Rite Aid, LexisNexis Face Class Action Over FCRA Violations

March 25th, 2013 by krista

Rite Aid and LexisNexis are facing a class action lawsuit alleging that Rite Aid made adverse hiring decisions using inaccurate information from background check reports supplied by LexisNexis. This type of action would be a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The plaintiffs in this suit claim LexisNexis compiled background information about them without verifying the information or giving them a chance to dispute the information. The FCRA allows a person who was the subject of a report to see a summary of their FCRA rights, a copy of the report and they must be given the opportunity to dispute the information in the report before any action can be taken against them as a result.

Read more at Law360.

One Response

  1. Ronald Gates says:

    I was turned down from opening a bank account due to a report they received from Lexisnexis Risk Solutions.
    I was able to receive a copy of the report from the bank.
    I called LexisNexis and asked for a copy of the report they had sent to the bank (I didn’t tell them I already had the report)
    The report they sent to me was ENTIRELY different.
    I finally was able to contact a vice president at Lexisnexis. He told me he would send me the SAME report that was sent to the bank. The report he sent was ENTIRELY different from the one sent to the bank. It was obvious from the bank report why I was turned down. But NOT from the reports Lexisnexis sent to me.

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