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TransUnion OFAC Class Action

TransUnion OFAC Class Action

The law firms of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. and Anderson, Ogilvie & Brewer LLP, have filed a class action lawsuit against the credit reporting agency TransUnion LLC, alleging that TransUnion systematically violates the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and California law through its issuance of OFAC alerts. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that on its credit reports TransUnion mislabels people as being on the OFAC list, a government watch-list of suspected terrorists, money launderers and/or narcotics traffickers merely because they have a similar first or last name as someone who is actually on the list. The Plaintiff is Sergio Ramirez, a consumer who has never been on the OFAC list but is reported as such by Trans Union. The lawsuit also alleges that TransUnion fails to properly disclose to innocent Americans (with varying names) that it is placing alerts on their credit reports stating that they are a possible match to a suspected criminal on the OFAC list. The lawsuit is filed in federal court in San Francisco and seeks money damages and an injunction against TransUnion.

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