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Tenant Check USA helps property management companies get a good perspective on any potential tenants and renters.  Tenant Check does this by providing extensive background checks and gathering credit history.

The credit checks allows the property managers or landlords to understand the ability of the tenant to pay and a glimpse at their payment reputation.  This gives the property managers or landlords a clear understanding of the risk involved in approving a tenant.

Landlords Can View Your Credit Report

Landlords or property managers have a right to request your credit report when making tenant related decisions.  Because their inquiry is a “legitimate business need” they are permitted access to your credit history.

Errors Can Affect Your Future as a Tenant

Has an error in your credit report caused you to be denied a housing arrangement?  You can dispute anything listed on your credit report that you feel is not accurate.  The credit bureaus are required to remove that issue unless it can be verified.

If you are denied residence due to an issue within your credit report, the property management company or landlord is required to notify you.

Get Help Disputing Credit Report Errors

Francis and Mailman is ready to help you clean up any mistakes that may be on your credit report.  Don’t let these issues affect payments, employment, and tenant status again.

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