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United Recovery Systems is a debt collection agency hired by various companies to collect debt from customers just like you. Sometimes called United Recovery Services or just United Recovery, this company works with both the consumer, you, and the creditors to work out payments for debt owed and to figure out a plan to best fit the consumer.

Is United Recovery a Scam?

This is a very large company that has been in business for years. United Recovery Systems, LP works with trusted creditors and has relationships with numerous businesses in the safety and credibility field, like Better Business Bureau and McAfee.

Unfortunately, there are many debt collection agencies out there that do not have your best interest at heart. These companies and their employees will do whatever it takes to get as much money out of the consumer as possible. In some cases, they will call and harass, or try to intimidate you in to paying.

Is United Recovery Systems Harassing You?

If you are contacted by United Recovery and their debt collection agents, you should understand your rights.
United Recovery Systems cannot use harassing language and actions when reaching out to you. This includes calling early in the morning or late at night, calling repeatedly in the attempt to annoy you, or to use obscene language or threats.

Using these practices to collect money is very illegal and you can sue United Recovery Systems or any other debt collection agency.

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Call Francis and Mailman if you experience any harassing actions by United Recovery Systems or any other debt collection agency. Our dedicated team of consumer protection lawyers are here to help you decipher what is legal when dealing with debt collection companies. We can also help determine if you are owed any money due to their illegal actions. Call now at 1-877-735-8600 or fill out our form for a free case review. We are here to help you!

United Recovery Systems Contact Information

Address: 6506 South Lewis #260
City: Tulsa
State: Oklahoma
Zip code: 74136

Address: 4351 Winston Ave
City: Covington
State: Kentucky
Zip code: 41015

Address: 5800 North Course Drive
City: Houston
State: Texas
Zip code: 77072

Address: 4001 E. 29th ST. Suite 130
City: Bryan
State: Texas
Zip code: 77802

email: collections@unitedrecoverysystems.com

phone: 1-800-568-0399

Web: www.unitedrecoverysystems.com

Cases Against United Recovery Systems

Perperas v. United Recovery Sys., Inc.
1997 WL 136326(N.D. Ill. Mar. 19, 1997). Debt collector did not violate the FDCPA by discussing the debt with the consumer’s wife.

Grismore v. United Recovery Sys., L.P.
2006 WL 2246359 (D. Ariz. Aug. 3, 2006). The court found that the debt collector was calling the consumer in an attempt to collect the debt rather than to harass the consumer. Debt collector complied with the FDCPA by stopping all phone calls after they received the consumer’s cease and desist letter. The court decided that the debt collector only pulled the consumer’s credit report for the purpose of collecting the debt, and they never misrepresented themselves when communicating with the consumer.

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  2. Mrs. says:

    I want to say my daughter received a call from this company asking her for my home number and some information on me and she would not give it out instead she called me. Well I was curious as to what they were talking about stating i owed a company over $7,000.00 which I knew that was not possible at all. So I contacted the company in which they were referring about and spoke to them they in returned ran my name in there computer to see if I had any outstanding bills with them and they sad No Mrs.***** you show it all has been paided in full. So I called this company back and spoke to some lady and she was trying to question me on updating my billing information,date of birth, and so on I told her no way Iam giving her that information and if you claim I owe this company that money then why is it I spoke to the company and they verified I did not owe them anything. So mail me all information to me and I will take it up with this comapny. It has to be a Scam going around and I never and will never give out information to people over a telephone. I figured it had to be Identity Thief do to they have not my address nor my phone number and Iam listed in the book so those where all Red Flags for me. Please be aware of this company and Everyone DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION.

  3. Anthony says:

    Im glad i read this stuff about this company because i was trying to gain employment through them. I will drop that bid and go elsewhere because i dont want to get caught up in that mess. the economy is too messed up for me to get work through them and through their bad work ethics end up having to look for another job due to their ignorance. thank you very much!

  4. Delbert Stallsworth says:

    United Recovery has been harrasing me for 3 years now even though I’ve been making payments to them for my debit. They call me and bug me for extra money when ever they like. They have been charging me 30% interest for most of those three years but agreed to drop the interest to 0% last April 2008 if I paid them an extra $2,600.00 besides the 400.00 per month already agreed on. I paid them the money on April 8, 2008 and they only credited $1,925.00 to my debit after receiving the $2,600.00 from me and continued to charge interest for two more months. They then tried to extort another $5,000.00 from me and I threatened to sue them because they hadn’t honored their agreement over the interest and were now trying to get more money on top of the $2,600.00 they had agreed to. In July 2008, the interest was finally 0% and I’ve since gotten some headway on paying down the debt. They are now calling my father and bugging him about my debt. They started bugging him 3 years ago when this all started and called him again yesterday because I didn’t hear the phone when they tried calling me. My father isn’t responsible for my debts. I’m sick of the harrasment. My father is threatening to sue them himself if they call him again.

  5. Christine says:

    I am getting calls from United Recovery Systems looking for someone I don’t know and who never lived at my address. I’ve had the phone no. they’re calling about for at least 10 years.

  6. gloria says:

    been recieving calls from this company,i will find out how i could a stop to this its annoying sick if legal steps available i will follow

  7. lynn says:

    these people called me and wanted me to give a message to our neighbor, who we don’t know, we are new in the area, i asked them how they got my number. they told me it was a private matter with the neighbor, i argued wait a minute you called me wanted me to do something for you and then have the guts to tell me it’s private!!! sounds fishy to me, i think i will get ahold of my son who is a police officer and have this investigated!!!!

  8. Marie says:

    called both numbers and said that we are not on file, but wanted all our information anyway. They have already one case that was settled. It was them v. the United States.

  9. AJ says:

    U.R.S. is not getting a cent from me

  10. Dee says:

    Received calls from these people saying they needed more information on my credit application. My husband was furious because we do not use credit cards and he thought I was applying for one. I called them back, started questioning them about their calls and they lady told me to hold on the line. Music came on and she never came back to the phone. Scam – careful people

  11. JOE says:

    Okay here is what URS does- there is a bill in collections they send out a phony bill for a company you currently use. Like phone, cable , electric etc… You call them they can confirm your address etc… They are SCUM BAGS and doing something illegal. Thanks Dirt Balls now I have your fake Verizon bill. Off to the courts I go LMFAO- also I have a signed cease and desist and I tape your calls HAHAHAHA YOUR DONE URS

  12. ag says:

    urs does no such thing if you recieve a call about a debt and it is actually you that they are calling for then you owe it point blank. instead of hanging up in the collectors faces speak with them and verify if you actually owe this then if you dont no problem they will assist you in either getting the account handled if fraud has happened or removing your number from the database so you wont be bothered again. this isnt a scam at all people who open account and dont intend on paying them then get upset when someone asks you to pay are the scammers

  13. joe says:

    no problems if you actually pay your bills. stopped my interest

  14. Frustrated Individual says:

    United Recovery Systems would never risk sending a “fake/fraudulent” bill to any individual as that could threaten their URS has been in business for approx 33 yrs… you dont get the type of clientel URS collects for by making up debts and stealing Money!! Instead of running from your responsibilities try actually addressing the matter, instead of hanging up and acting like an adolescent … while some collectors can be firm, all collectors will listen to reason… allow the rep. to verify WHO YOU ARE as reps cannot speak to any 3rd parties on the matter, unless its a legally married spouse . . . See where you stand and tell the rep your situation and they’ll do whats best for you… again some may be stern, BUT! playing games and running from bills you are legally responsible for re-payment on is very juvenile… while stalling may seem to work now, it will eventually catch up to you … in the long run you will either be sued (depending on what state you live in, you financial standing, and the creditors discretion ) or your accnt will be “sold” to another creditor , which in turn adds collection fees,interest,late fees fees fees fees, which you will end up repaying at some point in time… GROW UP… ADDRESS THE DEBT !!!

  15. Kayla says:

    A rep. from URS called me today and ask for someone whom I did know, but it had been 25 yrs. since I had even spoken with this person. They happened to be an ex-relative on my ex-husbands side. When I asked how he had gotten my number he said that person had used me as a referrence, now my ex-inlaw and me were not close at all and new that was a lie…be careful they will trick you in to providing information…because there is no way they should have gotten my phone number confused with anything pertaining to my ex-inlaw…they may have legitimate business on their minds but they are sneeky with the way they approach it…be very careful what information you provide…

  16. Theo says:

    To those saying ‘Grow up, address your debt!’ and ‘don’t borrow money you have no intent to repay!’ are making false assumptions. 99% of people in this position did not willingly default on their debts. The frustration is NOT because they don’t WANT to pay their debt + interest back, but because their loans were sold without their knowledge to some unfamiliar company that operates in the shadows (no easy way to check your terms, balance, APR, payment due date, etc), so people simply don’t trust them. No one trusts verbal agreements, and paying strangers over the phone. The collection companies will say ‘pay this amount and your account will be current’, so you pay it, but then they call the next day asking for more. You feel burned and feel like ‘fool me once…’ That’s what breeds this attitude you find ‘evasive’. These companies don’t want to be open about the terms, and *intentionally* make themselves difficult to contact, and don’t have websites like all regular credit/utility/billing companies do where you can view your account and APR and make payments. THEY ARE NOT OPEN AND STRAIGHT-FORWARD ABOUT YOUR LOAN TERMS WITH THEM. They just want you to pay them random amounts of money whenever they call, like some hooker extorting money from a celebrity. THIS is why everyone seems ‘evasive’; it’s not because they don’t feel responsible for their debt and want to pay it, but because there is just no easy way to find out whatever your new debt arrangements are (balance, APR, minimum due, etc), and people are unwilling to give their money to strangers without a CLEAR understanding of where it’s going and under what terms.

  17. Richard says:

    URS is a hyper-aggressive collection agency, and like all collection agencies they are nothing but scum. They will try every dirty trick in the book, including violating the law. Don’t pay a dime to this pack of walking diaper stains. I am not an attorney, and this is not legal advice, but here is how I dealt with them: (1) I used call blocker and selective call forwarding to keep my phone from ringing. Blocker works great, and selectively forwarding calls to a pay phone or a non-working number is very effective; (2) If they call your place of work, your employer can tell them to stop and they have to or they can be sued or the FTC can bust them. I just told my boss a BS story about a disputed car repair bill and he faxed a letter to them and the calls stopped; (3) The weasels will try calling neighbors and relatives to find you or get a message to you in hopes of shaming or pressuring you into dealing with them. Don’t fall for it. They can’t kill you, and they can’t skin you and eat you. And if you’re like me and have a good relationship with your neighbors and relatives, just feed them the same line about it being over a disputed bill and put them on notice that they can have the cops as well as the FTC or their own legal counsel drop the hammer on these jerks if they keep calling. (4) Always write and dispute whatever debt they claim you owe and make them prove it up. Send it certified mail w/return receipt. It will slow them down, and it will delay any potential legal action at a minimum, and will annoy them (which is a bonus); (5) Keep a log of when they call, who called, what was said and any messages left on voicemail and record all conversations [invest in a little digital recorder]. These guys like to push the legal limits, and if you catch them at it you can bust their A$$es in court. Making THEM pay YOU for the supposed debts is as sweet as it gets! FINALLY, the most important thing is NOT to be intimidated, especially if you live in a debtor-friendly state like Texas. All states are not the same, and in many they can sue and get judgements and garnish wages and so on. In Texas they can’t do a lot of that: they cannot garnish wages, they can place a lien on real property but must remove it if demanded by you, they CAN try to attach bank accounts and seize personal property in Texas, so don’t keep cars and other valuables in your own name if you can put it in the name of someone you trust if you can’t afford to lose it. The best thing of all to do, though, is to go talk to an attorney if you can’t pay your creditors. Only an attorney can advise you what to do and not to do legally speaking.

  18. F. Smith says:

    URS just called me today and this gentleman had an old address & then wanted my address and I said I don’t like giving information over the phone. Let me call the bank and when I called Capital One but they did not answer. The strange part of this is that the gentleman on the line Named: Mr. Ream gave his direct number 888-720-4911 X 6018. I never got to get to the X # because he picked up on the 888 number so I speculate that he wasn’t legit.

  19. Shelly says:

    I recieved a call from URS. They called my parents house. I called them back out of curiosity. They had old information and no account #. So I called my bank, they did not report me. I called back URS(718)307 5163. I told them my bank did not report me to them and I ask why are they calling a # thats not mine? then I said dont call this # again. The guy replied with we will no longer be calling, if “thats what you request”. Do your homework before giving any of your private information out. Call the company that they are claiming that you have a delinquency with and find out if they reported you to URS.

  20. Advocate says:

    Report these Consumer Rights Violators to the Federal Trade Commission (ftc.org) & the Attorney General

    The company is United Recovery Systems. They call a least 6 times a day at least (at times every hour). They have reps calling and harrassing you from their house and using their personal cell phones to contact you. They will call you first from their personal phone with your private information in hand.

    In my area, the abusive Rep is Whitney Hall. She calls from 904-638-3250 and 904-641-2333. She’ll call back to back several times a day from those numbers. That’s their harrassment technique. When they leave a voicemail, they will give you a different toll free number to call them back at and an extension. Whitney Hall gives 866-582-4084 x9356. Then about 15 minutes later, they will call you from another phone number, 877-317-1200. They use this abusive technique – calling and hanging up (whether you answer the phone or not) to make it hard to prove that they are violating your Consumer Rights. That’s why they limit the voicemails they leave, but still call and hang up on you all day long from a variety of phone numbers. If you answer the phone when they call from their personal, local number, they won’t say anything. They’ll hang up in your face and immediately call you from the business phone number where they can formerly record the call for “business purposes”.

    They are extremely compulsive and abusive. They intentionally violate your rights with the expectation that you’ll get angry enough to call them back (which is just where they want you). Instead, write them a letter demanding that they stop calling you entirely. If they continue to call you after that, they have chosen to continue to violate your consumer rights – in which you have the right to handle them with the fullest extent of the law.

    I wouldn’t want a job like that, it’s just a matter of time before stress (which is one of the number one causes of disease) takes its toll on their health.

    Spread this message around as much as you can so as to help others. Also, report them to the Federal Trade Commission (ftc.org) and the Attorny General immediately. If we all exercise our rights, we can put a stop to these vultures.

    • Miss Richardson says:

      Are you out of your MIND?! United Recovery Systems has been in business for over THIRTY YEARS. They, like many other legitimate third party collection agencies, are HEAVILY mandated by both state-specific and federal laws. Yes, they have local phone numbers, it is called outpulsing. I worked there for three and a half years (I work for one of the largest banks in the United States now, and we use some of the same contact strategies) but I NEVER dialed a consumer from another phone other than the one at my desk. It is all run through a computer. Period. TRUST ME, the LAST thing collectors want to do when they leave work, go home, etc is think about the debtors they’re trying to locate and negotiate with. Yes, they can call you up to six times a day. But they are not doing it with an intent to harass, their intention is to contact you regarding a severely delinquent debt and attempt to work with you. Some collectors are nicer than others, the job does wear on you. When you’re constantly being avoided and ducked by the people who are in breach of contract, it is frustrating. Add to that the stress of managers and other higher-ups consistently being on your back to “hit a number!”, it is exhausting. I can assure you, anyone who has EVER taken information regarding a consumer home with them, has been terminated.

      Yes, they will record calls and they’re required to tell you that it’s being recorded. That’s the LAW. Yes, they can call your neighbours and relatives. It is ENTIRELY legal. They cannot, however, discuss the reason for the call. The only thing they can do is attempt to obtain location information: phone number, address, current place of employment. You might want to REALLY read into the FDCPA before you begin defaming a company which, in the grand scheme of things when it comes to third party debt collection companies, is pretty squeaky clean in their practices.

  21. anonymous says:

    Everything we do is 100% legal. The numbers we have are through a data base. For example, Any time you apply for a credit card or a loan all the numbers you put down including references go into your credit report and other data bases. Anyone who knows how to work a computer is capable in doing the same thing. Welcome to the future people. google your name- I bet your facebook comes up. Everything is on the internet. No Collectors do not google you. We don\\\\\\\’t have access to that on our computers due to security purposes. And for your information we also cannot have cell phones or any kind of cameras to protect all of you that ARE NOT paying your debt. The asking about your address or last 4 Social are so we verfiy we are speaking with the right person before giving out your PERSONAL information. Which is also why when we do leave a message for you with a relative we don\\\\\\\’t tell them about the \\\\\\\”personal business\\\\\\\” THATS A FEDERAL LAW!! I think it\\\\\\\’s hilarious all you crying about your debt. HERE\\\\\\\’S A TIP: before borrowing money that is not yours (technically) you should make sure you have the money to pay it back! I am twenty years old and smart enough to know that. You borrow 10k from your friend and ignore them when they call you? THEY WILL KEEP CALLING. It\\\\\\\’s the same thing. This is the problem with AMERICA. Don\\\\\\\’t borrow is if you can\\\\\\\’t pay it back! and the majority of you all are still at the same income you were at when you got the card or loan. And the FAMOUS QUOTE- I never got a bill… TRY THAT WITH YOUR ELECTRIC COMPANY!!!! I\\\\\\\’d love to hear some of you cry and moan about that one.

  22. Scott says:

    URL employs an individual by the name of Don Ford. Undoubtedly the rudest collections agent in the world. He should be un-employed (FIRED!!) so he can acknowledge the frustration of not having enough $$ to pay their P.O.S. agency off! I don’t know what this SOB’S problem is, but if clients could find out where he lives, I feel it would be quite UGLY for him. I wish him all of the discomfort this world and Hell in the after-life can dish out to this trail of worm slime. URS, Be more selective in the future.of the freaks you hire. Signed, Irritated!!!!!!!!!

  23. C. Eddy says:

    ….in all the experiences that I have had with URS, they were polite and courteous. They contacted me about a debt that I did owe and was unable to pay due to a loss of income. They were more than willing to work with me on setting up a payment plan that is automatically deducted from my checking account every month. I have been paying them this way for a year now and have not had even 1 phone call from them since I set up the plan. I get an updated statement from them every month showing my current balance and reminding me that the regular payment will be deducted on the last day of the month. I was never told by any family members or neighbors that they were contacted by URS. Maybe they treated me fairly because I didn’t dodge their calls and didn’t act like I wasn’t responsible for paying a debt that I voluntarily took on myself. It’s not their fault or the original creditors fault that I was unable to pay my bills. At least they were kind enough to work with me on the payment plan and got the payments down to an amount I can actually afford to pay.

  24. claire says:

    These are the rudest most unpleasant people I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with,I wonder how they sleep at night.

  25. anonymus says:

    Bunch of crooks! They revived a debt from 2005 for a car loan which was taken to court and dismissed for lack of prosecution! A few months before it was to fall of the credit reports! Bunch of thieves! Then they have the audacity to send letters stating they will settle for % of thousands of what was claimed to be owed!

  26. Julie says:

    Our home number is unlisted this company calls my mother who is 78 yrs old @ 8 am waking her up. I have no clue why this company is calling my mother about my husbands debt or how they even got her number.

  27. Dawn says:

    Someone from United Consumer Recovery called my home and asked me to verify my personal information before telling me why they were calling. When I asked who they were and what the call was about they rudely hung up. 10 min later I receive another call from this same company and they demand I verify all of my personal information before they will discuss anything with me and if I do not cooperate they will continue calling till they get what they want. If this is truly a collections company then as the consumer I have a right to know what the debt would be about. They are rude and very unprofessional and make the calling experience extremely uncomfortable. In this day and age of identity theft I question the integrity of someone calling just to get my information without verifying who they are and what they are calling about.

  28. jared says:

    Hey frustrated individual get a real job…. Instead of working for a stupid harassment company…I Paid my debt and you punks still call. You are bottom dwellers that can’t get a degree. So stay frustrated loser

  29. jimmynov79@yahoo.com says:

    I have received phone calls from this place called United Recovery System, phone number: 703-939-9971. A female wanted to confirm whether I was x and Y person. She had my name and last name, she said that I had called her, I told her that it was me. She called and gave the address and the last social number of the person to whom she wanted to reach and told her that information did not belong to me. I never released anything to them because it is the first time i received a phone call from a place and they give you the 4 social security numbers. This kind of people should call immediately. Whereby I suggest that we should unite and provide all the information to state policy start a deep investigation.

  30. sandi says:

    I have received numerous calls from URS, hung up the first time called them back to confirm if they were a company. They have the wrong person, I don’t owe any money and have never received a bill for the amount they say I owe. How can I get them to stop calling me. Every month this goes on and I wasted money to check my own credit report and nothing is on the report about this bill.

  31. Brian O'Connell says:

    They keep calling me every day or two on my landline and prepaid cell phones (I’ve had the same number since 2002). I only give my cell phone number out to friends, or if I’ve signed up for SMS messages from an offer (like contests, etc), and I’ve never used it on a credit form.

    I also don’t have any late or past due bills, let alone any credit cards, so why are they trying to get blood from a stone?

  32. TJ says:

    This business called my job today and wanted me to give them my mailing address. When I told them what was the matter they were calling about they said they’d tell me after I told them my mailing address. I think this is nuts to think that someone would willingly give their home address to a stranger that calls their place of business. Totally unacceptable.

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