Weber Olcese

Address 1  Suite 124 Sheffield Office Park
Address 2 3250 West Big Beaver Road
City Troy
State Michigan
Zip Code 48084
Phone 1 248-816-8111
Phone 2 866-816-8118
Fax 248-816-8110

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  1. Amber Osborn says:

    I agreed to pay $50 a month on the 10th of every month beginning 8/12/2012. I have, in return they agreed not to take any further action. I have a copy of this letter and can show the payments were taken from my account. They however did not keep their agreement and did garnish our state taxes.

  2. Donald Maki says:

    I made an agreement to pay $50.00 to them and initially they sent statements and I made payments as soon as I received them but then they just quit. Yesterday they called and told me that I should continue to send money to them with no statement from them. Something about this company feels shady.

  3. pris clementson says:

    Be careful if you are involved with this agency. They got a default judgment against me and it goes on and on. Can’t get them off my back. I’ve paid far more than the original debt.

  4. harry hopkins says:

    This company has made life a living hell. First they put a lien on my bank account, which is an SSI check. Then they put a lien on our house, which I am only on deed, not mortgage and third, they put a lien on our state income tax. Since they must not have my correct mailing address, I did not know about the lien on the house until we went to do a refi. Our post office will not deliver to our physical address. We have a PO box. It will expire in 10 years, which will be 2021 on the house. This is all over Capital One card, that I had back in 2008. Once they started adding over the limit fees that they would not remove, after i called several times. Then doubled the interest rate, so I quit making payments on it. It has went from 1500 to over 3000 today.

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