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  1. james says:

    I have been contacted several times by these people stating that they were not debt collectors, but lawyers. However, the “lawyer” I spoke to does not, nor has he ever existed in the states he told me with the Bar number he gave me. They have threatened criminal action on me, which in my state, Indiana, is illegal for a payday loan. They never received a physical check from me. The refuse to send an itemized statement of my debt and state that they do not have to abide by the FDCPA since they are a law firm. I refuse to pay anything until I receive an itemized statement. Any suggestions?

  2. Teresa Ybarra says:

    My husband and I were also contacted by these people and threatened with criminal actions. They would not provide any paper information or email information for me of the claims against my husband. They were rude and very pushy.

  3. a.r. says:

    This is a very rude and disrespectful company. They will make threats, lie, and tell your family your business. Even if you try to work with them to pay off the debt, they will even hang up on you if you can offer a less amount. I agree Teresa, they are pushy, rude, and even very unprofessional. One guy has even threaten to file charges on me even after I have made payments to them to pay it off! He even hung up on me after I tried to negotiate a payment to them.I mean, how awful is that when they don’t even want to help you especially if you are making an effort to pay during hard times. Sad! Now I am going to send them money orders until it is paid off. They already have my debit card information and they have already gotten a few payments from the account and I’m now trying to debate whether or not to stop payments from them and cease communication with them altogether since I know now what this debt entails.James:to me, for them being called “lawyers” for some reason I don’t think they are even real lawyers. any suggestions from anyone about what I should do? thanks

  4. TIFFANY RABON says:

    I was contacted by someone claiming to be an attorney but would not give me any information on him or his barr number. I sent him a \”do not call\” letter and they have continued to call me and my family members threatening to serve my papers at my job and then called a family member last night at 9:00 threatening to suspend my drivers license if i did not make payment by 12:00 today. I have recorded conversations where they have threatened me. I would like to set up a payment plan through the mail and have asked that it be sent to me but to no avail. I have been talked very rudely to, hung up on, and my family has had threats against me to them. I contacted a local attorney, who informs that all these practices are not allowed and we should report to the better business bureau. I am not sure but I wish they were not that rude and would quit calling me and my family.

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