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Portfolio Recovery Associates also referred to as Portfolio Recovery is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. This collection agency purchases old debt from companies and tries to collect on it. Because in most cases, the debt is old, they can buy this debt for extremely cheap. They then start collection calls to get the money as fast as they can.

Is Portfolio Recovery Associates a Scam?

The collections services provided by Portfolio Recovery are real, however, they may not always be done the right, and fair way.

In fact in some instances, they go straight to sending out summons for court appearances in an attempt to get you to pay your debt faster. If you choose to ignore a summons, funds can be seized or your wages can be garnished to retrieve the owed monies. This is a scare tactic, but also may not be legit in some cases.

Are you being harassed by Portfolio Recovery?

Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) may also sometimes make harassing calls and send out threatening letters. In some cases they may have your information by mistake ~ so they are sending the WRONG PERSON collection notices!
Harassment and abusive calls are prohibited by debt collection companies. Have you felt like you are being harassed by Portfolio Recovery Associates? Are you receiving threatening letters?
The legal team at the Consumer Law Firm of Francis & Mailman can help end illegal harassment and resolve discrepancies if you do not actually owe money.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as Portfolio Recovery Associates cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

  • Contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt
  • Threaten you with referral to an attorney, harm of credit, or wage garnishment without the actual intent to act on the threat
  • Calling at “unreasonable times” such as before 8:00 AM or after 9:00PM
  • Contact you at your employer’s office if you tell them not to
  • Place calls to your employer to inform them of your debt or disclosing any aspect of the debt to others
  • Use profane or obscene language during calls
  • Send collection letters that appear to be from a court or government office
  • Threaten to arrest you if the debt remains unpaid

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Contact the Consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 or fill out the free case review form to stop harassment from Portfolio Associates or to see what action can be taken against PRA if they have violated any of your consumer rights.

Contact Information for Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

a.k.a. Anchor Receivables Management
  Corporate Headquarters
Address 120 Corporate Blvd.
City Norfolk
State  Virginia
Zip Code 23502
Phone 1 800-772-1413
Phone 2 800-564-8818
Phone 3 757-519-9300
Fax 1 757-321-2504
Fax 2 866-296-0635
  Mailing Address
Address P.O. Box 12914
City Norfolk
State Virginia
Zip Code 23541
Address 4829 Hwy 45 North
City Jackson
State Tennessee
Zip Code 38305
  New Market Mall
Address 5200 West Mercury Blvd.
City Hampton
State Virginia
Zip Code 23666
Address 500 West 1st Avenue
City Hutchinson
State Kansas
Zip Code 67501
NasdaqNM PRAA (Holding @+/- .50)
  Head Debt Collectors
Contact 1 Steve Fredrickson, CEO
Email 1 sfredrickson@portfoliorecovery.com
Contact 2 Andrew Holmes, President
Email 2 aholmes@portfoliorecovery.com
Contact 3 Craig Grube, Sr. VP
Email 3 cgrube@portfoliorecovery.com
Contact 4 Donald A. Williams, Associate General Counsel
Email 4 dwilliams@portfoliorecovery.com
NasdaqNM PRAA (Holding @ +/- $43.50
Website www.portfoliorecovery.com


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  1. Jack S says:

    I think this Portfolio Recovery Associates is nothing but a bunch of rip off SCAM artists! They buy bad debts at the rate of about ten cents on the dollar and than try to collect at the original face value! What a bunch of parasites!

  2. Don B says:

    These people call and harass without having any information whatsoever. It is ridiculous! And I believe that their tactics are illegal! I will be seeking the advice of an attorney since they are harassing me and I am not the person they are looking for. Don’t deal with these crooks and liars.

  3. SJ says:

    Called me about a credit card that I never applied for, at an address that I’m only familiar with from 10 years ago in a state that I no longer live in… calling them crooks is too kind.

  4. Julia Q says:

    I think they are a rip off. they called my mother (who speaks little English) and myself on a 3 way phone call and accused my mother who is 86 years old of owing on a credit card. Would not give me details and started yelling at me. After some harsh words, the person finally gave me supervisor’s phone number. Found out that they had the wrong person. They are a bunch of thieves.

  5. Lorrie G says:

    I feel as everyone else does about recovery Assc. We awoke one morning to having our bank accounts empty. All the money we had was in the accounts and they had i guess gotten judgement on us and we had no idea they did and now the bank says theres nothing we can do. They took every bit of money we had. My husband is the only one that works and we have a family of six. this is what i call stealing from the poor! Be careful and watch them!

  6. Paul W. Harrison says:

    Wells Fargo Bank Nevada Bal:$466.76 Acct/Rreference No: 5490970100130988

  7. K Brad says:

    These people call all times, night & day, even Sat and Sun. The “debt” they are claiming was my ex-husband’s in 1980!!!!!!!! I have tried explaining the situation, hanging up on them, being as rude as they are, NOTHING WORKS, THEY JUST KEEP CALLING!

  8. Kim I. says:

    This company continues to call me telling me that this is an old credit card that I didn’t pay off…I asked them why would I want anymore credit cards if I already had one and was I able to get two more credit cards with no problem if I already had an existing one..they didn’t like that…that are a nuisance.

  9. gene says:

    I got two letters from portfolo recover associates LLC,one letter stated I owe them$2061.38 and the other letter stated I owe them $1496.31,as far as I know I don’t owe them anything.What a ripoff.

  10. Cinci says:

    People at this company continue to call me to collect a debt from someone with a similar, but not exact name as I. The residence history is different too. Very aggressive, threatening and interrogate like the KGB. After checking them out on the internet, it is apparent that they are predators that prey on poor and unsophisticated people and need to be shut down! Since it operates across state lines, it is a Federal thing. Call your Senator and Congressman. Obama is for the little guy so send emails to the Whitehouse too. Let get it done!

  11. Anon says:

    For the most part, they try to recover debts that are past the state’s statute of limitations to collect. Don’t fall for their alleged good deals. You must dispute the claim in writing and ask for proof of debt to have something to go to the VA Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection with a complain against them.

  12. BStr says:

    This company keeps calling our house at all hours and even on weekends. They started calling my work cell which isn\’t even listed in MY name?!?! I\’ve told them several times that I am NOT the person they are looking for (they are calling for a male, I am a female), but they continue to call. I told one guy that called on my work number that I don\’t have a debt with them or anyone else and he started yelling at me that HE would be the one to decide that. I hung up on him. I just told another person to quit calling me because I\’m not the person they are looking for. She said \”well, do you KNOW this person?\”. I asked if you \”KNOW\” someone does that make you responsible for their debts???? And then I told her again, clearly I am not the person you are looking for and you must stop calling me. I\’m going to report them to the FCC, for what that\’s worth.

  13. ANON says:

    This is a lie collection agencies use, not true. DO NOT HAVE TO DISPUTE IN WRITING.

    They have to stop if asked. PERIOD. Don’t, but are legally obligated to.

  14. Disgusted says:

    Apparently, we have a phone number that someone else had that PRA is harassing. We have flawless credit and no bills. We opted out in the DoNotCall registry, but this does not stop PRA. I guess the best thing to do is let them waste their time and money calling our answering machine. We know it is them from Caller ID and the messages they leave. If there is ever a class action suit against them, perhaps we could provide some evidence.

  15. Gina says:

    This company claims I owe, yet, won’t give the break down of such. Calls me at work after being told not to, it’s a state agency! They were never given this number! Continues to call even after getting a cease and desist! Hung up on me when I tol them I was recording all calls and keeping record of each call and going to complain. Sent my complaint to the FCC.

  16. sidney 02/01/10 says:

    This company keeps calling me for a debt which they say occured in 1989, I dont owe this debt and even if I did the statue of limination has long since came and gone, something needs to be done abount this rip off company to stop this.

  17. joey says:

    This company sent me a notice (they have popped up on my caller-id as well) trying to collect a debt from 1993!!!
    this debt does not show up on any of my credit reports with any of the 3 bureaus. These bottom feeders should be ashamed of themselves!

  18. Alan says:

    These scumbags call me at my home and business day-after-day and will not stop. i called the FTC for help and they informed me that I must send a Cease and Desist letter by certified mail to their corporate address. I did this and we will see if it helps. I doubt it since they are already breaking the law.

  19. Dolores Perkins says:

    I would appreciate it if this company (Portfolio Recovery Associates) would stop harrassing me by telephone when I have repeatedly asked them to send me something in the mail so that I can see what it is that I owe. I have never received anything and am tired of this!!

  20. anastasia says:

    I found a debt for 12,000.00 on my credit report. They have no records of my ss# or records of my last name or my ex-last name.
    yet it is on my credit report.
    why would it be there if they have no record of me?

  21. Louis P. says:

    This company has been calling me all times of the day for 4 months. They only left 2 messages but the person they are looking for is a Hispanic woman. I am an Italian male. I also have caller ID so I never answer. Judging from the other complaints they do not know what they are doing. They should not be allowed to harass people like this.

  22. Tim says:

    This company is trying to collect on Debts that I let go for a very long time but ultimately paid in full to another agency. The debts have been paid. Also they all from yr2000 – even though they have been fully paid – they are too old to be on my credit report anyway. I am not going to make contact with this Agency – cause I worry they could somehow reset the TIME CLOCK from the point of my call. Although I have the proof that I paid the accounts through other agencies. I just don’t wat to have to go to the trouble fighting and removing it – if they somehow wedge there way on to my credit reports. LESSON: If you paid the debt and it’s not on your report – DO NOT CONTACT THESE PEOPLE. It will reset the time clock

  23. H. Fran says:

    I have no debts.
    I was called several times. by this company with a recorded message that went so fast it was impossible to get the information. One call was at 8 am Sat morning. Then I was called by a real person, who also spoke very fast, saying something about how they were going to collect a debt from my Capitol One account. They had no idea where I lived. She asked me for the last digit of my social, which I gave her, she announced I was the wrong person and took me “off” her list, what list? She was very agressive and threatening sounding.

  24. Charles says:

    First off, The debt that this company stated I owed was from a credit card that my wife (ex wife now) took out while we were married. When this company first contacted me about it, they couldn’t tell me what the debt was for until 6 months later. I found out it was a card that I didn’t even have my name on, however, since I was married to her at the time, I was half responsible for the debt, even though I never used the card. After somehow winning a small claims case (without even going to court), I was paying on this debt. I continued to pay what I could afford to pay until I received notice that they froze my 13 year old daughters savings account (my name was on the account). I informed the company that I had nothing to do with this account and my money was not going into this account…it was her money only. Today I just received notice that they took all the money out of her account to pay on this debt. I hope they feel good…stealing money from a 13 year old girl.

  25. Judy Beall says:

    My 72 year old husband is being sued because he fell for their lies and started paying an old dept that was past the statute of limitations. Now he is retired and lives on SSI, while I work for min wage at a high school. We were not married when he defaulted in 2000, but we were when he was conned into starting to pay again in 2007, then had to stop because we could not afford to pay them or any others. Now they want to attach my wages and bank accts because we are married. They should be ashamed, that in these days of recession, people going to food banks for food, and we will be getting food stamps when I am laid off for summer vacation. In Arizona, I may not have a job next year…PROP 100
    These people are blood suckers and they don’t care who they hurt. They have no soul!

  26. robert e. cooper says:

    We get their calls but do not answer. Advice: Unless you know the party calling you, let it go to message. Unfortunately until the fed Government REALLY stops this illegal activity, we will be hounded by them.

  27. Richard D White says:

    We are getting called by Portfolio Recovery 2-3 times a day every day! There is never anyone on the line, its like the automated system is calling our number but message. Id love for it to be stopped as it is very annoying and we dont have any past debts to be collected on!

  28. johnson says:

    Over eight years ago, someone bearing my unremarkable name bought something from Walmart in somewhere in the USA. Today, I got anothet two calls demanding payment, at 8 am and 7 pm. This has been going on for the last four years. I discovered I’ve paying an extra $200 per month (for 30 years) because of the effect of this non-debt on my credit.

  29. Tim A says:

    For over a year I received calls from PRA and ignored them largely as an annoyance and let my answering machine do my bidding. I work hard, generally pay my bills on time and I knew for 100% I didn’t have any outstanding debt that they would have purchased.

    One day I decided to answer the call and they asked for someone I have never heard of, explained them they had a problem and they said they would correct. Next day same thing, this time I yelled a bit, they apologized and said I must have had the number of the person who they were trying to get a hold of, not true because I have had the number for 10+ years.

    Next day another call, yelled quite a bit and asked that they never call (I realize that it is fruitless, but it was fun yelling at a debt collector). I decided to let the answering machine do my bidding for a few more months with them calling, but finally got fed up again and answered. This time they asked for my minor son, I told them he wasn’t available but would deal with the issue directly since he was a minor. Apparently they got the wrong kid since the person they were looking for was born in ’76 rather than ’96 (as my son).

    PRA’s explanation was a parsing error in their database (or some other BS argument).

    I have no idea how they got my number, but I seem to be their default call for anyone with a similar name or whatever criteria they use to call me constantly.

    I would love to do whatever it is to shut them up, tired of every evening (3-4 times some days) and see the number calling knowing well that they will ask for someone that I don’t even know.

    The moral of the story is, these guys are amateurs who don’t know what they are doing. I suggest ignoring them and yelling (if it makes you feel better), but bottom line is, don’t get bent out of shape if they call you.

  30. Jessica S. says:

    They have been harassing me since 2006, and now decided to SUE ME for a debt that was never mine!! I am going to trial because I am a victim of identity theft, and they don’t even care!!

  31. Jon says:

    They are at it again. I had a debt covered under a bankruptcy in 1991. They are calling early morning and harassing me for these dismissed debt. I am sending a letter demanding no more phone calls. Here’s hoping!

    • Anon says:

      Call your bankruptcy attorney. This might be seen as a violation of the discharge injunction (if you received a discharge).

  32. Cory says:

    We’ve been getting calls from these people for months, about a Citibank card that my wife supposedly had. She never had any such card, but they have her maiden name and the last four digits of her Soc.Sec.#. They are trying to collect on a debt that is completely unrelated to us, and there seems to be no way to stop them calling! I’m continuing to try to ignore the calls.

  33. Roy says:

    My credit record is clean AND I have a great score. For 6 months I have been getting calls from odd numbers on my Cell phone. OK A) I do not answer my phone if the number incoming is not in my Phone’s Contact list already or is not my local area code. B) If the caller is not in my contact list and Does NOT leave a v-mail guess what? They will not be added to my Contact list. If it’s important, leave a message!!!
    Some numbers Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC have tried to use to contact me:

    What these idiots don’t realize is I use a Smartphone and can look up their number before answering. So put these numbers in your block list if you can.

    • Anon says:

      Try sending them a cease and desist demand in writing by Certified Mail. Contact an attorney if they continue to call after receiving the letter and report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  34. Marion says:

    I first received a sort of “bill” that was basically one piece of paper folded a few times. The letter claimed I owed $7,000 to Capital One. Not very professional. Then when I ignored that I received a call one evening. She was the scavenger debt collector, yelling and threatening, so I hung up. From that day forward I received calls two and three times a day. After about a week I grabbed the bull by the horns. I wasn’t nice, but then neither was she. I never cursed, but I had her on the run. I also only referred to the debt as “alleged” as there is no telling what could be said to start the clock. This woman wanted to know all kinds of things, personal things. The thing she said that made me laugh the loudest was when she screamed “I know you have money”.
    In fact, I’m a cancer survivor and am on disability. Any money I did have was spent supporting myself last year when I was having treatments. Twice she wanted to know how much my disability was. Honestly! I finally told her I knew she worked for scavenger debt collectors, that her company purchases old debts that the original owners of the dept wrote off as a tax loss that year. Then your company purchases old debts for pennies on the dollar. After you go after either the owner, or anyone, and begin to strong arm, threaten..pretty much their bag of tricks have a deep, dark pocket. I asked her how she sleeps nights knowing she works for a corrupt company.
    She said she works for a wonderful company. Really, I said. They must not let you have access to the internet, and I laughed.
    If it looked like she was going to try and run me over with words, I beat her to it.
    When I got tired of playing with her I told her that if her company even attempted to sue me all I would have to tell the court the alleged CC debt is Time-barred, which simply means the statute of limitations has run out. Just so the reader knows, I owned CC’s back in 1996, but haven’t owned any since. Did I default? Maybe, but if I did there were good reasons, as I pay my debts.
    This woman’s attempts at scaring me were weak at best. But I will say this. For those who don’t know their agenda, and there must be a lot, as Portfolio Recovery is a thriving business and their ace in the hole is the average persons ignorance, and falling for their fear tactics. Maybe the best thing to do is to educate people about this company, and companies like them. Who knows, in time, we can all laugh them out of business. Want to hear something else funny? They still call me every day. They get my answering machine. Hope they like hearing my granddaughter rambling about nothing.
    Thanks for letting me vent!

  35. ERIK says:

    i get harassing calls for an 18 year old debt!

    • Rob Andrews says:

      I’ll go you one better. They have been trying to collect on something I don’t owe and never heard of. And they won’t take no for an answer. How do I prove what I don’t own.
      Another thing, they are trying to get me to give them my SS number. No way! This sounds like a scam to me.

  36. lynnsmith1960 says:

    These people call my house about 10 times a day. Today is Sunday, and I even got a call after 6:00 pm. I don’t owe them anything, and they never leave a msg. It is just an automated call with no real person on the other end of the line. Stop calling me!

  37. Zellie says:

    These people have been harassing me for a couple of months over a 19 year old debt. They some how found my ex-husband, his wife gave them my phone number and old address. Now I am getting calls all the time, I answered the 1st call that came in as unavailable since I was expecting a call that would come in that way. Now the calls are coming in from different available numbers, all numbers are listed above by Cory. The Questions they were asking during that call is how I figured out how they got my number. They bought a $700 debt from InTrust bank that I am sure I paid off in January of 1992. I was a college student at that time and decided to pay off all of my CC’s when I got my aid for the spring semester.
    The lady I spoke with was rude, demanding and was asking very personal questions, I hung up on her when I had had enough.
    I no longer have the canceled checks from 19 years ago, so I cannot prove that the payment was made, but would it matter.

  38. Just Say No says:

    They tried to come after me for 731.00 for a phone bill that my ex wife racked up AFTER we were divorced. My solution? I started quoting the Fair Debt and Collections Act. Never heard from them again, and there is nothing on my reports.

  39. Brian B. says:

    Apparently, I “owe” $839.66 for “either a one of two credit card companies OR Gateway Computer”. I have neither dealt with Gateway OR applied for the credit they say I must have. At first, I thought maybe my ex-wife used my SSN, but I have never gotten anything from other companies saying I owe money. This has been going on since 2008, at least, and now I can either write them, disputing the debt, or pay the reduced amount of $764.10 in 6 easy monthly payments to clear this debt. I won’t pay until they show me proof that the debt is actually a valid! I think this company is conning people into paying them for questionable debts that may or may not exist. Why can’t, or won’t they show me proof?

  40. Cass D says:

    I recieved a call from Portfolio Recovery and they proceeded to tell me that I owe them over $3000. I let them know that I take care of my responsibilties, but I am not aware of this debt. As we talk, we uncover that my ex- husband is listed on this account, yet they claim that I am the primary account holder. In fact, through discussion we find that this account was opened AND went delinquent prior to us even being married! They also tell me that a payment was made in Jan 2010 by ME! I respond by saying that I am paying for a credit card from this company currently but I am not sure of another account opened while I was DATING my ex -husband. I ask them to send everything in writing and that I dispute this. I also let them know that I will call them back when I receive their documentation. Months go by and I never receive any documentation, yet they continue to call my house. During that time I re-check with my current credit card bank which states that they know NOTHING of this mysterious $3000 account. I pull all three credit reports, and there is NO debt for $3000 being reported!!! I then call Porfolio Recovery back, and let them know that I am actively disputing this debt even without their documentation which was never received. At that point they use the conversation that I had with their last rep against me. The facts I stated before were twisted into a story sounding like I was a criminal dodging the law! I corrected their accusations as they blasted them to me and then they was transferred to a supervisor. I was then interrogated further by a Supervisor who had the sense enough to start matching up the opening date (1995) and deliquency date (1998) of this debt and realized that they couldn’t force me to pay this without increased legal interaction. Primarily because I didn’t get married to my ex-husband until 1999 and we has separate addresses as well! The supervior then stated that he was going to transer me to the “Dispute Department” ….and the phone went dead! Yes, they hung up on me after they didn’t get what they wanted! Afterward, I took the advice of another blogger on this page and blocked all the Portfolio Recovery phone numbers. Peace has been restored! AHHHH!

  41. jbells says:

    Portfolio will call you everyday all day. I have told them that I will not pay the amount and to stop callling me period. Doesn’t stop them though so they are continuing to waste there time. My real issue is with the Capitol One Credit Card that sent me a card for 300.00 of which a processing fee of 150 plus dollars was applied. Which left me with a credit card of 130.00 when I couldn’t pay or didn’t take care of buisness the way I should have (my fault) they want to charge me some outrageous fee of 1,400 claimed by Portfolio, which then went up two months later to 2,000plus dollars. They will agree to pay 500.00 plus through a credit card or checking with routing number so they can milk me dry. They are stupid! There is a law in which they arn’t allowed to contact you at certain times of the day…but they do anyway. Capital One is a rip off also.

  42. derek says:

    These people just called and I was at mu mothers house. The caller idea came up las vegas but the lady claimed she was in virginia. Then the lady told my mother she owed sears money from 11 years ago and my mother can set up a payment plan. Sorry but debt that old doesn’t exist on a person’s credit report…they have called many times at different times of the day.

  43. David William says:

    Here is an email address I uncovered for Mark Davidson, Assistant Vice President of PRA. If their calls persist (like they did for me), FEEL FREE to let him have it. Bug them like they bugged you!! Prior to these calls (and still till this day) I have had ZERO debts and have been an extremely responsible consumer, so there should have been no reason to receive these calls, multiple times a day, each and every day!

    So here it is. Have at it!

    Mark Davidson
    Assistant Vice President
    Portfolio Recovery Associates

  44. BC says:

    they call to collect a 15 yr old debt from a cell phone. So rude. I asked for them to send the invoice in writing and they said it was against company policy. I laughed at them they got really mad. They said go to their web site and i could look up the account. How do we get them to stop calling? My husband says just tell them “wrong number” but doesn’t look like that works based on others comments?

  45. Cudahy says:

    These people have been calling me about some credit card I never had from sometime back in the mid 90s. I have asked for proof of the debt, which they can never provide.

  46. Me says:

    I wanted to look into this company because they have been calling my friend’s cellphone. After I read all the reports here I decided to look up FAQ’s about Debt Collection. I suggest you all go to:

    Read about your rights. I never knew this. Good Luck!

  47. Benjamin says:

    This company calls me daily for a person who lives on the West end of my street. My address is an East address, but the house number is the same as the person they are looking for. I’ve informed them of their mistake, and they continue to call. It’s been 5 months.

  48. Donna says:

    Letter sent to PRA
    My mother received a call yesterday, March 14, from a PRA representative named “Linda.” She was looking for me, Donna Riley-Lein, and my mother reports that she was rude on the phone.
    I called the number she left when I returned home from work. Linda said that “anyone” could help me, and the woman who answered my call said that PRA was looking for me concerning a PayPal account. I replied that I had filed bankruptcy and that the debt was included in the filing. I said my name, and she did not ask about the spelling. I have a somewhat unusual name so I was surprised at that.
    To say I was not believed was an understatement. I was told that she could look that information up and did I want to change that story before she looked it up.
    To say I was offended is more of an understatement. My bankruptcy came as the result of an illness. Sorry, I survived.
    She looked it up, then brought it to a supervisor.
    Apparently I was correct. And then this woman had the nerve to say there

  49. KGB says:

    These people are bottom feeders that operate in the grey area of the law. All it is, is a big call center that is very similar to the sweatshopesque call centers that call you with high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy crap you don’t want. It is a fear based sales tactic! They use fear, terminology, and the target’s ignorance to laws, to sell their own credibility as a “recovery service”, all the while trying to hide the fact that the debt they are trying to collect on is long past any statutes of limitation. I did read a couple of posts that mentioned them actually getting into peoples’ bank accounts, and I would like to hear more about how they were able to get that kind of judgment. The bottom line is that the only way to protect ourselves from places like this, is to 1: EDUCATE YOURSELF don’t screw yourself over in the contact that you have with them. It is my understanding that there are certain phrases that can protect you but there are also certain phrases they use to “prove your guilt” and possibly reset the clock on the limitations.
    2: DON’T BE BULLIED. These fools have decided in a time that a lot of people are broke, tired and scared, to feed on that vulnerability and call people with loud voices and empty threats because with the way things are right now (economically), people are apt to just lay down and give in. It’s sick that they so openly feed off of a downed economy and I think that they are are a shining example of why society is sick. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND WHAT IS RIGHT!!
    THE ONLY WAY TO WIN A BATTLE LIKE THIS AND HOPEFULLY RID OURSELVES OF PLACES LIKE THIS IS TO BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME.!! Obviously the lawmakers aren’t interested in enforcing anything that protects any of us from it so maybe it’s time for us to take care of it ourselves. Don’t give in!!

  50. linda Johnson says:

    I have been getting calls from 7AM to 9PM 7 days a week for a bill they say is from Sears from the 90’s, well past the statute of limitations. I am ill, disabled, and unable to rest due to the calls. I have mailed a letter, via certified mail to cease communication, but will have to see if it helps. There should be a method to help consumers who are harrassed, and close down companies that operate illegally!! I will hire an attorney if necessary, and I am sure that carries more weight than just a consumer complaint.

  51. Melissa says:

    One day when I was at home I
    rec’d many calls with different numbers all coming up with this company name. I have reported to my phone company & am hoping they will give me a new phone number.

  52. Jon G says:

    THEY TOOK ALL MY MONEY! The literally just took all of our money from our bank account without any warning!!

  53. D says:

    Like everyone else, I have been receiving many many calls from these people from many many numbers in all area codes around the country. They claim they have been mailing me correspondence to an address that I haven’t even lived at in 7 years and leaving voice mails – which I have never received. I updated my address with them and asked to have correspondence sent to my correct address and they said they were not allowed to do that. So – it’s amazing how they have been sending me mail but now all of a sudden that I have given them correct address they are not allowed to. They just asked that I go ahead and pay nearly $800 to them to clear off a debt from 2002. I told them if they couldn’t send me something in writing then I wasn’t paying them anything.

    I’m curious as to all of you that have had everything taken out of your account…how can that even be legal for them to access you bank account and take all of your money? Just curious as I definitely don’t want that to happen. I have worked hard over the last few years to clear up my credit which is why I’m so furious with this company refusing to send me information. I’m willing to take care of a debt if it is truly my debt but since they can’t give me any information, how can they expect me to just give them financial information?

  54. Larry says:

    I received a discretely labeled letter yesterday with a return address in Wixom, MI. I opened it out of curiosity. Inside was a three line blurb:
    Chase Bank
    Account / Ref #…
    Balance $xxx

    In addition to the above, the rest was a plethora of information on how I could easily settle this debt. Since I don’t have any accounts with Chase and I am a Jr., I thought that perhaps it was my fathers. I called to get additional information. The person I spoke with explained to me that the debt was for a credit card that I had a ‘while ago’. When I asked when, I was told that it was from 1992 and it was written off as bad debt in 1996. At that point, I told her to have a nice day and hung up. I think it is absolutely insane that companies are able to prey on the unknowing folks like this. I will ignore it for now but if I’m contacted again via mail or telephone, I’ll just hand it off to my attorney. Incredible that this kind of fraud is allowed by a publicly traded company.

  55. maria says:

    This company is a bunch of low life people, they have been calling my 79 year old mother-in-law to harrased her over some bs, which she never order it,and deffinitive never got it, I will report this with the attorney general of arizona and I will make them to stop, I will also call the television stations of my state. They keep insulting her and degreating her what kind of human been does this to a person that can’t defend herself.If that’s what they think!.

  56. Deb says:

    Here’s another phone number to add to your block list 702-410-7069, in addition to the numbers listed above by Cory. Similar situation as the rest of the postings here. Attempting to claim a debt of $117 for a cell phone bill that was paid in 1997 and well past statue of limitations.

  57. andie says:

    Like everyone else, I received a letter saying that I owed on an account that was paid off 6 years ago…and closed! I called and asked for Chase’s contact information so I can confirm their claim….”we don’t have their information”.

  58. Aimee says:

    Got a letter from them with my former last name. Haven’t been married to that man since 1989. Debt was incurred on a credit card to Kay Jewelers. Card was in both of our names. He killed himself a few years after we divorced. Now they want me to pay. This is a debt that was incurred in 1986. Over 25 years old!!!! What idiots!!!!!!!


    add 847.994. 2540 to your List Along with Cody’s we are being harassed too for no apparent reason. Will give more numbers as they come through. Thanks for this wonderfully informational blog.

  60. Floyd says:

    I was contacted today by Portfolio Recovery Associates stating I had a debt from 2002 for $12,000. I have perfect credit and no debt. The agent could not tell me any information but a credit card number from HSBC. I never had a HSBC card. They are SCAMMERS. Watch out!

  61. B.S. Jones says:

    I received a call from PR tonight on a debt they say my husband owes. I asked for an address to send them a letter requesting validation. He directed me to a website saying I could access the account and make payment. After several requests for a physical address, the guy finally gave it to me but with an attitude. I advised him PR is the 2nd collection agency trying to collect on this debt which we say is not valid. We have a copy of my husband’s credit report and there is nothing about this alleged debt on his record. So, it has either been paid or it never existed. He claimed the file had been in PR’s office since 2007 but a firm out of California tried to collect on the same alleged debt about 6 months ago. The law should not allow these types of companies to exist.

  62. jim says:

    This company started callin me a few months ago saying I owed over $800 for a payday loan that i never recieved. I kept explaining to the persons who called, always a different one, that no payday loan had ever reached my account as I kept an eye on it. Now they are calling saying I have an outstanding auto loan with msn financial. I have never heard of msn financial and have never dealt with them. My vehicle is already paid for.

  63. bob lauer says:

    Similar situation as all other complaints, but the line is always dead with no one there. Get calls almost every day of the week. I Ooe no one any money whatsoever.

  64. Lisa says:

    In 1993 I opened two credit cards where each of the credit limits were $200.00. I subsequently paid for the purchases but stupidly left the credit cards open and they accrued interest that I was unable to pay when I lost my job. Several years later I was contacted and harrassed by a debt recovery agency and agreed to pay the interest charges off. $900.00 worth of interest. I made 3 payments of $300.00 each on what was originally a $400.00 credit limit which was already paid for. The company took my money and never reported it to the original creditor or the credit union. This company then completely disappeared and to this day my debt is still on my credit report and I have no proof that it was paid off.. So be very careful when dealing with these vultures.

  65. KF says:

    My husband has been receiving calls at our home… on his cell … and even on my cell from this company. They are stating that they bought out an old debt of his which by the way was incurred back in 2000. He settled with the company at the time and everything was supposed to be ok. They are now harrassing us! Sometimes they call 4 or 5 times in one day … day/night … weekends – doesn’t matter to them. They are rude and state that they can take us to court. I have done research and see that this is truly harrasment under Section 8 of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

  66. Amy says:

    I am sick of this SO CALLED collection agency calling my phone. I even changed numbers and have no phone in my name and they still call me. They claim I have an old credit card that was included in my ex’s bankruptcy and now that its done I owe them. I still have the credit card they are talking about, never closed it, and am in good standing on it.They need to stop calling by boyfriends cell. I don’t owe them crud. From what I hear on here that company needs to be closed down. They sound like aweful people.

  67. gloria says:

    Portfolio called me at 7 p.m. on a Sunday night. I told them they were calling outside of business hours – they tried to argue telling me that they are open 7 days a week and 24 hours per day. I told them the local market is open 24 hours per day to do business with customers, but for a business to call my house at 7 p.m.on Sunday night was ridiculous. They are nuts and need to be stopped.

  68. airt9000 says:

    Here are some more numbers these guys use.
    Thank you Cory for the first list. These numbers are an update to Cory’s list.


  69. Stephanie Smith says:

    I keep getting calls from a number that appears on my caller ID as “Portfolio Recovery”, but the number shows up with an Orlando, FL area code. Not only that, but they call 6 TIMES A DAY!!!! Next time they call I’m going to contact an attorney and look into filing harassment charges against these bottom-feeders. I have been out of work for a year and am trying to find a job so I can pay off the debts I do owe, but when I’ve got scum like these guys crawling up my backside 6 times a frigging day it doesn’t make things easy.

  70. Mary says:

    Thank you Portfolio Recovery for calling me and collecting my husband’s ex-wife’s unpaid bills. That witch opened a credit card account with Bank of America by forging my husband’s signature and using his SSN. Of course, she maxed it out and did not pay. This is outright IDENTITY THEFT! I will be pressing charges. Always be on guard and check your credit scores. Once again thank you, Portfolio Recovery.

  71. steve says:

    I get calls from these people every day it seems like.

    After reading these messages on this page, and finding out they will continue to call even when you are the incorrect person having an unlucky phone number, tjat they keep calling anyway … wow, I won’t waste my energy then. Futile stuff.

    Screw it, my landline is only for use when I have phone interviews anyway, and I don’t answer it anyway, so I’ll just let my machine take their messages and then delete them weekly with a touch of a button.

  72. John says:

    They just called for my mother on my home phone which has no ties to her whatsoever. I have never given this number to anyone, including my mother.

  73. Nick M. says:

    They first started calling me back when I first moved across country saying I owed outstanding debt on a credit card when I was 18-19 years old. Yet I had closed that account and told them multiple times and asked if it were true why were they calling me 9 years later accusing me. They started calling my work until I finally got ticked off and told them to stop or I’d file harassment charges to their company. After a year of not hearing from them I received a phone call yesterday at home, I’m going to have to take legal action it looks.

  74. Stephanie says:

    I have been receiving calls from this company day after day multiple times a day. They are asking for me to resolve a debt “alleged” debt from a credit card company from 2002. The last time a payment was made was in 2005. The caller ask me for a check to clear up this matter. The original debt was for $200 and now they want $3500. She offered me a reduced amount of some odd % rate. After me letting her know that they were not the original credit card owner and wanted proof that I owed them money she decided that the paper work that was with the credit card company carried over with them. Now they do not have anything that has my signature borrowing money from them when I ask for this she said “I see that you are able to pay your other bills.” I then ask to what she was speaking of and she then went to tell me about a new credit card that I just opened. She said ” I am looking at your credit report now.” I have not seen my credit report and find it very offensive that she can bring up my personal business that has nothing to do with the “alleged” debt she is speaking of. At the end of the conversation she was so mad at me because of the information that I used against her with the Fair Debt Collection Act that she said “YOU OWE the ENTIRE AMOUNT NOW!” This debt was written off by the credit card company in 2005 it is now 2011 and they want my bank account information? I just wonder how someone can sleep at night working for this company.

  75. Linda Schlotzhauer says:

    I get calls 3 & 4 times a day from these people got one 5 min ago they are driving us crazy. I lost my husband 16 months ago and then this all started. old credit cards back in late 1970s My son even told them I passed away and that did not work.They also call on weekends.They never tell you how much they are trying to collect or what you owe.Please we need help driving everybody around crazy run to the phone to see if it is them again.

  76. Johnny says:

    A couple months ago I started receiving calls about some bill they claim I owe from 1991. Do a web search for the following string and you can find out plenty about this company – “portfolio recovery” junk debt

  77. Joanie says:

    Wow!!!! Well I just read everyones complaints, glad that I went online. Portfolio calls me -EVERY THREE DAYS!!!! I have recently been laid off, I have bills like everyone else and I am divorced w/ 2 children. These people KEEP CALLING!!!!!IN 1998 I had a Sears acct and around 2000, I moved and to be honest was not very RESPONSIBLE ABOUT MY DEBT (BACK THEN) Obviously things are different now, if I owe it I will pay it. I also asked for a bill..(in which i NEVER received) I have said to them many times \”I AM UNEMPLOYED AND WAS LAID OFF, I CANNOT PAY ON A 13 YR OLD DEBT WHEN I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING IN WRITING AND WHEN I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE ROOF OVER MY HEAD etc…..I have asked for the calls to STOP!! THEY SAID THAT THEY CAN NOT STOP UNTIL THE DEBT IS PAID!!!

    I will sending a formal COMPLAINT to that \”davidson\” (CEO OR V. P OF PORTFOLIO) and to better business bureau!!Between my job-searching I will do everything I can to Complain about these people!!! AND THEN, FIRST THING IN THE MORNING THIS CALL HAPPENS FROM \”ERICA\” SHE WAS SOOO RUDE AND I WAS RUDE RIGHT BACK!!!



  78. Ashley says:

    Yay I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been getting calls every day for months! I originally answered the phone (way back in May) and was told that I owed a bill to Southwestern Bell and also to Lowe’s? He said well I see you’ve recently made a payment on your Lowe’s account so we need to set up payments about your Southwestern Bell account. I said Um, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but I haven’t had a Lowe’s account in about 7 years, and I haven’t EVER had a southwestern Bell account so I’m not sure what you’re trying to pull…and I hung up. Every day since then, without fail I get a voicemail on my cell phone that ISN’T EVEN IN MY NAME from some woman named Sharon who repeatedly tells me if you are not X PERSON do not listen to this message. I haven’t ever talked to her. Thanks for including all the blocked numbers. These are the numbers they have tried to call me from:
    Also, if you type 914-513-0163 into google, the first link is 800notes or something like that, and there is an ENORMOUS list of numbers from Portfolio that people have posted. Hope this helps!

  79. Mike says:

    I have received several letters stating that I had an account with Bestbuy. I have never had an account there. I talked to them and explained this to them. They said they would send me a dispute packet in the mail but I have never received anything other than a collection letter on top of the calls everyday.

  80. Jane says:

    I went online to see what I could find out about these guys, and found this site. WOW! I got a notice in the mail that they are taking me to court, but it does not state for what debt, or for how much. Then I got a paper at my door that listed an employer from more than 10yrs. ago. This paper does not list my debt or the amount, and says I must reply to the interrogatories by the end of August, but have not gotten them. I am clueless, I plan to be well prepared, and make these fools look just what they are…fools and thieves. If anyone has been successful against them in court, I would love to hear your story. If wee band together, we can beat these creeps.

  81. Sandy says:

    I just got a call from PRA about a CC debt that was settled in 2001. Other numbers to add to the list are:

    I checked my credit report and there is NOTHING showing. What is it with these people?!?

  82. Robert says:

    I keep getting phone calls saying “this is an attempt to collect a debt” and please call their reply number, period. Not Who they’re trying to call, What debt or even what Household or Phone. Calling my answer machine over a year, no caller ID but never once talk to me when I pick up. They would love it if I call and give them personal information! What a waste and obviously cold calling the phone book. IS THAT LEGAL?

  83. Lisa says:

    I wish someone would file a class action lawsuit against these crooks at PRA. Problem is, those of us being hassled probably can’t afford to hire an attorney. They are truly bottom feeders and hope someone has the ability to close them down.

  84. Bonnie says:

    Wow!!!I was expecting maybe a couple of complaints, I had no idea!!!!! This is ridiculous. I am so glad and relieved that I got online and checked them out. I am expecting a call at 7 in the am from a rep. because i was going to give her my acct info. I am so thankful to all for the information and advice. I hope to all those struggling that you will be blessed in one way or another, again thank you all. All the comments i’ve read helped me. Now I know how i will handle my conversation in the morning!!

  85. pat says:

    these people called me about a debt that was not even mine! said they where looking for my ex-husband who I divorced 10 years ago and who doesn’t even know my number, my husbands ex-wife who never had this number and my 34 year old son who has never lived here or used this number. said they where calling relatives and past associates of these people. I feel like that is an invasion of MY privacy and I plan on filing a class action suit against them.

  86. Steph says:

    These folks called our house several times asking for my DECEASED father in law, who died 11 years ago. They kept telling me it is a personal matter and when I told them he is deceased, they asked me for the date of his death. I refused because I know my father in law did not have any credit cards nor any outstanding debts. He paid cash for everything. They continue to call us by robo phone or in person. I plan to file a complaint with the FTC.

  87. HOLMES says:

    I just played them at there own game… i call them 10 times a day like they did me and everyone else i have read.. i ask them when they are going to pay me what money they said i owe them… they get mad and hang up.. kinda funny.. they havent called ain a while…

  88. Lol says:

    Wow, if all you guys are complaining, and they still are in business, they’re doing something right, and the couple that said their bank account was empty, pretty sure you could’ve sued them for doing anything they weren’t authorized to do.If you know you owe the debt pay it. If its old or you just don’t wanna pay, get over it, change your # or w/e. That’s there job, they are gonna make money regardless if you pay or not.

  89. Heather says:

    I just received a notice that PRA is taking me to court. There is no notice what is the case is even referencing…send me legal papers that make absolutely no sense and then don’t even reference what they are about. Nice. Gotta love debt collectors.

  90. Henry says:

    If they contact you at your work place. You can tell them that this call TOO is being recorded (you can just say it, you don’t have to actually record the call) and that you officially are requesting not be contacted at your place of work. With this demand, they are legally obligated not to contact you at work, as this could jeopardize your employment and if they do you can actually file a complaint against them. At the minimum, you can let your HR know and they will handle it. Otherwise, everyone else on here is right. They buy old debt and try to collect, it’s a pure number game and in most cases they get nowhere, but there are a few out there that sign an agreement and make payments to this company so that’s how they stay afloat. If you monitor your credit you’ll see their name never ever shows up on your report, thus nothing to worry about. I once pulled up a soundboard of Arnol Schwarzenegger on a website and had the agent speak to Arnold for about 4 minutes until she realized she’s been fooled. Gotta suck to have that job!!!!

  91. KATHY says:

    Keep getting calls from these people even though the debt is over seven years old. I told them to drop dead but they just keep calling and calling and sending letters. How do I get rid of these people?

  92. Jo says:

    Please everyone file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding Portfolio. If everyone on here will file a complaint, it is likely the Federal Trade Commission will investigate. There have to be a large number of complaints.

    Also contact your state Attorney General online or by mail and your Attorney General can launch an investigation if there are enough complaints.

    Tell the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General that PR is violating federal debt collection practices and they probably are!

  93. Vicki says:

    These people called our house this morning, asking for Steve. No Steve lives here. I always google strange phone numbers, sure enough it was Portfolio Recovery. Here’s a new number, out of Dundalk, MD: 410-282-1421. I’m not unemployed and all my bills are paid, so no reason to call me. I assume it was a misdial on their part, so if it happens again…well, this is why I have phone block.

  94. joe says:

    Theses guys have called 4 times and left a message twice. I called them back, after the first message, on another phone, and they said they were looking for somebody else at my number. Then the next day, I get a message from these guys and they are looking for a different person. This time they left the name of the person who they were looking for. Thanks for the heads up folks now I know to ignore these guys.

  95. Laura says:

    I had never heard of this company until about 3 months ago when I received a tri-folded paper stating that I owed PRA $3874, not explaining who the original debtor was, just that I owed this money. They call no less than 10 times a day, at all hours, including after 9:00 pm! If you go onto their website, to see who you actually owed this money too, it wants you to register first!-Not me, that just loads their guns! I have never in my life ever owed that kind of money to anybody! Who do they think they are????? The Attorney General needs to get involved!

  96. Jan says:

    I can’t believe it! I just recd a call on my mobile phone from these people trying to collect on a credit card acct that my husband open under both our names and used for his business back in 1995 thru 1997. Back in 1996 and 1997 my husband’s kidneys started to fail..so he lost his business and then died in 1999 at 37 years of age. In 2001 I send out copies of his death cert and have not been contacted by any of those companies since then until TODAY. It has been nearly 12 years since he died, approx 15 years since he last charged on it, approx 16 years since it was open and 10 years since I was contacted by any company for payment! We stayed in the same house with the same number for over 6 years after he died. We moved at the end of 2006 after my son broke his neck. I also told the woman I was speaking to to stop calling me to which she said only if I put it in writing. Is there somewhere we can go to stop this?

  97. Melissa says:

    my advise is to pay them. If you don’t they will sue you and can guarnish your wages and levy your bank account. i have tried to settle my account with them for a video camera that i got for $600 now saying i owe $1500.00. camera never worked right company closed. They bought the debt now they are charging $1575.00 and I got a letter suing me from a law office. I offered them 50% they refused. they came back with $1234.72. I offered them $1200.00 all i could borrow from my 401K they would not take it they said $1234.72 or nothing. They are unbelievable since they probably bought my debt for about $100 and i am stuck with a camera that does not work

  98. Ricia says:

    Same thing happened on me, They woked me up in the middle of the night and collecting a debt way over year 1995. Which is I already paid. Come on, lets do something with our life in legal ways, not to harass or bother anyone just to collect money.

  99. Anthony says:

    I had a credit card that I stopped paying on a few years ago because of financial dificulties. I was also going thru a divorce. My financial difficulties are over and the divorce is final. I owned up to my debt that PRA has acquired. It’s my debt, it’s only right that I pay what I owe. The personI spoke to asked if I would like to settle for less, I said, no, it’s my debt and I will pay it. We all know most of the people on this comment board owe these debts….if you have to settle with them, then do it. Just pay it and move on. You will feel better about yourself.

  100. patric says:

    I just recieved a call from these idiots. Claiming I owe on a capital one card that was written off in 2003. the staue of limitations in California is 4 years. I had to stop working back then as i became disabled from a life threatening illness and it took 2 years to get my ssd. during that waiting period it was difficult paying rent and utilites and food and medicines which are $5000.00 a month. Ive discussed this matter of debt collections with a friend of mine who is an attorney and told me its past limitations and if i were to pay so much as 1 cent the eniter debt can be reinstated and collectable and put back into credit rating companies. This debtor is not on my credit report or anything negative for that matter. Ive spent the past few years rebuliding it and have good enough score to purchase a home. I wrote the top people of PRA an email and copied it along with the confirmationthat if they dont cease and desisit from any further collection and or damageing my credit rating I will then turn around and sue them along calif attorney generals office for deceptive practices. I take pride in having an exceptional credit score after all the hardship i endured. I am us veteran of desert storm/shield. This company doesnt care about disabled vets

  101. Jake Watson says:

    Cell phone numbers are now available to anyone who want’s to get in tough with you bad enough. This company is one of them. They are trying to collect a $325 debt from 1997 – are you kidding me? They kept me on the phone for 30 minutes. I used this to my advantage. I got as much info from them as possible. They acknowledged that this debt was past the stature of limitations but said it was still my responsibility to pay them NOW. Say what? I don’t think so! Please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on these people. This is the only way to stop them from all the numerous illegal tactics they are using against unwitting people who don’t know the law or their legal rights. If they have a valid judgment against you be sure to protect yourself because they will empty your bank account w/o your knowing anything about it. This is perfectly legal by the way. All they have to do is send a copy of the judgment to your last known address and walah! they’ll get your money! It is very important for you to dispute any claims against you in writing or you will have no legal rights. Do this right away! They are just one company in a whole sea of sharks! Beware! Good Luck!

  102. Peter S. says:

    These morons contacted me the other night, trying to collect on a “debt” they had purchased from the original creditor…it is so old it has already been on & then dropped off my credit report, and of course the statute of limitations has long ago run out for purposes of getting any kind of judgment…I’ve already sent off the written cease & desist contact notice to these scumbags…a bit of searching around on the web turned up the following info, I can’t say how accurate or up to date it is, but it may be of help…

    an add’l e-mail for CEO STEVE FREDRICKSON: sfredrickson@mllnet.com

    an address & phone no. for the President:
    NORFOLK, VA 23510
    (757) 627-4987

    an address & phone no. for their Senior VP:
    (757) 784-3559

    and also a mailing address for the supervisor of the amazing piece of work who I spoke with on the phone:
    PO BOX 6207
    NORFOLK, VA 23508

    Mr. Woods was born in 1974 & will be celebrating his 38th birthday this January.

    Good luck to anybody being harassed by these parasites.

  103. Joe says:

    Do not pay these people a penny. The debts they are trying to collect are not owed to them and in mostly every case the statute
    of limitations has long ran out. They basically paid for a list of names and numbers to try and con money from because well quite simply they are scum. They call people several times a day as early as 7am to 11pm which is against the law, but yet they have not been shut down. It makes me wonder whos back these dirtbags are scratching to stay in business

  104. ASmartPerson says:

    You guys are idiots. YOU caused the debt so just freaking pay for it. They are a very honest company so don’t say they are being unreasonable by trying to collect the money you owe. And the do-not-call list? You still owe money. What gives you the idea that you can buy something and not pay for it? If you couldn’t afford it, DON’T BUY IT. I had to say something before I lost all hope in America.

    • Beverly Tenkman says:

      I was a piano teacher. My students were required to pay at the beginning of the term for 4 months
      worth of lessons. Occasionally, a parent would not pay for the term and then the student would quit after getting 4 months of Free lessons worth $400. I wrote off the amount on my income taxes.
      NOW, what do you think if my friend paid me $4 and I sold the debt to her?
      Should she be able to sue the parents to try to collect this debt? If people are in financial trouble from losing their jobs etc., sometimes they HAVE to stop paying their credit cards because if they miss a payment, then they are
      slapped with not only late fees, but over the limit fees , and there’s no way they can pay. This happened to my aunt. She was planning on paying something each month to the ORIGINAL CREDITOR, for the rest of her life when she got back on her
      feet. She said she would not pay one cent to these bottom feeder junk debt buyers who never had a contract with her. There should be a law against it.

  105. Nicole says:

    I continue to get harrassing letters and calls from these people. They are trying to claim money owed on a debt that was incurred in 1987 paid off in 1995 and now.. 16 yrs later they are claiming I owe them and have to provide proof of payment. This is a scam. I see the post from people trashing those complaining of this company and saying to just give them what they want.. How much of a kick back are you getting for trying to look like ” upstanding responsible ” citizens?

  106. Cheryl says:

    I keep getting calls from PRA about someone else. My husand has a name that is very common as do I apparently but these people wont take the info that we are not who they think we are. When i asked what credit card they said Captitol one and the amount. I only wish I had only 1100 or so in debt. But I wont give them any ssn last digits or not, so they wont stop calling. Even after I told them they could not call this number again. I am writing a letter of complaint to their agency, if that does not work I will go above their heads.

  107. Sandra Fields says:

    What is the statue of limitations on a debt? I had an account with Living Well Lady, I paid it off, they automatically renew my membership when I asked them to cancel it. Then they went out of business. I never heard from them again until these collection agencies started hounding me. Geez!

  108. Ralph says:

    @ Anthony #98 – Even if you actually owe the debt they are claiming and pay it in full, PRA will continue to call to collect on the debt you paid. They are criminals. They are trying to collect on a debt that was settled – through PRA – 10 years ago. Because I have since moved three times, I can no longer find the paperwork. They say you are supposed to keep old paperwork for 7 years. Not if PRA can come back over 10 years later and try to collect on a debt you’ve already paid, but have since shredded the paperwork.

    I am now making it my life’s goal to screw these guys but good. Get ready for an onslaught of attorneys PRA. You messed with the wrong person with nothing but time on his hands and a law library at his disposal.

    Here is my list of PRA numbers.


    ***UPDATE***New tactic by PRA***

    Be on the lookout for “Sunrocket DID” on your caller ID. Sunrocket DID is a DBA for PRA. They are using this new tactic because of the online backlash at places like this. KEEP IT UP FOLKS – let’s shut these guys down!!!

  109. Lynn says:

    I did some checking myself. They harrassed me with phone calls until I blocked their number. They were attempting to collect on an alleged debt in which the last payment was allegedly made 21 years ago. The statute of limitations, even the LONGEST, in the entire US is only 10 years and even that is limited to a small number of states..everyone else is at 7 years or less…they are not legally able to collect after that limitations date and I verified this with an attorney. Do not give them ANY personal info, no back account info, no credit card info, nothing. Do send letters to the three bureaus and warn them about portfolio sniffing around your credit history. I can’t post the link but do a search for statute of limitations for debt collection and you can find the time for your particular state.

  110. Lynn says:

    To a Smart Person, hmmm…I’ll leave the name alone. Believe it or not wrong information DOES get out there and gee, collections agencies DO screw up. I am not dumb enough to just hand over a check to some “person” just becasue they say I owe money. In one case, the credit bureau mixed my SSN with someone else’s..it was off by one number. It took me the better part of 5 years and many letters and phone calls to correct the problem and in the meantime I was getting collection calls for debt that wasn’t mine.

  111. Joe says:

    Portfolio employees are watching this thread and trying to defend themselves by telling people to pay their debts haha.
    Get a real job and stop trying to scam honest Americans!

  112. terry says:

    I settled with the bank on a credit card debt that I had unfortunately co-signed for a couple of years ago. I got a loan from my bank to pay the settled on amount. THEN they began calling me to say that I owed them the full amount!! I asked for records that stated that I owed them and they would not send me anything. Now -months later – they are calling me at home, cell and at work!!!!!! I am getting an attorney and getting them for harrassment!! I think they should be sued by everyone who they are scamming!!!

  113. Annoyed says:

    These people are idiots…but with an office in Jackson, TN it’s a little more understandable. Scum bags.

  114. Kat says:

    I received a phone call from PR the other day asking about a debt from a credit card back in 2002 past the statue of limitations for the state I live in. AS a debt collector they can STILL call you but they cannot SUE you because they are past the statue of limitations…the best way to get rid of them is to send them a certified letter stating they are past the SOL and to not contact you regarding the matter again. If they ignore the letters and continue to call, then you have a good lawsuit on your hands…Good luck everyone!

  115. Karen says:

    Portfolio Recovery has been harrasing my parents and myself for months on end. They are trying to collect a debt from my brother who DIED 7 years ago. Explain that one.

  116. more than annoyed says:

    I contacted Captial one trying to settle an old debt. I owed them 900.00 back in May, 2006 It is on my credit report as the first date of delinquency. They would not settle and immediately turned me over to PR as a $3314 debt. These people call constantly. I looked at my credit report and they have shown the date of first delinquency as April 2011. I live in Texas. Statute of Limitations is up on this debt. I have turned them in for fraudulent misrepresentation of a debt. I am sick of this. Yes I owe a debt but not one that high and Capital One had no business turning me over to these people they are obviously in business with.

  117. Allison says:

    Hi everyone. I’m writing this because I believe they stole money out of my account with out my ok. They never called me to ask if it was ok, I never got and email from with a transaction number. The lady I spoke to last month was a rachel and she was very much rude and mean. Now I’m unable to make my van payment bcuz of that. They r saying I owe on a credit card I know I paid off 2 years ago from the bank. But bcuz I couldn’t find the paperwork I was told that I. Was responsible for wht had accrued on the card. 1st it was $700 and when I said I wasn’t paying that amount she then dropped the amount to $413.88 which I thought was really strange bu any way I paid $200 that day, and then I found out that they went and deducted the rest $218.88 out of my account on the 15th of october.I. have been calling them every few hours and leaving messages but no one ever calls back or answers the phone. Before all I had to to was call and hang up and they were calling me right back. I believe I was taken and that they are theives, I wish there was a law against this. Against people like that. Now, I know better for future people like that the number I had for them was 1-877-301-4517. Post this on ur frig or where ever u would remember that awful number coming from those non-law abiding people. They did call me a lot. And how they got my cell phone number I will never know. They r true thieves and crooks. If any one can come up with a way to get rid of these kind of people I’m all in.

  118. Allison says:

    I’m writting in reguards to the fact that they are the worst people ever. I don’t know who, what gives them the right to just go into someones bank account and take their money. They have got to be stopped. U don’t ever see or hear of them going after the big wigs for money they owe. I’m refering to people that have tons and tons of money, they are behind on property taxes, home loans etc. But, of course let’s knock down and set back the common people in the word who have to work for a living. Those who need their money and paycheck in order to survive. There has to be something out there some kind of law that frowns on stuff like this being done to people. I will give the number that I was givin 18773014517. I’m sure that’s just one of the 100’s of phone numbers that they have. But how in the hell did they get my cell phone number.??? There has to be something out there that we can do to get rid of these theives.

  119. Anon says:

    Portfolio Recovery calls to harrass me regularly threatening that their lawyers are planning a lawsuit. I asked that everything be sent via mail. They somehow made a hard inquiry on my credit report even though I didn’t give them permission. From my understanding they can only make soft inquiries which are not visible. I am sure they do this purposely to destroy what credit we do have and torment us. It is harassment! Why are they allowed to do this? All of the accounts are updated monthly therefore they will never be removed from my credit report. Isn’t this illegal?

  120. Larry says:

    These idiots were calling me 3-5 times a day from various diffent locations, after blocking as many of their numbers as I could they resorted to using an “Non-Available” number. I would just hang up or not answer the phone. it got so annoying, I finally sent them a cease calling letter by registered mail, and everytime they would ring my number I would answer and say “This call is being recorded to be used in court against you and your company for harrasment. CLICK, and I havent been called since..

  121. carebear says:

    Just pay your bills. Plain and simple. This is a awesome company. Top 50 in forbes, they are very smart buying debt for pennies on the dollar and then sueing you if you don’t pay. Your bank account cannot get levy unless approved by a judge. For other calls where the account is past stats, a company can still collect on an account past the limintations, they just can’t sue you, and now its a moral issue, you know you owe the money. For all the wrong numbers, tell them its a wrong number, they don’t want to call a wrong number, are you kidding, no money there to collect, and yes then can call 7 days a week, even christmas and sundays between 8am and 9pm your time zone..if they leave a message, they can’t call back same day..stop calls, pay the bill or take a message. This company will take legal action. Its great.

  122. s says:

    This company started calling me regarding an alleged debt that is over 10 years old. The threaten legal action against me and threaten to harass me more and more until I pay. The alleged debt is too old to be reported or enforced. I recorded the last call and am sending a cease and desist. People like this must be stopped.

  123. Josh says:

    They’ve been calling for my sister for about 4 years now everyday. I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister in over 10 years. I told them this countless times but they keep calling and harrassing me and my family. They are a bunch of lowlifes.

  124. Martine says:

    Before I met my husband he filed bankruptcy. These people are coming after debt discharged in that BK . I told them it wasn’t mine and they would have to talk to the hubby and I got ” so you don’t pay your debts, what about those marriage vows for better or worse richer or poorer etc etc . I got angry. It’s from a credit card in 2002 discharged in BK . In my state you have 6 years to collect on a debt . I explained that to a women who identified herself as Mrs King. She said that it didn’t apply to them and they would continue to call until the debt was paid . They have threatened to report us to the credit bureau take us to court all kinds of things , Now I don’t answer the calls

  125. David says:

    What a nuisance. They leave a debt collector message on our home, gets my husband all upset. I call the name and number provided, then they say they cannot connect me to the person who called unless I give them information like my home phone number. I asked for a manager and when I relented he told me the last 4 digits of my social were xxxx – NOT MINE. What paraiahs.

  126. ConcernedVet says:

    I would urge caution in answering any calls from PRA. Often the debit they are calling about, even if legit, is time-barred. Under the FDCPA (and judicial rulings), a debt collector has the right to pursue a time-barred debt, so long as they do not sue or threaten to sue. If they do, you can seek dismisal and recover any money lost (including an additional $1,000 judgement against them). If you don’t know your state’s statue of limitations, either contact your state attorney or visit http://www.naag.org. I urge caution in talking to them because they will try to trick you into “resetting the clock” or re-aging your debt. This can happen when you either make a payment on it or acknowledge it as yours.

    Another helpful website for time-barred debt, limitations, collection practices, visit http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-state-statute-limitations-1282.php.

    By law they must stop contacting you if you request it in writing. They can only contact you with their acknowledgement, their intent, and documentation of the debt they alledge you owe. If they continue to call (which seems likely), they are in violation of the law and you may take action.

    Know the FDCPA by heart; know what they can and cannot do.

    Obviously we should always strive to pay our debts, but PRA makes mistakes, are preditory, and there are sometimes extenuating circumstances.

  127. Wodnangel says:

    They call us approximately two times a day – 7 days a week and I have never answered the phone – I heard about these people before they started calling – I have no idea if they randomly took our number out of a book or what but I know we owe no old bills – we have always paid our bills. I feel sorry for the idiots that work for them. They need a real job/life.

  128. Wodnangel says:

    They call us approximately two times a day – 7 days a week and I have never answered the phone – I heard about these people before they started calling – I have no idea if they randomly took our number out of a book or what but I know we owe no old bills – we have always paid our bills. I feel sorry for the idiots that work for them. They need a real job/life.

  129. Vicki says:

    I keep getting calls saying I have an account they bought and that they are trying to collect from me. I have never even lived in the city they say they have on record! I am turning them into consumer affairs.

  130. jess says:

    this company has been harassing me for a 2001 debt i have no record of. i check my credit report every year. i asked for verification of debt or something in writing and never received anything. they kept calling. i sent the following letter with return receipt: “Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cease all phone communications with me about this alleged debt. Receipt of this letter is officially being time stamped via Certified Mail. I will pursue each subsequent phone call from your office with a $1,000 per incident penalty for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations.” type your name, do not sign as you can not trust this company. they have not called and i have still received nothing in the mail from them. if they are harassing you copy this letter and spend the $5 to send it return receipt. also contact your attorney general about this company harassing you, you may find that your state is taking action against PR. carebear and all the other employees of this company are sleeping with the devil. karma

  131. jess says:

    send them the following letter with return receipt: “Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, cease all phone communications with me about this alleged debt. Receipt of this letter is officially being time stamped via Certified Mail. I will pursue each subsequent phone call from your office with a $1,000 per indecent penalty fro Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations.” do not sign as you can not trust this company. take the time and spend the $5 to send this return receipt, it is totally worth it.

  132. THANK GOODNESS says:

    I am so glad I hung up on her. Got a call from them today regarding a capital one credit card that i closed out in 1999 she kept trying to get me to agree to some type of arrangement to pay off but I kept explaining to her that I refused to talk about anything with her without seeing something in writing she said I would be getting a new later in a few months i persisted so she put me on hold and said her supervisor would fax it over. Finally I received a letter stating that my account was purchased from capital one in 2007 which is after the SOL expired the only amount given is the balance at purchase i really have no idea what it would be for i am pretty sure i cleared up all of these issues before i bought my house 7 years ago. I never agreed to anything on the phone with her but the letter which i am sure was typed while I was on the phone with them since they told me it was sent out on 11/1 but this letter is dated 11/29 states that the letter confirms your arrangement to make the following payments to settle this account I hung up on her I didn’t agree to anything. I am pretty sure all you have to do is say you will make an arrangement in order for the SOL to begin again any agreement can go back on your credit effective the date of the phone call and begin another 7 years of trying to get if off.

  133. Hagler says:

    Contact INFO for company:

    Fax them a cease and desist:
    CEO email

    Atlanta, GA and West Melbourne, FL (PRWEB) April 18, 2011

    The law firms of Turner Law Offices, LLC and Arcadier & Associates, P.A. have filed a Class Action lawsuit against Defendant Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (“PRA”) in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida on behalf of all persons in the State of Florida who, since February 18, 2011, received a non-emergency telephone call from PRA to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice and who did not provide prior express consent for such calls during the transaction that resulted in the debt owed. The action is captioned Karen Harvey et al. v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, and is numbered 6:11-CV-00582.
    According to the Complaint, PRA violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) by using automatic dialing systems and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice to contact cell phone users about purported debts without their prior consent. As described in the Complaint, Ms. Harvey, the named plaintiff in the action, was repeatedly contacted since February 18, 2011 on her cell phone about a purported credit card debt. The plaintiff never consented to those calls, nor did she provide PRA with her telephone number.
    Under the TCPA, PRA could be ordered to pay attorneys’ fees, litigation expenses and costs of the lawsuit, and statutory damages of $500 for each negligent violation, and/or $1,500 for each knowing and/or willing violation. According to the Complaint, the potential Class Members are estimated to number in the tens of thousands. Additionally, the complaint alleges collective damages exceeding five million dollars ($5,000,000).
    The Attorneys who have filed the lawsuit have significant experience litigating high profile and collective action cases on behalf of consumers and plaintiffs. Henry A. Turner, Esq., MBA from Turner Law Offices, LLC concentrating in consumer rights litigation, is a trial attorney with twenty years of experience and has been successful in recovering millions of dollars for consumers including a $2,950,000 Class Action Settlement with Pitney Bowes, Inc. in a case involving the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Martin K. O’Toole et al. v. Pitney Bowes, Inc.; United State District Court for the Northern District of Georgia; Case No. 1:08-CV-1645.
    Maurice Arcadier, Esq., MBA from Arcadier and Associates, P.A. is also an experienced trial attorney with 14 years of experience and board certified by the Florida Bar. Mr. Arcadier likewise brings class action experience and is currently co-counsel in a high profile collective action case against Florida Power and Light, Romero v. Florida Power and Light Company, Case No.: 6:09-cv-1401, in the Middle District of Florida.
    Indeed, with the combined experience, background and resources of the Turner Law Office and Arcadier and Associates, many consumers in Georgia and Florida may receive protection from the unsolicited calls as well as $1,500.00 for each call they received.
    If there are any consumers who likewise have received unsolicited calls, they may contact any of the attorneys below. While the cases only address claims in Georgia and Florida at this time, the alleged violations may be occurring nationwide and any consumer who is experiencing the type of calls described above from Portfolio Recovery or other debt collectors are encouraged to contact the law offices below or an attorney of your choosing.
    For further information please contact:
    Henry A. Turner, Esq., MBA
    403 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue
    Decatur, Georgia 30030
    (404) 261-7787
    Maurice Arcadier, Esq., MBA
    2815 W. New Haven, #304
    Melbourne, Fl. 32904
    T: 321-953-5998
    F: 321-953-6075

  134. Pissed Off says:

    i’ve been making on time payments and these f*#$!&s not only wiped out my bank account two days ago but put it very far in the negative as well. This company is stealing hard working peoples money needs to be shut down.

  135. Disgruntled Consumer says:

    Read everyone’s complaint and mine is similiar! Old debt, they are trying to collect, sent me a debt settlement tri-fold instead of debt validation, sent debt validation letter (haven’t heard back) and they are still calling by robo method. I have filed complaint with FTC and I was going to file a complaint with BBB until I saw this: http://www.bbb.org/norfolk/business-reviews/distressed-debt-purchaser/portfolio-recovery-associates-in-norfolk-va-51000164. They have an A+ rating?! REALLY?! Let’s say they are lining the pockets of alot of folks in VA. Went to file a complaint with VA Attorney General and his website is less than forthcoming about how you can file such a complaint! I am NOT giving these guys anything! I had this problem with AFNI some years ago and sent them a debt validation letter and NEVER heard from them again. As stated, do NOT give them any leeway, always tell them to prove it to you how they came to the conclusion that you owe such debt and that you want detailed information as detailed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also, a debt settlement with information about said debt is NOT validation. I will also suggest to check out this website because it has a plethora of information and Bud Hibbs is top-notch! http://www.budhibbs.com. Stay vigilant and don’t let them pressure you with their scare tactics!

  136. Jenn says:

    My grandma had debt that was sent to collections and she had paid the collectors off. They turned around and sold it to another collector and had them harassing her. That’s what collectors do, you pay one, they sell it to another. These clowns were calling me too trying to collect on debt back from 2003 that my EX acquired. I don’t answer it…and from what I’m reading, it’s a good thing I don’t talk to them. But their practices are shady and something needs to be done about them!

  137. Disgruntled and Mad as Hell says:

    PRA are indeed bottom feeders and they have the BBB in their pockets. A+ rating with VA BBB since 1996?!

  138. Mosh says:

    @ASmartPerson – some of us who took out credit cards had a job or two at that time and have since lost the jobs and can’t afford to pay anything but living expenses, so screw off. I also get calls from these people and I have 14 saved numbers that they call from. Per the Fair Debt Collection Act, companies are only allowed to call between 8am and 9pm. Once you have spoke with them they are not allowed to call again until the next day or it will be considered harassment. I also read that the time clock on the debt only starts over again if they can get any type of payment from you. Talking to them does not start the clock again. They are required to send a letter explaining the debt within five days of receiving the file. I have received calls and no letter so when I ask I’m told it was just sent that day but yet they will continue to call everyday even though I haven’t received the letter yet. Another good thing to do is at least speak to them a few times, as painful as it is, because if not they will start calling family members that are not even on the account to get contact information. I had a company call my ex-wife even though we had been divorced for a number of years and she was not on the account. This company tried my phone once while I was at work, left no message and then called her the next day. Like others have said, the best bet is to know your rights and if you are not able to pay due to being out of work then so be it, let them try and take your unemployment and clean out your bank account, no judge will allow that! We are just a name and phone number with a balance owed to them. All reasons for not paying are just sad stories to them. They are the lowest of the low and anybody posting in their favor and just as bad.

  139. David says:

    NORFOLK VA 23502-4962

    Also DBA (“Doing Business As”): Anchor Receivables Management

    Additional Offices:

    4829 HIGHWAY 45 N
    JACKSON TN 38305-7900

    HAMPTON VA 23605-1445

    500 W 1ST AVE
    HUTCHINSON KS 67501-5222

    Phone: +1 (757) 321-6270
    Fax: +1 (757) 321-2465
    E-mail: cmarndt@portfoliorecovery.com

    (The above is a USPS Validated Address and is in ALL CAPS to be USPS Compliant)

    The Culprit:

    Behind the Culprit:

    List of Associated Collection Firms:

    Laws to Protect You:

    These people know the guidelines to a limited degree, and they get paid well to be as combative and intimidating as possible. They use phone ‘spoofing’ to use time differences against you and will try to confuse and control the call. One of the best tricks they use is refusal to disclose who they are and their physical address. If you request the firm ceases the calling (or) ask that they provide the alleged debt in writing, they do not have to comply unless YOU send them a letter stating your wishes. The above is the information you need for many of the calls you get. Send the letters Certified Mail, Return Receipt and make sure you TYPE the requests professionally, with proper grammar and spelling. The more they can make you look ignorant (or) incompetent the better chance they have to get a quick ‘default judgment’ and begin garnishing your wages. Know your rights, and keep an eye on dockets for civil cases in your state against you. If you show up prepared, you will be surprised how often you come out on top!

    ** Amended to Address some Complaints **

    An agency may only call within hours presumed to be convenient for the debtor — generally, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (in YOUR Time Zone). If these hours are inconvenient for you, you may ask the agency to contact you at other times. There is no law that specifically limits the number of calls an agency may make to you, but repeated calls over a short period, which may be annoying or harassing, are prohibited.

    ** I have found the additional offices (With the USPS Validated Addresses). Additionally, I have found their in-house counsel. No one in the world hates being sued MORE that a Lawyer – even worse, if you document your case carefully, professionally, and consistently; you may make a complaint to the area Bar Association against the attorney in question. A Bar complaint is a huge pain for a Lawyer and their Law firm. **


    Head Debt Collectors:
    Steve Fredrickson, CEO
    Email: sfredrickson@portfoliorecovery.com

    Andrew Holmes, President
    Email: aholmes@portfoliorecovery.com

    Craig Grube, Sr., VP
    Email: cgrube@portfoliorecovery.com


    Donald A. Williams, Associate General Counsel
    Email: dwilliams@portfoliorecovery.com

    How to make a complaint against a lawyer in Virginia:

  140. arthur says:

    They cost me my job and they want money for a bill that\’s 10yrs old and they got the property, I don\’t think so they are rip off artist!!!!!

  141. JMR says:

    this company has been calling me for over two years. I recognize the business name on the caller i.d. I have asked them to send additional information about this debt and keep getting obscure answers or mail notices. what are they avoiding? It has gotten to the point, I no longer want to work with them. every representative has been nice and polite, but at the same time relentless. I’m sure, they will do what is required to collect on this debt. want to do the right thing, but apprehensive about paying on something that may not exist. I REFUSE TO USE MY REAL NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS ON THIS WEBSITE.

  142. maryann says:

    These people are terrible they call me at work or my cell and get me all stressed out and I take heart pills its terrible because I have to argue with them on the phone and my co workers hear me and its embarressing and I can lose my job over this not to mention have a stroke or heart attack and I am tired of them harrassing me day and night it has to be stopped when they call and ask for me I just hang up I will not put up with it anymore and if they was to take me to court and I lost even jail would be more peaceful then dealing with them when I dont ow them a dime anyways…. we have to stick together to win right>?

  143. Bruce Deville says:

    Capital One Bank took me to court, I spendt wsay more than the amount ask, but Capital One was Wrong, they had the wrong guy. I WON IN COURT. Now the Portfolio Recovery scum want to try the same thing again. Nope, no way in hell. See you in court again and again I will win.

  144. tawny says:


  145. Pissed Offed says:

    Sent them a letter to verify debt and they have stopped calling and they haven’t responded. Debt was from 1995! Really!?

  146. Barbara says:

    It would be well worth paying $17 a month for a pre-paid legal insurance company to deal with these predators. Check with your local state insurance company to see who sells a pre-paid legal policy in your state.

  147. cec says:

    They r trying to collect a debt does not belong to me. They buy utility inf; ie elect., gas, etc., and use that to get info.

  148. Florida Resident says:

    If you have a debt that goes unpaid for along time this company will buy that debt. Then send you a letter for a court date. If you are smart you can make arrangements to have the debt settled on a monthly payment basis. Once the debt is paid be sure to get a letter from them showing the amount is paid off and check your credit statement.

  149. Not Even Who They Are Looking For says:

    This company calls my business constantly throughout the day. For the most part, they do not even respond when I answer. This is disruptive to my call center and is completely out of control.

    The few times someone ACTUALLY replied when I answered, they asked for people whom I have never even heard of and whose names are so ludicrous, I’m fairly certain if I knew them, I’d remember such a strange name.

    I understand doing what you need to do. But this is interfering with my company’s ability to service the clients we are contracted with. How do I get rid of them?

  150. Jonah says:

    They insist I owe a phone bill from 2000. The only phone I had in 2000 was disconnected at my request when I left the apartment.
    But, you see, it’s also in Texas. I learned from a work injury that Texas has a statute of limitations of 2 years.

    Let’s do what Portfolio can’t… Math.
    2012 – 2000 = 12
    12 > 2
    Is greater than 2
    by a whole decade.
    Now, the phone representatives they have are paid mostly on piecework. Paid by production instead of salary or hourly wage. If you hold one of the Buzzard-Barf spokesfreaks on the line for a while it takes away his/her opportunity to harass somebody else who might actually pony up the bread. They deserve such treatment.
    If you have a call-waiting phone I believe you can put them on hold. Get some really bad elevator music and every 12 seconds or so interrupt it with “We are currently serving other customers. Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available operator”. FOAD is an acronym the last three words of which are “Off And Die”

  151. jonah says:

    This is another version of banks just before the Great Depression buying back World War 1 and Spanish War bonds for 60 cents on the dollar, the WW One soldiers got half their pay in bonds and were urged, belittled, shamed into buying more. Then the banks petitioned, using their wealth and political influence, to have the Treasury buy them at 125% of face value. They got richer ripping off the poor.

    To update it, more recently the A.R.M. crisis which brought OUR economy to its knees and beyond, for the profit of a very few.
    Smart people, great company? Thieves and liars always think of themselves as being smarter than their victims.

  152. realllly pissed off!!!!! says:

    these idiots are calling day and night(even though i screen my calls,it’s still very annoying!) and the debt they claim i owe ,the one time i did answer, dates back to 1995. It seems that THEY have no legal recourse but phone harrassment,as i’ve received nothing by mail and i’m sure they’ve got my address. they just make me want to screeeeeeeem !!!!!!!!!!! how in the f… do you stop them?

  153. StickingUpForMom says:

    1/17/12 – This company keeps calling my Elderly Mother, age 75 & low income, for an invalid debt, threatening to take her 1996, YES a 16 yr old vehichle and her furniture. I have written them, cease & desist. They have been calling for what THEY say is a 15+yr debt. (The statue of limitations in Ohio is 6 yrs AND this is not my Mothers debt, yet we have to endure their harrassment) Dont pay these scamming, scream @ the elderly people one single dime, they have no legal authority.


    Dear creditor/collector:

    This is NOT a valid debt, thus all collections action must stop. I have never incurred this debt, nor do I intend on being bullied into paying it. Preying on the Elderly, in my opinion, is unethical.

    This letter is to formally advise you that I am requesting you to cease and desist all communications with me immediately regarding the above account. As a third party debt collector- that is- not the original creditor, you must comply. Your conduct thus far is unacceptable and borders on harassment.
    Please be advised that the following applies to you:

    Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:

    Debt Collection Practices
    If a consumer notifies a debt collector in writing that the consumer refuses to pay a debt or that the consumer wishes the debt collector to cease further communication with the consumer, the debt collector shall not communicate further with the consumer with respect to such debt.

    You are governed by this Act as a third party debt collector or creditor attorney. All communication with me including phone calls to my home or business must stop immediately.

    If you continue to contact me after receiving this dated certified mailing, you will be in violation and I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorney General’s Office.

  154. Georgia says:

    Thank you all for posting here. I’ve been getting the same calls, and today I got a letter stating that I owed Capitol One over $3000. After reading all your posts, I had the courage to call them, and take control of the call. He said there were 2 accounts with Cap One, the second one for over $2000. I am not perfect, I do have some debts, but believe me, no one would have given me that much credit. Also, the debts were from 2002. I told him no, not mine, even if they were, they were 10 yrs old. He said the law prevents them from taking legal action, but not from attempting to collect. I told him to stop calling… he started to say I needed to write a letter, but I didn’t let him finish, I told him No.. take me off your lists now. Think they’ll stop calling? Prob not.

    #134 – don’t go paying on something that isn’t yours, and remember that if it’s that old, they can’t take action. pay it if you want to, but most of us are just getting by paycheck to paycheck, and can only deal with the expenses we have right now.

    Thanks again, everyone!

  155. Stacy M says:

    I finally had a plan for my friends at Portfolio Recovery collector scam artists! They are tryin’ to collect on a 16 yr old dispute that I won with Capitol One over a annual fee they tried to chrg me! My plan involved the Attorney General, the FTC and the BBB. They call at least 4 to 5 times a week to harass me. I had practiced my spiel and downloaded the voice recorder app on my phone, but the minute I said I was gonna put him on speaker phone so I could record the conversation, he said I didn’t have permission to record, I told him, do I care? Then he hung up on me! It’s all about empowerment, Effin’ A-Hole!!!! BTW how I know which one they’re after, is that, I have for the last 21 years, got every check I’ve ever written for every bill I’ve ever paid on Quicken! My anal bill paying technique has finally pd off! Hahahahahaha

  156. Upset says:

    Well These so called scammers are trying to get me too. I haven\’t received any mailings but one and that was an advertisment for an attorney stating that I have a lawsuit against me from Portfolio Recovery. I\’ve never even heard of these people nor have I gotten any phone calls or mailings saying I owe anything. wth….def contacting an attorney and these aholes will be ones sued! I have perfect credit! Beware people

  157. Renee says:

    We would reallllly like to block this outfit’s numbers (I’ve got a list so far that totals *over 111* numbers from various area codes). But our home phone service only allows a call screening feature of up to 12 numbers only. Does anyone know of a way to block ALL of these numbers and counting? I’ve added our number to the Do Not Call Registry but from what I gather from people on the forums, this doesn’t really work. PRA thinks my husband is someone else with the same first and last name. They gave himsomeone else’s last 4 of their SSN and when my husband told them that this wasn’t him, they asked for *his last 4*! Of course he told them absolutely nothing, but they still keep calling, sometimes more than once a day. We just let it ring and ignore it. But this month it’s really gotten bad. They JUST. WON’T. GO. AWAY!!!

  158. Mike says:

    As you already have read these guys buy old debts for the pennies and try to collect on old accounts past the statute of limitations. Do NOT call them and if you do call them NEVER give them any information including your SS number, bank accounts, where you work, etc. NEVER admit that you owe the debt since this will open the account again. They will re-age the account and this you are out of luck and in the mercy of these vultures. If you do write a letter to them and dispute this debtm send it CERETIFIED/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. THis way you have proof that you have sent it to them and if you can afford it send it to the address that was on the collection letter and also to the corporate office or as many offices you can afford. You will notice that most of them will come back refused. This is a plus for you since if they ever take you to court, you will have the ammo saying that they never responded back. Also NEVER agree to a settlement. Keep all your records all letters that you receive from them. Log all phone calls and times and dates of each call. And make sure you go to court if they want you to appear in front of the judge. You tell the judge that this “alledged” account is past the statute of limitations and the judge will throw it out of court. These guys prey upon the people who dont know their rights. Most of the people wont appear in court and the judge automatically issues a judgement and then your problems start.

    I work at a law offce but not as an attorney and we dont specialize in this sort of stuff but i do know my rights. We have a legal newspaper in our area and every day I see Portfolio sue and win their cases only because the people didnt show up made, made arrangements with Portfolio and stopped making payments or admitted that they owe the debt. GO TO COURT and DEFEND your rights ..you will win. Their are 2 other companies like Portfolio out there that are just as bad (Midland and Calvary).

    I had a debt of about $18,000 from a car loan and Portfolio was handling this and the debt was over 10 years old and I laughed and told them this alledged debt was old and the judge would throw it out of court and I was never bothered again.

    I went thru some bad times years ago and Portfolio has contaceted me by mail just recently and have checked my credit record and there is no debt on my record and in fact I am getting credit offers once again. So watch out for these crooks and stand your ground.

    I have even thought of contacting the state attorneys general about their illegal practices and was thinking about a class action suit against these types of companies. Midland was involved in some lawsuits and the consumers have won. Maybe we should all file a class action lawsuit ti stop thes illegal practices by these scrupulous collection agencies. Fight for your rights and dont be intimidated by these people.

  159. Bruce Reed says:

    I decided to play their game. I set my fax to send 200 pages an evening to their fax number saying the same thing, STOP CALLING ME. It doesn’t cost me a dime but I’d imagine they’re tired of paying for paper, 23 days later.

  160. Nancy says:

    They have been calling me almost a yr now. All though I have faxed what they asked and mailed what they asked… They want me to pay for a debt I am not legally responsible for…It was opened in 1999 and I was only 15 yrs of age.. what do they not get about that. As soon as I tell them send it to the credit agency I will dispute with them they tell me they are trying to help me.. and to add they are all jerks and call from a million different numbers.

  161. rylee says:

    are you serious? u people really will go this far to get out of a debt that you chose to open..smh poor effort be responsible

  162. John Roman says:

    This company keeps calling about a debt settled several years ago and is VERY rude on the phone. The lady that called said I should pay my debts that I allow and I should be more responible. Not sure how they have a debt that I paid in 2002. This company is a rip off. They are the one’s trying to scare you into paying a debt that you don’t owe for there benefit. Hang up on them. They are a scam.

  163. Mike says:

    I was just contacted and badgered by this company for the first time trying to recover a debt for a bill for someone with a name similar to mine. Anyway, I feel sorry for the losers on the other end of the phone making 8 bucks an hour, get a real job morons.

  164. jerry says:

    Here is 3 more numbers.


  165. RDI says:

    I talked to Portfolio today for the first time. They called my son’s cell phone asking for me. I called them back, the lady was nice. Confirmed my name and address and told me it was for an $3900 account last paid in 2003. I told her it was my understanding that account was already taken care of and that I would have to look into it. She said ok have a nice day. What can I expect from them going forward?

  166. Kristina says:

    Portfolio called me today trying to collect money on a debt that ever existed from a place I’ve never shopped in my adult life. This supposed debt appeared in 2000 on my credit report and I disputed it then, and repeatedly afterward. No collection agency has ever been able to show me what the debt was from or show me anything with my signature on it. Today, PR called me and I made the mistake of answering the phone and having a conversation with them. I explained that the debt wasn’t mine, that I’d never purchased anything from the creditor or had a credit card from them, and told them to stop calling. Now, I’m terrified they’re going to somehow put it back on my credit report. I’ve written a letter to have a notice put on my report, warning of fraudulent activity as this debt isn’t mine and isn’t anything I ever created.

  167. hah says:

    Oh its nice to hear Portfolio Recovery is being sued too what happy news

  168. Thomas says:

    They use to call me every day and when I blocked there number they started sending me letters. I don’t mind paying what I owe but they wanted me to pay on a credit card ive never owned. They have been doing this for years saying I owe on all these different account which either were paid off or never existed in the first place.

  169. Shela says:

    Joshua Yarbro from Portfolio Recovery got my sister on a good one. He told her that she owed Capital One Credit from when she had an open line of credit with them back in 1998 to the sum of over $1500. Somehow they talked her into making payments arrangement’s on an account they couldn’t prove she owed. She begin making payments until I asked her about it. She had no idea what it was for. I automatically put a stop payment on the payment. My attorney says that now that she has started paying again whether she owned the debt or not the Statue of Limitations has started over and that she may have to honor this debt. Now this person and company have all her bank account information and personal information. This needs to be stopped. He has called every morning and every evening since the stop payment was issued saying that she owes this debt now. This harassment has to stop. How can we stop this? As I am typing this he is on the phone again.

  170. paula says:

    these guys have called me up 6x’x per day asking to speak to my husband, I’ve told them for 3+months now that HE’S DEAD… They still ask WHEN he’ll BE HOME!!! How STUPID is THAT!!??!!

  171. Steven says:

    There IS a statute of limitations on debts…if you think you’re going to get me to pay a bill that is damned near 7 or 8 years old you’re out of your mind..please..keep calling..i have caller ID..and I don’t have to return your phone calls..or answer any phone calls…as for garnishment and seizing your bank accounts…99% of debt collectors CANNOT do this without a court order..and since the debt is so old..it would be useless to file in court against them..because you’d be shelling out more money than the debt is worth. Face it..you’re a bunch of bottom feeders, the SCUM of the earth…you may think you’re doing your job..but you’re really not..you’re like a cat chasing its tail…running in circles..getting nowhere. You’re being sued, I heard as well. Hmmm..interesting. My credit is already messed up anyway..so what difference does it make that you are trying to get money from an old debt that is already on my credit report? You guys are the scum of the earth. Period.

  172. Stacy M says:

    Portfolio Recovery harassed me for about 6 to 8 months for a annual fee on Capital One that I refused to pay so I closed my account. That was 16 YRS AGO! I keep everything in Quicken for the last 21 yrs and have NEVER had credit card debt! After ranting at them, I then tried to ignore them. They wouldn’t let up so heres what I did. I called the FTC and filed a claim, I talked to the attorney general of my state, I sent a cease and desist harassment letter, which I Googled, certified mailed, I downloaded a recording app on my phone and the next time they called, I told them I was recording them for evidence in a harassment suit I was filing against them so speak clearly. If you tell them you’re recording them its legal. The first one hung up on me, I got one more, which I said the same thing and added that I know they got the cease and desist letter, so keep it up! I haven’t heard from them for 4 wks! Don’t talk to them because that’s how they pull info out of you and can turn your old debt into a current one and can steal you blind!!! It’s not illegal for them to call you on a old debt, but they can’t make you pay on it! Shame on Capital One! Do they need money so bad that they sold these archived files to these scam artists! I repeat DO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE!

  173. lacey says:

    My husband set up payment plans with them. The scare tactics worked. Oh well guess we are stuck paying a 10yr old debt. 8,000 dollars later we may be smarter!

  174. suki says:

    I just received an mail from that, they said we owe them $ 1,390 and it happened around 2000. OMG, I checked my credit report, and it’s so clear! I dun know just hate them so mucb!

  175. ziggy says:

    The FTC must be in cahoots with PRA. Otherwise they would have been shut down by now. I get calls from them daily but never answer the phone. I never had any unpaid debt and all my credit scores are high. Come on FTC, shut these people down.

  176. PJ says:

    I got a call from 866.725.1173 on my cell at 4:47 PM CT. I hit answer and immediately, before I said a word, a recording said “this is an important personal matter for _____” and gave my first and last name. It went to tell me to press 1 if I am ______ or press 2 if I’m not. I hung up without pressing either, went to my AT&T Smart Limits and added the number I quoted to the blocked numbers list. Then I did a Google search and that’s how I found out that this number belongs to Portfolio Recovery and who and what they are.

    This site has been very informative and I’ve copied and pasted some of the information in some of your posts to a Notepad document to save for future reference.

    With having blocked this one number, I hope that will be the end of hearing from PRA, but I’m prepared in case it’s not.

    Thanks folks!

  177. Anabel says:

    I have been dealing with PRA for eight months. The debt was incurred in another state, over the internet and not by me. I too have a common name; however, my social security number was randomly selected by PRA. It’s my belief that this company buys consumer data, both demographic and financial, from clearing houses and internet information brokers. Then they assign the debt using the purchased data and begin collection proceedings. PRA is not concerned with verifying and validating debt, which would require effort and expense, they simply want to make a quick profit.

    It took me five months to just to obtain the account number associated with debt PRA claimed I owed. I’ve had to speak with rude and un-cooperative collections representatives and account managers (all of which clearly had knowledge deficit issues). Each time, I requested to receive account information in writing. To date, they have forwarded me a settlement offer (90 days after first contact by phone) and a form letter.

    My response to the unlawful business/collection practices used by PRA:
    1. I forwarded a written CRRR Cease Communications Request to PRA headquarters at 140 Corporate BLVD, Norfolk VA. 23502

    2. Filed a complaint with the FTC

    3. Filed a complaint with the BBB

    4. Requested assistance from a consumer credit complaints agency in my state

    Numerous states have initiated class action lawsuits against PRA; I can only hope that my state of residence will do the same.

    I found this website helpful in dealing with PRA.

    • Josh says:

      FIRST, be careful with using links provided in posts because they may not be safe. Just because it looked safe to Billy Bob — it may not to you IF you have a more sophisticated A/V or Malware protection…..

      Second, to the people saying “do the right thing and pay your debt” — it’s NOT always that simple. People’s lives change as today’s society typically is 1 paycheck away from homelessness…… You likely had the best intentions from the beginning and then end up divorced (with or without alimony), paying child support, lose your job, lose your home, get severely sick (not quite eligible for disability), on disability, and so on. You still have the audacity to be mean spirited over such a severe life change???????? On this SOL issue, there’s a LEGAL reason why it can’t be sued on — thus there’s NO reason there should be an attempt to collect on it. Because once you make a payment, your cycle starts fresh. IF you have the resources, pay your bills — if you don’t look to see if bankruptcy is an option…………… Or if you can’t afford it, do what you can……..

      Third, I highly DOUBT they truly call 24 hours a day as it’s illegal and they truly wouldn’t risk a fine. There’s a chance that bad software has someone in the West Coast called as early as 5 AM (8 AM East Coast) and someone in the East Coast called until midnight (9 pm West Coast) and sadly if that’s the case, the collector needs to let their boss know so this is stopped….. On the flip side, if their method of contact is a New York cell number or New York number (made for Vonage) and the person lives in L.A. now and the collection agency isn’t aware of the move, it’s an honest mistake……

      To Anabel’s comment below — IF their letter states they can’t sue you over this then it MEANS you can’t be LEGALLY sued IF you don’t reopen that window……………. YET the suggestions you give are AWESOME.

  178. Anabel says:

    I would advise people not to ignore debt collection proceedings by PRA. They are indeed a bottom-feeder as many on this forum have suggested. PRA purchases old, fraudulent and other types of questionable debt that other mainstream collection agencies avoid like the plague. However, PRA is persistent in its attempts to acquire funds; this company will go to court and file claims against debts well past the statute of limitations and debts with smaller monetary amounts ($500.00 is sufficient for PRA to begin legal proceedings).

    Often, PRA wins judgments against consumers by default; people are either unaware of court dates or have chosen to ignore the situation.

    If the debt is past the statute of limitations in your state, the debt was discharged due to bankruptcy, or you honestly do not owe it, fight PRA.

    Take action:
    1. Request and review copies of your credit report yearly, don’t be afraid to dispute entries you believe to be wrong;

    2. Become familiar with SOL in your state: http://www.fair-debt-collection.com/SOL-by-State.html

    3. Know the FDCPA laws affecting your state: http://www.bcsalliance.com/y_debt_statelaws.html

    4. You have the right within 30 days of receiving written notice from a debt collector to request verification and validation of the debt; debt proceedings must cease at the time of notification, and the dispute must be reported to credit reporting agencies.

    5. You have the right to request that PRA cease communications with you. Forward a CRRR (certified return receipt requested) Cease Communications Request, in writing.

    6. Report PRA to the BBB, FTC, State Attorney General’s Office and local consumer credit complaint agencies. The volume of complaints will alert federal/consumer agencies and state officials to the problem that is PRA.

    Below is a listing of helpful websites:


  179. Diane says:

    Hi everyone,
    Today I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Assoc. It’s been about a year since I have heard from them and over 10 years since I defaulted on a Capitol 1 Credit Card. The bad debt was reported and remained on my credit report for 7 yrs. My feeling is this, I no longer owe Capitol 1. They received payment the 7 yrs it remained on my credit report. I learned my lesson and now take my credit seriously. I can’t go back I can only move forward and learn from this. But SERIOUSLY this company thinks I am going to pay after all these years and its not on my report anymore (if I havent paid yet what makes them think I will pay now). What concerns me is how this company remains in business. How many people are feeding THIS SCAM for them to stay in business as long as they have. If Portfolio reads this,if you think I care about your stupid letters (your not even Capitol 1 youre a SCAM company)
    Thanks everyone for sharing and letting me vent my story.

  180. Ms. says:

    People dont understand that even if it is out of the SOL, its still a valid debt that they choose not to pay when it was in SOL. Thats whats wrong with our country today is that people go out and get credit and think they have no responsibility to repay. Even after 10 yrs if you know you honestly owe it the right thing to do is pay it. Maybe if people would pay their pays the banks could maybe get out of debt.

  181. Annoyed By PRA says:

    Please note, before I complain, this company is an A+ rated BBB member in Virginia. Please also note the 1000+ complaints received in the last 3 years.

    I agree that this is a sleazy company. We live in TN and they filed a lawsuit against us which ended up with a judgement that we didn’t know what was happening before it was too late.

    They were contacting us at an old address we didn’t live at for over 2 years. They were collecting for a bill we disputed long ago with the original company and when we made the last payment it was the last payment we agreed we owed. The rest was bs and we refused to pay. 6 months later it went into collections, but by that point we moved. We NEVER heard anything from the company and assumed it would just circulate to junk collectors.

    We do plan on filing suit to reverse the judgement, but just a heads up to anyone who gets a mysterious lien on a paycheck.

  182. Debt Collector A$$ Kicker says:

    This is the problem I have with this company, and those like it. Fist off i love how some people comment on here”just pay you bills”. Perhaps they have never had any circumstances in their life that has led to financial problems, such as ill health, loss of job, divorce etc. PRA acts as though you borrowed this money from them. These debts were wrote off by the original creditor as a loss, they get the tax write off and move on. Then PRA will pay about $50 for a $2,000 debt and try to pile on fees and collect the full amount. Nice huh? They have found a quirk in the law about purchasing the rights to collect on old debt. Then come after you for it, acting like you borrowed the money from them. They sought this out, it really is a scam because if the original creditor has written off the debt that should be the end of it, and the consumer will take the hit on their credit report for a few years.
    Please listen closely, this company can be beat in court if you know how to play the game, even if the debt is legit and current. This is what you do: As soon as you receive a letter from them demanding payment, fire back a letter (must be certified, and keep receipt) requesting validation and proof of purchase or accusation of this debt, also require something with your signature on it proving you owe this money. Let them know this debt is disputed and to stop reporting on your credit report. See what they come back with. here is the thing, many times they cannot prove you owe this debt in court. If you receive a summons, answer all questions and appear for any court date. Amazingly 95% of people when sued for credit card debt ignore the summons and do not appear in court. THIS NIS JUST WHAT THEY WANT. Automatic default, Now the fun begins, they will levy your bank account or garnish your wages. All this could be avoiding by fighting them in court. They don’t want to fight people in court. It is possible that by just answering the summons they will dismiss the case, because they will have to pay their attorney more and it is a big hassle, they prefer the easy ones, which are most of them. Even if your lose in court you can negotiate the bill then, without bank levies. You have to be proactive and fight them. Again they have hundreds of thousands of cases, they will go after the easy ones.
    If you do not show up to court they don’t have to prove anything, they win you lose. If you fight they will have to prove they own this debt and many times they cannot. They buy these debts in such bulk, that often all they have is a few statements from your account, and that wont be enough to win in court.

  183. tenny mang says:

    I received a collections letter from PRA on 1/20/12 for a Capital One Acct. No detailed information on the account so I researched what to do. Here is an account of events that have took place which has, I think, help closed the account:

    1. Sent them a detailed Debt Validation (DV) letter which also included language requesting them to Cease and Desist (CD) in any telephone communications. Sent via Certified Mail on 1/31/12 (within 30 days of receipt). I received the certification of their receipt on 2/3/12
    2. I received a missed call from 205-453-1648 (PRA) phone number on 2/14. I took a screen shot of the date, time and phone number from my phone and emailed it to myself just as documentation. I didn’t do anything at this point thinking they had closed their efforts.
    3. On 3/1/12 received their “Verification” letter detailing the information and with account details showing account opened in 2000 but no date on last activity. This was not a true validation but from what I learned is their stock letter. The debt was correct however because it was past SOL (4yrs for CA) for legal pursuit and past credit reporting timeframe, in essence a zombie debt. There I sent a dispute letter. The letter stated I dispute the validity of the debt to be pursued in court and to save us both time and not to pursue any further action. And because they sent this letter I realized that the telephone call that they made to my cell was a direct violation of FDCPA laws since they had in their possession my CD letter at the time of the call. So I reported complaints of their activity to CA State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau stating all the facts. I included this information in the letter and sent it off certified on 3/5/12 (within 30 days)
    4. On 3/14/12 I received the following response to my BBB case:
    RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of our office. Portfolio
    Recovery Associates has concluded its investigation of the consumer’s complaint, closed the account ending in 1485 and determined to refrain from
    further collection communications with the consumer in regard to the account.

    What I learned is that if PRA calls you or sends you a letter immediately send a DV letter that includes CD telephone communication. Then if they continue to call after receipt of that CD then they are in direct violation of FDCPA laws and I would report to all 3 agencies of the activity. Then once they respond with their verification letter, should the debt be old, send a SOL letter requesting to cease further activity. Letter say in any letter that you are willing to work with them or acknowledging the validity of the debt. What I learned is that debt can always be collected as it is debt, however whether it is valid to pursue legal action or not is another story and the practices to collect that debt is very clear.

    Now if their BBB response is correct this case should be closed but I wont hold my breath that it will not happen again and/or they will do their usual 1099c reporting which will be another round of communication.

  184. Amanda says:

    I remember getting a phone call from someone at PRA a few years back, who drove me to tears by yelling at me about something to do with my brother. I don’t even know what they were trying to contact him for! Now I know it was all a scam.

    I received a tri-fold letter today about a SW Bell bill for around $1000. I’VE NEVER HAD SW BELL. If I did, it was AGES ago. I’m not sure if it’s even worth responding to see what it’s all about, since it just seems to be a scam.

  185. Vicky says:

    these idiots just called my home phone looking for my daughter who moved out in 2008??? when i tried to get info from them, they wouldnt tell me anything. kept asking for my daughters phone number. i told them no way i am giving it to them when i dont even know who they are. in a tone she told me “i am TRYING to tell you”. i offered to take a message, figuring i would find out who they claim my daughter owes money to. NOPE. “personal business matter”. told them since they cant tell me what this is about, they better not call me again (asked how they got my number, daughter doesnt know it since we always use cell phones) and i also said i am not relaying the message for her to call. what a bunch of jackasses!

  186. frustrated says:

    I got a call on my mobile today about a bill I owned from 6 years ago. I have no recollection of the purchase, and it was for a store credit card that I currently use. I never got a call from the store, or showed an outstanding balance owed on my bill. I asked why I am just now hearing about this on a balance that you say I owed 6 years ago. She is threatening to put it on my credit report. I have no clue what she is talking about or who these people really are.

  187. Howard Black says:

    These people call our home at least three times a day. The bad thing is the debt they say we owe was paid off in 2009. I wish they would leave us alone.

  188. tomhumes3050@yahoo.com says:

    Just got a call from this company. Also got a credit report about 1 month ago. My credit record says that in 18 years I have never been late, never defaulted and the slate is clean. The Bogus Caller says I owe a credit card. I told them to prove it. The card I was supposed to owe them for gave me a clean record with no marks. I now put a list on Excel with the file folder called “Bogus Calls” and it has in it all those free things that cost money, etc.

  189. Joe Jackson says:

    This is how I got Portfolio to stop calling me. Let me give you some background info. They first called me around 2008, I answered the phone and said that I was “John Doe” because they asked for me. They told me they were calling to arrange payment on an account that I had with them and it was past due and I needed to setup payments. I asked them to repeat who they were and they told me “Portfolio Recovery” and I told them I have never heard of them, I have never had an account with them and then hung up. Flash forward 4+ years and hundreds of ignored phone calls later. I had programmed all of their phone numbers in my cell as “Scam Artist” so I knew to not answer the phone. Well, they called from a new number and I was caught off guard because it had been a few months and I told them I was “John Doe” and they said they were Latasha Nobody calling from Portfolio and they were calling regarding my Chase account and wanted to setup a payment plan. I told them right away, I have never had a Chase account in my life, they must have the wrong person. They asked if I was “John Doe” again, I said yes but I had never had an account with Chase in my life. I told her that I have only had 3 credit cards in my life and they are still good and in my wallet and have never been sent to collections. I told her that she must have the wrong “John Doe” and she said, Ok…we can verify that. First, they asked if my address was “1234 Main St, Anytown USA” and I told her, not even close. Anytown is like 7 hours away from me, I live in Sometown. Then, she read off some other address that just happened to be in Sometown and asked if that one was mine, I told her not even close. I repeated, you have the wrong person. Then, she asked if my last 4 digits of my social were “1234” and I said, not at all. Then, she asked if my DOB was 1/2/34 and I told her that it was. I said, you have the right name and right DOB but everything else is wrong and most importantly, I have never had an account with Chase in my life. Latasha said that she would update their records and thanked me for my time. I have not heard from them in over 6 months. I have no idea of this will be permanent, but this has been the longest amount of time that I have gone without hearing from them. It doesn’t matter if everything they ask you is actually yours or not, you tell them that only the name is yours and DOB but say no to everything else and they will stop calling you. At least, for a while…..otherwise, a Cease And Desist letter that is sent certified mail is another option but takes more time and money than is worth for these scum.

  190. Talk buddy says:

    Ex wife opened an account and signed my name as co- applicant . 11 years after she had opened account she filed for bankruptcy . Well , Capital One came after me . They told me I was the only one one the account . Well , I asked them ,(1) any purchase made by me , ever ? Answered No !! (2) any payment made my me in 11 years ? Answered No !! (3) If I was the only name on the account , then why did Capital One allow my ex wife to make purchases for 11 years ??? Capital One had no real answer for that one .
    Anyway , they still took me to court and it was dismissed . Within 3 months Portfolio Recovery purchased this debt from Capital One and have been calling me now for well over a year . I tell them it’s their dime so if they want to chat I’m all ears . I just joke with them . I ask them if I send them one of my debts would they pay it ? Of course they say ” no, why would I pay a bill that’s not mine ? ” I answer , exactly the reason I will never pay something that is not mine . There are fools everywhere in this world . PR is there to make us laugh . And for the other fools on here that say PR is a great company , I guess even their employees read & comment on this site .

  191. Talk buddy says:

    Ex wife opened an account and signed my name as co- applicant . 11 years after she had opened account she filed for bankruptcy . Well , Capital One came after me . They told me I was the only one one the account . Well , I asked them ,(1) any purchase made by me , ever ? Answered No !! (2) any payment made my me in 11 years ? Answered No !! (3) If I was the only name on the account , then why did Capital One allow my ex wife to make purchases for 11 years ??? Capital One had no real answer for that one .
    Anyway , they still took me to court and it was dismissed . Within 3 months Portfolio Recovery purchased this debt from Capital One and have been calling me now for well over a year . I tell them it’s their dime so if they want to chat I’m all ears . I just joke with them . I ask them if I send them one of my debts would they pay it ? Of course they say ” no, why would I pay a bill that’s not mine ? ” I answer , exactly the reason I will never pay something that is not mine . There are fools everywhere in this world . PR is there to make us laugh . And for the other fools on here that say PR is a great company , I guess even their employees read & comment on this site .

  192. #176 Cassaundra C. says:

    I I do not owe these people any money. I told them to stop calling. I spoke with KKevin. The begin by asking is this blank blank instead of identifying themselves. violation. I was not informed who was calling and where the were calling from within the first few minutes. FCC violation!
    his operator number is PRA754-
    very rude cupcake of a guy!
    he told me to fax to this number 757-321-2504

  193. G.F. says:

    I just received a letter from an attorney’s office stating I had a judgement filed against me by portfolio recovery. I have never been notified by them that this was even going to court to be able to defend myself. This should be illegal! How can one defend themself if never notified. This has to be the biggest scam in the world. Unfortunately I havent worked since Oct. 2011 and income is hard to come by. Now all I need is for someone like PRA to just be able to do what they want all because they didn’t nitify me. THIS IS B.S. I know it and they know it as well.

  194. Andy says:

    I have dealt with AFNI, inc with an “open” account for my significant other. AFNI is just like Portfolio Recovery but AFNI does primarily Verizon accounts like PRA does Capitol One.

    Now for some information to anyone living in Florida. ANY collections company MUST be registered with the State of Florida to contact any Florida resident. If the company is NOT registered they are in VIOLATION of Florida LAW. If you are contacted by these collection companies or any others contact the Florida Attorney General AND the State Attorney General in the state where the company is from!!!

    Also Statute of Limitations is for the most part 4-6 YEARS for an “Open Account” and starts at the last dated activity on the account (such as a payment). These companies can NOT threaten ANY legal actions against you as that is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and laws!!! Another thing to say here is, DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING!!! Also cease and desist letters are a good thing as it forces them to use the US Mail System to which they can then be sued for MAIL FRAUD which is a Federal Offense and can be punishable by major fines and/or prison sentences!!!

  195. CJ says:

    I can’t believe how many people they are harrasing. I got a letter a while back claiming I owed over 3K on an account I never even had – EVER. I disputed it right away, checked my credit history and got a letter today stating that the account is now closed. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  196. Donnie says:

    My biggest problem is that I went through a process 5 years ago of paying off ALL of my debt to the debt collectors. I cleaned up everything and saw my score go up, have had little debt since then. And now PRA and another company are sending me notices that they have purchased my old accounts and there is money due. Um.. NO. I have records of paying things off years ago! But they insist the bought the debt from the creditors.

  197. Jan says:

    They called someone’s employer and when told the person could not receive personal calls at work…and to remove the number from their system…they said the debtor would have to call and tell them to remove the number! What a bunch of crap… Terrible company.

  198. Seriously says:

    Just got a letter in the mail saying my father in laws bank account was overdrawn. I called the bank and they said that Portfolio Recovery had his account information and was trying to take out $150 every week this month. They have tried to call the house, but we don’t answer calls that we don’t know. They haven’t sent anything in writing saying that they were going to take this money. They just took it. Now he has over $150 in overage fees that he has to pay back to the back. This is robbery.

  199. Mark says:

    Total bottom feeders. Be very careful. I’ve done the cease and desist letters and have them admit over and over said debt is well past the SOL but then they babble on and still call. DO NOT TRUST these people. My advice and please do this.. When you send the certified c&d letter take the time to contact transunion to have them watch your credit report for the entire year to make sure suddenly bogus fraudulent debts don’t start hitting your report. Within two months out of nowhere I got hit with a bogus payday loan that was said to be overdue. Never heard of the company nor had I ever taken out such a loan. My credit score plunged but after pulling a freeze and an investigation it disappeared off my report as quickly as it appeared. Doing further checking within two weeks of this bogus loan appearing guess who had done a run on my credit report? Portfolio!!

  200. Ban Portfolio Recovery! says:

    For almost 2 YEARS I’ve been getting phone calls from Portfolio Recovery.
    They would call 2, 3, 4 times a day, 7 days a week from several different phone numbers (all traceable back to them).
    They would always – ALWAYS- get my answering machine and not once did they leave a message stating who they were, who they were looking to speak to, what their business was with the person they were calling, or what debt/company they were collecting for. NOT ONCE. So, I wouldn’t ever call them back.
    They just kept on calling.
    Now, 2 yrs and some months later, they claim they got a ‘judgment’ against me, (I was never notified by mail or otherwise of this)
    and have actually GARNISHED MONEY from my personal savings account!! That is OUTRAGEOUS!!
    Can this company get away with this? Who makes the laws that allow this to happen?

    I called these lousy rip offs today, and was told they bought a credit card debt from Capitol-1 back in 2010, and they have been unsuccessful in collecting on it… soooo… Garnish time!
    Wait a minute, I said, I want to dispute that debt with Capitol-1… I don’t owe them anything, as a matter of fact, I currently have two perfectly good credit cards with them that go back to at least that point in time; no problems, not even late payments! Why in the world would they give me two more credit cards if I still owed them money on another one?
    They said, “Oh they sometimes do that – once they write off a debt from the past… but now WE legally OWN that debt and we are collecting on it. ”
    I said well I dispute that “old debt” because I don’t believe I EVER owed that money, now, or back then”.
    They said, essentially- “Too bad. You should have picked up the phone all those times we called and worked out a payment plan with us. You owe US the money now. It’s too late to dispute that – we got a judgement. You needed to dispute it back when Capitol-1 was trying to collect”.
    I said again– “I had nothing to dispute with capitol 1, because I was never in default with capitol-1! Don’t you think it’s POSSIBLE that debt was sold to you or was somehow listed as mine in error?”
    “Well, she said, it could have been, but it’s too late now because you didn’t call us back all that time and explain that. Besides, we have your social security number, so it’s you for sure.”
    We exchanged a few more words, I saw I was getting nowhere, and her last words to me were:
    “The only thing left to do now is pay the approximately $1200 in a ONE-Time full payment – which is the amount of the debt we bought.”
    I said really? I’ve never had a credit card from anyone with more than a 500 credit limit. My Capitol-1 credit limit _now_ is only $300 per card. You won’t see a dime.”
    And I hung up in frustration. Now I can’t have a savings or checking account (in my name alone) because they WILL steal my money out of it again . HOW DO I STOP THESE PEOPLE???

  201. Arthur M says:

    I recently was sent to Portfolio by Sprint because I cancelled my phones. I owe $175, I told them I would pay them off at $25 a month if they would let me, they said no. After 15 years with Sprint this is how they treated me. So Here is how I got the calls to be blocked. My smart phone has the capability to block all calls from some numbers. So each time they called I would add that number to the block list, every number they use add to that list till you get no more calls. My wife was also harassed for a debt of her brothers that she didnt even sign for.

  202. Right now I am paying this company, having them take it from my checking account every month, when they want it paid, but as of now I need to cancel this due to the fact that sometimes I don’t have the money in my account and there goes a bounced check which I can’t afford either. I rather have them stop the money being taken from my checking account and have me pay them according to my terms, if and when I have the money to pay them. But as of now my small bills are not a priority, the most important thing is a roof over my head and food on the table, plus all my other bills gas, electric, phone. These are important. All the other one’s are minor. So what can I do to have them stop with these payments from my checking account.

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    sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

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    to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

  205. ben says:

    This company keeps calling my cell phone exchange but does not leave any messages to whom it is or what its about. This is harassing to me is there anything I can do? I have not once answered it because I have no idea who they are.

  206. DUBS says:

    When they buy your debt, they own it; thus taking the risk in the hope that they can recoup their initial outlay and make big percentages in profit from the ‘target’. The trick for them is to make you enter into a contract with them making you the legal owner of the debt, subsequently bound by their terms of contract to pay them once you’ve taken ownership. Tell them that you are not willing to do business with them, they are a private company and require a ‘joinder’ with you in order to do business. It’ll be your first contact with them and they can get ‘joinder’ with you if you answer to them asking for your name, address and date of birth. They say it’s for that protection but its a rouse… If you refuse to give your details to them then they can’t do business with you. The contract you signed for your loan was with a business that has washed its hands of the debt, so no contract will exist until you consent, that’s why they pressure you into paying…. Try it … it works

  207. Melody says:

    These are scammers. we have never been in debt, have always paid every bill on time. For months they have been calling us several times a week, sometimes twice in the same day.

  208. Stanislas Sardonicus says:

    These jerks are calling 7 days a week, multiple times a day. They are trying to collect on a credit card that was legally discharged in a 1997 bankruptcy. After my wife became ill & lost her job we were forced to file bankruptcy because the medical bills wiped us out (over $300,000 in 9 months). These losers will never give up, & I am sick of it. I hope they all rot in hell for all of the grief they cause honest, hard working people that may have fallen on hard times. They are sub-human.

  209. Sam says:

    Portfolio Recovery is a scam. I filed bankruptcy about 11 years ago and added a $300 capital one card to it. They first called me. I told them sorry, that issue was dealt with before the bankruptcy laws were changed and I do not owe anything to you or the original creditor or collection agency. Since then, three years have gone by with all sorts of harassing phone calls from “courier services” claiming to be at my house in 24-48 hours and “attorneys” who say they are filing lawsuits. Never has there been anything filed about this. How do you stop these knuckleheads? They are relentless and apparently do not know the laws.

  210. Melanie says:

    Before you call them a scam and ignore them, think twice. I actually received a court of common pleas summons from them over a $1600 credit card debt. It’s a legitimate court document and now I have to spend time dealing with it. No one seems to care that I’m unemployed and on disability though.

  211. DGDTx says:

    I used to be a debt collections officer for a bank, and they thought they were dealing with an amateur. When they called, I immediately told them I needed: a) the complete name, address, date and source of the “debt” they were trying to collect; b) verified paperwork with my signature and a notarized certification of the authenticity of the contract; c) all of the foregoing to be sent to me by registered letter. They told me the debt was from a company I never heard of–and I have access to my credit report. I have no knowledge of the company so I reminded them of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that consumer debts (except student loans) are not collectible after a seven year period and that my attorney and I would be visiting their corporate office with a federal postal inspector. Gee, wonder why a debt that I supposedly incurred in 1991 (which wasn’t even CLOSE) suddenly became due and payable when it cannot be legally collected. They hissed and threatened and I reminded them I can simply turn it over to the US attorney in Richmond for prosecution. They shut up and stopped calling. No paperwork means its either fraudulent or uncollectable. Do NOT sign ANYTHING for them.

  212. Frederick J says:

    Since a 3rd party debt collector by law has paid for your debt meaning your debt has been paid for. Since you have a contract with the credit card company and not a 3rd party. When they call thank them for paying your debt and tell them since they are acting on your behalf to update their records to show its been paid, thank them and tell them they are fired. Debt collection agencies pay off your debt of their OWN free will. Not to mention you receive a statement NOT a bill (look up the difference).

  213. Karina says:

    They put a hold on my bank account for $107. Is this legal? I don’t even know what this is for.

  214. Liberty says:

    I had a department store credit card balance sent to collections, since I couldn’t make payments, due to a job loss. Last year, a court constable was on my door step, serving the paperwork. He explained to me that the attorney’s office was filing a lawsuit against me for not making payments on the department store’s credit card. Although I was being sued, there was no court date set for me to appear. I contacted Portfolio Recovery Associates the next day to set up payment arrangements. They were able to work within my budget, so I can pay off the credit card balance in a timely fashion. Once I was finished making payments, I received another set of court documents containing the zero balance from the credit card. One month later, I received a phone call regarding the payments. The lady explained to me that the payment declined, and honestly, I was furious!! I demanded to have something in writing. I made one last and final payment.

    From my perspective, I feel that Portfolio Recovery Associates did a sloppy job with the payment arrangements. The information should have been discussed with me BEFORE the court document was sent to my residence. Also, there was no need for the court constable to show up on my door step. I’m glad that it’s over, and I don’t ever want to deal with this company ever again!!!

  215. Cowboy says:

    I’ve had this same problem with PRA. 8 going on 9 year debt, they tried to collect by siezing mine and my minor sons bank account. I took it to court and the judge made them return all funds.
    This was April 2014. Sept. 2015 they send me papers ” verification”, which was generic at best. I in return send them a Filed Document stating I want production of proof. I will fight them. We all should fight them. 8 almost 9 year old debt. Who if they had legal standing in court would wait that long to try to collect. Oh, reason the judge reversed the funds was I was never served to appear in court. I at the time of supposed service was 68 miles away at work, had time card to prove it. If we the general public tried to sue with this “shotty” paperwork and dishonest means the judge would A) laugh us out of court, B) Be highly pissed we wasted his time in court. Alone we are easy prey. If we all fight back, it cost them more to win. Lets face it, they will only collect if we let them.

  216. Cowboy says:

    Oh, and last but not least, wish I could write off money people owe me, or bad investmentments on my taxes then sell that debt for a few hundred bucks. Nothing like making money on both ends, we should push our elected people in office to make that illegal.
    Lastly, remember the bailouts all the banks and auto companies got WE PAID FOR IT WITH TAX MONEY. Where do you think the goverment got the money from or added it to the national debt. Either way we the people will pay for it. Who will bail out the general public? Not them.

  217. julia talmadge says:

    I had some financial issues and fell short of a credit card debt, but within the year this company had bought the debt and is now asking for almost double the orginal debt. Yesterday I got home to find a summons on my doorstep. I called them and arranged a payment plan which I could only do by taking a loan against my 401 at work. The original debt was 1300, they are asking 2676. We ended up settling on four payments of 500.00. Now I am questioning if I did the right thing, since I basically freaked out when I got home and saw the summons. Never been to court or sued in my life.

  218. Denise K says:

    They call every other day from a different phone number. Never leave a message, no one responds when I pick up the call. I pay all my debts in full every month and have nothing outstanding. Scam?

  219. Rob Andrews says:


    I’m having a problem getting things posted to this site. Is it what i’m saying or my old computer that’s at fault?
    Please post THIS so that i can rule out the computer problem. Thank you.

  220. Anonymous says:

    My suggestion to you all, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING when it comes to this company. Google Portfolio Recovery Associates and read the number of times they have been sued for going after discharged debts. Also if they summons you, SHOW UP, not showing up gives them automatic judgement, which is a joke most of the time. If you have no money to give them then you are judgement proof, I know this.

    @Julia I know people who owed $25,000 in store credit cards and got a summons, he never showed up and the other side got automatic judgement against him. They still however did not manage to get a cent from that 25K they were after. If you have the money then pay it off, but most people don’t. otherwise they would. If you have a judgement against you, you can still have it discharged if you file for bankruptcy, then if they call after you can sue them.

  221. kim says:

    these are criminals straight up.

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