Trident Financial Network

Address 1489 W Palmetto Rd., Ste 360
City Boca Raton
State  Florida
Zip Code 33486
Phone 877-330-4120


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  1. I have saved messages left on my answering machine from Trident Financial Network that are very threatening and do not disclose the message is from a debt collector. I recorded the phone calls which were extremely abusive and are intended to sound like a law firm attempting to deliver a subpoena. Refused to send anything in writing.

    • krista says:

      I am responding to a comment in connection with Trident Financial Network, which is listed on our firm’s website at We are a consumer law firm that specializes in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This means that we sue nasty debt collectors that violate consumers’ rights. Based on the information you posted, it sounds like your rights may have been violated, and we may be able to represent you. Our firm works on a contingency basis, and you will therefore pay no money out of pocket. The debt collector pays our attorneys’ fees, and as a result of any law suit, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Please contact our office at Francis & Mailman, P.C. for a free case review by calling 877-735-8600.

  2. kari says:

    I was contacted by Trident financial services over 4 years ago (2012)about a debt with HSBC bank. I sent Trident a check for the debt amount plus charges totalling approx 1260$. i received a vm from First Equity Alliance on 6/19/17 stating i owed HSBC for a debt in 2011. I informed the mediator that the debt was paid and i have a copy of the check but never received a receipt from Trident. on my credit report it shows the debt was closed on Dec 19 2011 after my last payment was made (i was doing payments at that time) by Capitol one who purchased Best Buy from HSBC bank. My credit report does not show the debt was paid to Trident. Today i received a bill from NCB management services regarding the same debt from HSBC bank. Now two different companies are trying to collect. I paid Trident Over 4 years ago in full! but i cont to be harrassed! i am fed up! these people are conartist and fraudelent company that threatned me. I want this off my credit and to be left alone! If HSBC didnt get their $ from Trident its not my fault! i paid them and have proof that check was cashed! i dont know what to do! im tired of this guy Scott at First Equity calling me everyday! i want him to stop! he hasnt sent me any paperwork regarding the debt.

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