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Debt collection companies, like Schwartz & Silverstein, LLP, are hired by companies who are having problems receiving payments from their consumers. These payments can be handed over to multiple companies who all try to receive payment, which is why consumers are sometimes notified of debts that are long paid off or totally false. If a debt collection agency is harassing you about false debt, you are protected and have the right to dispute.

There are hundreds of debt collection companies nationwide, which is why it was so important for a law to be established to regulate their actions. Debt collection agencies have to follow certain standards already put into law. This law makes sure that the practices that these companies follow do not harass or force abusive tactics on the consumer when reaching out to get the money they are trying to get. If you feel as if you are being attacked, or if you are repeatedly asked to pay off a false debt that you have disputed, reach out to Francis and Mailman immediately. Our attorneys are ready to help you fight debt collectors for violating fair debt collection practices.

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