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Who Is TransUnion?

TransUnion is the third largest credit bureau out of the hundreds out there, TransUnion works with thousands of companies and hundreds of millions of consumers.

TransUnion provides credit reports to consumers and sends credit information to lenders when they’re inquiring about an individual’s credit history and score. These lenders, such as banks and credit card companies, use TransUnion to determine credit-worthiness and risk in lending.

Errors on TransUnion Credit Reports

The Federal Trade Commission says that approximately 1 in 5 credit reports have inaccurate information and that errors have an even higher rate.

The truth is that an inaccurate credit report or a simple error in an unfortunate spot can have resounding effects on you and your lending possibilities.

Need to Dispute a TransUnion Report Error?

If you find any information on your TransUnion report that is inaccurate, it is important to report them as soon as possible.

You need to watch your credit report annually to be sure that all information is accurate. If you spot any inconsistencies or errors, it is important to dispute.
Our attorneys can help you with this process. No matter where you live, our attorneys can help to get your credit discrepancies resolved. Identity theft, credit report errors, debtor harassment, and much more.

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TransUnion Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 2000
City Chester
State Pennsylvania
Zip Code 19022-2000
Phone 1 800-916-8800

Ratings for
  1. James Valentino, Jr. says:

    Even after I contacted their offices, they persist in reporting my demise to U.S. Cellular, and posibly other parties.

    I am very much alive, live at N8228 Carnot Drive (formerly Carnot Road), Algoma, WI 54201, file yearly income tax returns, sales tax returns, pay my real estate taxes, and pay my creditors.

    You are ruining my reputation and preventing me from obtaining a new cell phone contract. Please advise U.S. Cellular that I am alive. Otherwise, this will be considered slander and subject to legal action.

    What other parties did they advise that I was deceased? Please email me a list of those parties and advise them that the information they gave them about my demise was false.

    Also let me know the source for the misinformation.

  2. Zach - Test says:

    Was easier to contact them by phone then using their website.

  3. wombat says:

    I paid off a creditor in a 128.21 Wisconsin Amortization Debt program in April of 2010. I’ve been disputing a debt that was paid in full with them. They still claim I owe some of the debt. They don’t follow court orders; Currently my lawyer is giving them some time to correct this which they haven’t. Next step is to Transunion and the credit card company for violating the fair credit reporting act. What good are credit reporting agencies like Transunion when they won’t work with the paperwork you have for proof.

  4. Kathy says:

    I recently found out I had a judgement put on my credit report in 2009. I investigated and found this to be a mistake made by a creditor, that was pre-bankruptcy, which was discharged in 2006. I have a release of judgement from the courts and presented copies to all three credit reporting agencies, all took it off except TRANSUNION!!!! They refuse, and I have been turned down for credit because of this. How is this FAIR Credit reporting?????????

  5. ROSA MARRERO says:

    Transunion report “adverse information” in my credit and this information its false.Transunion report in my credit, suppose I paid later 4 payments in a car, and I have a letter for the bank finance and send copy for Transunion more than one year past and always notify me ” verified not change” and continuing report this false information. And other account I paid in Full and Transunion continuing report balance un paid I have letter for the bank and sent copies to transunion more than one year, and my income appear compromise maore than a really.

  6. Reed Taylor says:

    Tranunion has been very difficult for me to cope with regarding my credit report. I have attempted to dispute items on my report many times and have received numerous letters from them asking for more information from me to verify my identity. They have asked for a State Issue DL, copy of SSN, current Utility bill and so on. These are all items that I have sent in when attempting to dispute and item. This has happened over and over again. The most frustrating part is that what I am trying to dispute is a public record that is not reported correct. I have a judgement that I paid off in June of 2009. The judgement was made in April of 2009, was not on 2 credit reports in June of 2009, but is there now. Talking with the court in Utah about this I was told that they do not report to any Credit Reporting Agency. When I contacted the collection company about the judgement I was informed that they could not report any judgement information or correct any information pertaining to a judgement. So here I am over 2 years later with a major adverse mark on my credit with no option but to take them to court.

  7. Rhonda Swartz says:

    I recently updated all my personal information with TransUnion, yet the necessary changes have not been applied. I responded to their requests for copies of my Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Utility bills, and a written statement indicating the substantial changes concerning my personal information, including my address, phone number, and place of employment (check stubs) in which all of these documents were sent in a timely manner. Although, in doing so I requested a current credit report and none of my personal information was applied nor updated. So, as a consumer, how can this information be accepted to representatives who inquire about this information if personal information is not legitimate?

  8. Sandra Rocha says:

    These people messed up my credit report having an account from BOA which is a bad debt and does not belong to me. When I called them they asked for my acct. information twice. The guy confirmed that my acct. was good and told me to call BOA, I asked the guy to please give me the acct. # so I could call BOA to fix the issue and he told me to print a report and it will show. I did and it only shows one number from the wrong acct. I called BOA and told them about the situation and they told me that nothing is wrong with any of my acct. or information and everything is clear and paid on time. The guy from BOA also told me if I had the report, to bring it to any BOA and they would have to clear it up.
    Well, I did and the BOA agent told me everything looks clear and they have not sent any information to TRANSUNION. I proceeded to call Transunion, which the guy told me that the information was reported by BOA. I let him know I was right in front of a BOA agent and I was going to put her on the phone. He started raising his voice saying i was misunderstanding, and he told the agent he did not want to speak to her. When I got back on the phone and asked him what he had to say now? He said it was a Credit search company. I told him make up your mind and decide what you are going to say now because a couple minutes ago he had told me it was BOA. He got upset and told me that the conversation was being recorded, which I told him that I don’t care because it is their mistake and I am writing everything he was saying. The guy told me that there was a dispute open and that it will take 30 days for the results.
    I need to move soon from here and because of their fault, if this is not resolved soon, the issue will get bigger and I will probably have to spend time here and there but I swear they will loose.

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