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USIS has a team of 2,300 investigators that work together to perform federal background checks.  Many companies use USIS to do periodic checks on employees.

Beware that there can be errors on these reports.

Errors on USIS Reports Can Be Detrimental

I recently read about a consumer would was fired from his job due to reports of theft convictions.  The consumer alleged that their employer performed a background check via USIS, which resulted in a report of these false convictions.  The consumer went through months and months of back and forth with USIS- all while being unemployed.

It is extremely important to monitor your reports and know what’s being reported to your employer or your future employer.   If you see any inaccuracies, report them right away.  Even better, get these issues resolved quickly and right-  Call an attorney today who has handled many of these cases.

How to Dispute Those Errors

There are a few avenues you can go through to dispute any claims of inaccuracy.  You can mail in your disputes, fax them to USIS, and you can call in to each to resolve any errors.  This can be a long, drawn out process that in many cases are never completely resolved because of all the red tape and hoops you need to go through.

If you are still having problems cleaning up inaccurate reports that are affecting you personally, contact a lawyer today.  A lawyer can help resolve your credit report issues quickly and painlessly.  Let our attorneys do the leg work for you.

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