Validating Debts:

  30. Kelly says:

    I have gotten rude phone calls at all hours!! The latest phone call that i have recieved was 9:15pm! I was Irate..The company that i owed money to 6 years ago turned my into NCO, i get 2 to 5 calls a day they have even called my place of employment asking for my by first and last name! (NOT ACCETABLE.) I just want the phone calls to stop. My “debt” was a very small amount and over the years it keeps getting BIGGER! I dont understand how they can still be adding shit to it. It is not fair and it should be stopped!!

  31. annoyed says:

    NCO calls my house constantly saying I own money to some bank or other. I don

  32. Debby says:

    NCO is under a cease & decist & has not responded to my debt validation letter send certified 03-10-09 – Received a letter from B of A (original creditor) confirming cease & decist- YET NCO called me on my cell @ 7:30AM What can I do about this. Already filed complaint against them with AZ Atty Gen. Office compl # CIC09-05897

  33. Tekela says:

    Checked my credit report and found out that NCO has placed two negative entries for the same account – Sun Trust. Payed off in January and sent certified letter to them (March) asking to delete one and send a letter stating it was paid. No response regarding letter and no change on credit report as of this date.

  34. Emilee Powers says:

    I had never encountered such rudeness and ignorance in my life, in dealing with a customer service call center. The first girl I spoke with was demanding I make a payment that I could never afford as I was trying to be honest and could we please rework the payment amount. She proceeded to tell me to calm down and not yell at her???? I hadn’t begun. I then demanded a supervisor, she said there was no need because he would tell me the same thing, apparently she understood you don’t know your job and I’m not hanging up until you do. He was worthless so I hung up knowing I was going to call back and hopefully get someone else. The next lady never even ask me my name she had my account up ummmmm….she knew that I wasn’t a push over by now and she worked out a somewhat reasonable plan within minutes. She gave me a ph# and name to call and complain (he must not have taken his message off yet)haven’t hear a word. I bet if I didn’t make a payment I would hear from them. Now we have another problem. They have stopped sending me my monthly billing statement with my balance. I am smart enough to know to continue to pay because that is probably their plan so they can collect late fees and harass all over again. I’m using my cashed checks as confirmation they got the payments. Tried the phone #866-287-2543 posted on this site, computer recording told me the number did not take incoming calls. So I guess a call to the BBB and my local congressman is my next step.

  35. Therese says:

    For several months now NCO has left recorded messages on my my machine. When I try to call back, I get another recording. There is never any one live to talk to. I guess that goes along with the company. YOU ARE NOT REAL. STOP CALLING!!!

  36. Transplant List Patient says:

    This company is calling my house for the person who had my phone number PRIOR to us having it. I’ve informed them that they’re calling a Transplant patient’s life line, and I’ve told them that several times, along with the fact that the person they’re looking for no longer has this number (they probably changed it due to the calls they were getting FROM NCO!).
    The continue to call. I would change our number, but when you’re on a transplant waiting list, there are literally 100’s of people that have this number and I’d have to go through a list and call them all with the new number. It’s getting VERY agitating.

    This past time they called, I decided to play a different way. They said, I need to speak with “Jane Doe.’ I said, Ok. That’s it. Okay. They said, “Just to verify, you’re name is Jane Doe and the last four of your social security number are 5555?” Yes, they ACTUALLY GAVE ME SOMEONE’S LAST FOUR! They continued to tell me that this was a debt with Sears, the amount of the debt, when it occurred, EVERYTHING about this poor woman.

    I’ve called my local TV station with this information, and first thing Monday, I WILL be calling Sears to let them know what this company is doing.

    People, when they call, find out WHAT COMPANY they’re calling for and call that company and report their bad habits and mannerisms. They’ll start losing clients. Because I bet Sears doesn’t want this on the news!!! And neither will other companies.

  37. #37 says:

    I am actually shocked that this company had the guts to call my sister’s mother in-law. Which this lady has nothing to do with me and she is from a different state.

  38. Pacific Bell says:

    I just got a phone call from these people. The guy said I had a few debts that he needed to collect on. This would be scary for someone who doesn’t know any better… He tried to collect on debt that he KNEW had been paid. When I challenged him on it he said “oh, yes, I see here that you did pay this”. In the end, there was one that he wouldn’t back off from. It was paid almost a decade ago. He said I needed to provide proof. My house was broken into a few years ago and all records stolen. So, obviously, I don’t have any proof. I went on a little rant and told him he needed to provide ME proof that I do owe the debt and the process used to verify that there has never been any payment. He said he will. We’ll see…
    The scary part about this is that he would have taken payment for every debt line he had in front of him if I hadn’t challenged him.
    My credit record has been clean for years now and I have a good rating. I was able to buy a house and was happy to never recieve any collection calls again. This call infuriates me. I will fight them with all the legal rights I have. I would love to see crooked companies like this go under. There are plenty of people out there that actually HAVE bad debt. Go after THEM! Stay away from those of us that actually pay their bills!!

  39. harassed says:

    I sent a check to NCO to pay for a bill, on the check we wrote paid in full. They received my check on March 5 and on MAY 4. I called them because they had not cashed my check, after being hung up on 2 times a lady finally told me because my check said paid in full, and not settlement, my check was not accepted. So,my check was just sitting in their office for 2 months. I finally asked for a manager, and a very, very rude man got on the phone and was screaming and cussing at me, then hung up on me. These people need to be shut down, I dont know how they expect people to give them money being treated like animals.

  40. Jen says:

    I am on vacation with the family in Disney World and my teen gets a call from NCO on her cell phone asking for me. They say they are a collection agency and want $1,293.32 for a Bank of America bill.

    When I got home, I called the Bank and asked what this was about? I checked my accounts I do hold with them. They had records of investments, a CD, a credit card, and even another small account with about $400 that my grandmother willed to me and I completely forgot about.

    The bank tells me they don’t have any affiliation with NCO and they don’t have any account’s with that dollar amount under my social, name, address, etc.

    The bank will not pursue them for fraud which I find suspicious.

    I also get a letter that was forwarded from an old address by the post office also looking for this money on an account I never opened and have no knowledge of.

    Considering what I am seeing here, I am not getting involved – I am writing a letter of dispute reporting the incident to the Comptroller of Currency and my Attorney General.

  41. Howard Wilson says:

    these people are so rude. I recently received a bill from NCo for a medical bill in the amount of $39.49. I was told to forward this amount to their company for the medical bill. I immediately forwarded a check in the amount requested for the medical bill. Instead of posting the exact amount for the medical bill, NCO instead posted the amount to an old phone bill that was at least ten years old and the statue of limitation was out on. They are now still trying to collect on the newer bill. I have forwarded copies of the cancel check showing along with the medical bill showing the exact amount of the bill and that when the call was made to pay this medical bill I agreed on the date to forward the money for the medical bill, not no phone bill. They are now trying to collect the medical bill.

  42. Eric Giardina says:

    Ha, Great posts whiners! I do harass some of you deadbeats, but that’s my job. Deal with it and pay your bills and we won’t have to call everyone and track down you losers. I’m a tough guy and can deal with it so I’ll keep calling. It is a great job actually. I will sometimes smoke up a bit on break or at lunch and when I make my calls then I can hardly keep from laughing at all of your bullshit excuses. Pay your bills and we’ll stop calling. NCO has been a great company to work for and maybe some of you low-lifes should get out of the gutter and come work for us and pay off your debt. Get a job and pay your bills losers!! You can send all the Cease and Desist orders you want. Our managers trash them and tell us to disregard them anyhow. That’s why we keep calling. What are going to do? Sue us? C’mon now you can’t pay your bills as it is so what lawyer are you going to get. Take care, I’ll be calling! Eric

  43. Crystal says:

    Unbelivable rude and harassing. Spoke with KEVIN….he should be fired. They had my address incorrectly. when I tried to tell him I hadnt gotten anything he screamed at me, threatned me and would not stop flapping his mouth off at me. When I asked to talk to someone else he said nope Im done with you…Im putting you for refusal to pay. He refused to give me his name, ID number or even a phone number to call back.

  44. michelle says:

    To whom it may concern, I wish to inform you that i have recieved several harassing phone calls, i returned the call finally to a person named Dave at 716-404-2356, i had informed him that i have filed the account with a debt cosolidation company , gave Dave the company information, Dave informed me that the company that i have corresponded with was STUPID, and will not resolve my issues, Dave is VERY RUDE, HARASSING, i had also told him that the number of xxx-xxx-xxxx was not a correct number and to please remove from account, has yet to be completed. after several lengthy conversations and Dave screaming at me has stated will place my account refusal to pay and hung up

  45. John says:

    If they call say “This call is being recorded on my phone as well” when they say they dont like being recorded simply say, “Then transfer me to someone who doesnt mind it then” and when he or she refuses say, ” Then dont call me anymore until you become a better professional” and they will hang up. they dont want to get caught bending the law, so do this and they will hang up. It worked for me like 10 mintues ago when they called this morning. I dont have any idea what they want, i dont owe any money right now. my credit scor is 695.

  46. richie says:

    I receive 3 calls a day from a prerecorded message to call back for a mr. parker, when I call for him the associate on the line tells me he is busy and then they proceed to ramble off my information faster than i can understand. when i tried to work out an agreement they refuse to send a bill and tell me I need to hand write a letter to mail out with the enitre payment(whole 93$). after being hung up on by their first associate I called back start to talk with someone who speaks understandable and before I can finish what I am trying to tell and ask them she interupts me and tells me I am not giving her the chance to speak. which is followed up by another hang up. I would hope that they would try to make it easier for them to get these debts collected, and speak clearly and slowly enough to even understand them

  47. benjy says:

    I have been recieving calls from NCO about an account that I could not possibly have. It was suppose to be originated in 1986, which at that time I was on active duty in Germany. When I told them I considered it identy theft, The agent went ballistic. I also gave him the name of whom I suppected to be the culprit, where they lived and how I know it was identy theft. The agent hung up, then within three days I got a very nasty letter from NCO to the effect that I am a liar and that action may be taken against me. I called them back and told them to bring it on because I was loaded for bear and that I was ready for a fight. That was two months ago and I have heard nothing else from them.

  48. Lynn says:

    I cannot believe that so many people are getting the same type of calls. I just started getting calls at work for a bill that I do not owe on from 1998. 1998! Where do they come up with these charges? They supposedly send me a letter that I never received. They call my work 3 and 4 times a day. I have told them that this is not my charge and they won’t listen. Why in the last 11 years have I never received a bill for this charge? Why in the last 11 years has it never been on my credit report? How can this company legally do this?

  49. shannon says:

    Nco was on my credit report for 5 years. They acquired a debt 1.5 yrs after it went into default. I never once heard anything from nco the whole time they had it. 6 months after it fell off my credit report, I was served a lawsuit for the debt. They never once tried to cellect it, this was the only attempt. I fought it becuase the statute of limitations in my state had expired on the debt. Nco actually backed out of the lawsuit but I had to spend a lot of money on a lawyer to fight it.

  50. Mel Johansen says:

    I keep getting this payment due letter for Direct TV. It is addressed to Melvin Johnson. My name is Johansen. I am sick and tired of this, as I have called Direct and they have me listed as not owing one dime.

  51. Rose Trout says:

    I received a letter for a bill from 1 & 1 Internet and I have received no services nor do I have any on-going contract. Is it legal for a collection agency, NCO, to send out collection notices when no services or products have been rendered? 1 & 1 INternet obtains their fee for service up-front prior to providing any services. This is simply crazy! 1 & 1 Internet could no longer collect since I had closed my credit card. Seems simple to me–no money, no service. NCO should have never sent me any type of notification. I should have simply received a letter from 1 & 1 Internet stating that services had been stopped since they had not received any payment. Unreal.

  52. tonya says:

    This company is an absolute nightmare. They call my place of employment at least 8 times per day using different numbers. I will not answer the telephone. This is very disruptive and I don’t know who to contact about these people. Yes, I do owe the debt but cannot pay it right now. This excessive calling is not going to resolve anything. Their debt collection practices need to be changed.

  53. steve says:

    This poor excuse of a company has called me more than once looking for another individual with the last name. Even though the the number is listed under a different name and no where in the same vicinity. Now they have called on July 4th of all days at 9am. They have been warned to never call back again.

  54. Heather says:

    I am 21 years old and had my car repoed. It was a voluntary surrender, I was married when I bought the car, and due to a seperation and my spouses refusal to pay child support let alone debt. I was honest and upfront, but do not have a means to take care of this right now as my priorities lie with my daughter. The representative has called my house and been extremely rude calling me childish and when i try to talk to them and explain the situation he said “your name is on the car not your spouse so whats it matter that you are seperated.” was extremely rude and demeaning. Calls my house everyday with no fail. I live with parents and an aunt uncle and cousin for the time being and he harasses them as well. My young cousin answered the phone and when my aunt got on the line he was rude and at first didnt believe she wasnt me and then asked “what are you watching the kids who was that boy who answered.” Very rude and very unprofessional. I am very upset about the way that this representative speaks to me and my family.

  55. Tonia says:

    I have been recieving calls from NCO now for about 2 weeks for someone I have no clue who they are talking about I have told them in our area there are different numbers for the first 3 and to try another they call at least 5 times a day. They have called me a liar and that they know I am her and I am not. I have given them my name and now after reading this have decided I will record antmore conversation and call my lawyer and ask what to do about this. They are rude and inconsiderate and very very unproffessional. This morning I flipped as I hung the lady was still yelling into the phone very good for them HA

  56. Evelyn says:

    I owe no one anything and yet this company has called several times a day for a year. The FCC should investigate and shut them down. They are obviously a fraudulent organization.

  57. Anita says:

    I have been recieving calls from this group for about a month now. They give a name they are looking for, but this is not me nor is t anyone in my home. I have told them this and yet they persist. They said the person gave me as a refrence, but that is not true. I cant even give them a phone number for this person. I have threatened to call about harrassment charges but this goes nowhere with them. How do you get some one like this to cease and desist? They are not even willing to listen to you. I am not that person…

  58. EMM says:

    Called my bank to confirm my payment plan. Surprisingly, NCO answered. After discovering who I was talking with, the nice man on the other line was trying to work something out to maintain my payment plans. He put me on hold and then MR. RUGGIO got on the line. He was rude, direct and a total jerk. He began to ask me personal questions like where do I get the money from if I am not employed.. and then he began to insult me by telling me that when I first had the available credit I was not complaining.. that I was enjoying it. It went on and on and on. He then stated that he was the only one I had to deal with whether I liked it or not. I ended the conversation refusing to hear any more abuse from this man. Mr. Ruggio is his name. They should reconsider who they hire to collect there money. Bad language and rudeness will not get them anywhere!

  59. deborah williams says:

    8:33 am the 1st call which I answered due to being my day off. Spoke to someone who continued overtalk me about a recalled debt which NCO was handling, when I tried to explain. Threaten me with wage garnishment and legal. Turned into you did not and I did back and forth match. When I told the person that I found them to be very rude and put their supervisor on, they said “I’ll let you speak to my Supervisor because I don’t want to talk to you either.” Never said hold on, so I hung up. A supervisor calls, in a more relaxed tone and you could hear more shouting in the background. Asked could my children pay my debt and never ask what arrangements I could make. Only wanted to know was I working and was my husband receiving disability. Mentioned my mortgage company and how I was paying them. I told them that I want to pay my debts and could not at this time. I worked with the debtor and was able to clear one of the debts previously. I ask could I deal directly with debtor and he said they would handle me the same way and Good Luck. 5 mins after this call another call comes in from NCO financial on a fax number asking for my child. I asked how they got that number and was told that it was given to them. I explained this number is never given due to know one knowing it except for incoming/outgoing faxes. Rudness by this Company in such cucial times truly can send a person over the edge. Do not be drawn in….I thought these tactics stopped a long time ago.

  60. suzi que says:

    called this a.m. at 8:45. saw their name and number on caller ID — by the time I picked up (after 3 or 4 rings) no one seemed to be there so I finally hung up. all these agencies want someone with same last name but different first name and when I say ‘not here’ they hang up at once but sometimes another idiot rep calls back later. round and round we go —–

  61. nathan says:

    i simply picked up the phone after their harassing calls and gave them my attorney contact info, they called him then then called me. I got a notarized letter from attorney concerning the contact than filed a 1000 dollar suit against them in small claims for violation of federal law and won. This company will harass you and ignore the system. Do what I did, send them to a lawyer then when they call you after that bring contact info from attorney and phone bill, recording of message to court easy money and they stop/

  62. Eric says:

    08/19/2009 10am

    I called NCO to simply setup a payment arrangement and spoke with a Tim…i dont remember his last name but he was in charge of sprint collection accounts! He Immediatly spoke over me when i asked about setting up post dated checks for the following month and stated “if you do not make a payment now ill mark you as a refusal to pay and will not agree to any future payments” I stated i am willing to pay as long as i can set up payments using post dated checks!! He then said ” have a nice day” then hung up. I called back confused and aggrevated and asked for Tim… i was then hung up on a second time. After waiting an hour i called back asked for Tim and finaly got him on the line after waiting 30min on hold. I asked for his manager so i could resolve this matter with someone else who would be willing to make a payment arrangement with me. Tim stated “my manager is to buisy to take phone calls if you have any issues thats what im here for” After only asking for his manager the entire 30min phone call i got hung up on a third time! So i called once again but instead of asking for Tim i asked for his manager Troy Trotter. I got connected immediatly to him and and spoke with him about the matter at hand. After explaining what happend and my attemp to pay this debt with a payment arrange he explained “i cannot setup any payment arrangements unless you pay something today and i cannot speak for what will happen to your account if you call later” After that i stated that i would call back and make payment arrangments when i had money at hand since i was unable to make a payment method of post dated checks using my active checking account! Why is it so hard to get a debt resolved even when you call and your willing to make an arrangement? It seems NCO is taking this debt collection way outta line and should at least be flexable with people calling and willing to resolve there debt!!

  63. Tired of bad people says:

    The collection agent who called me was very rude, like the many agents who called me from NCO. I had a $200 credit card go into collections with NCO and I wanted to work with them. The rude woman switched me to another woman who was supposed to help work with me. Amber Ayree is her real name in which I spoke with and Amber had told me that I needed to give her my SS# to open my account to work with me. I gave it to her and then she called me a bad mother for having a debt in collections and that other people can do better than me. I was trying to explain to her that I had been a stay at home mom going to college and that I had no income. She refused to listen and talked down to me by yelling and being abusive. I than started receiving mail from accounts opened that weren\’t mine and had been dealing with this for over a year. Charges are against her now, but she still needs to be arrested. Never give out your personal information. They have your name and address in their computers which is good enough!

  64. lisa ashby says:

    they need to stop calling my two phone lines like 8 times a day each! My husband and I are in the process of retaining an attorney. Why don’t they call once and leave a message?

  65. Unlawful says:

    This company transfer our account to another collection agency. We paid the debt off through the other agency. When looked at our credit report NCO didn’t deleted it from our credit report when they transfer the account back in 2007 and now it is 2009. We ask them to send us a letter to show that the account was transfer, closed and paid off they wouldn’t do send us the letter. So I had to filed a complaint to Attorney General in PA. So we will see what happen. They supose to act as a private attorney on your behalf. If don’t work a lawyer will be the next step.

  66. Nancy Baxter says:

    I received a recorded message to call NCO re: a debt collection, and it turned out they were looking for someone else (they had the wrong phone no., and I have perfect credit). When I called them, the representative was EXTREMELY RUDE and eventually hung up on me. I hope she had a miserable day.

  67. Jim says:

    Have received calls from them through my employer’s phone. I informed them on the initial call that I’m not allowed to receive calls on this number. He continues to taunt and intiminate. He also resorted to name calling and personal attack about my character without knowing any details of my case. Futhermore, I don’t know the case, as he is yet to tell me who he is collecting. He is boisterous and blantant about saying he’ll call back, regardless.

  68. js says:

    They call my house every day asking for someone who doesnt even live here. 10 times we have told them to take us off the list. they keep calling.

  69. Larry says:

    I have had 8 call in the last two days. I have no idea for what they are call me. They do not leave any message. From what I have read they are a collection for Capital One. I have paid all my Capital One account off and owe them nothing. I get a statement from each month and it shcow I owe nothing.

  70. pauline says:

    have a bill from NCO in the amount of 467.00 that is apparently from my old insurance company. I have not paid it yet because i don’t think NCO is legitimate. they called me 2-3 times a day starting at 8am until sometimes after 9pm even sundays. it got so bad i had to change my phone number. the first time i talked with them they gave me their line about their intentions to collect a debt blah blah blah….i let het talk and then i asked her which company it was from and she told me, i told her i would contact that company and clear up the discrepancy, she told me i had 2 weeks to pay the bill or it would go on my credit report. i didn’t pay the bill and they sent me another bill and another one a month later. they would leave these messages about the bill being long over due & I had to call them with my account information. It got so bad that when I saw their number I would turn my phone off. I finally had to change my phone number because they wouldn’t stop calling. The final straw is when they called me on a sunday at 930 at night

  71. Chuck 09/11/2009 says:

    I work in a place of business that records all incoming and outgoing calls. I am not allowed to receive personal phone calls. I have been called several times at work and hang up quickly. If I lose my job over this, I’ll own NCO Financial.

  72. Garry says:

    I get a phone call every 10,15, 20 minutes from these people. never leave a message. I had all I could stand in a two day peroid so, one day I answered an a young girl was on the line and I called her some names I never use. I HAD ENOUGH.
    I am not sorry. I was able to make my payments till I lost my job. Now, I am just barley making ends meet. I did not cause this recession in America, but I am getting the brunt of it. Why don\’t we have a group who can help those who are having a hard time? It\’s not that I am running out on them. They are also the cause of my default. These companies are driving people insane. I am 60 and being treated worse than a child. Can anyone help? I don\’t know what to do.

  73. ROBERT A. DIONNE says:

    i was burnt by GHS solutions for a citibank account settled for about 60% but it cost me a lot now i need help for a capital one account


  74. milo booth says:

    nco contacted me about a student loan made someware in 1987. i told them that i hade made no such loan. thay wanted proof of who i was so i sent it. i received numerous phone calls trying to collect and calling me a deadbeat. i have been cussed at and threatened. my wife recived a call from nco and she told them that i was not that. she was told to have that deadbeat of a husband call when he got back. i have tried to resolve this issue to no end. it has ruined my credit and caused a lot of greif. i dont know how to get this settled but i am not going to pay for a student loan that i didnt get.

  75. Donna says:

    They contact my cell phone multiple times a day, leave messages that they are calling regarding a debt which violates my privacy according to FDCPA. I used to do collections for US Bank and Ford and we were constantly instructed NOT to leave these kinds of messges for this reason cause you don’t know whose on the other end of an answering machine listening and it may not be the person you are trying to reach. I just program all their phone #’s in my phone and ignore the calls.

  76. Diana says:

    I too have had all these problems with them I suggest just going to the original debtor and trying to negotiate with them. I don’t know how to stop the calls its really a sort of traumatic experience being afraid to answer your home phone. Its really quite sad.

  77. Kim says:

    This company doesn’t even listen to Lawyers. I get call after call from these people. I have told them that the Items they are calling me about should have been turned into Workman’s Comp. I gave them all the Info for comp and they are still calling me. I have told them time and time again that it is Comp and they just don’t get it. I told them if they didn’t like it they should call my lawyer but they still call. I have stopped answering my phone when they call. They have all the info that I have to give. It is not my fault if they can’t take care of it on their end. If they keep it up it will be them that pay these bills that shouldn’t have been turned to them from get go.

  78. Jim says:

    NCO has regenerated an attempt to collect a debt from 1995, long after statute of limitations expired. Not only did then send me a notice for one amount, they set me a second notice within the 30-day dispute period and increased the amount of the debt. Both the attempt to collect, and the recontacting within the dispute period is illegal.

  79. april says:

    Garry, I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same situation, even though I’m 26 and it is just awful and inhumane how these companies can go. I too have lost a job about 2 years ago and i did borrow a payday loan. However, I was able to afford to pay it back. But then I lost my job before I could pay them. And now I am just getting back on my feet to make ends meet and now i just heard from them talking about there going to press charges against me for not paying even though I am making every effort I can to pay them back. Sad! For your situation, what I would do is, which, I’m doing now, is just to send them something preferably by money order until the debt is paid off without ever speaking to them again! You can also record and report your conversation to the attorney general or just report the company to the Better Business Bureau. Good luck to you and may God help us through these hard times.

  80. Adminstrative Asst. says:

    I am on the phone now trying to payoff the amount owed. The problem is, no one knows who I should be speaking with. I am being constantly bounced around. Customer serveice is of course horrible. Everyone has an attitude. The hell with it, I will eventually get there, I won’t allow these dudes to sour my attitude – ill get there.

  81. R. Pendleton says:

    This company has harassed me for weeks by phone starting at 9:00 am about a debt owed by another person. That person they are looking for does not live here. Please help me discontinue calling my home to collect this debt.

    Annoying calls 09-23-09

  82. Jean says:

    these stupid suckers have been giving out my toll free number for my SIGN BUSINESS on and off for several years. Gee, ya think they have troubles collecting those debts?!!

  83. Rev C V Nelson says:

    This company constantly harasses people they do not by calling repeatedly and asking for a different person each time. They refuse to permanently take your telephone number out of their system even when you request them to do so. I have told them repeatedly that the person they are calling for does not exist at my telephone number. I have had the same telephone number for well over 20 years. An example of their harassment is as follows: NCO Financial called on 9/22/2009 at 6:25 PM requesting that a Cynthial Nelson call them back at Ext 4707; then called on 9/25/2009 at 8:21 AM requesting that a Sheniqua Nelson call them back at Ext 4527. NCO Financial employees are rude and obnoxious! They do not actually check the telephone numbers they call with the actually owner of that telephone number! They are very sloppy in their work and they like to harass people that they do not know! Someone and/or Governmental Agency needs to issue a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER AGAINST THIS COMPANY!

  84. J. Camargo says:

    this company has continually called 9-10 times throught the day, sometimes back to back when you don’t answer. I attempted to settle with them siimply because I was sick of being harassed by them, I dim wittedly gave info that I should not have in ref. to payment arrangement, but when I was transferred the arrangemnts changed to options that I would not have agreed to from the outset had I known them then. Upon cancelling the arrangement the manager became indignant and extremely rude. I have filed a complaint against them.

  85. mlangwel says:

    To file a complaint against, go to and file away. I just did and listed the almost 90 calls from my phone records. After the first 2 I told them I am not who they want and the person does not live here and I told them to CEASE AND DESIST, Cease and Desist Order . Now that I have filed, lets see if it gets their attention. Next step is a small claims suit claiming interstate harrassment which is a violation of the federal telecommunications act. And you file that complaint at:

  86. Sunshine says:

    NCO has been calling me up to 8 times a day for someone elses debt for the last 4 months. I have told them that I am not the person that they are seeking and to stop the calls. They do not stop so now I am logging all the calls and I am working with an attorney to file harassment charges on them. I now have to retrieve all my messages and then go into my phone and block them. So far I have a whopping 22 numbers from NCO alone! They are rude and even when I tell them it’s not me they still are very rude.

  87. doctorg says:

    Even though they have been informed that the person they are looking for does not live at this number they keep calling several times a day from multiple numbers. How do I stop the harrassment?

  88. L says:

    I am alarmed by what I am reading on this site! I do not have any outstanding/delinquent debt and all my bills are paid current. I have ALWAYS paid all of my bills, so nobody should be calling me to say they are ‘attempting to collect.’ Pretty freakin’ suspicious!!!

  89. Yvonne says:

    This company was calling me three or four times a day, at all hours. If I answered, either there was no one on the line or else they asked for someone I’d never heard of. Finally, I got sick of the calls waking my baby and I called them myself (they call from a different number every time, by the way – I think they are just individuals working from their home phones) and told them to stop calling because I was not the person they were looking for. They said they will take me off the list, but we’ll see.

  90. Grny1128 says:

    I have been harassed by NCO due to a debt owed by my daughter whom is an adult and does live with me. Have asked them to cease but they continue to call and harasse me.This has been going on for months now.Informed them I hacve nothing to do with them (NCO) but theyn continue tom call.

  91. E Brown says:

    E Brown

    I recently started getting phone calls from this company. It’s a recorded message not stating who it’s for just a call back number. This old credit card was paid off earlier this year and they are now calling me ten months affter the fact. I have tried calling them many times but no one answers the phone. This is keeping me from getting a car loan.

  92. rb says:

    Have been making payments to Cap One/NCO. NCO calls multiple times a day – often without anyone on the line or hanging up when we answer. When they do answer they are rude and unprofessional.

  93. Mohameed S Rahman says:

    NCO financial is disturbing me by calling my home phone. I didn’t give any right to any one to call me for nothing. Please be sure about the identity of the person before calling. If you can not do it, you have no right to do the financial collection business. If any further call comes, I will have to take shelter of the judicial department.

  94. Rather Not Say Name says:

    I have excellent credit. Have had for over 10 yrs or more. I have just started getting harassing phone calls from NCO financial they leave a message each time that they are collecting on a debt. I have bills but none in error or in the rears as I said I have excellent credit. Now 10 to 15 years ago I didn’t. I think they are trying to collect on bills that I had to claim bankruptcy clear back 15 years ago or longer when I divorced my ex and he left me w/all the bills and no car but our babies….jerk! What do I do to get rid of them????!!!

  95. john says:

    These jerks are calling me every day!!! And they leave a message, which I believe is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) – Their message states that I need to call Miss Rose at NCO Financial, that it is not a sales or soliciation call and is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained wil be used to collect their debt. They even leave messages with my 16 year old son and tell him that they are debt collectors and have him scared! I hate these jerks with a passion and because of their actions, I don’t want to have anything to do with them, let alone PAY THEM. They can rot in hell for all I care. I don’t have credit because of a messy divorce and child support orders which devastated me, financially, but none of them care – they just want their money. They don’t care if I have to live off of Ramen Noodles – well, guess what? You can only garnish for up to 25% of your disposable income. Rot in Hell NCO Financial and all you other rotten debt collectors. Bite me.

  96. mk kamel says:

    this company used fraud to collect what they callled a debt from at&t. they could not provide me with a detailed list of the bill that was turned into collections. what a scam. BEWARE !!!!!!!!

  97. dont talk to them says:

    This company if it’s even legit has a bunch of idiots working for them. They called my cell phone looking for my brother ..and wanted me to give them his phone number…my answer to that is if you found my number you sure as hell can find his ,his is listed and my CELL phone is not .So stop wasting my minuets and stop harassing me .

  98. Jordan M. says:

    I love when the tables turn on these people. They think they have the right to speak to you in any tone they wish. WRONG. My favorite people to speak to on the phone are Roxanne and Manager Melony. Two complete idiots. I love how they think they know your life story, I wonder what bills they havent paid yet. Its people like them, that make peoples lives as stressful as they are. I guess we can just laugh at them, their job has to be the worst out.


  99. Don Roberts says:

    I started receiving calls from NCO about 2 years ago concerning a debt by a person named Donald Roberts. They were looking for a Donald “E” Roberts. I am not him. Have never heard of him . I have been harassed ever since. Caller at one time gave me the last 4 digits of this Donald “E” SS#. and DOB, of course neither even close to mine. Still getting 5 calls a day, from various parts of the country. I have hired an attorney and am seeking damages. there is not enough space to try to explain the feeling I have suffered due to these phone calls, and the mental anguish my wife has suffered due to this harassment.

  100. mladen says:

    these guys never do what ever they promise regarding a settlement!!!
    how any human being can be a member of such organization?
    aren’t those guys just little bit ashamed of the bread that you are earning?
    i would rather be hungry!!!

  101. Bart says:

    Understand one thing, NCO is a “Debt Collecting Boiler Room”. They use intimidation and abrasive techniques to prod you into a frinzy. I have been getting calls from NCO over an account that has been satisfied for more than 5 years. They will attempt to chump you into anything … do like I do, tell them to never call you again and if they do….turn everything over to your lawyer. THEY ARE NEVER TO CALL YOU MORE THAN ONE TIME A DAY, AND NO MORE THAN 2 TIMES A WEEK!!

  102. shirley a. williams says:

    i am sending this email to the supervisor or the ceo of the company i mail in a payment of $64.00 this month since i was $20.00 short this month here is the money order number H4011163 oct 03 2009 so i would like this matter taken care of and yes i know i will be getting stimtules check in the mail dont they all get it as i wont be able to get my medcine i had hard time last time they took my stimtiles check i couldnt get my medcine i am under doctor care so i think they should return the other one back to me i make my payments on time

  103. Veronica says:

    They called and told me that my educational institution had send my account to them, I gave them my account info to pay the debt this was a week ago next thing you know they call and told my husband claiming that I had not funds in my account and that I need it to call in the next 5 minutes or my account was going to be charge aditional fees. I called in 7 minutes and their office was close.

  104. Paul says:

    I had been doing business with
    A company in FLA. On a 6 week pay out while I was doing work for them they cancelled 6 weeks of checks plus 5 weeks of work for the next pay. They cancelled all checks and they filed chapter 11. This job required 150 miles a day and to pay my Employees every week. So I had to file chapter 13. I thought that I could pull my life back and I did not put AMX on this filing but when I tried to make payments with AMX they turned it over to An attorney, so I made a payment plan with them,I paid them, and now I get a letter from NCO finance with the AMX letterhead. One address is in Texas and the other is Fla. so I checked out this site and found out that they are A-holes so I am not going to pay them, they will have take me to small claims court.

  105. pete calnen says:

    These people have been calling me for a debt for another person for 3 months.

    I fianally answered the phone and told them I didn’t know the person they wanted.

    To no avail, they kept calling me, ( 3 time a day)

    I told them I will turn them over to the Attony Gneral of Ct for HARRASSMENT.

    I will if they call me back.

    This outfit is a scumbag.

  106. J & L says:

    We got a letter from NCO Financial System INC regarding some debt we don’t own. The letter indicated that the purchase was #332.73, and the interests were $27.50 at 9%. NOC is offering a 30% lump sum payment of $228.97. Watch out for NCO scams!

  107. Deangelissa Manno says:

    How bout all deadbeats just pay their bills?? Allow the chance that there is something you have overlooked or arent aware of. But most of you dont really want to listen or remain on the line on the “off-chance” that you DO owe it!! Isnt that more like the truth??? And if the person doesnt live there just so say —and GET OVER IT!!

  108. tw says:

    A notice was received on 10/28/2009 from NCO Financial Systems Inc. stating that I owed them $303.97 to settle a debt with Nationwide Insurance Co. My insurance policy has recently lapsed, but was reinstated. I called NCO Financial Systems Inc. to find out why I was receiving a notice from them.

    The collection agent that I first spoke with Dawn Jensing told me that the notice was to collect a debt and that the call would be monitored. I did not understand why I was paying the company (NCO Financial Systems Inc)if my policy was now current. She told me that if I did not pay that my name would be reported to the credit bureau. I told her that I would call Nationwide to make sure I owed the debt and that I would pay them. She was upset that I would not make the payment to NCO Financial Systems Inc. and blatantly called me ‘ignorant’ and hung up the phone.

    A professional company should not tolerate this kind of behavior. I called the company back to get information on which I had just spoke (Dawn Jensing) with and a supervisor (Helder Ferrero) to consult.

    I called Mr. Helder Ferrero on October 29, 2009 because he was not in at the time I spoke with Dawn Jensing. Mr. Ferrero was attitude was not very different from his employee. His main concern was that I pay the debt and was not interested in the business etiquette of his employee.

  109. Karen says:

    This company is the WORST – I have only answered the phone twice – BECAUSE they call me at 5 and 6 in the morning on my cell phone!!!!! I am being harassed!! They are calling me for something that is is the middle of a court decision now – and this matter does not concern them. This is the most unprofessional company that has ever called – they swear on the phone and start yelling as soon as you give them your name.

  110. mitzie shaver d/b/a MBCA says:

    nco cals my business at least 3 times a day and 2 and 3 times on sunday. i am a subcontractor for another company and i do have to work. had to have my phone number changed because of their harassment along with someone else and it is a private number. they still keep calling

  111. Unknown says:

    I’ve read these comments and agree with some and some I don’t. I don’t believe someone starts to curse at you as soon as you answer. Yes some collectors don’t have sympathy for what is going on in the customer’s person live but there are some that do. What everyone has to understand is that they are simply doing there job to make ends meet just like you are and probably have creditors calling them too. What makes the job hard is when the account holders of the debt get on the phone and begin to yell and scream because they receive collection calls. To eliminate that do what responsible people do…PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME…Don’t enter into an agreement that you know for a fact you won’t be able to afford if something bad happens down the line…How would you feel if you went to the your doctor and they told you every time you called for an appointment to stop getting hurt or stop getting sick when that is there job to help you to get better…You would feel like that is your job to do so why are you getting mad because you have patients calling you everyday for appointments. All these negative remarks people make and don’t think of how they may treat people on a regular basis. Collectors have a job just like you do. They should be treated with respect just as much as the customer. There are some compassionate, empathetic collectors that take into consideration your problems and try to help but still get cursed out by ignorant people because they know that there bill hasn’t been paid but just want to feel like they have power over collectors because that is how they make their ends meet. In all reality, the debtor is not much better than the creditor because without your debt, their would be no collection calls. So take that into consideration next time you get mad about a collection call. The collector was the originator of the debt, the person on the other side of the phone acknowledging that they have the debt is and need to take responsibility for their negligent actions by PAYING THEIR BILLS..and stop making the collector seem like the reason you are delinquent.

  112. Roger says:

    NCO is a “vulture collection circus” copamy. I am aware of this due to the fact that I once applied for an employment positon with them, prior to understanding their unscroupulous mannerisms. Shortly after the interview with them, I was contacted for a bill that had been paid to AT&T prior by means of bank transfer. I personally had another disturbing call today misrepresenting past due payables to a card company. This occured due to the fact that I personally closed a credit card account with a bank due to the company indicating they were wer raise rates due to economical conditions from 5.99% to a 14.99%. As I was a “prefered customer” they also advised that I could opt to cancel the card and finish paying at the lower rate. When the card company reported the account was closed to the credit bureaus evidently NCO felt it was a collect account due to either past due or non payment. This was indicated by NCO upon contacting me on the phone (a non-solicitate cell phone at that). I would advise anyone that if a situation like this may occur, and you owe a bill, whether past due or not, avoid letting them talk you into sending them funds. Collection companies do retain up to 30% of the payables and forward the balance to the debt company. Only pay the company you were doing business with directly. If you do send collection companies a check and they keep a portion of those funds it will show-up on your credit as a balance due anyhow. DO NOT PAY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE COMPANY THAT YOUR DEBT MAY BE WITH. If you continue to be harrased or false informaton is reported to the credit bureas, contact the FTC and report that company, as they are not adhering to The Fair Trade Act. It is time that these companies were placed under a government control.

  113. Ralph says:

    These clowns keep calling my phone asking for a person who is completely unknown to me. They assured me that they remove my phone number from the account, but they lie.

    I always wondered where people go for jobs after they are fired from Burger King. Now I know.

  114. Anna says:

    My credit score is 780, just purchased a business. NCO calls me about 5 times in a row/twice a year. I keep explainng that they got my first and last name, but SS and DOB does not match at all!
    I really do not care beacuase I am not in any trouble and it is funny to hear their threats. Go ahead! Report! It is not me any way. Do whatever you want. They get mad to hear this, because they want money. I am use to it by now and play with them all kind of jokes, they still looking for that person with my name but 20 years younger.
    Good luck with that miserable kind of job! LOL!

  115. Mary says:

    Called me today and was looking for someone with my phone number from over 2 years ago. They said it was an AT&T problem as AT&T doesn’t have uopdated records. I told her that was strange as I had been paying AT&T for over 2 years. The rep said “I just work here” I suggested she do a GOOGLE search on NCO Financial to see what a crappy place she works, all the pending lawsuits, and suggest she get another job

  116. DEE says:

    I just spoke to an idiot named Ryan who has some moronic idea that screaming at me is going to make me grab my checkbook and pay this debt, problem with that is there is no money so he wanted to know how i could make a car payment with some company that i never heard of and not pay this debt. I told him i did not make car payments to this company but as i said he is an idiot. These people use these tactics to 1). Get you angry enough to say something they can use to collect the debt. 2)and they think that brow beating you , family, friends will make you pay. i don’t answer any call i do not know and my family could care less if they get called so my support system is good in that regard. The bottom line is this, just don’t let them bother you, that is their goal they love doing this and you can beleive that a good half of these idiots who call you also have debt they have not paid for. And they do go through the phone book and they do find same names assuming you “are the one”. I love the credit card companies who go after us for what we owe my question to them is this, why is credit given to those who are not citizens of the U.S? and when these people have moved back to their own countries owing on these debts how do you recover that money…. as i thought , you don’t. Most americans do not know the millions in credit card debt that is owed by illegals, geez i wonder who gets stuck covering these costs??? yep folks its us so do i feel bad i lost my job and cannot pay as i had… well to be honest at first i was but knowing what i know now….nope! i have lived and paid for a long time now that i need a break its too bad well thats what i say to these companies TOO BAD. And because the job market just isnt there i am filing bankruptcy so no worries.

  117. Heather says:

    Just looked at a copy of my monthly updated credit report and noticed 2 NCO Deliquent Accounts. One from 9/1/2004 (5years ago) and one for 8/1/09 (1 month ago). I have no idea what either of these are for and cannot find a descent phone number for NCO. And now it looks like I will have quite a battle getting this off of my credit report!

  118. jennifer says:

    All of you should call ftc on nco group they can be shut down for collecting on old debts, its illegal.

  119. Samantha Evans says:

    We paid last Sept and it is still showing on our credit! We have a receipt and they keep saying it is removed and that there is nothing they can do!!!!!!

  120. Laura says:

    Instead of paying NCO or any other collection agency,I have found it easier to just pay the original creditor a little bit each month. Pay it online or send them a cashiers check.They will accept it.No company ever turned down money. If the collection company continues to call you, send them a certified letter telling them to stop and if they don’t file a suit for damages. If it lands up on your credit report, file a dispute notice to the credit bureaus and it now becomes their responsibility to investigate it and prove it or else they must take it off. Lets take charge by paying a little bit to the credit card companies so they get paid and putting the collection agencies out of business.Maybe they will learn to talk properly to people if they don’t make their commissions.

  121. JC says:

    I have not received anything in writing from NCO although they tell me that I owe them $10 from the internet web provider 1&1 (don’t use them!!) plus their fee of $29. I was paying 6 months in advance to 1&1 but due to credit card fraud, my card # was changed, so they could not get automatic advance payment. I tried contacting them several times so when I eventually got through I told them to cancel my account because i wasn’t happy with their service. They sent it to NCO. I don’t even own them the amount that they are asking for over the phone (nothing in writing) i offered to send a check if they gave me their address but I have not received anything from them. They also gave me the wrong address for NCO. Don’t they know their own address? i guess they don’t want people to write. They are hassling me for a total of $39, of which $29 is the fee for a late payment and so they are trying to collect $10 for 1&1. Then 1 &1 will have to refund me at least 1/2 of the $10 as I had cancelled my contract with them. Have you ever come across a company sending a bill out to collection when people pay in advance? Don’t use 1&1 as they have some kind of deal going with NCO!! I will not give NCO my credit card number, they will not send me anything in writing so I guess I will have to listen to their charming voices!!

  122. Cindy says:

    NCO has been calling me several times a week. At first they called my new cell phone, then they started calling my home phone. I have NO unpaid debts. I checked all 3 credit agencies. It is never a real person calling, it’s always a robocall with the standard speech they always use. They used to leave a message on my answering machine. I have now routed them to my FAX line so when they call me they get my FAX machine. I set up my cellphone to a silent ring when they call and I never listen to their messages anymore. I have complained to the FCC 3 times now with no effect. This has been going on for 3 months and I have never received anything in the mail from them. I am not about to call them back as I know I don’t owe anyone anything. It’s getting so annoying! I find it really interesting that this started when I started a new cell phone service with AT&T. If this keeps on much longer I am going to hire a lawyer.

  123. Unlucky Phone Number says:

    We had the misfortune of getting the telephone number of someone who doesn\’t pay their bills. We have received countless calls from NCO and have told them we do not know this person. As if the calls were not bad enough, they used a reverse directory and are now sending mail to this person at our address! HOw do we get this madness to stop?

  124. John Doe says:

    It is time that a class action suit be brought against NCO Finacial Systems Inc. who provided me with a P.O. Box of 17080 Wilmington,De 19850 while their physical address is clearly in Pa.

  125. Penelope says:

    NCO has been calling me nine or ten times a day from different area codes. I do not answer 800, 866 or Private Caller numbers or numbers I don’t recognize even if they read NCO Group and have an answering machine for messages from these numbers. They never leave a message, but let the phone ring enough times so I have all these hang-ups on my answering machine. If they left a message, I would call them back, but I am not going to play this game with them. This is pure harrassment. I don’t like it. With all these violations, how come these people are still in business. By the way, I have received no postal mail notification of any debt I may owe. None of their phone numbers are listed in “yellow”. Something is not right here. They should be stopped. Thanks for listening.

  126. Karen says:

    I keep getting phone calls from NCO Financial Systems. I finally said if you don’t stop calling this number I will call the Police. Sometimes I pick up the phone and don’t say anything,I don’t get any reply back. I don’t know how they got my phone number. I still keep getting phone calls from them.

  127. Josh says:

    NCO has been a thorn in my side for long enough. Got a call from my brother in law telling me they called his grandmothers house looking for me. I’ve never even met the woman. When I called NCO to confront them about why she was even called, let alone how she got so much information out of them, NCO started getting extremely RUDE. First, they told me I must have either provided them with the number, or called from that number. Trouble is I don’t know her. When I tried to explain this, the people from NCO started yelling at me saying things like “if you won’t let me talk, I’ll just interupt you.” I’m contacting an attorney tomorrow as well as filing a complaint with the FTC.

  128. Diana and Brian says:

    NCO has been harassing me and my husband for months asking for a Randy S. “Randy S. don’t live here”, we keep telling them. NCO calls all hours of the day and night and would not stop and they refuse to listen. Whoever is Randy-Thanks for giving NCO my phone number-you jerk. We are sick and tired of these harassing phone calls at all hours and they don’t do anything to check their sources or update them system.
    If this continues on to the new year, I will be contacting my attorney and filing a lawsuit for harassment against NCO.

    Diana & Brian
    of Churchville, NY

  129. Julie Eggemeyer says:

    This company has been repeatedly calling me at all times of the day. I have sent written requests that they cease doing this. Then I answer the phone, a recording says “Good-Bye” The debt they have been trying to collect is so far out of the statue of limitations it is ridiculous. I too am filing a complaint and contacting my Attorney General Offices. These people need to get a REAL job.

  130. Julie says:

    All the above has repeatedly happened to me as well. They violate everything!

  131. kristy says:

    i have been dealing with this company.. had a fraudulent check while at college and my account was supposed to have fraudulent protection.. so anyways i didnt fight it figured i was wasting my breath so i make monthly payments, and i became unemployed so i went from making 200 dollar payments to what i could, but i always pay something. called them and told them i am leaving for the military in march and would be able to pick back up the payments and more than likely just pay them off and settle for 80% of what i owe. they continue to call me with rude calls stating they are going to tack on fees and interest if i dont pay more than what i am currently. the supervisor got on the phone when i stated i would get a lawyer and fight the entire situation if they werent willing to work with me..i told them this was the only thing on my credit report and they needed to respect that i am even agreeing to pay. needless to say it got heated. they call ask for payment i say ill do it on my own not over the phone, and she hangsup on me. its ridiculous!! i am paying i am not sure what they expect from people least i am making payments!

  132. Edward Keller says:

    These guys call me four and five times a day, Sunday included and holidays. I cannot find a debt listed in my credit report that they could be after.I do not answer their calls.

  133. Art says:

    I got a call asking for “John Doe” who does not live here. I am a relative of “John”, who lives 2000 miles away, and they wanted me to give them his unlisted cell phone number. I refused and suggested they write him a letter or visit him since it’s not my responsibility. I doubt the caller will personally visit since she sounded like she was in India!

  134. Jeffery says:

    NCO has been calling my house for several weeks now, sometimes pretending to be other companies. I have no outstanding debts and they have requested no payment. They are just harassing me for what reason I do not know.

  135. sue says:

    Those people that work for this company are so rude. They will not listen to reason or much of anything I had to say. Trying to collect a dept from 3 yrs ago that I have not received a bill for since last Apr.??? All they want to do is set up a payment plan. Which I will not do until I see a bill that I owe on which they cannot send me. Got hung up on twice after being sooooooooo rude.

  136. TNS says:

    This company called my place of business. I called back and the representative on the phone was extremely rude and would not focus on the reason for the call. Instead the he choose to berate me about my loans. I asked if we could just go forward w/ the reason for the call and he “said no! you people are all the same and when someone calls you out you want them to move on well I’m not going to do that!” He also berated me for going into a career in public interest and how “that serves me right!”. No one should have to be treated that way. They have a valid number for me but want more than one number and I refused to give them another. They reached me on the number I gave them and they are not satisfied w/ that. My hands were shaking after the phone call and my heart racing. I felt awful. This can’t be healthy for anyone experiencing this company.

  137. Pete says:

    Got a call from them today. Never heard of them before, but I did recently get an old (15 years old) bill from a phone company. I think it was paid. (Not sure anymore.) Anyway, after reading about 1/3 of these postings, I am not dealing with any phone calls.

  138. M D McDaniel says:

    NCO keeps calling my elderly parents home looking for someone we have never heard of. My parents have had this # for 40+ years, so why they think it belongs to someone else is beyond me. I called them w/ this information and asked they double check the phone number and to please quit calling!

  139. Jo says:

    They keep calling even though I have repeatedly told them the person they want does not live here and I don’t have contact information to give them. I have asked 3 times already to be taken off their call list – don’t even know how they got my number. Or why they’re calling me. If it continues, I’ll need to find whatever agency handles this sort of thing so that the calls stop, as the law provides.

  140. Desiree from Cleveland, TN says:

    I just moved back from Europe on the 21 December, 2009. I was assigned a phone number by Charter Communications on 24 December, 2009. Apparently, the previous owner of this phone number owes many businesses in Cleveland, Tennessee and credit card debts and goes by various names of Melinda, Belinda, Yolanda, Eva, and Evonne. How do I know this? Because bill collectors are harassing me for her debts yet I do not know this person. As far as I know, I’ve never clapped eyes on this individual. I explain to debt collectors that I do not know this individual, am not a family member or even distant kin of this individual and request that they remove this phone number from their collection list. They promise me that they will remove my number from their list and then call back within several hours from the same company harassing me. Even the county elementary school in the Cleveland, Tennessee repeatedly phones me because this woman fails to pick up her child on time! If this lady has lost her job, then my sympathy goes out to her but I should not be harassed for her debts!!!!

    Want to know why I quit a very good job in Europe to move back to the USA? It is because my mother is dying of terminal cancer (she is in pain & has phase 4 carcinoma with

  141. Stop Calling me says:

    Looks like this company is really ridiculous!!! I would like to know why the BBB hasn’t shut them down. No Joke for 2 months they have called my house 10 times from 8 am to 9 pm. When they ask for my husband I ask , Can I ask what this call is in reference to. They say is he home. If I say No they hang up. If I say I will let you know when you tell me what your call is about. They refuse. So , I googled them and found out they are a fraud. So as of today .. They refuse to mail him about this debt that is owes. I finally got the calls stopped when I said he no longer lives here and I don’t care where he lives or what his phone number is. Finally my house is quiet and my children can sleep . Bottom line is they can tell you what company they are calling about. example. If its a Doctors bill. They can say its about Doc. So and So. and leave it at that. I have to say this company will never get a dime out of me and I always record all calls from people I do not know .

  142. george godfrey says:

    I was kept on hold for over 40 minutes by some one who sounded as if they had no idea how to transfer a call, come to find out the company had closed early that day but noone came on the phone to advise me of this. Previsously I had a guy curse me out and tell me I will always have bad credit as far as they were concerned and then slammed the phone down I called back and informed the same person that I would drive to their office and beat the living sh*t out of him if he ever disrespected me that way again. This company is run by so called thugs and people who try to threaten you to comply to what they ask and will not listen to your reason or plan of action to get them paid off.

  143. Anonymous says:

    NCO Financial employees are a bunch of low life\’s. One of them is Brian Roberts at 800-275-5196. They lied to me and gave me a bogus phone number and bogus address when I asked for their contact information. Just like I can\’t find it on the Internet. They wouldn\’t acknowledge that they would stop calling, so next time they call, I am turning it over to a lawyer.

  144. Maria says:

    I have recently paid of all my colections and have been trying to make sure that when I die (I have terminal cancer) that I leave no issues for my family to clean up. I had just gotten a Dispute resolution letter from Equifax and went online to check my credit report and make sure it had been removed when low and behold appears a collection from NCO. I have never been contacted by this company they never made any attempt to collect this debt and all of a sudden magically appears a collection. It seems they should e required to at tleast make contact with someone before they go slapping debts on your credit report-this company should be shut down as they are rude, crude and do not operate as they should be required to under the Fair Credit protection Act-where is our government protecting our rights? guess we don’t have any!

  145. Kay says:

    They have call my cell number and my husbands cell even my parents house non STOP even my father in laws private work cell number… Stop callin me this is beyond rediculous..

  146. kay says:

    They have called my cell number and my husbands cell even my parents house non STOP even my father in laws private work cell number… Stop callin me this is beyond rediculous..

  147. Jack says:

    I have a common name, like Jack Smith. NCO has called numerous times for someone with an identical name. I don’t have any outstanding debts, which is confirmed on my credit reoprt.

    After speaking with five different people, telling them they have the wrong person, they finally stopped calling, and haven’t called for over a month.

    Once they left a name and number, I kept calling the same person each time NCO called. I believe he was of Indian descent with an Anglo name. Regardless, after speaking with him multiple times, the calls have stopped.

  148. LC says:

    For anyone that know you don

  149. Liza says:

    I called this NCO about a week ago to find out my balance. They put me on hold several times, told me there was a problem (because I am almost paid up) and hung up on me several times when I insisted on finding out my balance. I called back, each time waiting to be told my balance. And so it went. Finally I was told my blanace was 880. dollars and 28 cents,
    only to receive a call today that I still owe them 1200.00 dollars, about 400 more than what they told me last week, because interest is accruing on a daily basis!!!Unbelievable crooks they are. I asked them to send me a detailed report. However, the guy on the phone was an idiot, never answered my questions, but continually asked that I start a rehabilitation program. Whatever that is. I told him that the people there (at NCO) are the scum of the earth and that if he did not send me an accurate statement of my balance, I would sue them.
    In addition I think they have called me several times a day on a regular basis, but since I don’t answer the phone anymore, they leave a recorded message, never identifying themselves. There is no reason for their calling me as I have been making payments regularly for several years…

  150. lisa says:

    I just called NCO again, I wanted to find out where to send, or get information. The person Michael Mann refused to give me an address.
    So I am writing to their head quarters adn if I don’t get any results, I will sue them for fraudulent practices.

  151. Jackie says:

    This company repeatedly calls an 80 year old man, who is blind, an amputee, who has suffered many strokes and often doesn’t know who he is talking to. He is living in a nursing home 1,300 miles away from me NCO says they called to request to speak to his me, his daughter. Now, how they got my father’s nursing home phone number I don’t know. They call the nursing home early in the morning, continue throughout the day, and into the night. How do any of these employees sleep at night? NO, I don’t have any debt that they need to collect. AND when called the company they put me on hold for 30 mins. at the stroke of 10 P.M. when their office closes for the day the switchboard hung up the phone.

  152. Diae H says:

    I have not used my credit card for a long time so I can pay off the balance. I make more than minimum payment each month. NCO has been harrassing me several times a day with both automated (Linda) and no meassge way technique of harrassment. When I called my credit card company to find out the problem they verified I was in good standing with my payments. They said NCO harrasses me because I haven’t used my card in a long time and they want me to keep it open or they will close it. Fine with me. Capital One raped me with their APR after being with them as a goood customer for over 15 years. Screw them too. NCO continues to harrass me even though I have screamed at them on several occasions not to call. Maybe they should take in English course?

  153. Donna says:

    They are calling me trying to collect on a debt incurred by my deceased husband in 1989, 20 years ago. I met my husband in 2003 and we married in 2004. He passed away in 2008. These idiots expect me to pay for a debt that is past the statute of limitations, incurred before we were married and was written off by the original creditor in 1992.

  154. Namon says:

    It seems to me that there are more than enough people to lodge a complaint to the FCC against these people. They are attempting to make me pay on a 20 year old debt that does not belong to me. I have assigned there numbers to never never land when they call.

  155. diane says:

    these people are idiots, im trying to pay my debt and they want more,they call my husbands work and all the time. they want call our home. my husband told them to stop calling his work, they said he was there clint , they want except our payments now.

  156. Faith says:

    I have NO idea why this company is calling me. I do not have any debt and my number is unpublished AND unlisted. I have a child with a disability and the calls are getting aggravating.

  157. Judy says:

    We moved to our current address in December 2009 but did not get land line until late January. We started getting calls from these people shortly after getting our new number. It is a recording that says they are collecting a debt, give the number, name of person to ask for, and a reference number to give when calling back. When we call they do not say for whom they are collecting. They want us to give them our info before telling us anything. NCO should have this info in front of them when giving the reference number. Recently we had trouble with the phone and the phone company gave us a new number with the previous number saying it has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Now, 6 days with the newest number NCO is calling again. How did they get the previous number and the newest number? Why did they start calling after we moved. The phone number we had for 7 years at our previous address was never called. They only people who had our new number and address were family and friends.

  158. JOEY says:


  159. SARFO says:

    Sir, I really wonder if there is no legal institution or system to check this unwarranted behavior or attitude of the collection agencies. Today(4/27/10), I spoke with one Mr. Kang Kin (name sounded like that on phone)of Bell Subrogation LLC. Oh my Gosh!!!! Can a person be so disrespectful?! Or, I want to know if being a debtor is a crime! These guys talks and treat the debtors as if they are murderer or robbers. Some of these debts may be outstanding for legitimate and litany of reason(s), but not because they are delinquent, per se. Or else, I don’t think the collection agencies possess any magic of collecting debts, apart from just being rude to people and wanton/unwitting reporting to the credit bureaux. Plus, it is not the case that debts owners cannot deal with the debtors; rather because, it would not be financially prudent for these organization to redirect their resources into collecting debts, which might not be their main line of business. I think the law on consumer right vis-a-vis debt collections should be reassessed to ensure that consumer/debtors are not abused with impunity.

  160. tinybubble121 says:

    I keep recieving calls at my old job..i lost it due to a disability-they left threatning messages at the workplace. when i tried to call to see who they are i recieved a voicemail that was full and did not identift themselves,therfore iam unaware of who it is im suppose to be scared of…wow

  161. twister says:

    I\’ve been paying on student loans for over 20 years. Three years ago the default loans were placed in the hands of NCO. The harressment from them has made me mentally ill. The reason being is that NCO\’s reps thearten to garnish my social security benefit. I stopped taking NCO\’s calls and informed the federal goverment. Part of the SS benefit is automatically taken every month. By law, the goverment can do it. These loans are placed with collection agenies like NCO for cruel and inhuman treatment. If you don\’t have the coping skills, you will perish dealing with NCO. Get grants and never, never, owe the federeal government.

  162. GetReal2010 says:

    For all of those people complaining about being “harrassed” or “threatened” think if the tables were turned and someone owed you money. These people are there to help protect companies from losing money due to people who do not feel it is important to repay debt. I know times get tough but the fact of the matter is that if you sign a contract to repay money you should follow through on that contract. I think it is sad that some poeple do not take it seriously. If you do not owe the debt all you have to do is look up NCO’s number on the internet–just like you found this page to complain —-call them and ask to speak to someone regarding phone calls you received on a debt you don’t owe. Are you serious that NCO caused you mental anguish? The mental anguish had to start prior to NCO calling you or you are an unstable person to begin with. People need to start being accountable for their actions–if you signed a contract to repay a debt then repay it or take the chances of being turned over to a collection agency!

  163. Ruth Brooks says:

    I just received a call from nco.
    I suppose that it is about a castro bed. I have a $4000,00 bed that I did not and do not want. To my surprise a saleman
    came into my home four years ago
    and browbeat me into accepting the bed he had with him. I did
    not want a new electric bed. I had an electric bed that costed me $2,500 and it was paid for. I wanted a new mattress. I was searching via
    internet. I did not ask anyone
    to come to my house. If you could know me, you would know that I would never want to part with my old electric bed.
    nothing was wrong with it. but
    the mattress was a goner. I have had nothing but discomfort with this bed. I told the salesman that I wanted a soft mattress, he did not care or listen. I have
    to take a sleeping pill in order to sleep on this mattress.
    I suffer from Spinal Stenosis,
    Lupus,ulcer, had a stroke,
    chronic fatigue, narcolesy (
    sleepy, still can not sleep)
    from spinal stenosis, every
    thing hurts, and I suffer from
    many allergies.

    I have not had time or the
    strength to fight with these
    people. I have been so sick
    that I have not paid my taxes
    for the past two years. I have
    been in too much pain to even
    look for the needed papers.

    I am sure that I have already
    paid more than $4,000 for that
    bed that cause me more pain than it is worth. I paid $112
    a month, but $60.00 of that is
    taken because of my credit. I
    did not need to have to pay
    that. I did not need the bed.
    My credit is bad because of my
    illnesses. I do not feel up to
    doing even what I want to do.

  164. Serious Black says:

    NCO received my account after 4 years of some other credit collection handling it. I had a balance of over $30,000 when I started. Now the balance is $1500. At one point, I lost my job and had no income. At one point, there was no other way I could get assistance, my part time job made too much for state assistance, not even for food assistance.I made my payments anyway on time mostly and what I could afford. NCO said they didn’t accept my payment from my credit counselor and sent my payment back because it isn’t what they agreed to. It’s like they don’t want to work with my credit counselor. NCO said that I HAVE to work with them and send my payment ONLY to them and I had better let them know what I”m doing or my account will continue to collect interest and I”ll be back at $30K before I know it. How dumb is that? They don’t want money? I only have two payments left and I’m getting this action like I”m still $30K in the hole.

  165. Frank E says:

    I can’t believe they treated a totally disabled person the way that they did. I have never dealt with so many ignorant people in my life.

  166. JP says:

    These people call our home phone almost everyday, sometimes more. The call comes up on ID as “out of area” and we do not answer any call if we do not know who is calling. So, they leave this annoying message that they are attempting to collect a debt and to call so and so at a number and give some ID number. But, they never announce who it is they are calling, so we ignore it.
    What we do know is, the calls are not for us because we do not have any debts that are defaulted. We do know that the person who had the phone before us had debts because some calls have asked for them. Of course, they never believe you when you tell them that person does not have the phone anymore. They should not be allowed to call any number unless they are 100% certain who they are calling. It should be illegal but somehow the legal system has been structured to allow this type of poor behavior.

  167. Joe says:

    These people said they were going to garnish my wages in the middle of the year but guess what they waited till two weeks before christmas imagine that.

  168. WL says:

    Someone from this company has left messages on my answering machine three times for someone who doesn’t live here and who I don’t know. Each message has said that it is an attempt to collect a debt. I don’t understand how they have my phone number and why they’re leaving personal information about a stranger on my answering machine, I’ve had this number for 14 years.

  169. The Truth says:

    NCO Financial Systems
    5626 Frantz Rd
    Dublin Ohio

  170. Frustrated says:

    NCO has been calling my work number for months. No letters, no info on what the debt is about. Originally it was a recording, and I’m sorry but I’m too busy to sit at my job and wait for a recording to connect me to somebody who is going to a)harass me or b)speak unintelligible English. Eventually real people started calling, and I still do not know what the debt they are trying to collect is for. When the leave messages, they say they are required to notify me this is an attempt to collect a debt. I have spoken with 3 different people and requested they NOT call my work number…yet they persist. I get the calls from several a day to 1 a week usually. Being at work I have no way to record their calls, but I am making a log of the days and times. I don’t get calls from them at home…no correspondence…don’t even know what it’s about. Frustrating.

  171. LC says:

    I owe money on a student loan from 2007. I initially set up a payment plan with them to withdraw the money that I owed on the loan. This payment plan was in effect until Nov. 28. They keep calling me to set up a new payment arrangement and I miss their calls. Every time I try to call them back a few minutes later, I get a message stating “We’re sorry, all of our reps are currently busy, please call back later. Thank You”. How am I supposed to set up a payment plan if they never have any reps available to take my call? I try calling multiple times a day and I get the same message every time. They even call my work, and obviously I can’t answer because I’m WORKING- working to pay off my debt. Yet, when I try calling them on my break, no one ever answers. I still get the same recording.

  172. Infuriated says:

    While checking my credit report, I noticed NCO Fin listed as a creditor with a balance/date opened of less than 24 months and a status of attorney/collection. I have no idea who these people are, what this so-called debt is all about, muchless what it is for. The contact informatio on the report is invalid so after googling them I placed a call to the company. First I got the switchboard, transferred to one department, then transferred to another department (neither of which were helpful in solving the mystery…cannot seem to connect my information to anything on file), then back to the switchboard to be transferred AGAIN to “corporate”, only to be informed that I would be called back “cause the man was on another call. I wanted to be put on hold but was denied and the man “could not” provide me with the number he would be calling me from because it was a general line and the mystery of this “DEBT” is still unanswered. Meanwhile this “THING” is negatively affecting my credit. This is no way to run a business or to treat people. More to follow!!!!

  173. camelia says:

    Why am i just now hearing from this nco company and then i have no clue to what they are talking about. They are so rude and have no respect for people.I ask them to send me proof of the debt they say I owe and the customer rep began to holler at me telling me that I give excuses. I also think that i will file a complaint.

  174. jackson says:

    First off I dont understand how a company that is known to be dirty is still able to be in business. NCO has reported on my credit twice, once for a sears account that I had ten years ago and was charged off, now 3 years after the account was charged off I get a letter saying I owe them, but they are willing to settle. My frustration is well beyond, the same company was also over my school loans that I had with ITT Tech. (By the way that school is also a joke, and a rip off). But once more they had the account and reported on my credit….four years after I went to the school.

  175. Anonymous says:

    NCO contacted me telling me that I had some bill from the doctors at the hospital, first they told me I owed $53, then they added $549 to my account online. When I told them I wasn’t aware of such debt, they said that the doctors had sent me 3-4 notifications by mail already and then NCO bought my account from them. The problem is, I never received the notifications they said I should have received.

    I sent them a letter back disputing my debt as well, but they’re still contacting me and when they called back again and I asked them why they hadn’t responded to my letter and they didn’t tell me anything and ignored my question; the lady just kept insisting that I should pay before it affected my credit score.

    Of all the times they have called, they have constantly contradicted themselves. They once told me I could pay in payments, then the next time they called and I told them I was waiting for the contract to pay they said that it wasn’t possible because they did not have payment plans. Not only that, but when I asked them to confirm the debt by phone, they said that they could not get in contact with the original creditor that they only knew what they had told me, and if I tried to contact the original creditor they would not tell me any information. Then a few days ago, they told me to contact the original creditor and ask them about my debt, they gave me some code to give to them. Why did they do that if they had told me before I could not get in contact with them?! And they did not even give me the phone number, I had to call the hospital and ask them.

    I reported them to the FCC. I have tried to get them off my back for some time now, but they keep insisting and calling. I refuse to pay a debt that they can\’t even confirm.

  176. John says:

    I have sent the proper cease and desist letter to NCO. The next step will be a letter to my Attorney General .

  177. Christina says:

    I have received “recorded messages” from NCO for months now. I called them back to find out why they were calling me; it was an old debt from when I was in college (15+ years ago) and the “agent” told me I was going to be prosecuted for fraud unless I settle this debt over the phone with a credit card or checking account. I told him to send me some paperwork showing the 15 year old debt, I was told that they “do not handle things that way.”

  178. Heather Notter says:

    These people have called my number asking for some off the wall person and I keep telling them they have the wrong number. FOUR TIMES I have told them they have the wrong number and they continue to call every single day. When I call and ask for a manager or supervisor, they absolutely will NOT let me talk to one, they just kept hanging up on me.

  179. Nikki says:

    This company called me on a bill that I thought I had paid, I realized that I was wrong and had not paid… I then asked for them to resend me bill so I would know who to mail check off to… they said that I should have mailed the 1st bill that I recieved and that I would not recieve another one. The next person that had called was an extremely rude man, I told him I had recently lost my job and money was tight, I would pay bill as soon as I got a little money ahead, this man asked me how I purchased food if I had no money, I told him I pay for things in order of importance… putting food on the table for my children was more important than paying this bill… he then told me that paying this bill was more important than my kids, he was laughing the whole time he was saying this… he then said my husband should pay my bills, I then said you’re assuming I have a husband? and he made some rude comments about that. What’s worse is that I had no idea what they were trying to collect money on… he would just tell me the amount, I found out what the bill was for and called that company to pay them directly rather than go through these jerks

  180. Melissa says:

    I’ve got called many of times with people using foul language and calling me obscene names. I cannot believe how unprofessional these people are. I told them every time they call that i would pay whatever i owe as soon as i get something in writing and they refuse to send me anything.

  181. Zircon says:

    NCO buys charged off credit debit from master card, visa, american express and others and then they go and try to collect the amounts. They purchase say $100 debit for 10 dollars and if they settle for $50 thats 500% profit. Do not pay them under any circumstance, they are the premiere worst collection agency in the entire USA. If you are unsure of the charge off call your credit card company find out where to mail a request of account activity and send it registered mail return receipt request. Do not I repeat do not say anything to NCO over the phone, ask them to send you certified statements from the credit car company showing the debit. all they can do is tell a collection agency what will you pay for this consumer debt. NCO pays the 10% amount and goes and hassles you.

  182. LISA says:

    The exact thing has happened to me calling 4-5 times all day and night for past 5 months. I requested they send me information on the original debt because what they were telling me was not mine. I requested a written confirmation from original company etc… I also requested they cease and assist with the phone calls. they have neglected to do so and i have 4-5 sometimes more electronic msgs a day on my machine. I have gone to the Federal Trade Commissions site and filed a complaint. I really hope you all do as well. It would help all of us and others from this fraudulent credit collection company.

  183. Leesa says:

    I believe the person who left a voice mail at my job today was from NCO. But in any case, I got home to see a letter from NCO claiming I owe a balance of over $4,000. I called and the guy began his -this is being recorded- speech. He then confirmed the last four digits of my SS. I let him know that I never had such an account. He then said okay you are disputing it. I called again and of course a different person came on. He supposedly pulled up my record and said that I have to write a letter to them. I told him why if I am already telling you this is not my account. He told me that I dont have to worry that never mind. Then he tells me he will contact the company to see if I owe anything. I told him so you dont even know if I owe or not you are just stressing people for no reason. He then reassured me that not to worry.

  184. Flor says:

    I received calls from them at least 5 times a day and they constantly leave messages on my phone to call them back. The last time I spoke with a representative, she wanted to give her my personal information which I chose not to disclose. She stated that she would not be able to tell me what the matter was concerning so I politely requested that they quit calling my cell phone over and over again. She stated that since I didn’t verify the call would continue. I then threatened to sue the company and she stated that would be ok. When I asked her for her name and direct extension she stated she could not disclose that information to me. Aggravated at the situation, I hung up on her and 10 minutes later they called AGAIN! I want to know if I can do anything because this is so annoying and frustrating. HELP!

  185. bf1 says:

    When my husband and I moved into our home just over a year ago, we had to change our phone number. The minute our new number was active we started getting calls from NCO at all hours of the day and night. Neither of us has any debt..NCO is looking for people who we don’t know and don’t live at our address (if anyone out there knows a Jennifer Leonard, tell her to pay her damn debt and give out her correct phone number!). It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them they have the wrong number, they keep calling. You’d think that with todays technology they could verify that they have the correct number before calling it!

  186. chris goodson says:

    They call at 8:01 in the morning, after I work nights.

  187. Samuel Ortiz says:

    For months I have received daily calls and messages from that company, I have little time with this phone number and I think the person you want to communicate is not me. I receive many calls asking for a Nelson.

  188. Diane says:

    This company called my cell phone, he asked me to confirm my birthdate, I told him I do not know who you are and got smart with me. He kept telling me a letter was sent, i asked what letter would not answer me. I pay my bills do not know what he is talking about.

  189. Meow says:

    FIRST… If you pick up the phone and acknowledge you are the party they are looking for, thats noted and they will go “Farther”, judgement etc.

    NEXT… If you do speak with them make sure YOU are recording the conversation. Ask for the original creditor info, account #, amount, etc. WHO sold the DEBT to them in other words.

    WITHOUT getting RUDE do try and get THEM to be rude. Not hard to do. DO try get them make threats etc. Then take that information and file with the FTC, your local police, their police, their and your state attorney generals offices. If they have caused you distress and continue, then since you have proof of them disregarding the Fair Credit Collections Act you can turn right around and sue them for your distress.

  190. Meredith says:

    I first started dealing with these spammers two years ago. I made the mistake of answering a call from them, and the nightmare began. The guy screamed and yelled over me, recited back not only the last four numbers of my SS # but also my bank account. I received 13 calls in a 2 hour period. I finally had to change my phone number and open a new bank account. From there, I thought it was over. Wrong. Six months later, MY BROTHER received a call from these people, asking personal information about me. Of course, he hung up.

    They’ve been calling me again every day, twice a day for months. I immediately hang up on them, without even saying anything. This is a SCAM. I am well aware of what bills I have to pay off, and I sure as hell am not going to be screamed and yelled at who dares throw my personal information in my face. The WORST THING you can do is answer the phone! Once they know they have a live number, it will never stop. I am close to changing my home number because I’m sick of being woken up at the crack of dawn and getting these calls at 9:30 at night. This is NOT a place of business. It’s a scam! Don’t be sucked in! Do NOT talk to them, and for god sake, do NOT send them money! Deal with your debts directly with the company you owe!

  191. Meredith says:

    It’s a SCAM! Do NOT answer when they call! I was forced to change my phone number AND my bank account 2 years ago because once they realized they had a live line, I received close to 15 calls in under an hour and a half, and even had my personal information (SS#, bank account #) recited back to me by a guy with a thick Indian accent who screamed over me and threatened to have me thrown in jail (to this day, I still have no idea what so called debt he was claiming to be calling about). Then, I found out they even called MY BROTHER, trying to get personal information about me. They have been calling me twice a day for the past few months now, and all I do is answer and immediately hang up. They have never left me any voice mails. DO NOT answer their calls!

  192. Joel says:

    After talking with a representative they agreed to settle my account for half of what was owed. I gladly paid it and went on my way. Today on my credit report they reported that I only paid half the debt.

    This is a blatant violation of not only the FDCPA, but of any and all contract laws in the US.

    They’re in for a rude awakening tomorrow after I call them and play for them the recorded phone call I had with their agent.

  193. charlene says:

    A few years ago I had delt with them from a debt my ex-husband had with them. The guy was horrible and he had the nerve to tell me, well why cant u take the money out of your grocery bill and send it to us. After that it got heated as I was a single mother at the time and living with my mom. I was offering to pay $10.00 a month and he said no. I told him to shove it that my bill was paid in full because in the state of Mass if you deny payment the bill is paid in full. Haven’t heard from them since.

  194. Tabby says:

    By far the rudest people on the face of the planet…I dont even owe them a debt but they call my house upwards of 15+ times a day for 3 people I dont know nor have I met. When I tell them this they say they will take my number off then they call back claiming that I am the relative of the 3 people like this is so wrong on so many levels and Im sick of it. They should only be allowed to correspond via mail.

  195. go away says:

    They have just started to call about an old debt they say I owe. I never answer calls from them anyway. Got the letter and I’m not the person you claim owes you money so go away!

  196. Lisa Marie Beaubien says:

    They have called me hundreds of times, sometimes 5-10 minutes apart, from at least 20 different numbers that I have saved at all hours 7 days a week for months. Sometimes it would be from a local persons home phone over a credit card debt that I am working on paying for almost a year with a debt consolidation company!! Finally they just stopped!!! Thank god!!!

  197. G Mincey says:

    I get at least 5 calls a day from NCO. I only recently got annoyed enough to answer just to find out what it is they wanted. The caller hesitated when I answered and then asked for someone I have never heard of. I let them know this and that they must have been given the incorrect phone number. Yet, half an hour later they were calling again this time with a recording. I called them back and left a message stating what I had told the representative earlier. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I do not owe them money! They don’t even provide you with the option to prove you are not who they are trying to reach!

  198. Kristin says:

    I work for the AirForce and I got a call from NCO this morning which was a recording to call someone back. I called them back and stated United States Air Force, this call is being recorded please proceed. A girl asked what I needed and I told her I had this number call earlier and was returning calls from my call log then she asked for my number. I told her that I could not give out that information over the phone for security reasons and she hung up.

  199. jessica ryan says:

    My husband was in the hospital and we owed $1500 after our insurance paid. Next thing you know we are on collection with NCO. We paid the hospital and have a receipt but NCO keeps calling twice a day. Now they have ruined our credit and when we told them that the debt was paid they said they didn’t care.

  200. LD says:

    NCO calls me 10-15 times a day. They call with a long distance number then call right back with what looks to be a local number. I answered once and the man asked me to verify the last 4 of my social, I said no. He asked if I could verify something else and I said No, you called me. You should have that information. they have never told what they are calling about. I told them that I knew FDCP and my rights. I also said that I am keeping record of all the calls and that under the fair credit act, it was considered harrassment. They haven’t called back. YET>

  201. Sabine says:

    Horrible people. I paid them off 3 years ago, yet they still report to the credit agencies that I have delinquent accounts in collections…. we’re trying to get a mortgage, and NCO is totally screwing things up for us. Would love some feedback!

  202. ROBERT says:


  203. Steven Laflein says:

    NCO is a call center populated with people who havent a clue about debt collection. They’re jobs are to call each number on the list, either manually or feed the list to an automated spooling program, when somebody presses the correct number they jump on the line while pulling up the acct info they have. which may be as little as a date, a city, and a minimum amount they supposedly owe.They get paid by the number of “HITS” they get from the list, meanwhile they save the “hits” to another file that they save for SUNDAY MORNINGS, when they get paid to manually call the “hit list”, and track down anything they can discover about the persons situation, AND whether they’re actually the person being looked for, AND IF NOT, they get paid EXTRA if they can convince the alleged debtor that they might owe them and start negotiating terms, EVEN IF NCO PERSONELL KNOW THEY HAVE THE WRONG PERSON! It doesn’t matter, all that matters is REVENUE.

  204. anonymous says:

    In 2009 my husband had incurred some hospital bills and we were making monthly payments on them. Somehow NCO got a hold of them and they kept calling my house several times a day. I finally spoke with a woman named Darenda. She told me that I only had 2 choices to pay the debt. The first choice was to either pay by giving them my checking account number or to get a loan from somebody else to pay off the debt. When I explained to her that there was no way that I was going to give her my bank account information she became very rude and told me that those were the only two choices that I had. I told her that I had no problem making payments on the account by mailing a check each month and she told me that that wasn’t an option. I then went online and googled NCO Financial and found out that they have been sued several times. I came across a law firm that has filed several suites against the company and they were more than happy to file a claim against NCO. They said that NCO violated my right to the fair debt collection act. I have recently received a settlement for the harrassment calls that I received from NCO. There are law firms out there that are willing to help. Even if you owe the debt, they have NO right to keep harrassing you. There are several law firms that will help you. Google NCO Financial and you will find out that they have been sued several times and they end up settling before it gets to court because they know they are in the wrong. When googling them there are law firms that are willing to help. Don’t be afraid to take action against them. This is the only way to stop the harrassment.

  205. TRCarr says:

    NCO Credit Services continues to call our home, all hours of the day, night, sometimes they identify themselves, sometimes they realize they are not supposed to call our number and they hang up. They call asking for people that we do not even know, about bankruptcy, and other things. We have told them numerous times to put us on the DNCall list and to stop calling us, we have filed complaints with the Government Harrassment online site and via phone, yet NCO Credit Services continues to call, harrass and ask as about people we do not know. This is stressful and just not good business, they need to be taken to court for their harrassment. NCO Credit Services 1-866-437-7403 is the number they are currently calling our home with. It is time that the American people are able to STOP NCO Credit Services from harrassing good people who do not have Credit Problems, they need to leave us ALONE.

  206. D Green says:

    This company absolutely STINKS!!! Unprofessional and ignorant all in one. They have been calling my husband for a debt owed by me and my ex. This account is over 10 years old. How is this even possible?? I finally talked to a man and he was sooo rude to me. I did tell him that the statute of limitations had run out on collecting the debt in my state and he proceeded to tell me that he was going to educate me on collection laws. I laughed and told him, wait a minute let me educate you on how to hang up on jerks, then click. Funny how he did not call back for few days, but these guys do not give up that easy. But I have checked the statute of limitations in my state and it is 3 years from the date of last activity, so I would say yeah he’s way too late.I plan on writing ths company a cease and desist letter to stop the harrassing calls that they are still making to my husband.

  207. TBig says:

    I have been harrassed by these people on a daily basis 2-3x per day for the past 4 months. My balance at Women’s and Children’s Hospital is in collections after 6mo of paying only $25 per month (all i could afford at the time). I’ve been sending monthly payments with the monthly “bill” they send me however, after calling them today to clear up my total debt I find that they’ve been cashing my checks but NOT applying them to my account! What are they doing with the $$ I have no clue??? I don’t feel comfortable clearing my $1200 debt not knowing if they will apply it to my account or not. I want it marked as “paid” on my credit report but now I don’t know if that will ever happen meanwhile I will have paid the $1200 with good intentions when if its not going to be applied. I have other bills I could pay with it.

  208. S.SUTER says:

    These people need to be put out of business. They have been calling me every day at least 2 to 3 times a day and several times they have called at 6:30 am and after 9 pm which is against the law as designated by the fair debt collections act.
    They have been nothing but harassing to me on the phone. One guy said he would come find me and get the money. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was as rude as the caller was.
    one of the accounts they have been harassing me about I filed bankruptcy with 13 years ago imagine that.. When will the government step in and shut these people down.

  209. williamsfam32 says:

    This company just called my house and asked for my husband. Come to find out, it was for a debt for my mom, and they stated she had used him as a reference. The woman got rude with my husband and stated he was “Not taking her seriously” because he would not give them any information. If they call again, I will tell them to quit calling!

  210. KMoos says:

    They called earlier today and left a garbled message at my cell number that used to be my husband’s and my home number. I just called them back, and they said the extension I needed had left for the day. The guy gave me my husband’s name and said he needed to call. I asked what it was regarding, and he said he can’t tell me anythind “due to privacy laws”. He said that in a very rude way, and added “look, just have him call this number”. I said I didn’t even know who I was calling as I had received a garbled voice mail. He said NCO, and when I asked him what that stood for, the guy snapped at me “it doesn’t stand for anything”. I googled NCO financial and found this site. I hope my husband’s interactions with them will be better than the way the guy treated me on the phone! As far as I know we have no outstanding debt that would require a collection agency to get involved.

  211. Tony says:

    NCO CREDIT SERVICES does not conduct honest business. There was a misunderstanding with my student loans with FIU and somehow FIU sent it to NCO financial. Once I realized this I contacted FIU and paid the remaining balance which NCO wanted me to pay more, however, FIU said I just need to pay what I owe them. Anyhow, NCO has never taken this crap off my credit report and its been paid in full. They are very rude when you call and do not listen. How can I get this resolved?

  212. donna says:

    we keeping getting calls from them for a debt we do not owe. i have told them many times it is not us but they still keeping calling, one time they even gave a social security number that belongs to no one in our family

  213. Dani says:

    i got a call from NCO. I initially thought this was a scam until they recited an incident that involved me going to the hospital, they gave the date and everything. This makes me weary. I did think that I paid everything off but now am second guessing myself. someone please give advice and if they told an exact incident of yours with dates

  214. Jasmine says:

    This company is full of it and needs to be closed down

  215. Dr. Williams says:

    this company calls me twice a day filling my answering machine so that i can not receive actual messages from the people i treat who suffer from life threatening medical issues. I am NOT the person they are looking for and if i WAS i would NEVER pay a dime to them do to the way they try and collect.Out of spite if my debt was 10 cents they would not receive one penny .. there is never a person to talk to on the line..just automated msgs that take up minutes on my answering machine. If these fatuous, uneducated simpletons ever came to my door i would end them.I am even entertaining the idea of arriving at their business and going complete honey badger on the entire call center , this has become personal and i believe any actions i decide to take in the near future will be considered justified

  216. Keeping it real says:

    If you don’t recognize the number don’t pick up. It is our family motto. NCO (and other variations of name )has called for about 10 years. They have never gotten a person, have never heard a voice. Its a big waste of money for them to call and have no results. THey will stop for 5 – 6 months and then start again. Points that need to be made. ONE – never give your cell phone number on a credit application. We have only given our home number, no one ever picks up its just used for our alarm system and answering machine. We rarely check it. TWO – never ‘verify or not verify” information from NCO. Even if you have clean credit, don’t say it isn’t my debt, they will just turn around and pin it on you. THREE – keep your spouses credit separate from yours. My spouse has the house in his name, i have the car and so on and so forth. That way in unfortunate times, someones credit gets screwed you’re not screwed. This definitely helped out. One of us has always had good credit at this point, we both do at the same time. FOurth – don’t incur more debt. If its a house or car they will put your employer on your credit report, thats how they contact you. Greatfully my employer information is 15 years old. I haven’t applied for new credit since. FIFTH – make sure your closest family members are on board. Google you name and some sites will list your relatives – this is what NCO sees. I’m only linked to one, they will then pull them up and check last names and such – thats how they start harrassing other family members. My father only has the house phone hooked up to his heart monitor, my sister who is disabled and has 25,000 student loans only has her internet hooked to house line. They both use a cell phone, only for family members and have no new debts. NCO just gets sent in circles. The debt they have been trying to collect from me was from 20 years ago and PAID. My credit is perfect – so i just ignore them. They won’t dare put anything on my report. I have all documentation. I just let them continue to waste time and money, because based on these comments they’ll keep calling anyway. They are kinda like family to me. I just don’t talk to them. But remember NEVER, NEVER give your cell phone. Keep a landline somewhere!!! for debt contacts.

  217. Megan says:

    I got a call from a blocked number and the person asked for my 6 year old daughter??? When I told them that they must have the wrong information, they insisted to talk with her ONLY! They went on and on about a hospital that I have never heard of and an ammount that I have no idea what they are talking about. So when I let them finish rambeling about a payment plan that would NEER happen, I told them that she is freakin 6 years old and not in any way responsible for this debt, they gave me a ss# that I have no clue who it belongs to! Not only do they have the wrong poeple, wrong names, and information, but they WONT STOP CALLING and asking for my kid. This is insane. There is no way they should still be in business. I have never ever dealt with a company so unprofessional or stupid. There’s the word… STUPID! STOP CALLING MY HOUSE!!

  218. GWD says:

    Just received a phone call from an attorney stating that the account from NCO Financial was transferred to them with a balance. Strange thing is; the account was settle for less amount owed through a monthly payment plan. I was informed by the representative at the attorney’s office that the account still had a balance on it, and it was closed. When I look at my credit score, it shows that the account’s balance is “0” and closed. When does this “clap” stop… considering I “met” my obligation and now it sounds like someone “took the money and ran”.

  219. ,, says:

    NCO has been calling our residence for at least 5 months every time we tell them that who they are looking for does not and has never lived at this residence and that we have had this phone number for over 30 years their tellers are rude and say that they are going to remove our number but never do they refuse to give me a teller ID and if the calls continue i will be contacting a lawyer for them harassing us.

  220. srah says:

    NCO Financial has showed up on my credit report. I was in the process of aplying for a parent loan for my daughters education and this NCO fininacial showed up, I have tried to find out who I owe and why they are on my credit report, I have gotten no answers Now I get phone calls serveral times a day with a recorded message I will not make any arangements with them because they will not tell me who I owe. It makes me so angry because this negative thing is on my credit report and I can not get the money to pay my daughters school. How do they get away with this?????

  221. Chris Browne says:

    NCO is clearly an unscrupulous company. Two days ago, they left me a voice mail. When I was finally the next day able to reach the person who had initiated the call (received her voice mail on two previous attempts), she told me I owed AT&T $ 69.54 from 2003. I replied that it wasn’t possible, because I had been with AT&T until June 2011 (when I switched my phone to another company), there had been NO MENTION of a past due amount for the 8 years it was allegedly due, and, besides, my account was on E PAY, which is automatic. She then wanted to confirm that I was disputing this alleged debt, and she hung up on me when I said yes!

    I then called AT&T, and they confirmed for me that there was no outstanding balance, ever, and that they would investigate on their end and contact NCO (very little incentive for them to do so, however, since I no longer have my land line through them.) They even provided me with a confirmation number. I called NCO back, and provided them with this info in a voice mail (they’re NEVER there to answer the phone, it seems.)

    This morning, they called again. I called back, and was directed to another person, who read from the same script as the previous day. I mentioned, again, that I dispute this debt, and added that it would even be beyond the statute of limitations. The rep said that there was no statute of limitations on debt, at which point I informed he he was wrong and then hung up on him.

    Not more than an hour later, NCO called again. This time, when I called back, I was on hold for 15 minutes. When a different person answered the phone, he, AGAIN, read from the same ‘script’. He added that it was such a small amount that I would probably want to take care of it. I, AGAIN, informed him that I disputed this debt, and he got imperious with me, and asked if I was denying this on the recording. I replied that, no only was I denying this debt, but that he could (do something I can’t type here), and again hung up.

    These people are criminal. They will not get a penny from me.

  222. n/a says:

    My wife and I have no debt my parents passed away 5years ago.we get several calls a day from different numbers. when we answer they hang up. We both are on the do not call list@this point I will contact my lawyer&our local goverment this is pure harassement.the calls are before 9am and not once have they tried to explain.

  223. Shashibiya says:

    I live in another country, and NCO called me at work, claiming to be the US Department of Education looking for my student loan payments. Since I have filed for deferment and am waiting for resolution notification from my loan originator, I thought this was strange. A Miss Allen then threatened to take my passport, and call my payroll department to garnish my wages. Yeah, SURE lady, good luck with that! With enough questioning, I finally got it out of her that she worked for NCO, not the Department of Education, at which point she accused me of being uncooperative. I asked for an email address, so I could try to deal with the situation after work, but she refused to give it to me. Then I asked for a mailing address, so I could take care of it in writing, and that was also refused. When I further questioned her about the misrepresentation and impersonation of the US Department of Education, she said she was ending the call because I refused to work with her. I guess she did not like being accused of impersonating a federal government agent during a recorded telephone call. Ha. The thing is, I have never received anything in my forwarded US mail from my loan originator, stating they were selling my loan balance to NCO, nor anything from NCO stating they had the debt. Methinks there be some big-time fraud afoot here, and until I can contact my loan originator tomorrow, I am going to treat NCO like a big piece of dog doo. So, not only will I be contacting my loan originator, but I will also be waiting for the next NCO call, because I bet they will just LOVE being kept on hold for a lovely, long stretch during an international call, kaching kaching. I will also get a chance to tell them I’m recording their call, and they are not allowed to contact me at work, as my employer does not allow it. I have already reported them to the FCC, and studied up on my rights as per the FDCPA. Bring it, NCO!

  224. Paul says:

    These clowns called 10+ times a day to collect on a small debt that was owned from years ago. They evidentally purchased the debt for a fraction of the amount and decided to move forward with it. Some guy stated that I was in default and that i was in the position to have my paycheck and back account attached to this debt till it was paid. He went as far as mentioning that i should use recently deceased fathers line of credit to take out a small loan to pay this debt off.

    I contacted a credit lawyer and sucsessfully sued NCO and won… Never heard from them, or anyone else about it.

  225. Yolanda Robinson says:

    I am receiving calls from NCO everyday and several times a day.
    I don’t know what debt they are referring to for payment.

    Please advise me.

  226. Dave says:

    I’ve been called by this company asking for my debt. When they first called me about the debt i settled for a decent pay that i can pay them for. Now later that I have been paying them now there saying if I do not pay them in full there going to send the debt bank to the bank. Is this in violation of FDCPA? please write back

  227. SnapDroid says:

    I had been receiving calls from NCO and after reading the advice about recording the conversation I did the same thing. No hangup here. The rep was pleaseant andwhen I asked how I could be of help, she asked if Sheila Deaton lived here. I mediately I knew that it was my ex-wife. Her name is Sheila Helmer ,lives in Barbourvile, Ky. She is an Identity Thief who uses other peoples last names and i.e. my phone number to obtain credit or make a purchase.
    The Rep politely apologized and said my number would be taken off of the call list. I wish someday the law will catch up with my ex-wife. We have been divorced for 10 years and it doesn’t stop.

  228. Another One says:

    Guess who has no debt? Me.
    Guess who is getting calls from NCO? Me.

    I got a recorded message when I answered saying that the call was from NCO and that I need to call them at [the number provided] and ask for Melanie Phifer.
    I did that.

    I was on hold for 5 minutes and finally I got a recording that say to leave a message.

    After that I got ANOTHER recording that said “This mailbox is full”.


    So… we all know that we’re pissed about these calls… but now what?!?

  229. NCO Financial Harrassed says:


    This company has continued to call my daughter whom is 9 years old in order to collect monies on behalf of an organization. My daughter nor I have any liability with this company as the person from whom they are attempting to collect is entirely unknown to us: Britney Sampson (spelling is unknown to us).

    This continued for the better part of a year (since approximately February of this year) with myself having made at least five phone calls to them indicating that neither my daughter nor I have any knowledge of the party whom they are trying to contact.

    This organization MUST be stopped from harassing a child attending third grade and continuing to harass her into fourth grade. This is abhorrent, unconscionable, unethical, irresponsible, and unable to be validated in any way, shape, or form. At this point, my daughter is afraid of receiving phone calls, thinking she might become liable for the bills of this other person.


  230. Mike says:

    This company continues to leave pre-recorded messages on my voicemail, looking to contact my ex-wife about debt collection. I called the company and told them she is NOT associated with my number. They still continue to call. I filed a complaint with the FCC. We’ll see how that goes.

  231. Pam says:

    We just received our first letter from this company. It was addressed to my 83 year old mother. She has lived with us for over two years. We paid every bill that came to the address until the house was sold. I called them and told them I had power of attorney and I would be glad to pay if they could give me the dates the charged were accrued. They told me they did not have a power of attorney on their records for her. I asked them where they were ( what country they were in. He told me the Philippines. I told him he was not under the laws of the U.S. and all I wanted was the dates the charges were made. He refused to give me the info. I told him I would pay if they could give me the info and it was accurate. He refused. I told him i had several lawyers (true) and would be glad to turn it over to them. They threatened to destroy my mothers credit score! Ha. When you woe no money and have no dept this is not a threat. They may continue to send letters and calls, but I do not answer any calls not identified on my caller ID. It appears to me they are actually stealing from people who owe no one.

  232. san says:

    Not sure what this company is all about. They left a message on my landline, which I got few months ago and exclusively use for international calls and never give this number to anyone. Message was generic from an automated machine and a contact person name. I have been trying to reach them from past 4 days during normal working hours but the automated machine always says the office is currently closed. I guess I may have to wait until they call me one more time.

  233. upstate new york says:

    I had problems w/ this co. a couple yrs. ago due to a pure lack of competence. Now two yrs. later they really are messing up my life. Last night I checked my credit report expecting to see a higher score but instead I found that nco put a debt on my report . I never once received a call or notice in the mail in this matter. I now lost 90 points on my score. further we have applications for new apartments due to a new job,and looks now that we will be lucky to get that new place. I am very disgusted w/ nco. Company’s like these should not have the authority to access credit reports

  234. jose gonzalez says:

    After many harrasing calls I offered them to pay my debt with a payment plan that would staisfied both of us, them because Im paying my debt as well as me. The guy that was talking to me told me that he will call me back because he needed to consult his boss and I never received a call back from them the next I found out that they put my account to loss in my credit.

    Shame on them!!!!!

  235. Jeff says:

    The letter they sent today has no information AT ALL about the original debt. This totally smells of a scam.

  236. Jack Tors says:

    I had an account with them 3 years ago, that was not legit. They would leave message on my voice mail on my cell phone and home telling me they would send people after me to take care of me and break the leg of my family. Called me a deadbeat and told me that they would have me arrested. Funny thing is I am a police officer.

  237. Kristen says:

    I’ve filled bankruptcy back in January 2011 and NCO is still calling on a debt that was part of the bankruptcy. I’ve provided that to them and they just keep telling me that this debt is exempt from the bankruptcy and we can collect on it until we have our money. According to my attorney which has also called NCO we have to put a lawsuit against them direct to stop all calls and collections. This is crazy since this debt has already been released in my BK. Anyone else have any suggestions on how I can get them to stop calling and reporting to my credit. Even my credit says this was discharged in bankruptcy but NCO keep reporting every month.

  238. sol says:

    I work for a company called Innovative Credit Consultants, they are specialist in the credit repair industry.

    They offer a very unique program that I would like to share with you.

    If you have a message from any Collection agency, we will sue them on your behalf, being that there are many legalities Collection agencies violate. The agencies will stop calling, and you will make between $500- $1000 per agency. Additionally, as part of the settlement, the collection agency will take the negative off your credit report.
    There is no charge for you. You just get the money when the agency settles. It typically takes at least three months for the lawsuit.

    Contact me today for more info:
    Feel free to check out our website

  239. A.M.C. says:

    I used to work there. There training is very vague and causes people new to the collection industry to create a bad name for themselves. I did notice that many people I called to collect on were not very helpful, but after reading things here I can understand why. Not many of the collectors were very personable, which makes it even harder to collect on. I followed every rule/law to the T at that place. I was unable to collect or hit a goal so after 3 months I was let go from the company. I did hear many illegal calls occur around me. After reading several comments about my prior employer, I am glad to be out of that industry and I now understand the frustration from many debtors. If more people on both ends of the line were more understanding a lot of things could move forward much more smoothly.

  240. Kim says:

    This company started calling me 3 times a day and I never pick up the phone or call them back. They continued to call me and leave voice messages waising my time and not even stating what they wanted, so I refuse to call them back until they do. I’m not even sure how they recieved my number or why they decided to start harrasing me.

  241. D. BOYD says:

    I received a call from this company on my cellualr phone last month. I asked who was calling, as my mother and I have the same first, middle, & last name. I asked what this call was in reference to, and when the person proceeded to tell me it was a collection agency calling in reference to a college that I attended 24 years ago, when I was only 17 years old. I had a fit! I expalined that to the person that he in fact had the wrong person, because there was no way I could have incurred such a debt at the age of 17. I was a minor at the time who had went away to college. I was not capable of LEGALLY obtaining any debt from anyone and I instructed this person never to call me again over a 24 year old debt that I was not legally responsible for and I hung up! I pay monthly to keep track of my credit report since I have worked so hard to maintain my good credit. I checked my e-mail yesterday and I had a credit alert that on December 20,20ll this company had the nerve to report this 24 year old debt to the national credit bureau agencies. I am in the process of having this bogus debt removed and my good credit restored! How desperate could these people be? A 24 year old debt, come on! P.S. If I owed this college a dime, I never would have been able to attend 3 other universities and graduated, everyone knows that if you have an outstanding balance at any college, you will not be able to qualify for any grants, or student loans! Also this college has NEVER EVER been on my credit report in all these years! So why now? This company is crazy!

  242. kate says:

    These people call all the time.latest at 9:30pm.dont know why.if the have something to by mail

  243. Mattie says:

    I am having calls from strange people and at least two unfamiliar companies that I believe may be interrelated. Calls have come from people who do not speak English well, are extremely rude, and try to intimdate and threaten.They have also caused problems at work and my Human Resources Director had to finally get very aggressive with them and read them the riot act regarding consumer laws they were violation.Additionally, two friends of mine received calls and implied threats. At any rate, I do not know where these people are getting their info but I can’t even get answers on anything, including what this supposed money I owe is about and I no longer answer their calls or hang up as I do not deserve to take their disrespectful, totally unprofessional treatment. I have been informed that calls come from another country. Even though NCO is here, I was informed they have people working for them overseas who have info and try to apply pressure as well to get people to agree to pay money. I don’t know for sure how accurate this is, or if it is true to some degree, but the way I am being contacted by the individuals who say they are from NCO follows a lot of the same abusive patterns. Additionally, any reputable company would send out letters as well as be professional, follow the laws, and answer questions about what it is you are supposed to owe. Nevertheless, just from comments I have been reading about how the NCO has been investigated and sued and all the people they are annoying and causing grief to, you’d think it’s about time the government stepped in and really took action. Hopefully, people can share their stories here and elsewhere, and also get the company investigated on a larger scale. After all, even if the company is not directly hiring people internationally to be abusive and intimidating, perhaps their hiring or other practices involving former or ex-employee behavior needs to be looked examined and rectified, etc. The bottom line is: people who don’t owe money should not be harrassed like this in America, and people who do owe money need to work out something regarding payment, but need to be treated fairly and respectfully. While people are not criminals because they can’t pay or encounter economic hardships, even the worst of criminals have rights to respect and fair treatment in our society. This company needs to be seriously investigated, including the complaints and stories of all the people who are being treated wrongfully and being taken advantage of as well.

  244. John says:

    This company has been calling for the past several weeks. I thought they were some debt management company and had been ignoring them seeing as how I’m debt free. I finally answered and it turns out they are looking for my sister. How they got my information is beyond me but sounds illegal. They tried to play off that they had important information for her but it was easy to tell it was fishy. When I mentioned he sounded like a debt collector, his tone changed immediately and couldn’t wait to get off the phone.

  245. A says:

    I started getting calls from them last January. They would call me three or four times a day, three or four times a week. Finally I got annoyed and called them back. I talked with a lady who was looking for someone who was NOT me nor do I know anyone by the name she was giving me. I asked why I was getting called then. She said maybe it was the wrong case number and looked in their system for my phone number. She then tells me that my phone number is NOT in their system ANYWHERE. I laughed and said how is that possible when I’m getting phone calls from you guys and someone just called me five minutes ago? She claimed that someone probably was just in the file and removed my number before I called back. I laughed again and said that was unlikely since I just called back right after the last phone call I received. She said there was nothing they could do for me, so I rolled my eyes and said ok whatever and hung up. Two weeks later I started getting calls again. I called back and spoke to another man who was much more “willing” sounding to help me. He like the girl before could not understand why I was getting called for this other person’s case. He gave me the other phone numbers listed in the account and didn’t find my number in the account. Then he also could not find my number in their system anywhere. I told him the story about the last time I spoke with someone from the company and he said that he didn’t understand it either and that there was nothing he could. So we hung up and I went onto verizon wireless’s site and blocked their number. The calls stopped in March and I haven’t heard from them since until yesterday. They called me twice and I haven’t called back. I know they’re just going to tell me they don’t know why I’m getting called or how to fix it. I also do not have any debt so it’s just ridiculous that they would be calling for me.

  246. An says:

    I have been harrased by NCO since September of 2011 for a debt that I had paid in Feb. of 2011. I have continued to verify and confirming calls from the people who already collect the debt say I no longer owed. Yet, at their benefit, they cannot find any proof that anyone has contacted them.I have been pursued for five months for a debt that has already be paid.

  247. AC says:

    Last week I called to inquire on the default status of my student loan and how I could start the repayment process, the department of education transferred me to NCO because they were in charge of my debt. I spoke with mike who informed me how much I owed, I asked to start a repayment plan beginning in feb. He says I have to pay $200 a month wth. I said that’s steep I cannot afford that so he immediately drops it to $90 (they get commission on anything over $150) we agree and arrange for my 1st payment the 1st Friday of feb. The very next day he calls and asks for payment when I tried to refresh his memory on our convo he gets indignant and says well we continue the collection process till your debt is payed off! You gotta be kidding me?! So these people think it’s perfectly fine to harass people who are actually attempting to resolve the debt?! They have been calling me every day sometimes 2-3 times since I contacted them and have also contacted my place of employment in attempts to garnish my wages. I was fully willing and able to pay my debt but I refuse to b treated so disrespectfully…I wanted to wait to consolidate my loans until I was finished with my degree but they have forced my hand because I refuse to b harassed when I’m paying you. I dare them to contact me or my job after the consolidator tells them to cease and desist

  248. mandi says:

    I received a letter from NCO today offering a “tax deal” settlement. I have no idea why I would have anything in collections. I called the number and talked to an extremely rude man who informed me I owe over 1000 for a car I paid off 7 years ago after it was totaled in a car accident. I pulled up and looked through my credit report and saw that all car loans have been paid off and are in good standing. Furthermore, when I mentioned to the man that I hadn’t received any previous letters from NCO or from the car loan company, he called me a liar and told me that I was well aware I had this debt! After pulling up my credit report and verifying there is nothing from NCO nor from my auto finance company, I feel like it’s fraudulent. I’m glad I didn’t give any of my personal information out to this jerk.

  249. Derek says:

    This company should be sued for harassment. They are a bunch of sleazy slime balls who hire foreign call centers to call 10+ times a day, and another 10+ times a day to simply hang up. They should be shut down.

  250. TICKED OFF says:

    I started getting calls from this company about 4 years ago. Looking for someone that used my SSN but was not anywhere close to my name or address. It was for some debt for a PX store on a military base. I have never been in the military. After researching the company that NCO said I owed I found that you have to have a military ID to even shop at one of these stores. After fighting with them for at least 2 years. Getting threating phone calls, they garnished my wages. Over $2500.00! I tried the appeals process however they stated that it was my social so I was responsible for it. THIS PLACE IS A FRAUD!

  251. gil says:

    NCO tries to reach me at my home phone (land line) several times a day. They’re trying to chase down a debt that’s almost 7 yrs old (and, strangely enough, the smallest of some rather large debts I defaulted on long ago). I’m really glad I read this web page; I was considering actually talking to them to clear up the point that the debt is well past its legal recovery window. It’s annoying to have to bother with checking the caller ID and screening calls at home, but if it’s not NCO, it’s probably a sales call, survey, or some other nonsense, since the only people I care to hear from call me on my cell phone. WHY on Earth deal with this madness? Get a good answering machine and caller ID. Screen those jerkwads. They’re not reasonable, or even behaving in a manner that’s legal, but REALLY how likely are you to take your aggravation and high blood pressure to the appropriate authorities and go through the channels to attempt to get a pittance of a judgment that doesn’t stop the beast, just gives you the smallest transitory feeling of vindication. Treat them like the newspaper subscription hounds and alcoholic relatives: “Sorry we couldn’t take your call, but at the tone…F – off!” BTW, better to just use the anonymous outcall message for the answering machine; gives NCO less of a foothold to know that they’ve reached you specifically. I’m sure that as an evil corporate entity, NCO will surely outlive me, but I can play the waiting game in who’s going to blink first as far as picking up the phone. Takes me a lot less time to delete their message (when they even bother to leave one) then to bang my head against the wall. Don’t get sucked into their game–you’re clearly going to lose. It’s small consolation, I’m sure, but I thank you for your posts as it has informed my course of action in leaving my former credit issues in the past so that I can pay my current responsibilites in full and on time and stay solvent and sane. NCO will not help me to achieve either, so they can suck it.

  252. dalena says:

    NCO had called and called for a few months finally i called them back and made payment arrangements for my debt in the amount of 138 dollars a month. after the first payment i was informed i would have to make a 750 down payment to stay in good standing. i told them the date the payment would be available they told me that was fine and procceded to take out my monthly payment and the down payment almost a month before they were supposed to. they overdrew my account a grand after bank fees. i called to ask them why and the rude man i talked to said sorry but it happens all the time theres nothing we can do. i explained to him i have five kids and bills to pay something needed to be done. all he could say was sorry i asked to speak to the supervisor and he ignored my question. after a month of calling everyday i finally got a call back response with since you owed it anyway we dont see a point in a refund. i tried to be patient with them but lost my cool and told them they would be hearing from my lawyer. after a month i finally got a refund of the 750 but not the 138 and in a months time i got behind on all my bills and the bank fees got really high. so when all was said and done and i called to make a normal payment i was 38 dollars short and informed them i would have it to them within two days they would not accept my payment of 100 dollars and told me i would have to restart the payment process and pay the downpayment i told them that was fine and they wanted my account info again i told them i will mail or call in my payment they told me no i cant do that they have to have my checking info for the first payment and after them draining my account i was not giving it to them again and they said sorry theres nothing we can do and the call was ended. now they call between 5 and 10 times a day.

  253. CWB says:

    FIRST, let me tell you that I’ve dealt with NCO in the past…Battled them twice, and won. Now they’re calling about an alleged debt. I disputed, gave them 30 days to get the info to me. It took about 2 months to get a particular item. The other items have not been received. I called. I told them that technically they were in violation of the FDCPA, section 813 (According to my attorney).

    They have not been rude. At least not at this time. Knowing the law seems to keep them nice. I’ve tried to talk with several of them to get the info they haven’t sent. Their fax didn’t work. They gave me an Email address. THAT didn’t work.

    Before you accuse me of working for them, I do not. I AM disabled. I am unable to hear on the phone, must use a TTY or Fax or Email.

    Maybe I’ve just been lucky? But My experiences so far in the last short time — they have not been unpleasant. Maybe my next encounter will be…but this isn’t HSBC, which wouldn’t stop no matter what. NCO (Transworld) Seems to be abiding by the laws at this time.

    Think I’m lying? I’ll sign and have an affidavit notarized if you doubt me.

  254. aggrevated says:

    I keep receiving phone calls from NCO but they haven’t mailed me anything so i have no idea what they are trying to collect for. They just robocall and sometimes there’s a message but most of the time there’s not. What can I do – they’re calling 5 times a day!!

  255. LIED TO says:

    I had an old acct w/ time-warner, stopped it, lost the modem, was charged $500, it was reported on my credit report as unpaid, I found the modem, returned it, was credited and sent a check for a balance owed me by time-warner, contacted time-warner that it was still on my credit report 2 years later, they sent me a letter stating it was paid and I thought it was going to be taken care of, now find it hasn’t been, time-warner said to call NCO, they said call another NCO division that handles it. I just got off the phone with them and they want me to pull my own report and send it with my concerns to them and maybe they can help. I dont believe I should have to anything to right something theyve neglected, especially not pull my report because each time it lowers my score. The girl who had broken english and hard to understand didn’t seem to be able to find anyone else I could talk with either. They are far below running a decent operation, and they are allowed to mess with my financials

  256. Erika Klemm says:

    Believe it or not, we have received a refund check from NCO. I don’t know what it is for. I have tried several times to have some one call me back to explain the refund, but no one has called me back. I’m still going to deposit the check.

  257. Eleanor Clements says:

    I had an old City of LA Fire Dept ambulance bill. This company harrassed me and I told them I should have never been billed in the first place. They do not listen. Then they have turned me into two major credit companies, Experian and TransUnion and my Credit score went down 150 pts. When it was an error by City of Los Angeles. No one will help be at LAFD and this company had to call LAFD and get the story, but no one did and now I have to fight for something that never should have happened and has ruined my credit, until someone clears this up. These people are rude and only one person was nice over the months that they harrassed me for errors that were discussed time and time again.

  258. Susie says:

    These people are stupid. I paid my outstanding bill and they have it on my credit score saying we haven\’t paid anything. When i called them to get the issue taken car3e of, they cant even pull up our information with the name or SSN. Obviously we don\’t owe anything if you don\’t have us in your system. STUPID

  259. Ann says:

    NCO calls my home, my cell, and my work none stop! I refuse to answer my work phone because they call me so much and when I told them that I could not receive personal calls at work they increased their calling. I am so sick of them trying to collect on an account that is listed on my bankruptcy and I want somebody with the proper authority to step up and shut them down!

  260. Mike R says:

    I work in customer service and when you make a promise to pay an account that you fell behind on and you find out these Jokers are behind the collection, you want to pull your hair out.
    When speaking to their representative, I constantly have to keep asking “what”, can you repeat that, please may I talk to someone from North America at least…

    IF I say “what”, more then 2 times, I get hung up on and when I call back, and ask to speak to a supervisor, I get treated the same way as I did with the poorly trained representative.

    I straight out told them that I couldn’t WAIT to be caught up with my bill, so I can never speak to them again.

    -Disgruntled Temporarily out of work Customer support Technician.

  261. John W. Compton says:

    We have been getting calls from NCO Financial Services for months – every day.

    My wife and I have excellent credit and are not in arrears or owe on any deb that has outstanding payments.

    The calls are automated and leave an 888 phone number.
    I finally tried to call back
    for details, and continually
    get a busy signal.

    When I did a search regarding this company, I am
    shocked at the number of harassing complaints that I see.
    I still have not been able to get through. I cannot even get any details.Sometimes
    they even call more than once per day. This company needs to be put out of business.

  262. Annoyed says:

    they call me several times a day and leave recorded messages to call them back…however, they don’t leave a name on who should be calling them back or for what. i have no debt and a great credit score. i called them today to let them know that they must have a wrong number. the lady on the phone said she would try to get it to stop in the next 24-48 hours. we’ll see…

  263. Annoyed says:

    Called to get an address on where to send a money order to them and try to get things resolved. Never was told about a payment plan and found out they want $1,000 down, 5 pymts of $200. I told them I couldnt afford it I could only send a under $100 a month the rep got really angry. The rep lied and said she was going to note in the system i refused to pay and refused to get the address. She said what I wanted to pay was not enought to cover my interest so it wouldnt do any good anyway to send it in becasue the interest was still going to accure and the calls would not stop. These people are very rude and they do not want to work with you at all. Its their way or the highway.

  264. bump says:

    i simply picked up the phone after their harassing calls and gave them my attorney contact info, they called him then then called me. I got a notarized letter from attorney concerning the contact than filed a 1000 dollar suit against them in small claims for violation of federal law and won. This company will harass you and ignore the system. Do what I did, send them to a lawyer then when they call you after that bring contact info from attorney and phone bill, recording of message to court easy money and they stop/

  265. Pissed Off says:

    I just got a phone call from NCO concerning an amount I owed from a closed bank account. I admit that I owe that amout. But when I said that I can make a payment and I would like to do so via money order, she got ignorant! She told me that if I set it up so that I can take it out of my new checking account, it would be reported as paid off today. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with that I’d prefer paying with money order. She told me that between the 15th and the date that they actually recieve the payment, the intrest could spike the total to over $200 dollars. I said that is fine and if that happens, to send me the new amount that’s owed. She told me that it wasn’t her job. Then I get transferred to someone else (I assume her supervisor). After going through the same routine with him, he asks me if this has been owed since whenever (I’m not sure of the date), why haven’t I paid it off. Why is this his business?! Then after once again stating that I would make a payment via money order, he said some more rude comments and hung up on me. Why are they still in business if this is how they treat people?

  266. Albert says:

    They called me roughly six times per day, every single day, and my mother answered and they refused to tell her who they were or what was going on and then I talked to them and they were snippy with me and then they spoke to my mother again and the guy shouted at her because she said she couldn’t hear him and then he hung up on her.

  267. riggs says:

    VERY sleazy — reaks of scam. They call … leave number … we return call and get busy signal. We pay everything on schedule and have NO Debt. Could this be a mistaken identify? Checked with VT Attorney General’s office. If they harrass you, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires them to send written verification. Don’t give them any info beyond your name over the phone.

  268. Sick of being harrassed says:

    I get so many calls from them that I have finally downloaded a app to my phone to block every single call from them. They would call and I would tell them I want to speak to a American. I worked in collections and if you request to speak to American English speaking person they have to transfer you. Theses idiots do not do that. I even trained India people to do collections and let me tell you these people do not abide by collection laws and are very harassing. If they cannot send me something in the mail, or get me a person that speaks my language fluently so flipping call me cuz i will not talk to you. They are on what is called a dialer system and if you do not speak to them it will go back to the end and when it will keep coming up until they put comments on there and put in a date. I know how these people work and I will not deal with them. What the hell is wrong with our world these days sending good jobs over to India who speak broken english and American companies pay them cheap. There are laws they have to follow and they are breaking them all the time. I will pay my bill when I am damned ready to. Send me mail dont call me I am not answering.

  269. TG says:

    My father, 83yrs, was placed in a nursing home last August. I paid all of his bills, had his mail sent to my home and didn’t close his bank account until 5 months later to make sure all bills were paid. Now I get phone calls for him from NCO and GE MONEY, and Local OFFICE for some debt he has. They don’t tell me what it is but they keep asking me for his information. I give them the address of the nursing home so they can verify his residency. Come on, how much of this should I take with as many as 5 calls a day?

  270. Carol Boldt says:

    I have repeatedly asked NCO to mot call my work, andnow they have called and got my boss and I am in real hot water over this…….How in the world do I get them to stop , I have notified them that I will no longer accept phone calls either at work or at my home and that I want no contact with them unless it is by mail and they ignore my requests…Please help me get them to stop.

  271. kevin says:

    if they call me one more time im going to cuss them out

  272. appauled says:

    The comments on this page say it all. They are trying to collect on already paid debt. When I requested information about the so called debt, I was told it would be mailed to me. 2 weeks gone and still no information. The woman who called today could not have been ruder. I asked, again, what the collection was concerning. The woman gave me a phone number that was clearly incorrect and when I informed her that was not an area code for anywhere in my state she got even nastier. They have to be outta their freaking minds if they think I am going to give them any information, or money. At this point as far as I am concerned they are not a legitimate business.

  273. Over It says:

    I keep getting phone calls from NCO Group. The calls begin at 8:15 am and are intermittent ALL day, everyday. They repeatedly ask for someone I don’t even know. “We will remove this number” from our call list. I hear that everyday. As of today I am sending a certified letter to them. I am contacting my attorney and the FCC.

  274. Annoyed Also says:

    Have received numerous calls from NCO over the last two weeks regarding a past due account with Capitol One Bank. Apparently the person they are attempting to collect from has the same name as mine. Told them I have never had an account with Capitol One however they persist on calling. Have asked several times to remove my number fron their records. The individuals that continue to call have such foreign accents that they apparently do not understand the English language. I can barely understand what they are saying and it seems they do not understand me!! I can fully understand why this company has so many complaints listed on this website. It appears everyone is experiencing the same problems. Each time I request to speak with a supervisor, I get no response. Was told on the last call that a supervisor would call to confirm that my number would be deleted from their call list. ARE YOU LISTENING NCO??

  275. heather says:

    This company called my neighbors and i got it on tape, unfortunately i had too much going on to have time to sue their butts. Look out!

  276. Maria says:

    NCO sent me a next day air packet from UPS with forms for me to fill out concerning a student loan from 2003. I filled out the paperwork, sent it back UPS next day air over a week ago and they continue to call me stating that they never got the packet. They call all hours of the evening and at work. I checked out the website and recently found out they are frauds. I reported them to an attorney and she is sending them a cease and desist letter. I hope I get this straightened out once and for all.

  277. Rebecca Brwon says:

    The NCO company they are calling about another company who went out of business. In which I had paid to for several years on time, durning this time I came down with NHL cancer. I tried paying my bills as long as I could . I couldn’t work doing chemo, plus having other health problem I was forced into turning all my bills over to a debt relief company to help me settle my bills..this Debt Relief can not get this NCO off my back. They have tried..I won’t be able to settle for a few more months because I don’t have enough money in my count with the debt who is helping me. I’m old and sick. This is making me sicker having to hear NCO on my answering machine calling me twice a day. My Son is dead, I have no husband. I’m fighting Fibromyalgia every day of my life. I have my cancer in remission, but my Doctors have told me it would be back..causing me to worry even more. Something needs to be done to make NCO leave people along. Times are back right now. Why they are calling is just to worry me. They know the whole deal that is going on in my life and when I will be able to settle with them.

  278. Trish says:

    I never received a statement, notice, or anything else from this agency telling me an account had gone into collection…come to find out, the account should never even gone into collection!! I tried for four hours to get through to these jerks…and ready for this? The recorded statement says there will be a ‘short delay”…I waited 1 hour and 18 mins on hold the first time, 45 mins. the second time and 23 mins. the third time!!! These people are a joke!!!

  279. rikerga says:

    I have recieved multiple calls from this company. They are robocalls telling me to remain on the line for important financial information concerning me. They keep you on the phone, and the computer eventually hangs up on you. They begin calling a 8am or slightly before all the way until 9pm and slightly afterwards. After calling them back multiple times, telling them they had the wrong person, they promised, my number would be removed from their system. Yet again, another 2 calls this morning already. I looked up and saw all the complaints people are having with this company. When is someone going to stop this. I even called the phone service they are using, and got no help there either.

  280. B says:

    I called NCO because they sent me two bills. One for 1200 and the other for 900. After explaining to them that I was not even in the hospital for 30 minutes and was discharged early without seeing a doctor, I told her I was unable to pay the amount because i dont have insurance and I haven’t had more than half of the services they had listed done. She (NCO representative) got very nasty and threatened to spike up my bill to $4000 because I couldn’t pay it.

  281. B says:

    Rude NCO representative that threatened me is Serrain Norton if that’s even her real name. She refused to give me ID number or extension.

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