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TeleCheck is a check verification company.  It protects both the company issuing the checks and the consumer who is receiving them from check fraud.  Banks report back to TeleCheck if check or EFT transfers are declined.

If one of your transactions is declined then this can directly affect your purchasing future through any company that utilizes TeleCheck to monitor consumer’s ability to pay via check or EFT.

As a consumer, it is crucial to monitor TeleCheck reports for errors. If TeleCheck lists that a check was bounced, when this really did not occur, your bank account could be put on hold from purchases until the matter is resolved.

Disputing TeleCheck Reports

Have you noticed errors concerning TeleCheck services? Are these errors causing problems in your life, affecting your banking services, employment, purchasing behavior?

You are able to dispute any incorrect information that has been deemed by Telecheck. You can also demand proof of their allegations.

Fight False TeleCheck Claims with Francis & Mailman

We know your rights and understand the stress and harm that errors on your reports can cause and we can tell you if you are entitled to damages.
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Errors on Credit Reports

While most credit reporting agencies supply information on their reports that is both positive and negative about the consumers, many credit report agencies have been criticized about only including negative information. You can have this negative information removed if inaccurate or incomplete.

TeleCheck Services Inc Contact Information

Address 5251 Westheimer
City Houston
State Texas
Zip Code 77056
Phone 1 800-835-3243

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  1. Paul Cousino says:

    I have a notice of a returned check. My bank shows that the check has been paid. This information has been faxed to them. No one has contacted me. It has been two weeks. My checks are being rejected.

  2. Vernon Bostick says:

    I can’t open up a bank account.

  3. Candie Swinney says:

    I have been a police officer for over 35 years and started a non profit charity 28 years ago. I have NEVER had any problem writting checks until this year with Telecheck. Our checks have been declined three times and we have over $10,000 in our account. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. They could NOT give a valid reason. The second check was even verified that the money was in the account at the bank. The girl stated that it was for my protection, in case I was not the one writting the check… R U KIDDING ME>>>> Telecheck had no idea who was writting the checks, but the clerks did who had ALL my identification. I feel publically humiliated and will seek legal advise on my rights for discrimination.

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